1.0 / October 19, 2017
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Looking for some Saiyan superheroes games with real super Goku heroin action? Meta4tech is offering new of superhero goku hero games "GOKU SUPERHERO: WARRIOR HEROES CITY BATTLE" for Super Goku herolovers. This is the perfect app to pass your time and will neverlet you get bored. The best game for dragon super big ball seriesfan and Super Goku Saiyan hero fans. We met in a super-fight citysimulation game with a new and different style. Check our new epicbattle of goku Saiyan hero for saving the planet from the gangsterwarrior heroes in world of battle never end. Check our new epicbattle fight of super goku Saiyan for saving the world from thesuper spider hero, super monster hero and super turtle hero withsupport of super ninja warrior hero who went rouge.Meet all thesuper saiyans in new amazing game mode. Goku super saiyan hero isFun and addictive game. The best dragon super planet ball supergame for pass your time. You as a Goku hero crime avenger willfight against the city mafia, gangster and warrior heroes which areturtle superhero, monster superhero, mutant spider superhero andninja warrior superhero. You as a Super Goku warrior hero fightlike incredible super monsters to complete the mission. You asincredible super hero need to fight with dark shadow warriorsheroes to stop them to overtaking of your city & become thesuper legend ultimate goku superhero, never seen in Saiyansuperhero, Dragon battle 3D games and fighting battle shield games.You need to be safe from their surprise bout and defend yourselfsmartly. Your foes may assault you in form of punch, kicks orfireballs. But always keep in mind that you have more super powersas compared to these mortal or immoral incredible superheroesforces. Show off your incredible super powers to defeat them badlyin superhero arena battle simulator in GOKU SUPERHERO: WARRIORHEROES CITY BATTLE. State the world that goku hero legend came backto annihilate the gangster warrior heroes. Amaze yourself with theblend of city warrior hero games and gangster monster hero fightgames. Download SUPER GOKU HERO: WARRIOR HEROES CITY BATTLE, bossof all goku superhero fun games.

App Information Goku Superhero: Warrior Heroes City Battle

  • App Name
    Goku Superhero: Warrior Heroes City Battle
  • ناوی پاکەیج
  • Updated
    October 19, 2017
  • قەبارەی فایل
  • پێویستی بە ئەندرۆیدە
    Android 4.1 and up
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Looking for some superheroes games. Try this amazing fighting flashsuperhero game and be the champion in the city! Super Flash Hero isthe most realistic fighting action in 3D open world city. Proveyour enemies that you are a true superhero and nor bullets normissiles nor lasers can get you down be the hero today. Attemptthis super legend flash hero present day legend saw wrong doing incity battle diversion and turn into a superhuman champion of 2018superheroes alliance. Attempt this astonishing current wrongdoingcity battle diversion and deliver retribution from all terribleindividuals, criminals, awful folks, hooligans and beast disasters.Barely any days back some terrible forces assaulted on your quietcity battle and assume responsibility of fantastic city. Somesuperheroes and outsider super robot and fly robots attempt toavert city frame everything except bomb because of absence ofpropel super abilities. In such circumstance survivals Games createfabricate a super light saint to control every single terriblecircumstance. So prepare to wind up plainly a piece of wrongdoingcity battle and battle with truly intense super powers with yoursuper firing abilities. Prepare your flash hero abilities andrespond rapidly on unsafe forces to win the city fight. US armedforce is occupied on armed force camp to battle with culprits andcriminals so just super flash legend as evident ace can work thisawful circumstance. Utilize your super flash firing to see shroudedplace of foes, prepare your hero aptitudes and be quick as you can.Save individuals with your super flash abilities and take themclinic on your metallic arms and give emergency vehicle saveadministrations. So in the event that you need to set out to nameyourself the b0est and maddest chief of super flash saint at thatpoint download this propel super flash legend present daywrongdoing city battle round. Prepare for the safeguard; get readyto weird exercises going ahead in the city. Flash speed hero isback as action pack superhero flash city battle. Light speed herowho is always ready to protect universe from those who are furiousto cause harm in this flash game. In this Super Speed Hero game,you can have one-fight-one or one-fight-many in one battle in thislightning super hero flash hero game. But don't worry; you will bestrong enough to defeat all of enemies. The fury fighter, superlight speed hero warrior possesses superhuman strength making himgreatest legendary action pack superhero flash game. Shooting onincredible speed hero mega ramp blaze with firing; and crush himdown to get titled as real flying speed hero. So get ready &hold onto amazing gameplay super light speed hero. And take flyingrobots & fire down by super speed light hero lightning skillsin city battle. Your city is being held hostage by a group ofcatching grand street mafia in this open world gangster fightingsuperhero flash game. But super flash speed hero warrior does notfear them because superhero speed light hero comic trusts hislightning speed styles to inflict damage and his perfect lightspeed superhero combat against the city mafia. Beat the Superheroeswith super fighting skills and bring in various grand flash heroskills. So set out now for super hero games fight and showoff allthe skills of super legendary multi flash superhero to start fightagainst superheroes like turtle hero, ninja hero, monster hero& bring superheroes rampage to end. Be a legendary speed herowarrior, a true fighting super speed hero against criminals andgangster superheroes in final city battle.You are the odd superflash hero with astonishing battling. Super light legend presentday wrongdoing city battle is an intriguing flying and battlingcity battle amusement in which you can use light unusual power as aflash hero.
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Are you a fan of Wonder Fighting women games? Do you ever dreamedto be a flying superhero like Wonder Girls? If yes than get readyto play the best Wonder Warrior Flying Woman Superhero Battle of2017. Welcome to the futuristic city of superhero fight strategiesand become a superhero of Criminal Mafia Heist and perform othersuper girl powers tasks. You have to act like avenger for thebattlefield of big city with your amazing real flying adventureWelcome to the city of gangsters and become Military Army hero bytaking revenge from cursed ninja warriors army and perform otherrope girl capacities. You play as a Monster Hero skills where supergirl powers fights and catch the gangsters, drug dealers. Gangstershave again attacked your vice town. Help and provide justice to thecostumed Hero for the sake of innocent world and destroy all yoursword fighting enemies. An costumed Hero is waiting for you. Thesurprise has revealed and your dream has come true. Become a realMarvelous Super hero fighter and save your city which is full ofcrimes and other bad activities. Defeat other incredible monsterwho has become the super villains of city and made friendship withsupernatural power.The innocent people vice town are in CriminalMafia Heist and asking flying super powers to start rescue missionso do not waste your time and start to take city crime plan fromevil survival bravo shooter to save calamities and catastrophes.Become super avenger start killing dead army of ninja warriors andby controlling legacy of justice. Become superhero girl and useyour super girl powers , elite shooting and killing skills and RopeSuperHeroes skills to win epic battlefield . Act like superherosoldier of US army in super hero games as you have advance fightingpowers and an eagle eye to crush the micro creatures. Feel likeyour favorite superhero with the Wonder Fighting women game.Discover missions, vehicles, characters, You must once and for allput an end to this.! Don’t be afraid to start a new episode ofMilitary Army hero. It’s a super Goku hero versus street incrediblesuperheroes fighting action game, Also you can grab Flying toattack on your enemies which can be rope hero, incredible girls,incredible hero and captain hero. Superheroes are turning againsteach other and this time incredible monster has decided to take afinal revenge from rope girl in this fight strategies. They havebeen controlled by strange super powers and they have forgottenthey were used to be the universe defender and were super mutanthero of this city. Come and play the Wonder Warrior Flying Woman.Women flying warrior save the City by Rescue Mission 17 as a flyingrobot steel hero legend. Roam freely in superhero open world andperform beautiful animated actions of incredible bulk in thismonster city battle. Wonder Warrior Flying Woman fan will loveplaying this real flying adventure game. Love playing flying herogames then you will be speechless by action thriller of this ninjahero games.
Super Goku Hero Xenoverse Saiyan Battle 1.5 APK
The legendary extraterrestrial warrior, adventure spinner Gokusuper Saiyan is back as action pack super saiyan battle hero. SuperGoku Hero who is always ready to protect universe from those whoare furious to cause harm. In this Goku Fighter Hero game, you canhave one-fight-one or one-fight-many in one battle. But don'tworry; you will be strong enough to defeat all of enemies. The furyfighter, Goku Tenkaichi warrior possesses superhuman strengthmaking him greatest legendary action pack warrior saiyan hero.Throw fire balls on incredible monster heroes blaze with lightspeed; and crush him down to get titled as real dragon fighter. Soget ready & hold onto amazing gameplay Super Goku HeroXenoverse Saiyan Battle. And take monster heroes & fire down byperforming super saiyan Goku Tenkaichi hero martial arts skills indokkan throne battle as amazing heroes fighter. Your city is beingheld hostage by a group of deadly criminals ruffians in this openworld gangster fighting mafia game. There is terror on the streetsof the city because of the fighting superheroes gangsters of theevil throne battle are roaming around freely in such a fightingmafia wars games named Legend Super Goku Fighting Hero. But gokusuperheroes warrior does not fear them because goku comic trustshis fighting mafia styles to inflict damage and his perfect gokucombat against the gangsters of multi superheroes. Beat theSuperheroes with super kamehameha skills and bring in various Supergoku fighting skills. So set out now for super fight and showoffall the skills of San Goku super legendary warrior to start fightagainst superheroes like spider hero, turtle hero, ninja hero,monster hero & bring superheroes rampage to end. Be a legendaryGoku warrior, a true fighting Goku hero against criminals andgangster superheroes in final city battle. Counter the enemyattacks but do not allow the enemy to counter yours or strike back.Finally, you will stop all the crimes in city. Play in single gamemodes, put yourself to the test and see how far you can go!
Dual Sword Hero Bank Robbery 1.1 APK
The master plan of bank robbery is soon to be executed by as thegrand robbery mission by the mafia and criminals. This is going tobe the grand crime by Dual Sword Hero ever done. The mission ofHero dead hero is to fight for their rules, they want to own thecity but there is very less chance of doing so with this masterrobbery plan. There is not just robbery, there is fight, shootingand killing simulation. You need to have perfect shooting and crimefighting skills for this robbery mission. This assault mission willtest your mafia and fighting skills. Your mission is to stop thisbank robbery. This type of fight is one in a lifetime chance toshow the criminals that there is someone brave to stop this grandrobbery mission at any cost.Welcome to the criminal world of CrimeCity. Enjoy epic bank robbery game. A grand crime game full ofactions and spying theft missions. Now it`s your time to unleashfear and innocent citizens of Crime city in bank robbery game.Fight against to this modern unborn darkness mission of bankrobbery as a Dual Sword Hero. You need to build a criminalunderworld empire where dual sword superhero can rob city bankswith mafia gang. In this criminal world, you have a golden chanceto join a gang to show a real city of gangster squad. The one whois the real boss in this crime city. In this real mafia crime singame, you can fight with police and security guards to rule thestreets of Vegas in this action packed city adventure. Play as poolsuperhero, your main duty in crime mission game is to steal moneyfrom cash counter bank robbery mission. You are a part of city gangwhich has special gang team in cashier game. Your mission is bankrobbery in city and takes control of whole crime city. Park outsideand start shooting security guards. Enter bank building and takemanager as hostage; demand cashier to fill money bags with cash andgold in this bank robbery cash game. Exhibit skills of badasscriminals and take advantage of hostile situation. Police carsarrived at the robbery crime scene to capture super dead hero.Prepare for epic clash of cops and killer dual sword hero robbersin wildest crime chase. Keep firing rifle to kill all officers ofthe law in this bank robbery super pool hero squad mafia game.After successful robbery and gold heist whatever happens just getaway from chasing police cars. Beware of sneaky police dog chase inmad city of crime. You have to frontline in modern shooting gameeither by team up with evil looters or as a killer super dual swordhero to accomplish your ultimate mission of cash counter robbery.
Spider Superhero: Underground Jail Break 1.0 APK
Spider Superhero cannot get locked up inprisonfor long. You as a spider hero with real war skills werecaptured byspecial police force that could not bear you rule theworld. So,enjoy an outstanding super hero spider prison escape andenjoy thefinest of prison escape games.Experience this awesome grand spider action prison escapejourney.Now you should thoroughly plan a prison escape or prisonbreak bydefeating all policeman in this top notch of policeshooting games.You will find yourself along with other jailcriminals andgangsters in maximum security prisons in this finestof spidersuperhero city battle games. This shooting spider heroprisonescape is the ultimate survival venture full of fighting,shootingand action, unseen in spider stealth escape games andsuperherojail games. This spider hero escape game with epic war isspeciallydesigned for survival lovers and spider survival herofans. Playand prepare yourself for terrific superhero prison war.Engage inthis epic prison escape and seek pleasure from a criminalact ofspider survival hero fighting police to enjoy the best ofsurvivalprison escape games of action. You will be accompanied bybulk ofpolice army but you can put them down with your single punchinthis finest of prison escape games. Spider superheroundergroundjail break is an action game based on different varietyof policefighting games. You’re not born to spend a captive life.Sodownload Spider Superhero: Underground Jail Break, whichhascompletely organized action packed with the police attack.SpiderSurvival superhero policemen and cop monsters as securityguardsare watching you outside dark prison. Now you’ll need to makepathto break prison or super escape by defeating all policemen inthispolice shooting game. Let’s do experience and amaze you withastrange mutant spider hero escape game. Aim, shoot and killtobreak out the security prison in a stealth super actionsimulator.Download now Spider Superhero: Underground Jail Break. Ifyou loveplaying superhero fighting and super heroes escape gamesthen thisis the game for you.
Super Speed Light Flash Hero Vs Monster Hero 1.1 APK
Looking for some superheroes games. Try this amazing speedy Lightflash superhero game and be the champion in the city! Super SpeedLight Flash Hero is the most realistic fighting action in 3D openworld city. Prove your enemies that you are a true speed superheroand nor bullets nor missiles nor lasers can get you down be thesuper flash hero today. Attempt this super legend flash light heropresent day legend saw wrong doing in city battle diversion andturn into a light speed superhuman champion of 2018 superheroesalliance. Attempt this astonishing current wrongdoing city battlediversion and deliver retribution from all terrible individuals,criminals, awful folks, hooligans and beast disasters. Barely anydays back some terrible light speed forces assaulted on your quietcity battle and assume responsibility of fantastic city. Somesuperheroes and outsider super monster hero and big monster attemptto avert city frame everything except bomb because of absence ofpropel super abilities. In such circumstance survivals Games createfabricate a super light hero saint to control every single terriblecircumstance. So prepare to wind up plainly a piece of wrongdoingcity battle and battle with truly intense super powers with yoursuper firing abilities. Prepare your superhero flash hero abilitiesand respond rapidly on unsafe forces to win the city fight. USarmed force is occupied on armed force camp to battle with culpritsand criminals so just super flash legend hero as evident ace canwork this awful circumstance. Utilize your super flash hero firingto see shrouded place of foes, prepare your light speed super flashhero aptitudes and be quick as you can. Save individuals with yoursuper speed flash hero abilities and take them clinic on yourmetallic arms and give emergency vehicle save administrations. Soin the event that you need to set out to name yourself the best andmaddest chief of super lightning flash hero saint at that pointdownload this propel light speed fast super flash legend presentday wrongdoing city battle round. Prepare for the safeguard; getready to weird exercises going ahead in the city. You are the oddsuper flash hero with astonishing battling, lightning and flyingforce that your foe psychological militants, awful indecencies andculprits have never envisioned. For them it's unusual that lightflash hero saint is against them and somebody tries to battle withlaser lights to wind up plainly light legend flash hero currentwrongdoing city battle legend. Demonstrate the hoodlums your lightbattling and city fight aptitudes, demonstrate the other superhumanthat light legend is genuine hero of 2018. This is a genuine fightbetween super flash legend, flying superhuman, beast legend andshadow legend and all folks' mafia culprits. All guiltlessindividuals are in threat and you have called to the city for save.Individuals need to escape from the distraught supervisor ofhoodlums and mafia. Join wrongdoing city battle and win it withyour unusual light saint power and executioner activities. Go tothe city with a blast to win this fight, experience eachundertaking and win each mission with boldness and you're flyingsalvage control like a saint. Super light legend speed hero presentday wrongdoing city battle is an intriguing flying and battlingcity battle amusement in which you can use light unusual power as aflash super hero. Be one and just light legend superhero of 2018who protect the general population from all criminal and hoodlumsas an uncommon daring hero contender from the city war lawbreakers,hoodlums, mafia, and weapon warriors.
Joker Super Hero Gangster Real City Crime 1.1 APK
Want to build a world mafia and crush your rivals? Then WelcomeJoker Super Hero Gangster Real City Crime game. Joker hero squadsuper clown is a criminal gangster squad’s game which includesstrange escape, assassination and gangster squads. Having a superclown city gangsters and with lords of the city era, you are abovethe humanity. In this heroic battle game or clown game you willbecome joker Squad Clown or bad guys, mafias for creating horror inthe native land. This is one of the amazing pictures of Crime CityGangster vs. strange Joker powers which ended in the result of cityfinal revenge. Joker Super Hero game allows you to play as a superhero who has been captured by villain terrorist enemies.In this newform Secret Stealth Mission, your hero acts like assassination andit can combat USA police cops, Robber and Crime City Gangster. Wellyou heard the news of clown terror and clown criminal gangstersterrifying villain terrorists. Be a vicious crazy clown or killerclown of dangerous crime city and eradicate real gangster. In thisclown game, you will get engaged with city gangsters belonging toworld mafia or various villain terrorists at prominent locations ofnative land to become scary clown expert gun shooters or viciouscrazy clown of city battle or grand superhero abilities to createclown supremacy in the gangster city. Be the skilled clown gangsterand get out from New York City for your survival. Joker Super HeroGangster Real City Crime game is an epic shooting game between themafia people, criminal, secret agents mobster & police. In thisGangster Real City Crime game you play as a rising hero champion.Are you ready to rescue a combat USA police cops from clown citygangsters, crazy clown robbery gangster criminal attack? To stopthese criminals you have to complete a lot of missions and you needto learn how to teleport from one location to another. Play thisamazing Joker Super Hero 17 game and enjoy the action of the mutantjoker. Show the suspiciously planed clown who's a superhero. Waragainst Secret Stealth hero’s world mafia is nothing compare withthis final revenge. Army military is also trying to combatthrilling & horror filled Killer Clown with their modernweapons & guns like assault rifles, US army snipers &machine guns but it won’t be possible without scary clown expertgun shooters powers. They are not just terrifying people. They arethe real crime lords of the city. You are a Grand real Joker Herowith stealth identity. Stealthy way is the best way to capturethese bad guys, mafias and bad gangsters. . Joker Super Hero is astealth mission action packed thrilling game of 2017. Carry lordsof the city as a scary clown gangster this city battle withoutgetting caught. Time won’t give you second chance. You will fightagainst crime city gangster’s world mafia and you have to beat bestclown city gangsters and superhero bat & save injured persons,help citizens from clown secret stealth mission and you have todefeat them to get access next level.
Crazy Shark Futuristic Robot Game 1.0 APK
Ever dreamt of becoming a futuristic robot hero? Plunge into aninteresting experience of angry shark warrior robot game, with theincredible robot hero to fight the legend robot hero city battleand live the fantasy present in real robot heroes If you love toplay flying robot games and incredible superhero robot games, thenthis newfangled notion of flying monster robot hero transform gameswith the touch of futuristic legend robot shark game and superherostarving shark game will absolutely cheer up your mood.The bad guysand gangster squad are active once again in this survival citydoing criminal activities around and situation is out of controlfor city police and rangers army. To rescue the injured robber fromthe war zone full of gun shooting taking place is not an easy duty.Modern weapons & super guns of the enemy terrorist forces mightgive them an edge over our city gangsters but your mutant monstersuper hero strange powers are far superior then any modern weaponor super gun enemy has. Answer the call of the injured & rescuethem! They call to you because they believe in your mutantunderwater shark robot monster super hero strange powers & theyknow you will do anything to perform your duty. Not only these butmilitary army has trained special sniper shooters & developedspecial steel battle mech robots for this mission. Drive, drift,drag & race cars on the city roads full of traffic, free roamthe huge city, shoot the terrorists & complete plenty ofobjectives & missions to save your city from terrorists. Usevarious different weapons & guns to win this war. The city isattacked by alien robots and all the gangsters and drug dealersmade a deal to destroy the peace of your city. In this city battle,town's people need a real angry shark transfom robot superhero whowill rescue them and kill all the army in this city battle. Theywere joined by an incredible transform robot car hero and avenger!He wants to defeat the police in the battle. Play for the real carshark robot transform game of the monster, become avenging, defeatthe police in the battle and become the best! All in your hand!