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Once upon a Time in a Rainbow Forest far, far away from here alotof colorful birds lived. They were happy, nice and friendly.Andthey got a quite unique competition, called whoooosh.Originallythe word meant “the end of the day, when the young birdsare goinghome before sunset”. It's quite simple - about half anhour beforesunset all young birds must go home to their houses,that is afamily tradition in the forest, in the bird world.

Of course all birds must go home to their respective houses:theyellow ones to the yellow house etc. In the latestgenerationswhoooosh changed a lot from a simple „going home” to arealchallenge. It's a competition between the young birds, theyevenuse leaderboards and so on. The whoooosh is very popular forthat,all the birdies are waiting the end of the day to go and rallyhomein an organized manner to the best of the fun.

The rules are simple - birds joining the game are waiting inlinethe competition begins. The start to fly home, but thechallenge issimple - the color of the houses changes! So they needto fly butwait until they gate your own color. It's really asimple game, butbirds not matching color end the game and then allthe whoooosh endsin disaster. Further they go, better the resultin this competition- the higher position on the leaderboard makesthis birds happy toplay this really simple, but very popular freegame in theforest,

Some parents want to stop this popular competition, want toendthe challenge to destroy the leaderboards. They say, thatgoinghome before sunset must be not a game, must be a simple thing-just flight home and don't compete. But the youngsters loveallfree competitions, and that makes this game very-very popular.It'snot just a good way to kill the time navigating home, but thebestway to challenge other birdies - and challenge is veryimportant inthe forest! Only leaderboards are most important!

So angry parents in one side, youngsters with flappy wingsdoingwhoooosh in the other side. Who are right? May these birds oftheRainbow Forest must have a competition, like this? Maybe it willbebest to stop all? NO!

You must experience freely how the whoooosh is working. Youmusthave an opinion, you must demonstrate the birdies, thatthiscompetition, this best challenge is simple, unique, and it'sworthto get into the leaderboard. And it's simply one of the bestgamesavailable in the Rainbow Forest. .
Whoooosh!!!! is a new, action packed mindgame for all youbirdielovers around. Simple, free and unique game of fun,concentration,action and thinking. Are you ready to play it?


- gameplay is very easy to learn and hard to master
- unique es cute cartoon-style graphics
- compete with your friends or with the whole world!
- fun for the whole family
- Unique logical action game
- Rainbow Forest - a setting directly from fairy tales

Alternate Titles: Whosh, Whoosh, Whooosh, Whoooosh, Wosh,Woosh,Wooosh, Woooosh, Wooooosh

App Information Home Run Birds Fun

  • App Name
    Home Run Birds Fun
  • ناوی پاکەیج
  • Updated
    February 6, 2015
  • قەبارەی فایل
  • پێویستی بە ئەندرۆیدە
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • وەشان
  • گەشەپێدەر
    Pocket Scientists
  • دابەزاندن
    10,000 - 50,000
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    Visit website Email antal.ruttmayer@pocketscientists.com
    Hungary - 1138 Budapest, Dunavirág u. 2. I.ép.3.em.
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