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Just open our game and top your colorful Ice Creams with specialtoppings including jellies, whipped cream, chocolate chips,toffees, candies and fresh fruits. Indulge yourself in unlimitedfun and our colourful game to serve the best and yummy ice-creamsfor yourself and share it with your friends. As a delighted holderof an Ice Cream shop, your task is to make and serve the best andmost colorful, yummy, amazing and exciting ice-creams for yourcustomers and viewers. our job is to formulate the most amazing andunique ice creams either in cone shape or cup shape or wafflesEveryone loves Ice Cream, yummy personalized, amazing artistic icecreams and gelatos for yourself in this amazing Ice Cream CookingGame.Play this game and cook the most amazing and excitingIce-Creams with the best toppings and flavours and toss it into themost amazing cup so that this becomes your master delight! Get ourinfinite toppings and flavours and pick the best one that suitsyour taste and imagination. Choose from a variety of cups designsand straws and cool and cute faces to make your end dessert intosomething lively, lovable and amazing. Pop a cup, Take the cream,whip it off, play with it, garnish it, put some toppings, and yes,the chocolate one, OHH!! You can use the strawberry too, shake itand toss it and make it into an amazing delight! the game is sosimple, intuitive and easy to learn because of which your littlegirl and your boy and gamers will have lots of amusement and funwith this exciting game and they can play it for hours long!Ice-cream shop is featuring different and unique modes includingcareer mode, time modes and Creator mode. Career Mode - Takecontrol of your shop and start serving as per the pattern in therecord time. The game takes cooking and making fun to whole newlevel by forcing you in a career mode to make and serve as per thepattern in record time. Time Modes - Bound by time, assembleice-creams in the specified time to clear the level. This will testyour reflexes as well as your taps on the screen. This app comeswith the following energizing, amazing, exciting and uniqueFeatures: - Best Flavours including Strawberry, vanilla, chocolatesand Caramels - Best Quality Gameplay and graphical layout which isequally good for all age groups including, gamers, and preschoolstudents - The game has top of the line and simple design which isexciting, amazing, intuitive and funny - gamers, regardless of age,love to play this with others also love to show their creativityand artistic skills to their parents. Mothers play this game withtheir younger ones to show them how ice-creams or dessert are madeand garnished. - This game is amazing and loved by all age groupslove to play it because of the bright and amazing colours and cooldesigns. - Take the ice cream and garnish and decorate it with thetoppings available in the game and make it the best and mostdelightful treat of the day. Treat yourself as a queen or aprincess and enjoy your best ice-creams made Moreover, you canalways top your desserts ice-creams with the best toppings in thetown including chocolates, whipped creams, fruits, nuts andbeautiful cups and other accessories. - Different cups and wafflesto select from, pick a cup or waffle and get the best out of yourimagination and cooking skills - whipped creams, froyo chocolates,Nuts, Caramel Syrups , Fresh fruits and garnish items; select yourfavourite garnish and toppings from the variety of toppings and useit as per your ease. - The game can leash tons of creativecombination to match with your endless and limitless artisticskills and creativity So, give your friends the best dessert and inthe most amazing style to make them feel like superstars,celebrities and KINGS and QUEENS!

App Information Ice Cream Shop

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    Ice Cream Shop
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    September 27, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Sandwich shop introducing various play modes including career, timebound and creative mode to take care of all your sandwich makingand cooking needs. Sandwich shop is the best game to take you to aride of making , assembling sandwiches and cooking. This game willbring your food making needs in one game. Allow you to practiceyour sandwich making skills in a variety of settings and cookingtechniques. So welcoming you and all the cooking lovers with ourpatterns sandwiches cooking game. Sandwiches is one of the mostfavourite and common snack for all of us. Play this game and enjoyour sizzling and delicious gourmet sandwich recipes in differentmodes. start the endless fun by making and decorating sandwichesaccording to your best taste and creativity. This game is more funwith a variety of sandwich patties, garnishing items, flavors anddecorations to get you going. Our love for fast food can never getold and is with all in all age groups alike, presenting “SandwichShop as a new and exclusive cooking game for preparing the bestsandwiches to serve your gourmet needs. Bringing a treat for forall the cooking lovers. A tropical game for all the seasons let itbe summers, winters, spring or even autumn, and it brings us withthe joys of seasonal and our beloved favorite fast food along withthe best ingredients. After you are done with the making the bestsandwiches , start garnishing with the final touch including fries,drink, lettuce, patties, brownies, ketchup and cola. Featuringdifferent modes including career mode, time modes and Creator mode.Career Mode - Take control of your Sandwich shop and start flippingpatties for the sandwiches as per the pattern in the record time.The game takes cooking and making fun to whole new level by forcingyou in a career mode to flip and make as per the pattern sandwichin record time. Time Modes - Bound by time, Assemble sandwiches inthe specified time to clear the level. This will test your reflexesas well as your taps on the screen. The game features: - Verysimple controls to play - Complete sandwiches cooking experience -Amazing graphics and gameplay - Sound effects and screen animations- Variety of garnish and decoration items
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We call it the baking of the most delicious, loved, amazing,colourful Cakes in the culinary world. People enjoy these every dayand love it to bits. We introduce you our cooking game but WAIT!!There is a twist, this is not a typical Cooking game rather it’s acooking game for Cakes. Yes!! You heard it right! This is our gamecalled as The Crazy Cake Maker. Just open our free game and topyour sizzling, delicious Cake with special toppings includingflavoured creams, whipped cream, chocolate chips and caramels.Indulge yourself in unlimited fun and our colourful game to bakebest and yummy Cake for yourself and share it with your friends. Asa delighted holder of a Cooking Bakery free game, your task is tomake the best and most colourful, yummy, amazing and sizzling Cakefor your customers and viewers. Your job is to bake the mostamazing and unique Cake in different shapes and sizes Get ourinfinite garnishing and flavours and pick the best one that suitsyour taste and imagination. Choose from a variety of Cakes designsand transform into something lively, lovable and amazing. Pop abowl, Take the ingredients, whip it off, play with it, garnish it,put some toppings, and yes the chocolate one, the coffee one OHH!!You can use the strawberry too, shake it and toss it and make itinto an amazing Cakes design. The best part is that you can shareyour happiness with your friends too!! This exciting edition app“The Crazy Cake Maker” gives you so many amazing, exciting and yourfavourite flavours to play with. With this baking game for Cake,you can choose from a vast variety of toppings, once baked you canalso garnish it further. Our Application gives you an endlessvariety of toppings to choose from!! After your Cakes are baked,garnished and ready, you can share your exciting moments with yourfriends, and you can claim your creative, designing, garnishing andbaking skills. The game is so simple, intuitive and easy to learnbecause of which your little girl and your boy and kids will havelots of amusement and fun with this exciting game and they can playit for hours long! How to Play: - Very Interactive and intuitivecontrols to play the game. - Choose from your favourite flavoursfrom our given toppings - Mix the ingredients you like and preheatthe oven - Place the Cake in oven, bake it to the crests andgarnish it as per your liking - Bake the best Cake and enjoy! Thisapp comes with the following sizzling, amazing, thrilling andexclusive Features: - Make the best Cake and be the best baker! -Easy to use controls to choose from toppings, dough, flavours andbake! - Variety of toppings including chocolates, coffee, creamsand nuts - Combinations of hundreds of Cake flavours and toppings -Get a chance to eat your Cake and share it with your friends! -Allows you to be a professional baker! The game can leash tons ofcreative combination to match with your endless and limitlessartistic skills and creativity. Once you are done with your bakingand topping you can always share the final Cake with friends onFacebook So, Keep Rocking with this new cooking games: The CrazyCake Maker and download it now to stop waiting, start baking Cakeand start styling with your artistic and marvellous creations andbe the best Cake maker and baker in the world! Give your friendsthe best Cake in the most amazing style to make them feel likesuperstars, celebrities and KINGS and QUEENS!!
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Fighters Merge Clash - is a brand new action sport, puzzle gameforthose who love to discover and unlock new kung fu fightersandtheir karate skills. In this game, you have to earn coinsandunlock better and more advanced kung fu fighters that help youtakeover the battle fighting ring. Apart from karate kings, youcanalso unlock a variety of fighting champions including butnotlimited to: royal karate kid, jungle tarzan, black beltmaster,white belt champion, wrestling fighter, mma fighter, boxer,sumowrestler, shaolin monk, mixed martial art, variety of samuraiandninjas and many other fighting warriors. The goal is thatyouunlock these fighters and make a collection to win the battleforthe earth. As you merge identical warriors, you unlock newandbetter champions. These champions then give you more coinstoprogress further in the game and keep on merging similarfightersstarting from karate kid. Each time you unlock a newwarrior, youget closer to defeating the ultimate enemy. Crates dropby that youtap to open and bring new fighting heroes to your battlearena.There are over 39 royal karate fighters and their skills tounlockand if you unlock all of these amazing skills and warriors,you winthe game! The features of the game include: - Amazing 2Dartworkgraphics of ninjas, karate fighters and Muay Thai fighters!-Realistic story of winning the battle earth by gatheringyourfighters to the ultimate battle ring. - Unlocking skills androyalfighters from different crates that you tap to drop. -Amazingsounds that make you feel you are part of the ringsideaction. -Different fighters from all over the world with differentstyleslike boxing, martial arts, divas, kick boxing, kung fu,gymnastic,wrestling, taekwondo and many more. - I am legend is thedefaultmode to unlock 39 different fighters and be the king of theearth.- Intuitive touch controls for a great experience ofmergingpuzzles. - Many skills and techniques can be improved byopeninggift boxes to unlock wrestling figures. - Watch free videoads toget gold and unlock characters that help your uniquecollection. -5 Different Languages supported including Spanish,German, Arabicand more. - No wifi needed to play the game So getyourself readyand put on your robes. You control the battle earthand mergingkarate fighters and using their muay thai techniqueswill help youlearn how to win the battle of the universe. Everytime you unlocka new warrior, you can learn about it’s origins,it’s techniquesand skills by tapping on to the icon of the warriorfighter. e.g.If it is a sumo wrestler, you just tap on the big bodyof the sumofighter and a popup will open containing the uniqueskillset of thesumo wrestler and where sumo wrestling originatedfrom in Japan andTokyo. So be prepared and download this greatmerge puzzle game.You will love it as it contains the fun of puzzlegames and thegameplay of idle clickers with a fascinating battleearth story tokeep you interested and learning more about karatefighters,wrestlers, ninjas and muay thai techniques. The victory isyourswarrior! The question is, are you ready to embrace the ring?Note:The game may contain some items that are purchasable inApps.
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Are you scared of dogs or dog sounds? Because you don’t need toworry about that, they only bark but they don’t bite. This gamecombines the adventure of merge puzzle games in the doggy world.The gameplay is simple, merge similar dogs to breed and pet a newdog. Starting with Chihuahuas, Pugs, Bulldogs, combining Labradors,going to Boxers, taking Klee Kais and many more, this game hasalmost all the dogs you have heard of and you might even get toknow about more. Join, merge, discover and combine similar dogs tounlock more species. Not only will it allow you to build a familyof trained dogs but it will also allow you to overcome your fear ofdog sounds or dog bites. Ever wanted to overcome your fear of dogbarking or dog bites? Or ever wanted to train dogs like in themilitary? Then look no further. Enjoy, learn and overcome your fearby collecting better, different, unique and faster dogs ofdifferent breeds, classifications and species. Give it a try, it’sfree. These dogs won’t bite. Key features: - A vast variety ofbulldogs & dog sounds. - Highly addictive, simple and engagingpets game play. - Very simple and intuitive controls. - A hugecollection of dog breeds of different trained dogs. Download forfree and start learning about dog evolution and start feedingDalmatians, Chinese Shih Tzu, Labrador retrievers and other varietyof dogs that you see in your daily life. You will need to pet moredogs by buying different dog houses and dog food to keep themhappy. Do you have what it takes to collect all of the exclusive,dominant, faster, wild and intelligent Dogs and Hounds? Well, whatare you waiting for?