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Welcome to Metal Guns! Metal Guns is an hill action game in aworldforgotten by a walking zombie apocalypse! Zombie horde havebeendestroyed our world. Your world is destroyed by zombies, theonlything left to do is climb for your life! Climb your way throughazombie apocalypse! Your mission is to destroy zombie hordebeforeit would be too late for the mankind. Get your tank ready andstartcatching some zombies! Climb through horde of walking zombiesinorder to survive! We have been prepared your tank for thebattlewith different weapons. Hop in to your tank and climb on hillanddestroy all the walking zombies! MORE ZOMBIES. MORE HILL.MORECLIMB. MORE DESTROY. THOSE WALKING ZOMBIES WILL STAND NOCHANCE.Earn as much coins as you can! Build your ultimate zombiedestroyertank and destroy the horde of zombies roaming in the hill.Youdon't want to join those dead, you want to survive! Together,theyplan to catch all the walking zombies: • Don't forgetabouttreading zombies by your tank • Lots of challenges of hillclimbingenvironment • 16 various power-ups • Hunt down zombies withyour 3different weapons • Discover new territories on the map andfindunique zombies (200+ levels through hill) • 7 differenttankupgrades (Engines, Wheel, Shield, Gun, Rocket, etc..) • 20+variouszombie types to fight • Heavy tank to destroy every zombiein yourpath • Intense zombie-destroy action and racing gameplay •Climb tothe leaderboards to be on the TOP

App Information Metal Guns

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    Metal Guns
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    March 4, 2019
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Magic Pixel KFT.
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    Magic Pixel KFT., 4026 Debrecen, Cserepes u. 26
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Zaccaria Pinball 4.0.1 APK
Magic Pixel KFT.
After a while WE ARE BACK with a lot of new tables, features,options and much more! If you find any bug please write it to usand we will fix it by the upcoming update! EM, SS AND REMAKE TABLESARE PLAYABLE WITH 1 BALL LIMITATIONS BY FREE PLAY MODE! Androidversion of Zaccaria Pinball is the same 100% with PC Steam version.It is like you would play on a laptop or a gamer pc this way!Zaccaria was founded by three brothers (Marino, Franco, &Natale) and was the 3rd largest manufacturer of pinball machines inthe world (behind Bally & Williams). They had created andproduced more than 38 different pinball machines between 1974 and1987. Zaccaria Pinball is a commemoration of this great pinballmanufacturer. We brought you all solid-state and electro-mechanicalpinball tables of Zaccaria company. FEATURES - High detailedZaccaria and own developed pinball tables. - Original table rules,sound effects and vocals. - Breathtaking light and shadow effects.- Very accurate and customizable physics and ball movements. -Various diffictulty levels: Arcade, Simulation and User. - Usergame mode allows you to tweak pinball physics and table settingsthe way you like! - Camera Editor to customize 4 camera views foryour own taste or select from 3 standard camera views. - Differentgame modes: Classic, *Checkpoint, *Challenge, *Survivor, *LampHunter, *Target Eliminator and *90 Sec (marked modes are notavailable on retro tables or in free play mode). - 4000+ quests -Extra modes: Story Mode, Campaign Mode. - Keyboard and controllersupport. SOLID-STATE (SS) PINBALL TABLES The original pinballmachines from Zaccaria company. Time Machine (free table!), DevilRiders, Locomotion, Pinball Champ '82, Pinball Champ, Farfalla,Blackbelt, Robot, Hot Wheels, Soccer Kings, Shooting the Rapids,Star God, Magic Castle, Earth Wind Fire, Clown, Future World, FireMountain, Space Shuttle, Winter Sports, Zankor, Pool Champion,Mexico '86, House of Diamonds, Mystic Star, Spooky, Star's Phoenix,Strike. ELECTRO-MECHANICAL (EM) PINBALL TABLES The original pinballmachines from Zaccaria company. Aerobatics, Circus, Combat, MoonFlight, Lucky Fruit, Universe, Supersonic, Cine Star, Wood's Queen,Nautilus, Red Show, Tropical, Granada, Top Hand. REMAKE PINBALLTABLES The mondernized version of Zaccaria pinball machines withmodern features like combos, modes, ramps etc. Shooting the Rapids2016, Space Shuttle 2016, Combat 2016, Cicrus 2017, Earth Wind Fire2017, House of Diamonds 2017, Spooky 2017, Farfalla 2017, MagicCastle 2017, Hot Wheels 2017, Zankor 2017, Locomotion 2018, Robot2018, Pinball Champ 2018, Blackbelt 2018, Winter Sports 2018,Future World 2018, Nautilus 2018, Star's Phoenix 2018, PoolChampion 2018, Clown 2019, Devil Riders 2019, Fire Mountain 2019,Tropical 2019, Wood's Queen 2019. RETRO PINBALL TABLES Whenprehistoric times of the pinballs meet pinball machines of Zaccariacompany. Locomotion Retro, Devil Riders Retro, Pinball Champ Retro,Shooting the Rapids Retro, Farfalla Retro, Hot Wheels Retro, SpaceShuttle Retro, Circus Retro, Combat Retro, House of Diamonds Retro,Earth Wind Fire Retro, Robot Retro, Blackbelt Retro, Soccer KingsRetro, Star God Retro. AWARD PINBALL TABLES Award tables can beunlocked by completion of quests. The Mummy, Aliens, Hippie, FireFighter, Speed King, Beast Master, Voyager, Wizard, Zombie,Caveman. STORY MODE Story Mode is a time travel across pinballmachines manufactured by the Zaccaria company. CAMPAIGN MODECampaign mode offers you a never-before-seen pinball experiencewith RPG elements. The Campaign Mode includes more than 150different levels spread out among the Solid State and EM tables.CUSTOMIZATION FEATURES Zaccaria Pinball has tones of awesomecustomization features which affect to graphics and physics aspectsof the game.
Hill Tuning Masters 2.3 APK
Magic Pixel KFT.
Fellow Racers!A new era of climb racing mountain Race has begun!Imagine a racing scene where the road is deformed by your drivingstyle. It sounds cool, doesn't it? Hill Tuning Masters offers you anew climb racing experience!Jump in to your racing vehicle. Race tothe finish as fast as possible. Collect bonus coins and stars. Opengift boxes! Upgrade parts of your racing vehicle and helpingfeatures. Face the hills getting harder and harder.Main Features:•11 different game modes (+5 will come by upcoming upgrade)• Theroad is deformed DYNAMICALLY by your driving style as the racegoes!• TYRE DEFORMATION for better hill climb experience.• Deformedparts of the road are reacted to the next and upcoming racingevents.• A huge selection of upgradeable parts which affectbehavior of your racing vehicle positively.• 4 unique upgradeablefeatures which help you to make your racing carrier easier.• Uniqueleveling system gives you 70+ varied levels which linked partly toeach other.• Free Mystery Box feature gives the possibility to wina huge amount of coins and stars.• A variety of upgradeable partsgrands you a unique hill climb racing experience.UpgradeableFeatures:• Engine: more horsepower, faster racing car• Suspension:less bounce, better grip• Turbo: more horsepower, betterperformance• Wheel: better grip, shorter braking distance• Brake:better brake effect, shorter stopping distance• Gas Station: biggertank of gas station, more loadable fuel• Nitro: increase activationtime of your nitro• Body: tougher body, sustain more damage•Chiptuning: better electrical control, more horsepower• Fuel Tube:thicker fuel tube, faster refueling• Drivetrain: better drivingstability and handling• Fuel Tank: bigger fuel tank, more fuel•Pressure: better grip, better performance• Wing: better grip,better performanceSpecial Upgradeable Features:• Magnet: widermagnetize effect, can take farther coins and stars• Bulldozer:decrease reactivation time, correct bumps on the road• StarBooster: increase collectible stars on the road• Coin Booster:increase collectible coins on the roadGame Modes:• Hill Climb: raceto the finish against the time• Fuel Can: race to the finish with acan of fuel• Trap: avoid mines and race to the finish• Push: pushthe golf car to the finish without too much damage• Ball: hit theballs to the finish as soon as possible• Vulcan: avoid meteors andrace to the finish• Trailer: tow the trailer to the finish withoutleave all of the boxes• Balloon: find 3 air balloons and get to thefinish as fast as possible• Trunk: avoid logs and get to the finishas fast as possible• Golf Ball: avoid golf balls and get to thefinish as fast as possible• Rocket: avoid rockets and get to thefinish as fast as possibleTips:• You have a limited number ofnitro. Use it wisely!• Bulldozer helps you to fix bad road bumps•Don't push the gas pedal to the metal all the time!• Use TripleScore possibility at Level Completed screen
Dirt Masters Car hill Racing 1.09 APK
Magic Pixel KFT.
Dirt Masters Car Racing is a car racing game with breathtaking 3Dgraphics and addictive gameplay features. Push the pedal to metal,earn coins and stars, complete main goal for extras, upgrade yourcar, beat opponents' record time.A huge different category of car,- hill climbers, offroads, monters, trucks, vans, bikes- is waitingfor you to race with. Let's roll on uphills and downhills with yourfavourite car. Upgrade various parts of your current car for betterdriving behavior, the engine upgrade gives more motor power, thesuspension upgrade offers stability on road, or the wheel upgradeadds more grip."Very fun helps pass the time I recommend for otherswho like racing games""I really like this game. It makes you neverwant to stop playing it. Therefore I would advise everyone todownload and play this game.""This game is really good. I like howu can upgrade everyone even the turbo boost.""Very fun game.Awesome to pass the time with."FEATURES- More than 800 levels withvarious environments- 13 different cars: Buggy, Jeep, Hot Rod,Military Jeep, Tractor, Monster Trucks, Van, Truck, Futuristic,APC, Motorcycle, Golf Car- 16 different game modes: Hill Climb,Fuel Madness, Gentle Push, Time Trial, Football, Balloon Collector,Volcano Eruption, Rocket Hunter, Pack Delivery, Mine Field, LogSurvivor, Balloon Finder, Golf Ball Thunderstorm, Time Chaser, RingHunter and Butterfly Catch- 5 various stages: Forest, Mountain,Canyon, Vulcan and Snowy- Breathtaking 3D graphics- Accurate andrealistic physicsGAME MODESHill Climb - Go to the finish as fast aspossible to beat base time or your previous record to get bonusscores.Fuelless - Get to the finish as fast as possible withoutfear of fuel usage.Time Trial - Go to the finish as fast aspossible and beat opponents' time. All the levels have separatedhigh score.Fuel Madness - Take your car as far as possible with acan of fuel. The farthest you get the higher bonus score isawarded.Gentle Push - Push golf car to the finish as fast aspossible. The sooner you get the higher bonus score isawarded.Football - Take football to the finish as fast aspossible.Balloon Collector - Collect all 3 balloons and get to thefinish as fast as possible.Vulcano Eruption - Avoid rocks and getto the finish as fast as possible.Rocket Hunter - Avoid rockets andget to the finish as fast as possible.Pack Delivery - Take one of 3packages to the finish as fast as possible.Mine Field - Avoid minesand get to the finish as fast as possible.Log Survival - Avoid logsand get to the finish as fast as possible.Balloon Finder - Find 3air balloons and get to the finish as fast as possible.Golf BallThunderstorm - Avoid golf balls and get to the finish as fast aspossible.Time Chaser - Get to the finish, manage your time and getto the last stage.Ring Hunter - Jump through all rings and get tothe finish as fast as possible.Butterfly Catch - Catch 30butterflies and get to the finish as fast as possible.GAMEPLAYTIPS- Buy upgrades every time you can afford to boost your carperformance and accomplish levels on an easier way.- It'sprofitable to slow down your car a bit in front of a gas stationbecause the more time you are at near of a gas station, the morefuel your car get.- You can upgrade Engine, Suspension, Wheel. Fueland Brake for coins, and Damage, Tank Hole, Pilot Weight and ChipTuning for stars. So collect both of them.- Beat base time tounlock next level in Hill Climb mode.- Push the golf car to thefinish to unlock next level in Gentle Push mode.- Collect stars toupgrade special skills.- Beat your record time for doubled bonus.-Don't push gas pedal unnecessarily!- Don't use the turbo on uphillsection!SUPPORT If you found any bug or issue please send us ane-mail to contact.magicpixel2012@gmail.com!
Hill Mountain Forever 1.0 APK
Magic Pixel KFT.
When endless racing meets reckless driving. That Hill ClimbingForever is!Let's face challenges of endless hill climb action.Collect coins and tuning your car. The more distance you take, themore coins can be collected. Spend these coins to purchase upgradesfor your car, so you will be able to reach higher distance. Don'tforget to change painting of your car. The different paints givevarious boost to your car. Feel free to change between them race byrace. Repeatedly check the fuel indicator while racing because outof fuel causes end of the game.All right, you know the basics.Let's go and racing!Features:- Realistic car physics- Verybeautiful cartoon-like graphics- Never ending hill climbing fun!-Numerous blockages to slow you down- 8 different paints (7 of themgive bonus boost to your car!)- 3 car parts to upgrade (engine,fuel tank, suspension)- Endless stage with spectacular and variousenvironmentsUpgrades:Engine - gives more powerSuspension - enhancesdriving stabilityFuel Tank - increase storage capacityPaints:Turbo(gives no bonus), Neon (+15% coin), Taxi (+30% coin), Stingray(+30% engine), Tiger (+20% fuel), Parkour (+30 engine and +30%coin), Blackbird (+20% fuel and +30% coin), Kabuki (+40% to all)
Runner Tuning 1.03 APK
Magic Pixel KFT.
Do you love climb racing? Do you like to compete with racing carswith four-wheel drive? Then Hill Runner Tuning is your racing titlebecause all of the above mentioned and other cool features areimplemented for your better racing experience.• CHOOSE one of 4racing cars that fits to your driving style better.• RACE on stagesto collect coins and stars.• UPGRADE your racing car with collectedcoins and stars to get more speed and performance.• UNLOCK newstages to collect more coins and stars.• RACE on special stages toaward skillpoints and spend them to unlock more racingcars.FEATURES:• 4 racing cars with different shapes and drivingstyles• 70 stages with more than 1000 levels where coins and starsare collectible• 10 special stages with 1000 levels whereskillpoints are awarded• 6 environments with various decorativeobjects• 6 upgrades with different effect to your racing carHOW TOPLAYAt the beginning you are able to race with the first racingcar. You have to collect skillpoints on Special Stages to be ableto unlock the other 3 racing cars. Race on the stages and collectas many coins and stars as you can. Don't forget to upgrade yourracing cars as soon as you have enough coins and stars or you havetrouble to accomplish a level within the time limit. Yes, everylevels of every stage have a time limitation to accomplish. Unlocknew stages for coins to be able to collect more coins and stars. Sochoose a car and a level and let's start racing! Tap on Startbutton to move your racing car to the starting position. Then therace is going to start as soon as you tap on the gas pedal. TIPSAND TRICKS• You have 3 turbos, don't forget to use them!• It's notalways worth to push the gas pedal to the metal.• Don't forget toupgrade your racing car.
Hill 4x4 Tuning Warriors 1.3 APK
Magic Pixel KFT.
Hill 4x4 Tuning Warriors is a fast-paced racing game where youcompete AI controlled opponents.Your main mission to defeat bosses,collect coins, stars, trophies and skillpoints, and unlock bettercars. Race on every 18 levels of a stage to collect coins andstars. Depending on your finish position 1, 2 or 3 trophies andskillspoints can be awarded. Trophies are given once based on yourbest result. A given number of trophies has to be collected tounlock boss races. Defeating of bosses increase your skillpointshigher amount. After a given amount of skillponts better climb carsare unlocked. Every unlocked cars open new stages.Collect coins topurchase new stages with longer levels. The longer level means morecollectable coins and stars.Collect stars to purchase upgrades fornitro of your current car. Faster car gives easier 1stposition.Collect trophies to unlock bosses of the given stages.Beating of bosses give 100 skillpoints.Collect skillpoints tounlock new cars and stages. A better car brings better results.6CARS WITH DIFFERENT CHASSIS feature visually tuned dune riders.MORETHAN 170 STAGES for every cars that means 1000+ stages in all.MORETHAN 18 BOSS RACES per cars that means 110+ boss races in all.9DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTS with various stage distance.EASY, ONE BUTTONCONTROL with tunable features.
Ball skill game 1.0.1 APK
Magic Pixel KFT.
Checked! Ball? Checked! Mania? Depends on you!Balance LabyrinthBall is a new kind of skill game where you have to navigate yourball(s) through checkpoints within a specific time. Tap anywhere onthe screen and your ball rolls there. But be careful, there areseveral traps on the way there.- 3 different game modes areavailable for you to play: Time Trial Mode, Endless Checkpoint Modeand Random Checkpoint Mode- 5 different upgrades to make controllof your ball easier: Ball Size, Ball Weight, Step, Rewind andCheckpoint Time.Your main goal is to hit as many checkpoints aspossible. Hit dynamits where the white lamp is flashing. Collect 7checkpoints to get another balls and multiply your rewards. Don'tfall in to the holes or hit wrong dynamits because those actionscause punishments. Also fall out of the platform means game is overright away!
Hill Flying Tuning 1.1 APK
Magic Pixel KFT.
Hill Flying Tuning is a fly racing game with breathtaking 3Dgraphics and addictive gameplay features. Maneuver your aircraft tothe finish as fast as possible, earn coins and stars, complete maingoal for extras, upgrade your aircraft.Select one of 6 aircraftsthat fits your flying style better. Fly to the finish as soon aspossible. Get coins and stars for better and better times. Spendthem to upgrade your aircraft and be able to fly faster to reachbetter time and award more and more coins and stars.Features- 1000+levels with various environments- 6 different aircrafts- 8 variousstages: Forest, Mountain, Canyon, Vulcan and Snowy...- Breathtaking3D graphics- Accurate and realistic physics