1.1 / October 4, 2017
(3.4/5) (5)


Is a beautiful game will fascinate you andyour friends

Is a game like

- Charizard
- Butterfree
- pidgey
- Beedrill
- Arbok
- Squirtle
- Charmander
- Pikachu
- Bulbasaur
- Rattata
And many more

the following Raichu would be added soon :


App Information persian jumping

  • App Name
    persian jumping
  • ناوی پاکەیج
  • Updated
    October 4, 2017
  • قەبارەی فایل
  • پێویستی بە ئەندرۆیدە
    Android 3.0 and up
  • وەشان
  • گەشەپێدەر
  • دابەزاندن
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
  • هاوپۆڵ
  • گەشەپێدەر
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MC_Devloper درێژە...

charizard adventure run 1.2 APK
Are you a fan of Dragon Hero charizard ! Youare in the right place , game charizard adventure run Is a gamespecially made for you and for fans of known heroes like charmandarand bulbasaur and super pikachu and squirtle All these charactersare beloved because they fight evil.Our hero in this game is super charizard In adventures full ofdangers to overcome the bad guys and the various obstacles you wantto eliminate.The game takes place in different worlds of mountains and snow anda road like in the castle and is characterized by the ease ofplaying with the first and increase the difficulty as you progressin the game and got a lot of pokeball.featuresGame suitable for children and all agesbeautiful Graphics HDfree game and funSimple and addictive game playhow do you play charizard adventure run ?Play way too easy and fun for all ages You press on the phonescreen or tablet phone to jump to collect the balls and overcomevarious obstacles in the roadGet the game Super charizard for free and enjoy with freinds
super charmander adventure 1.0 APK
Hello everyone, especially kids wholoveadventure games and free suspensesuper charmander Is the hero of this entertaining game and isthefirst version of other heroes like the dragon charizard The gameisvery easy, fun and affordable for all ages.hero charmander In an adventure to challenge various oddsandobstacles to collect lots of pokeballs and get more strengthtocontinue playing.This game is somewhat classic and brings us back to the timeofchildhood and reminds us of other heroes such as super pikachuandbulbasaur and squirle and eevee This is one of the many gamesthatwill be created specifically for you.FeaturesPhone and Tablet supportBeautiful graphics and SimpleMusic and sound effectsfree game and play for all agesI hope to Enjoy game super charmander adventure and shareyourfreinds , Are you ready to complete the game! good luckall
Super Pichu Pro 1.0 APK
welcome with the new free game Super PichuProAdventure Race specially designed for loyal users ofourgames.This game is incredibly fun and addictive for kids and pichufans,it is one of the easy to play and fun adventure games forallages..Super Pichu finds himself in a situation full of challengesandchallenges, so you must help him collect a lot of pokeball andgaina lot of power and energy to overcome the obstacles and wildbeaststhat appear before you in the jungle in the middle ofthenight.It is a game with a classic and exciting platform. Play andhavefun!Super Pichu Pro is here alone to save and protect his familyandfriends. Come and help her to have enough strength to defeattheenemies in her mission. Jump and run safely in the worlds,ofpichu, and have fun throughout the beautifully craftedgame,Our hero super pichu pro is a friend of heroes who love goodandhate evil as super pikachu, charmandar, bulbasaur,venusaur,raichu, charizard and turtle Squirtle. They are allbelovedchildren.There is a lot of fun in the game and you have to pay attentiontothe reactions to control the pichu,movements !! It's theforestthat flows out but with enough speed you might be able torunaway!.Ready to jump, run! Enjoy your adventure now! Free download!!We hope you enjoy this super pichu adventure racing game.The way to play is very simple Just click on your phone or tabletintime to jump and collect balls and coins or to jump overtheobstacles and keep playing.How to play super pichu pro ??press the tablet phone screen to jump to collect balls andovercomevarious obstacles in the way Is a game like,-pikachu- raichu- Bulbasaur- Charizard-SquirtleAnd-Vulpix-Charmander-Spearow-Rattata-Ivysaur-Charmeleon-Wartortle-BlastoiseAnd many beautiful charactersShare it with your best friends,ThankHave fun and good luck in this strange adventure!<3
super hypno games 1.0 APK
Hello Are you a fan of Hypno hero! You areinthe right place, Hypno Adventure Group game is a custom gameforyou and for the fans of well-known heroes such asCharmandar,Polpasor, Super Pikachu and SkirtlAnd Hybno is beloved because she fights evil.Our hero in this game is Hibeno in a perilous adventure toovercomethe bad guys and various obstacles you want toeliminate.The game of God in the different worlds of mountains, snow andtheway in the castle which characterized the ease of playing withthefirst difficulty and growing as you progress in the game and gotalot of Busipal.FeaturesGame suitable for children and all agesPretty graphics HDFree and fun gameSimple and addictive gameplayHow to play Hypno Adventure Group?This game is very easy and fun for all ages clicking on thephonescreen or tablet phone to jump to collect balls andovercomevarious obstacles in the wayGet a free Hypno game and enjoy the PalmGood luck to everyone
super spearow 1 APK
spearow is a very nice gameThe buccal should be PokeBal in the nestYour desperate hero needs you to criticize him fromthemonstersAre you ready to rescue spearow and his friends likePikachu,Charmander, Supercharger and Polpasor from evilmonsters.I'm sure you will criticize him.Features of the game::Great graphicsnice musicHow to play a game of spearow ??You must click on the screen And put In the nest2D and 3D graphicsSo you're ready to download the game spearow and enjoy the withyourfriendsIs a game like- Pikachu- Bulbasaur- Charizard- Charmander- Rattata- Butterfree- pidgey- Beedrill- Arbok- SquirtleAnd many more-Squirtle-Blastoise-Caterpie-Metapod-Ivysaur-Venusaur-Wartortle-Butterfree-Weedle-Kakuna-Charmeleon-Pidgey-Pidgeotto-Pidgeot-Fearow-Ekans-Arbok-Raichu-Rattata-Raticate-Beedrill-Spearow-Sandshrew-Sandslash-Jigglypuff-Wigglytuf-Nidoran?-Nidorina-Nidoqueen-Clefairy-Clefable-Vulpix-Ninetales-Nidoran?-Golbat-Oddish-Gloom-Nidorino-Nidoking-Zubat-Vileplume-Paras-Parasect-Venonat-VenomothI wish everyone good luck
super blastoise run 1.1 APK
Game Blastoise is a game where adventures andsuspenseYou must save your friend Blastoise from the bad guys and thedangers and collect a lot of pokepallsYour hero Blastoise desperately needs you to criticize him from themonstersAre you ready to save Blastoise and his friends such as pikachu,charmander and Super charizard and bulbasaur from evilmonsters.I'm sure you will criticize him.Game Features:nice musicGreat graphicsGraphics 2D and 3DHow to play Blastoise game ??You must click on the screen and jump over obstaclesSo you are ready to download the game Blastoise and to enjoy withyour friends
venusaur Adventure 1.0 APK
hello to the Venusors adventure gamecollectionHarrison is a game made for you and fans of heroes knownlikeCharmandar Super Pablo Picasso and scratched all thesecharactersare beloved because they fight evil.Our hero in this game Venusaurus is full of dangers to overcomethebad guys and the various obstacles you want to eliminate.FeaturesGame suitable for children and all agesFree and fun gamePretty graphics HDSimple and addictive gameplayHow to play Charisard Adventure Range?How to play Very easy and fun for all ages on the phone or pressthetablet phone screen to jump to collect balls and overcomevariousobstacles in the way Is a game like- Charmander- Pikachu- Bulbasaur- Rattata- Charizard- Butterfree- pidgey- Beedrill- Arbok- SquirtleAnd many more-Ivysaur-Venusaur-Charmander-Charmeleon-Charizard-Butterfree-Weedle-Fearow-Squirtle-Wartortle-Blastoise-Caterpie-Metapod-Ekans-Arbok-Pikachu-Raichu-Sandshrew-Sandslash-Nidoran?-Nidorina-Nidoqueen-Nidoran?-Nidorino-Nidoking-Clefairy-Clefable-Vulpix-Ninetales-Jigglypuff-Kakuna-Beedrill-Pidgey-Pidgeotto-Pidgeot-Rattata-Raticate-Gloom-Vileplume-Paras-Parasect-Venonat-Venomoth-Spearow-Wigglytuff-Zubat-Golbat-OddishGood luck to all friends
bulbasaur world adventure 1.1 APK
bulbasaur world adventure Is a running gameandthe adventures of her hero is bulba , free suspense gamespeciallymade for you and all the children of the world who lovethe herofrog bulbasaur and his distinguished friends super pikachuandcharizard and Squirtle Against evil.super bulbasaur In a dangerous adventure in the jungle anddifferentworlds on a mission to collect pokballs Are you ready tohelp superbulbasaur To win the job and bring a lot ofpokballBulbasaur world adventure run It is a game of jumping and freegamesfunTo achieve more power you have a lot of balls and collect coinsandovercome obstacles and various risksEasy way to play Just click on the phone or tablet screen in timetojump to collect coins or skip enemies to continue playingFeaturesPlay for all ages and free gamePhone and Tablet supportBeautiful graphics and SimpleInteresting gameDownload bulbasaur world adventure Play it for free and shareitwith friends, family and enjoy.