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Guess a Number - Bulls and Cows 🐮 (1A2B) 3.1.2
Bulls & Cows 🐮 is a logical game for kids and adults, alsoknownas Mastermind, 4digits or 1A2B. Your goal is to find theopponent'ssecret number with a minimum number of suggestions. Oneach guessthe game announces the number of "cows" and "bulls" inyoursuggestion. If the matching digits are on their rightpositions,they are "bulls", if they are on different positions,they are"cows". You can play Bulls and cows in two game modes:Single playeror Against Android 👾. In Single player mode you tryto guess asecret number. On each guess the game announces thenumber of "cows"and "bulls" in your suggestion. To win you mustreveal the secretnumber. When playing Against Android you start bychoosing yourdifficulty (easy, medium or hard) and entering yoursecret number.On the next turn your opponent generates his secretnumber andannounces the number of matching "bulls" and "cows".Winner 🏆 inthis competitive game mode is the first person toreveal theiropponent secret number. You can make the game morechallenging bychoosing ‘hard’ difficulty and using five-digit orsix-digit secretnumbers. If you are stuck finding the secretnumber use a hint 😉. Tohelp you compete better Bulls & Cowsfeatures a draft (as wecall it) where you can mark digits that youthink are included ornot in your opponent secret number. If youfill like customizingthere are many aspects where you can make ityour own personalexperience. You can for example change the theme,or decide to playwithout zeroes. Check out settings... Example:Secret number: 8561Opponent's try: 3518 Answer: 1 bull and 2 cows.(The bull is "5",the cows are "8" and "1".) Bulls & Cows /Guess a numberfeatures: * Single player and multiplayer gamemodes. * Differentdifficulties: ‘Easy’, ‘Medium’, ‘Hard’ * Playingwith 3, 4, 5 or 6digits * Ability to choose whether to play withleading zero innumbers, or disable zeroes at all. * Hints to helpyou when you arestuck. * Draft, where you can mark digits that youthink areincluded or not in your opponent secret number. *Analyzing yourmoves in the game history. * Themes (dark oceangreen, light oceangreen, dark blue, orange, pink) * Intuitiveinterface featuringMaterial design. * Multi window mode (Android7.0 and up) * Notch(display cut outs) support * Touch and soundeffects. Like us onFacebook ( Bulls and Cowsweb page: you forchoosing Bulls & Cows, we hope you like it! Letus know what youthink in the review section or drop us a quicke-mail
Bulls And Cows 2.4.2
YBA Team
Meet! Reborn of an old famous logical game Bulls And Cows! Thegameyou were enjoying during school lessons and even withsomemodifications was used in famous computer games! Don't wasteyourvaluable time for watching TV shows and doing nothing. Insteadofthat, play this game and improve your logical andanaliticalpotentials. Especially with new stylish modern design!So, can youguess the number in less than 6 steps? Just try it!
Cows and Bulls 1.1
The Game involves guessing a random 4 lettered word withnorepetition.For each guess your system tells you the number ofbullsand cows in your guess.Bulls: Letters that are at the exactplacein your guessed word and system's word. Like letter 'H' inHELP andHOMECows: Letters that are there in your guessed word andalso arethere in system's word but not at the same places. Likeletter 'E'in HELP and HOMEPoints would be awarded on the basis ofchancesused with each chance costing: 10 points(Easy level). Maxscore =100 20 points (Medium level). Max score = 200 50 points(Difficultlevel). Max score = 500Happy guessing!!!
Cow Bull 1.8
Riddhi Bagri
Cow Bull is a software version of the logical guessing game CowsandBulls (also known as Bulls and Cows) which has been playedbypractically everybody during school lectures and collegeseminars.Bringing back the game with user-friendly graphicalinterface andmultiple modes and levels. Cow Bull is a fun numberand wordguessing game in which Android generates asecretnumber/word(dictionary word) at the start of the game suchthat thedigits/letters in the number/word can't beduplicated(Eg-5674/READ). The User must guess this secretnumber/word inminimum attempts possible. To guess, user selects thenumber/wordby rolling the wheels(Number) or typing theletters(Word) andclicking on the button with bull and cow image.For each attempt,the application will display number of cows andbulls. Bullrepresents a digit/letter in the guess which is correctand is alsoin the correct position. Cow represents a digit/letterin the guesswhich is correct but in an incorrect position. Example1- SecretNumber (generated by the game) : 5674 User's guess: 8653Result(Assuming attempt=1) : Attempts Number Cows Bulls 1 8653 1 1Here,the Cow is '5' and Bull is '6'. Example 2- Secret Word(generatedby the game) : READ User's guess: WORD Result (Assumingattempt=1):Attempts Word Cows Bulls 1 WORD 1 1 Here, the Cow is 'R'and Bullis 'D' . ********************************** FEATURES: - 2Variants: Number- which involves digits and numbers Word- whichinvolvesletters and dictionary words. - 3 Difficulty levelsavailable:Easy(4-digit/letter),Medium(5-digit/letter),Difficult(6-digit/letter). The difficultylevels can be selectedfrom settings. - 3 Modes: Arcade(LimitedAttempts),Endless(Unlimited Attempts) and Timed(Limited Time)allowed by theuser. This can be selected from main screen byswitching ON(Arcade)or OFF(Endless) the limited attempts options.To select Timed, userhas to select Endless mode in limited attemptsoption and switch ONthe Timed option in the main screen. Number:--------- --In Arcade:User has to guess the number in limitedattempts For Easy : Userhas maximum of 10 attempts. For Medium :User has maximum of 15attempts. For Difficult : User has maximum of20 attempts. --InTimed - User has to guess the number in limitedtime For Easy :User has a maximum of 90 seconds. For Medium : Userhas a maximumof 120 seconds. For Difficult : User has a maximum of150 seconds.--In Endless- There is no restriction on the numberofattempts/time required to guess the secret number. Word: -------InArcade: User has to guess the word in limited attempts. ForEasy:User has a maximum of 10 attempts. For Medium: User has amaximumof 15 attempts. For Difficult: User has a maximum of 20attempts.--In Timed: User has to guess the word in limited time ForEasy:User has a maximum of 150 seconds. For Medium : User has amaximumof 180 seconds. For Difficult: User has a maximum of 210seconds.--In Endless: There is no restriction on the numberofattempts/time required to guess the secret word. - Abilitytoselect if the number can start with 0(zero) or not.This canbeselected from the settings. - If the game gets too intense,Hintoption is there to help you! Number: User can use hint toreveal adigit -------- For Easy : User can use hints only once ForMedium :User can use hints twice For Difficult : User can use hintsthriceWord: User can use hint to reveal a letter and/or get themeaningof the secret word. ----- For Easy :User can reveal onlyoneletter. For Medium: User can reveal two letters. ForDifficult:User can reveal three letters. - Option to show yourscores onLeaderboards - Unlock Achievements - Option to share yourscorecardand challenge your friends - Customizable in-game soundand visualeffects - Added scoring mechanism
Mastermind 1.1.0
Rottz Games
Mastermind is a classic mind game: a secret code is given, andyoumust figure it out using guesses and the hints provided onthepuzzle.Real Code Breaker is based on the classic board game thatisalso known as Mastermind, Master Mind, Code Puzzle game andBulls& Cows.How To Playvideo:• BOARDS: 480freepuzzles. All boards are free!• DIFFICULTIES: 3 difficulties:Easy,Medium and Hard. The harder the bigger the secret code is -extrachallenge!• MODES: on medium you will face repeated colors,whileon hard you will face both repeated colors and emptypins.Enjoyanother brain puzzle from Rottz Games.Contact usatmastermind.and@rottzgames.comHave fun!
Kimbho Game - Cows and Bulls. Guess Words, letters 1.0.2
Flying Kangaroos
Kimbho addictive game. Promise you won't play it during yourexamsor during office. “Bringing back those childhood memories,Guessthe word & earn Points, Cows and Bulls will help youwithHints” Kimbho Cows and Bulls is Words Guessing Game with aseriesof Different levels.Kimbho helps you bring back the memoriesof theEarly Childhood Game with an User-friendly GraphicalInterface andwith a Unique Game Play.Each Word is unique and pushesyou to yourcreative thinking to Guess the Correct Word. It is timeto Thinkout of the box, and Guess the words. Increase yourknowledge withKimbho.Don’t worry if it is getting too intense, theKimbho Cowsand Bulls are right there to help you out with Hints.Get yourfriends and Family to try this Amazing Game and challengethem toGuess Words correctly. Your Kimbho Score will increase onthenumber of Words Guessed Correctly and the time taken.So take aDeepBreath because it is time for you to get started with thisawesome,fun-loving, Brain-booster Game! ❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖KIMBHOFEATURES:★“Fun for all Ages.”★ “Out of the box Words, ThinkCreative andGuess the Correct Word!“★ “The more Words you Guess,the more Hintsyou earn!”  ★ “A series of different levels from 3letter Words to6 letter Words!”★ “Simple yet fun and addictive”★“In AppPurchases”★ “More levels Coming Soon! “❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖
Bulls and Cows - Mastermind
Bulls and Cows or Mastermind is asoftwareversion of the exciting classic game, which was playedpracticallyby everybody in the classroom at school, at lectures andseminarsat the university and at the boring meetings at work.The purpose of the game Mastermind is to guess the number beforetheopponent.Bulls and Cows is an intellectual competition between humanandcomputer - who uses the mind and logic faster, guessing thenumberof the opponent.It is necessary to analyze the tricks of computer mind,discarddefinitely impossible numbers and "isolate" the truth of avarietyof potential options after each turn, using the intellectandintuition during the game.Game Features of Bulls and Cows (Mastermind):- 3 difficulty levels;- training mode;Guess the number and win!
Cows and Bulls 1.0
Suchit Kar
A simple guessing game Guess the given word with as few guessesaspossible! Single and two-player modes! Multiple and randomwordlengths! For each word you enter, you'll score a number of cowsandbulls. The number of cows is the number of letters from yourguesswhich are in the given word, but in incorrect positions. Thenumberof bulls is the number of letters from your guess which arein thecorrect position as the given word. All bulls means you win!Allwords are from the official Scrabble word list. Find theEaster-Eggif you can!
Brainstorm 4.0
Known by various names such as Bulls & Cows, Mastermind andCodeBreaker, Brainstorm is our attempt to rejuvenate the classicpuzzle.With 9 possible colors and 9 chances, can you guess the 4colorcombination?Your mission, should you choose to accept it, istodecipher the hidden 4 color combination.After every guess, youwillbe provided with a hint to help you solve the puzzle.Thechallengeis to crack the code within 9 chances.So get ready torack yourbrains, test your logic and boost your IQ in ouriteration ofMastermind. Even though we have included aninteractive tutorial foryour convenience, you can always refer tothe rules of the originalboard game Mastermindhere:*NOTE* -Inthis game, Red means "right color, right position"Blue means"rightcolor, wrong position"White means "wrong color"P.S. There"might"be some hidden easter eggs that add to the fun!Hope youenjoyplaying Brainstorm!
Buffalo Wild Bull Simulator 1.1
Take Control of this Angry Buffalo ,Angry bull and Cow intheSavannah jungle from Africa.Live the beautiful wild life ofangryanimals like buffalo bull and protect your family and mate inthisBuffalo Wild Bull Simulator.Trample the whole desert andattackanimals like lions, crocodiles, hyenas in safari tosurvive.Fightfor your freedom furiously with other African animalsand feel thethrill of being a powerful beast!Eat tasty grass ,buildyour clanas angry bull in jungle.Create chaos, destruction anddamage aspossible to achieve the ultimate goal.Explore thefantastic hotenvironment of Africa being a mighty buffalo bull!It’s time forangry bull attack to run around the desert creatingmayhem.Watchyour beautifully twisted horns from the outside,Survive as long aspossible by knocking down evil aliens andanimals that gets in yourway and eating everything you canfind.Play as crazy bull andattack torero matador for survival ofyour life.In the latest angrybuffalo wild bull simulator, be aferocious angry bull who isattacking and smashing African lion,wild cheetah, wolves of thedesert as you feel the ecstasy of beinga powerful beast.Search forfood, make friend with other bulls orfight with them. Protectyourself from cruel predators, they’rewilling to kill you .Findyour bull mate, lead them to your lair andcreate little bulls tocontinue your buffalo clan!Dodge whilefighting with angryanimals.You’ll need to maintain your health,hunger, thirst, andenergy if you're going to survive in thewilderness.It’s time forthe forest animals to save themselves fromthis angry bull and wildbuffalo attack in one of the wildest angrybull simulatorgames.Kill wolf,zebra,stag,bear,fox with furiousattack.BuffaloWild Bull Simulator Features:• Multiple action packedmissions•Play with angry bull, wild buffalo or Cow• Fight withdifferentjungle animals• Beautiful Desert Environment• Town areawith noshortage of preys• Realistic bulls animationsBullfightingagainstpredators, show your rage and anger, hit them break theirboneswith your special rage attack.Keep running and hiteverythingaround you in BUFFALO WILD BULL SIMULATION, the newestfree citybull now in jungle attack game on play store!There aremany othersimulator and simulation bull games as well like rhino,horse,goat, tiger, elephant and many others but this one of Buffaloangrybull wild attack simulator is very interesting andexciting.Enjoythe life of this majestic creature and Take a controlof a verystupid bull in this #1 action packed 3D animaladventure.It’sdemolition time!
4D Number Machine 1.0.0
Nature Droid
Draw 4D number for 4D, Pick 4 lottery using physic machine. Thisappwill select one number (from 0 through 9) from each machine foratotal of four digits. So it will pick a four digit number from0000through 9999 each time you run the machine. You can save up to100numbers for timely review purpose. Disclaimer: This app isnotaffiliated to any of the organisations linked ordescribed.Thenumbers generated are random number.
Doodle Digits
uWaver Ltd
Doodle Digits (aka uDigits) is a different game for loversofnumeric puzzle games, like Sudoku. It is novel and very easytoplay. The idea is simple: in as few moves as possible, matchandcross pairs of digits that are the same or equal to 10 whenadded.Sounds simple? However, the match can occur only if twodigits arein certain locations on the field. But where exactly,depends onthe selected skill level. Pro: two digits are next toeach otherhorizontally (they follow one another, either on the samerow orwrapping to the next row), or vertically Advanced: two digitsthatare the first uncrossed and the last uncrossed digits on thefield.Plus the rule from Pro. Beginner: the two matching digitsarelocated diagonally, but only on consecutive rows. Plus therulesfrom Advanced and Pro. You will be surprised how a game thissimplecan be so addictive.
Sudoku Numbers Puzzle 4.6.21
About Sudoku: Sudoku is a logic-based, combinatoric digitinputpuzzle game of numbers. Become more intelligent by playingthisgame regularly. Concentrate and Analyze each brainteaserdigitpuzzle to finish the game. The objective of this smooth Sudokufreegame is to place 1 to 9 digit numbers into each grid cell sothateach number can only appear once in each row, each column andeachmini-grid. Sudoku from Playzio comes with an attractiveinterface.It offers daily hints, thousands of brainteaser numberspuzzles andother various features. This Sudoku gameplay containsall types ofdifficulty Levels from flash, easy, medium, hard andexpert modes,so this game is suitable for kids and adults too.Sudoku by Playziois best numbers puzzle games on android. Managingthe jigsaw box onthe grid will give you intelligent skillz to findout the solution.The game tells you the why of the solution and notjust what. Thegame can be pause anytime. Feature List ✔ Real-timemultiplayer ✔Offline Game, No wifi required. ✔ Daily Sudoku Hints ✔Freebrainteaser Sudoku Puzzles ✔ Daily dose of numbers ✔ Best darkmode✔ Customizable Sudoku board with 5 multiple choices ofgorgeousthemes ✔ Statistics to keep track of your game performance✔ Globalleaderboard and achievements, which you can share orcompete withyour friends or others ✔ Five perfectly balanceddifficulty levelsfrom sudoku beginner to sudoku expert. ✔ Auto Saveto save yoursudoku puzzles ✔ Autofill Notes Option ✔ Auto-ClearNotes Option ✔Auto Error-Checking Option ✔ Sudoku App looks greaton both phonesand tablets ✔ Most intuitive friendly scoring system✔ A collectionof masterfully crafted puzzles from novice to expertdifficulty. ✔Pencil marks (Notes) ✔ Integrated Sudoku learning tool✔ Selectedcell highlight ✔ Number highlight ✔ Errors highlight ✔Directionhighlight / Highlighting ✔ Timer ✔ Clean interface andsmoothcontrols ✔ Number Digit in Fabric, Wood, Chalkboard, Nightmode,Coffee, Tiles themes ✔ Five Difficulty modes from Flash modetoexpert modes ✔ best gameplay Coming Soon ★ Unlimited Undo/redo★Portrait and Landscape Mode and gameplay ★ Right or lefthandedoption while playing in landscape ★ Sudoku competitions ★Morepuzzles packs ★ With our complete mobile Sudoku learning systemorSuper Sudoku Solver, you will learn to solve any sudoku puzzlewithdetailed steps like swordfish ★ Option to create custom puzzletocreate your own sudoku ★ Eight different Sudoku variants:Classic& Jigsaw puzzles (aka Squiggly), Asterisk-, Centerdot-,Color-, Hyper-, Percent- & X-Sudokus, Sudoku PicturePuzzles,Full House Puzzle, andoku. ★ Own cloud synchronization ★How toplay sudoku system ★ 6x6, 8x8, 10x10 puzzles This smoothSudoku isan essential download for any numbers puzzle loving fan!You neverneed a paper & pencil again! Come enjoy the mostbeautifullycrafted Sudoku app with the most beautiful digit! Musthave puzzlegame for anybody trying to be or stay intelligent! Thisuserfriendly Sudoku free game is the best Puzzle game to analyzeandconcentrate which helps to work out for your brain! All forFREE!The classic puzzler super sudoku is now available for free onyourandroid phone and tablets. This free version is supported by3rdparty ads. Ads may use internet connectivity, andthereforesubsequent data charges may apply. Thephotos/media/filespermission is required to allow the game to savegame data toexternal storage and is sometimes used to cache ads.Sudoku playingis a simple habit to have and healthy for your brain.Get hands onnow on the would be top game and improve your brain.Support andFeedback If you have any technical problems (or) paymentrelatedquestions please email us at
HiPER Scientific Calculator 7.3.3
HiPER Development Studio
HiPER Scientific Calculator is a popular calculator with morethan16 million downloads and 100 000 five-star ratings. Thecalculatorhas up to 100 digits of significand and 9 digits ofexponent. Itdetects repeating decimals and numbers can be alsoentered asfractions or converted to fractions. You can writeexpressions in anatural way and watch your calculations. The resultis displayed asa number, simplified expression etc. The calculatorhas severallayouts suitable for various screen sizes: - "pocket"for smalldevices - "compact" for smartphones (in portrait andlandscapeorientation) - "expanded" for tablets A multiline displaycan beturned on in tablets to show the complete history ofcalculationsand to provide access the previous results. Users canchoose fromseveral high-quality themes. The calculator has manyfunctions,such as: - basic arithmetic operations includingpercentage, moduloand negation; - fractions (in the expression modeany expressionincluding nested fractions can be entered as anumerator and adenominator); - mixed numbers; - periodic numbersand theirconversion to fractions; - unlimited number of braces; -operatorpriority; - repeated operations; - variables andsymboliccomputation; - derivatives and integrals; - graphs offunctions andintegral area, 3D graphs; - calculation details -extendedinformation about a calculation like all complex roots,unit circleetc.; - complex numbers - conversion between rectangularand polarcoordinates - advanced number operations such as randomnumbers,combinations, permutations, common greatest divisor, etc.;-trigonometric and hyperbolic functions; - powers,roots,logarithms, etc.; - degrees, minutes and seconds conversion;-fixed point, scientific and engineering display format; -displayexponent as SI units prefix; - memory operations with 10extendedmemories; - clipboard operations with various clipboardformats; -result history; - binary, octal and hexadecimal numeralsystems; -logical operations; - bitwise shifts and rotations; -hapticfeedback; - more than 90 physical constants; - conversionamong 250units; - Reverse Polish notation. The calculator has manysettingsto manage the full screen mode, decimal and thousandseparators,etc. All features are described with a built-in help.
Caller ID & Number Locator 7.0.2
Caller ID & Phone Locator allows you to search and locateanymobile number or fixed line phone number in the world including246countries and 12982 cities areas. This fixed line &mobilenumber locator will find the exact Geographic location(cityarea,state, country and even service providers) of the phone numberandshow it on the map.----------------------------------AppFeature:---------------------------------☆ Phone number Locator:Our Phone Locator helps you to locate anyphone number from USA,India, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico,Indonesia and any othercountry in the world. The city area, state,country and serviceoperator of the phone number will be displayedand the geographiclocation will be shown on the maps. ☆ True CallerID and Location:You can easy see who is calling and identifyunknown incoming callsvia the caller id with name and locationinformation(country,State, city area and even service operator). ☆Call Blocker: Callerblocker allows you to block unwanted calls suchas telemarketers,spam callers, fraud, etc.You can easily manageyour whitepages andblacklist. ☆ Contacts & Call log: You canview the detailedarea location and service operator name of yourfriends orcolleagues in the contacts and recent call logs. ☆Worldwide ISDand STD codes for dial: Our Caller ID & Block ispowered by adatabase of thousands of areas information in theworld. Weprovides 12,982 cities areas codes for subscribertrunkdialing(STD) and 246 countries codes for internationalsubscriberdialing(ISD). You can easily search and lookup almost allthecities codes, with detailed location info. ☆ Search offline:Youcan look up the phone number, show caller id, search STD code,ISDcode without internet connection. P.S. Internet connectionisrequired to show location on Google Maps. Recent changes:Supportmore countries and area location.
CallerX – Caller ID & Blocker 1.2.26
CallerX App
If you are facing problems from unknown callers and you wanttoidentify the caller install callerX. Make informed decisionsbyknowing details of the unknown caller by either answering thecall,ignoring it or block it altogether. It identifies almost ahundredsof millions record in Saudi Arabia (KSA) - United ArabEmirates(UAE) - Kuwait - Bahrain - Oman - Qatar - Yemen - Jordan -Lebanon- Syria - Egypt - Iraq - Morocco - Tunisia - Algeria - Sudan-Palestine - Libya ** Features ** - Identify who’s calling youifyou don’t have their number in your address book. - It willshowthe real & true caller names (more than one name). -Discoverall unknown callers from your all call logs. - View thename,photo, location of callers. - Search your call logs by name,phone,location, or by its type (for example : fixed line or mobile)-Fast and easy to use. - Block unwanted calls by number orfromcountries. ** Coming Soon ** - Adding more names and phones toourdatabase. - Allow user to edit his profileinformation.**Disclaimer ** All the listed information in CallerX are publiconeand available on the internet and is collected fromdifferentinternet resources for the purpose of search convenience.
Kakuro (Cross Sums) KK-2.2.0
Pink Pointer
Kakuro (originally called Cross Sums) is a logic-based, mathpuzzle.The objective of the puzzle is to insert a digit from 1 to9inclusive into each white cell such that the sum of the numbersineach entry matches the clue associated with it and that no digitisduplicated in any entry. FEATURES: - modern layout - fivedifferentdifficulties - hundreds of puzzles for each difficulty -auto-saveyour progress for each puzzle - unlimited undo/redo -color inputsystem for experts - clean interface and smoothcontrols - googleplay games achievements - phones and tabletssupport HELPFULFEATURES (optional): - selection modes: selectfirst or number first- pencil modes: automatic or manual -keyboard configuration: auto,three rows, two rows, one row -direction highlight: vertical andhorizontal highlight - ruleviolations: game rule warnings highlight- sum errors: calculate ifthe sum is correct or not - sumcombinations: show all possiblecombinations - multiple color input(advanced): use differentcolors to place numbers - automatic errordetection: show errorsautomatically - bigger numbers: large fontfor better visualization
Sudoku SG-2.2.0
Pink Pointer
Sudoku (originally called Number Place) is alogic-based,combinatorial number-placement puzzle. The objective isto fill a9x9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, andeach of thenine 3x3 sub-grids that compose the grid contains all ofthe digitsfrom 1 to 9. FEATURES: - four different difficulties -hundreds ofpuzzles for each difficulty - auto-save your progressfor eachpuzzle - unlimited undo/redo - auto-fill drafts - hintsystem forbeginners - color input system for experts - cleaninterface andsmooth controls - google play games achievements -phones andtablets support HELPFUL FEATURES (optional): - selectionmodes:select first or number first - pencil modes: automatic ormanual -keyboard configuration: three rows, two rows, one row -directionhighlight: vertical and horizontal highlight - numberfinder:highlight all occurrences of a number - number counter: showacounter for each number - rule violations: game rulewarningshighlight - keyboard highlight: shown if number count iscorrect orincorrect - multiple color input (advanced): usedifferent colorsto place numbers - automatic error detection: showerrorsautomatically - permanent auto-fill: continuously fill allthedrafts - bigger numbers: large font for better visualization
Mobile Number Location - Phone Call Locator 7.9
Onex Apps
Mobile Number Location - Phone Call Locator free app helps youtoSearch Mobile Number, Mobile Locator, STD & ISD codeswithoutinternet. Free App for Live Mobile Number Locator, Caller ID&Phone Call True Location. Find Caller ID Name for IncomingCallsOffline. Show Live Caller Name, STD ISD Codes, City Name&State for Unknown Numbers Offline. Get Live Phone Location onMap,Call Blocker Identify unknown Calls & Block UnwantedSpamCalls. Identify, Block Incoming Calls Offline & getcalldetails like city name, state, operator and country. Findareacodes, country dialing codes and show telemarketer detailsaddressinformation. Block telemarketer, show list of contacts, calllogsand dialer. Any reverse phone lookup display true geographicgpsinformation. Reverse phone lookup tool to search themobilenumbers, Input your number find true gps location addressdetails.Reverse phone lookup will display area of the country &dialingcodes. Features: ✔ Search Number ✔ Mobile Locator ✔ Find STDISDCodes ✔ Caller ID for Incoming Calls ✔ Identify Unknown Call✔Block Spam Calls ✔ True Location ✔ Reverse Phone Lookup ✔ CallerIDLive Location on Map ✔ Get Caller Name, City, State &Operator✔ Call Blocker ✔ Number Locator ✔ Block Calls ✔ Area Codelookup.Download Mobile Number Location - Phone Call Locator FreeApp Now !
Sudoku Number Place 3.1
Sylvain Saurel
Sudoku, originally called Number Place, is alogic-based,combinatorial number-placement puzzle.The objective isto fill a9x9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, andeach of thenine 3x3 sub-grids that compose the grid contains all ofthe digitsfrom 1 to 9. The puzzle setter provides a partiallycompleted grid,which typically has a unique solution.With 4difficulty levels, anunlimited number of generated puzzles,intuitive and smoothinterface, and all the functions right at yourfingertips, thisFree Sudoku app will make you forget paper puzzle.Interrupt gamewhen you want, Sudoku app saves your puzzle and letsyou to resumeyour game later exactly as you see it.The game can beconfigured tooffer as much or as little help as you like.KeyFeatures :* 4difficulty levels - Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme* 2input methods -Digit first or Cell first* Smart Notes (Pencilmarks) * Display andHelpers configurable as Settings (Show DigitCounts, Showconstraints, Show identical values, Highlight initial,Boldinitial, Flag conflicting values, Flag incorrect values) *Generatean unlimited numbers of Sudoku puzzles with uniquesolution*Auto-save and Resume* Undo and Redo* Intelligent hints*Top Scoresand History* Online Access on WebSite( to play Sudoku online andseeTop ScoresThat version is supported by ads. A paid versionofSudoku without ads is available on themarket(’sa good way to help developer to develop new featurestoSudoku.Permissions :Sudoku needs only access to Internet todisplayads and show top scores overall theWorld.===============Proversion with No Ads: : Facebookpage: Google+:'t hesitatetosend a feedback thanks to social media.
Take Ten: Puzzle with numbers. Pairs of digits 1.8.33
One of the best time killer ever! Warning: Take Ten causesanaddiction! A casual, addictive, puzzle game for everybody.TakeTen! is a logic puzzle game for kids and adults also knownasNumbers, Digits, Sunflower seeds, Seeds, Column or Ten. Rulesarevery simple: your main goal is to remove all digits from thegamefield by deleting pairs of equal digits or pairs of digits thataddup to ten. If no more moves are possible all remaining digitswillbe rewritten from the last cell. There is an illustrated andmoredetailed guide in the application. Take Ten! also makes kidstocount and improve some basic math or numeracy skills. For adultsitis a funny and addictive number game to train the brain. Agoodalternative for sudoku, number puzzles or crossword puzzles.Wantto play Take Ten on your native language? Help us to translateit!Write to Now explore deep challenge foryoumind and enjoy this number game! Be smart! There are a lot ofwaysto solve this puzzle! Good luck and have fun! Features: -Hints,undo, save game - Day and night mode - 3 game modes:Classic,Random and Chaotic!
Sudoku - Free & Offline 2.2.1
With Sudoku you now have the famous logic puzzle always with you-for free and offline. Infinite number of Sudoku gamesguaranteeunlimited gameplay. Choose your level of difficulty, usetheadditional help functions, celebrate your achievements andconquerthe leaderboards. With this free Sudoku game you will neverrun outof puzzles again! • Infinite number of Sudoku games byrandomgeneration of puzzles • Fully usable offline • 4 Sudokudifficultylevels: from EASY to VERY HARD • Notes as on paper •Automaticsaving & loading of the Sudoku game state •Achievements andleaderboards using Google Play Games • Free andoffline • Optimizedfor Smartphone and Tablet Optional helpfunctions: • Input buttonsare dimmed if a number is used 9 times(or more) in the Sudokupuzzle • Automatic checking whether thenewly entered number iscorrect • Highlighting of row, column andbox of the currentlyselected field • Highlighting of all fieldswhich have the samevalue as the currently selected input buttonNOTE: This Sudokuincludes advertisements to allow offering thisgame for free. Theapp itself can be used offline / without aninternet connection!
Super PI 1.0.1
Rhythm Software
This application is android version of Super PI which is usedtotest the performance and stability of your android device,bycalculating π to a specified number of digits after thedecimalpoint.Features:* Calculate Pi using FFT and AGM, fast andreliablealgorithm.* Optimize for most ABI(Application BinaryInterface)including armeabi, armeabi-v7a, mips and x86.* Supportpre-definedtypical digits up to 4 million.* Easily share yourresults tofriends by single click.Here is the result from my GalaxyNexus,for your reference:====CPU Information====Device Model:GalaxyNexusCPU Type: ARMv7 Processor rev 10 (v7l)CPUFrequency:1200MHzNumber of Processor: 2====Pi ComputationResult====8Kdigits: 0.083 seconds16K digits: 0.175 seconds32Kdigits: 0.311seconds128K digits: 1.671 seconds512K digits: 9.787seconds1Mdigits: 24.251 seconds2M digits: 55.583 seconds4M digits:130.073secondsIf you have any comment, please send,thanks.
Delete Duplicate Contacts 2.0.4
More duplicated contacts bothering you and files reducing yourphonestorage?Delete Duplicate Contacts App. will help you keepyourdevice tidy...* Backup and Restore your contacts.*Deleteduplicate(s) on your device, including contacts and files.*Sign-upeasily with any of your social media accounts (Google orFacebook).
Learning Numbers For Kids 1.27
BBBBB Software
Learning the numbers and counting turning into fun! Mini gameswithmath and numbers for your children! *** Your child will:*** ✔Learnthe numbers ✔ Learn to count ✔ Develop math skills ✔ Improvememory✔ Develop logical thinking ✔ Develop associative thinking✔Remember the order of numbers *** How to play? *** There is15different educational kids games. To complete the game yourchildmust use the math and numbers. * For example: * The firstlevelcharacters want to get home. They think about the subject onthefloor (the idea appears in the cloud). The child pressesthebuttons on the elevator, and the hero gets to the desired floor.Ifyou select the wrong button, the elevator still rises totheselected floor and then back down. This character is theelevator.This allows the child to relate the magnitude andimportance, whichbears the figure. On the second level, thespacecraft should reachthe home planet. To do this, you need toclick on the next starswith numbers in the order 123, etc. Here,the child learns theorder of digits. Other levels are also quietlystepping eruditionand attention of the child. ***Features*** - 15levels. - Numbersfor kids - best way for your kid to learn math! -Numbers announcedin English! - All levels are clear child, the gameis suitable forself-study. - The contents of levels createdrandomly at the startof the game. - Fun preschool education - Playand learn 123 - Kidsstudy app with sound It is a fun teaching gamefor your baby ortoddler. They will enjoy learning numbers withsolving smallriddles through educational games for toddlers. Brainteaser gamesfor kids is very useful. Developing math skills is easyandentertaining. Numbers for toddlers - funniest way tolearncounting. Game is suitable for Preschool and Kindergartenlevel.
Baby Panda Learns Numbers
Search for "BabyBus" for even more free panda games for you totry!Show your knowledge for numbers! You will catch plenty of cutefishand even odd sea creatures! Help Kiki and his friends learnnumbersin new scenarios and join the fun! Easy to play and fun tolearn!Fun features: - Giant fish to catch and fascinating seacreatures -A super market, a farm and much more! - Traditional wayof fishcatching! Kids can be a part of BabyBus world where theyareexposed to numbers! Our game makes these abstract figures easytounderstand. Their passion and curiosity for learning numberswillarise while they explore the beautiful ocean, the amazing farmorthe brand new super market! About BabyBus ————— At BabyBus,wededicate ourselves to sparking kids' creativity, imaginationandcuriosity,and designing our products through the kids'perspectiveto help them explore the world on their own. Now BabyBusoffers awide variety of products, videos and other educationalcontent forover 250 million fans from ages 0-8 around the world! Wehaveproduced more than 150 children's educational games, 700children'ssongs, and animations of various themes spanning thearts, health,and science. ————— Contact us: Visitus:
Basic Math Sum - Learning app 1.1.9
This app contains Sums of digits and alphabetic which is easytolearn and identity of integers will help you to learnquickly.Thisgame is strongly recommended for you to learn sums andlearnEnglish.Sums game with excellent attractive graphics.This gamealsocontains learning videos.Math sums with sounds and timergame.Youwill learn how to count integers, how to sum integers.Thisis verybasic mathematics for you to learning English andmathematics.Youwill learn many things with this game.Math sums gameis very easyto use with rich graphicsYou will learn to play sumgame withEnglish learning.Math Sums Game Features:- math sums forevery ageperson- Mathematics for all- Easy math for learners- Mathgames forall graders for free- Easy math for Kids- Math learninggame free-Learn 2 count- Kids learning game- math learning game-Learn to sumgame- Basic mathematics- Kids math- Math Game withscores- Learn tocount- Hindi Poems- Kids maths sums- English Poems-Urdu poems-poem videos- Kids poems- Learning poems- Alphabeticvideos-Counting videos- Kids learning videos- Math learning game-Math sumgame- Kids learning app- Best math sum learning app- Mathgame withscoreboard- Learn 2 sums- Math words counting- Basiccounting game-Alphabetic learning game- English math learning-Basic mathlearning game free- Math and English basic knowledge-Birdscounting in English- Basic knowledge of math- Best sum gamewithtimer- Basic knowledge about math and English- Math &Englishlearning game- English and Math games- Learning game freedownload
Number bouk: real & caller ID,Dalily Saudi number 1.6
Number bouk : real & caller IDSearch for real number andcallerID by name , mobile number or e-mail.Number bouk is a phone,e-mail and mobile number directory that allows its Users tosearchby mobile number, name, as well as an e-mail . Now you canfindwhom the phone number belongs to, or find the number book oftheperson you’re looking for! Now you can find out who has calledyouand therefore you don’t have to answer to random or spamnumberstrying to reach you ever again ! Become one of ourregistered UsersTODAY and enjoy the easy search all around theworld! Give a chanceto long lost friends and family to reconnectwith you!Number boukis the best Arabic / English caller ID andsearch engine foridentifying real and true caller. It has moreintelligence thanother search engine. Number bouk lets you searchbeyond yourexisting phone book list, identify unknown incomingcalls andnames.It also searches for any number whether it’s localor acrossthe Arab or the whole world. Number bouk (Number bouk)appidentifies almost a hundreds of millions record in (SaudiArabia(KSA) - United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Kuwait (KW) - Bahrain(BH) -Oman (OM) - Qatar (QA) - Yemen (YE) - Jordan (JO) - Lebanon(LB) -Syria (SY) - Egypt (EG) - Iraq (IQ)- Morocco (MA) - Tunisia(TN) -Algeria (DZ) - Sudan (SD) - Palestine (PS) - Turkey (TR) -Iran(IR) - Libya (LY)- Comoros - Djibouti - Mauritania - Somalia-India - France - United kingdom - United States - Canada - Mexico-Brazil - Germany - Russia - China - Japan).Too simple? Becauseitis! Features:- Search by mobile number, name, and email fromallthe corners of the world- Local proximity based search: findplacesclosest to you! (Using Google Maps API)- This application isfreeof charge . - Registration is not required for searchpurposes.However you can register yourself by creating a profile,and addmultiple nicknames,which will enlist you in theapplication’sdatabase so other Users can find you easily!- Nologging in/out-Uses 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection Happy searching!Please note: -Number bouk application never uploads your phonebookto make itsearchable or public, but rather, our database content isfullymade up of the users that have registered their informationandhave submitted it to the application’s database.- Bydownloadingthis application you accept and agree to give us thepermission toget your Precise location (GPS and network-based). Weneed thispermission to locate “places” closest to you, such as:restaurant,hospital, pharmacy, etc. If you have any questionsplease e-mail uson support@numberbouk.comOr visit ourwebsite
Real Scientific Calculator 1.2
Real Scientific Calculator is best scientific calculator onplaystore. The Scientific calculator offer variety ofmathematicalfunction.The calculator has 100 digits of significantand 9 digitsof exponent . It detects repeating decimals and numbersin it canbe also entered as fractions or converted to fractions.Youcanwrite expressions in a natural way and watch yourcalculations.When possible, an expression is simplified and theresult isdisplayed as an expression using fractions, square rootsand ?constant.The multiline display can be turned on in tablets toshowthe complete history of calculations and to provide accesstheprevious results.The users can choose from severalhigh-qualitythemes.The calculator has several functions, such as:-basicarithmetic operations including percentage, modulo andnegation;-fractions (in the Pro version any expression includingnestedfractions can be entered as a numerator and a denominator);-mixednumbers;- periodic numbers and their conversion tofractions;-unlimited number of braces;- operator priority;-repeatedoperations;- complex numbers (Pro version);- conversionbetweenrectangular and polar coordinates (Pro version);- advancednumberoperations such as random numbers, combinations,permutations,common greatest divisor, etc.;- trigonometric andhyperbolicfunctions;- powers, roots, logarithms, etc.;- degrees,minutes andseconds conversion;- fixed point, scientific andengineeringdisplay format;- display exponent as SI units prefix;-memoryoperations with 10 extended memories;- clipboard operationswithvarious clipboard formats;- result history;- binary, octalandhexadecimal numeral systems;- logical operations;- bitwiseshiftsand rotations;- haptic feedback;- more than 90 physicalconstants;and- conversion among 200 units.The Scientific calculatorhas manysettings to manage the full screen mode, decimal andthousandseparators, etc.
4D Lucky Number 1.0.5
Nature Droid
Generate 4D lucky number for Magnum 4D, Sports ToTo, PanMalaysia1+3D,5D, 6D (Da Ma Cai). You may also use for Sabah Lotto4D88,Sarawak Cash Sweep,Sandakan 4D and Singapore Pools. 4D LuckyNumberwill generate random number for your day. The numbergenerated arepure random number. It works like lucky pick when userno idea whatnumber to buy. Wish this number generator will bringwealth andluck to you. Features: Magnum 4D game, 4D Jackpot, 4Dpower ball,4D jackpot gold, mGold, Sports Toto 4D, 4D Jackpot,StarToto 6/50,Supreme Toto 6/58, Power Toto 6/55, Toto 5D &Toto 6D. Damacai1+3D, 1+3D Jackpot,3D,3D Jackpot,DMC Jackpot, STC4D, Sabah 88 4D& 3D, Sabah lotto 6/45, Sarawak special cashsweep, Singapore4D & Singapore Lotto 6/49 . Gong Xi Fa Cai.Disclaimer: Allbrands and product names referenced herein are thetrademarks orregistered trademarks of their respective holders.This app is notaffiliated to any of the organisations linked ordescribed. Theinformation contained on this app is for referencepurposes only.The numbers generated are random number. We make noguarantee orrepresentation as to the accuracy and/or reliability.
com.gsoftteam.farmmilkthecow 2.5.2
G Soft Team
Improve your cow 🐮 milking skills with this easy to play game.Milkthe cow like a true farmer and find out how milking a cowfeelslike. The more you play, the faster you will milk the cow.Alreadya fan of Farm Milk The Cow? Like us on Facebook or follow usonTwitter for the latest news:
Funny Cow 1.00.14
Station Apps
Fun game with a very funny cow that uses a flying vest todeflectobstacles and gain points by passing between rings.Excellenthobby. Check it!* Fun for all ages* Global Ranking:challenge yourfriends* Beautiful sceneries
Cowboy Horse - Farm Racing 1.3.0
Best Freestyle Games
Oh no! Your cows are getting crazy! They are trying to attackyou!Get on your horse and start riding like the cowboy you are!Youwere peacefully dreaming a little nap inside your farm whenyoustart hearing strange noises... You got up as fast as you couldandsaw an astonishing spectacle: Your cows were running all overthefarm scaring all the animals! Now you are frightened: It seemstheyare searching for you! Go to the stable, get a horse and runawayfrom the farm before its too late! Come on, cowboy! Let´s dothis!-Start running avoiding every cow on your way out of thefarm.- Inthis fast paced races you need to be real fast: Get ahorse andstart racing in the field before all the horses get scaredand runaway! - Choose the difficulty levels by selecting yourfavouritehorse and enjoy this funny race! - Improve your ranking inaworldwide competition in this animal racing gameIn thisanimalsgames you will not get bored! Study the field and do notstopracing! There is few time left in this exciting race: Survivethecow attack!This game has:- Realistic scene with incredibleanimalgraphics!- Easy mobile control for all skill levels-Excitingsurvival races against cows- Appropriate for kids andadults wholove cowboy and horses gamesHave fun!
Farm Truck 3D: Cow Transport 1.0
Jansen Games
Welcome to Farm Truck 3D: Cow Transport!In this CowTransportedition of Farm Truck 3D you’ll learn how to transportcows with atruck and trailer. Transporting cows with a truck andtrailer on afarm is not an easy task. You need to know the widthand height ofyour truck and trailer for example. In 18 levelsyou’ll facerealistic situations such as driving reverse into atight loadingplace of the farm. To finish a level you first have toattach thetrailer, to do that follow the red arrows. After you’veattachedthe trailer, you have to load the cows into the trailer, todo thatfollow the yellow arrows. The cows will walk into thetrailer.FarmTruck 3D: Cow Transport features:- Farm environment-Easy truckdriving controls- Google Play Games- 18 levels-RealisticanimationsWhen you enjoyed Farm Truck 3D: Cow Transportpleasesupport us by following us onTwitter:
Mastermind 1.4.2
Classic version of MasterMind game. Now with intuitiveinterface!Optimized for Tablets! Keeps state of the game, even whenyou quit!Multiplayer - 2 player mode - prepare code for opponentand watchhim struggle! do you think that you are the master ofMasteMind?Try unique teach mode - check if you can keep up with ourcomputeralgorithm? Unique Teach Mode: This game can also help youbecomebetter player. Teach mode analyze information you get andinformyou how many combinations of colors is able to fulfill them.Itwill also inform you when you have enough information to breakthecode. To prepare your guess just drag color dots and drop themoverdesired spot. In next rounds you can also drag colors frompastrounds. Or you can swap spots in your guess. Appropriate forkids :the easiest level (3 colors, 3 spots) is breaking code from27possible combinations For rules please visit Wikipedia page(verygood source ofinformation). features: from 3 to 6 spots, from 3 to 8 colors, game savesstate, so youget back, where you left game! VERSION PRO features :Ad Free!white theme! Feel free to contact us! facebooksite: Tagi: Code breaker,Colorcode, MasterMind, Bulls and Cows, Cows and Bulls, Guess thecode,brake the code, tablet, drag and drop, multiplayer, mastermind
Sudoku Free 1.3.8
Evgeniy Kuklo
This Sudoku is one of the best sudoku puzzles for your phoneandtablet, which you can play for free. There are everything youneedfor a pleasant classic Sudoku game - digits search, tips,notes,possible digits show, and in case of error - hint andactionscancel! There are a few dozen of difficulty levels with asmoothtuning !!! Beautiful animation and pretty sounds, pleasing totheeye and hearing, will make the game in Sudoku even moreinteresting!! The goal of the classic Sudoku game is to fill thefree cellswith numbers from 1 to 9 so that in each row, column andblock,each digit is encountered only once. The complexity of theSudokupuzzle depends on the number of cells initially filled and onthemethods that you need to be apply to solve it. This freeclassicSudoku game has several key features: ★ Smooth difficultyleveladjustment - from the simplest sudoku to super complicated!Thiswill allow you to learn and improve your playing skills inSudoku!★ Auto-save allows you to pause the game at any timewithoutaffecting the game process - you can continue from the samemoment!★ Useful animations and beautiful visual effects! ★ Portraitandlandscape orientation! ★ Several options variants input:manually,auto-reset and autocomplete! ★ Unobtrusive advertising(gameplaywith little or no advertising), the ability to playwithoutadvertising! ★ You can play this game for free! There iseverythingyou need for a pleasant game play in Sudoku: ★ Tips -will help youto solve Sudoku, if you have difficulties ★ Hints forerror -highlighting of digits with sound ★ Smooth difficultyleveladjustment - from the simplest sudoku to super complex ★Pencilmarks - will help you to clear your mind and free it to solvethepuzzle ★ An endless number of beautifully generated Sudokupuzzles★ Digit clearing, by repeated pressing of a digit (or bypressingthe button to erase) ★ Animated digits search - helps tofascinateto the Sudoku gameplay ★ Unlimited cancellations andrepetitions ofactions - will relieve you from fear to be mistaken ★Showing thepossible numbers - useful for both beginners in Sudoku,and for thegame's professionals, at an extreme level of complexity★ Charmingvisual effects pervade the game right up to the smallestthings -digits input, see for yourself ★ Illumination of thecurrent cell,row, column and group - will not allow you to get loston theSudoku game field ★ Universal application - looks great onyourphone and tablet, in a landscape and portrate orientation! Playinour Sudoku, without the internet and almost without advertising-it's completely free!We hope you will like it very much! Leaveusyour feedback about the game - so with your help we will makeitbetter!
Math games - brain workout 1.0.3
"Math games - brain workout" is a fun math game where you havetomove math pieces, drag numbers and math signs to solve theequationpuzzle. and match the math pieces.We have designed our gameto befun and challenging for adults as for kids. and we hope thatyouenjoy our brainum math game.The game contains 5 packs ofpuzzlesfrom the beginner level to the master level difficulty. Eachpackhas 200 puzzles. 1000 gameplay in total. And the more gamesyousolve the more it gets harder.How to play :- Drag math piecestothe appropriate place to solve all connected equations.- Ifyoufind yourself blocked, You can use the hintsystem.Arithmeticoperations:AdditionSubtractionMultiplicationDivisionWe developedour move pieces math game for kids and for adults andwe hope itwould be your best brain-training, where logic &thinking &math meet fun ,enjoyment, amusement and lightheartedpleasure.
Crazy Cow Racing 1.1
SunByte Gamers Studio
Every heard of cow runing and racing around or bull race? yestheydo in some countries where cow racing is a thing. Now you toocanplay this cow race in your mobile, just download this awesomegameand have fun running and racing cows around in the racingtracks.In this cow race gmae, you have to choose the cow and raceagainstothers, dont get knocked out.COW RACING GAME PLAYThis is notjust asimple cow race game, its simulation of of famous bull race,whereyou race bulls on tracks to win the title. COW RACING MODES1)Quick RaceIt is a quick race against all other cows, keeppushinguntill you win the lapping game.2) Tournament raceThis isacomplete tournament of racing cows and bulls, where youparticipatein knock out style game,the one who stays last, isfinished fromtournament.Tournament is just like other protournament of petracers, where where your main goal is not to getknocked out.3) BetRacing ModePlay your favourite racing cow againstothers and betwhat you can, you can play bet racing with any cowyou want,against other cows, and can increase bets if you want.Earn hugein-game money with these bets on cow race.6) COW Hurdlerace &stunts modeThis cow racing mode is added with hurdles,you have tojump on hurdles, fences and drums on tracks. to win therace playthe most stunts with best hurdle crossing race..MoreAMAZINGFEATURES* wonderful racing tracks for cows and bull racers,thesetracks are specially designed for pet race* Good 3Denvironment,where people watch this on going cow race.* Best GUI,one of thebest* Latest AI, cow AI is one of best against which youhave tocompete.* Cute and Smart lovely cows* different cow breedsarepresent to chose the one you like most. Privacy PolicyWedon'tcollect any personal information , any non-personalinformationcollected by our partners like Google is used foranalytic and gameimprovements. For detailscheckhere
Preschool kids : Number & Math 3.0.3
Genius Games
Counting Numbers: Learn Numbers with graphic images. Picturesareshown with objects for counting. Exercise with AdditionandSubtraction: -There is simple addition and subtraction ofpictureimages. Find the number of images, if plus(+) signmakeaddition,For minus(-) sign make subtraction. Add number inplace ?mark,and click on 'Check' for answer. For correct answer itshow'Correct', if answer is wrong, it show 'Wrong'. Re-enter answerandagain click on check.After correct answer 'Next Arrow'appears,click on next for next exercise. Activities withnumbers:Additional activates added are ascending, descending,findingmissing, greater, lesser, smallest and biggest. Clocklearning alsowithin it.
Offroad Bull Cart Uphill Rider 1.0.1
Black Raven Interactive
Bull Carriage transport is a domestic banger for farmvillageresidents. With addition to new transportation in Chariotridinggames .. Pick & drop people from bus stops touphilldestinations near their farmhouse. Yes happy kids are waitingforoff-road bull cart driver to pick hill riders in thisdutysimulator game. Make sure uphill driver.. that in suchmountainclimbing with muddy paths .. many people are walking by& areafraid of domestic beasts .. So do not hit villagerswalking by.hey hill rider .. Travel on bull carts & be kicklackey … dragwheels in wet mud on adventurous mountains simulationAftertransportation of people .. go to animal shelter or farmhousetopick cargo containers. Take harvested crops on your wildanimalsfor timely delivery of seeds & other farming products.Avoidbumps that may come on your way to offroad muddy trail. Gofromwoods & forest while you ride bullocks on thiskartingsimulator. Do not delay your transport duty by you drivingbullcart slow … & also making parking slot fade forourrider.Wooden stands are so crowded with bullock cart topickpassengers & also be a cargo transporter. And with this..Bull-drawn vehicle to transport passengers on mountain pathsisbest virtual experience by our Black Raven Interactive team.Ridebulls transporter trailer with wooden carriage withoutscaringvillagers. Amazing features creating symphony for gamer inOffroadBull Cart Uphill Rider:- Don’t rush for being punctualfarmtransporter- Two wheel kart with angry bullock- Realisticfarmlands- Parking spots in farming fields- Be patient being awheelerdriver- Hardcore Uphill riding challenges- No junglehabitats toattack- Tamed beasts to travel on- Offroad adventureSodownloadthis new chariot riding simulator … in which you can travelonsandy paths in mountain climbing experience.
Number bouk : real & caller ID 1.27
Number bouk : real & caller IDSearch for real number andcallerID by name , mobile number or e-mail .Numberbouk is a phone,e-mail and mobile number directory that allows its Users tosearchby mobile number, name, as well as an e-mail . Now you canfindwhom the phone number belongs to, or find the number of thepersonyou’re looking for! Now you can find out who has called youandtherefore you don’t have to answer to random or spam numberstryingto reach you ever again ! Become one of our registered UsersTODAYand enjoy the easy search all around the world! Give a chancetolong lost friends and family to reconnect with you!Numberboukisthe best Arabic / English caller ID and search engineforidentifying real and true caller. It has more intelligencethanother search engine. Numberbouk lets you search beyondyourexisting phone book list, identify unknown incoming callsandnames.It also searches for any number whether it’s local oracrossthe Arab or the whole world. Numberbook (Number book)appidentifies almost a hundreds of millions record in (SaudiArabia(KSA) - United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Kuwait (KW) - Bahrain(BH) -Oman (OM) - Qatar (QA) - Yemen (YE) - Jordan (JO) - Lebanon(LB) -Syria (SY) - Egypt (EG) - Iraq (IQ)- Morocco (MA) - Tunisia(TN) -Algeria (DZ) - Sudan (SD) - Palestine (PS) - Turkey (TR) -Iran(IR) - Libya (LY)- Comoros - Djibouti - Mauritania - Somalia-India - France - United kingdom - United States - Canada - Mexico-Brazil - Germany - Russia - China - Japan).So numberbookdeservesits name because it is number book of the world.Too simple?Becauseit is! Features:- Search by mobile number, name, and emailfrom allthe corners of the world- Local proximity based search:find placesclosest to you! (Using Google Maps API)- Thisapplication is freeof charge . - Registration is not required forsearch purposes.However you can register yourself by creating aprofile, and addmultiple nicknames,which will enlist you in theapplication’sdatabase so other Users can find you easily!- Nologging in/out-Uses 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection Happy searching!Please note: -Number bouk application never uploads your phonebookto make itsearchable or public, but rather, our database content isfullymade up of the users that have registered their informationandhave submitted it to the application’s database.- Bydownloadingthis application you accept and agree to give us thepermission toget your Precise location (GPS and network-based). Weneed thispermission to locate “places” closest to you, such as:restaurant,hospital, pharmacy, etc. If you have any questionsplease e-mail uson support@numberbouk.comOr visit ourwebsite
🚜 Euro Farm Simulator: 🐂 Cows 2.1
Game Mavericks
Play in new farming simulator we made for you - that timeaboutcows! Breed big nice cows in your farm! The simulator allowsyou todeep into farming and develop your own cow farm. Learn how todriveall types of vehicles and breed cows. Be a good master foryourcows and they will give you the best milk in the city! Alsotakecare of your machines and fill your vehicles if they need.Choosetutorial or career missions and start working on your ownfarmright now! Features of Euro Farm Simulator: Cows: - Uniquecowbreeding - Career mode - Tutorial mode - Different farmingvehicles- Market - Breakdowns - Fuel consumption - Real economic -Fillingstations - Repair stations Try driving different vehicles todo allsteps of farming. Do you want to have your own cow farm? EuroFarmSimulator: Cows is a great chance to do it! Here you cancontrol alot of different vehicles working with seeds. It’s notonly abouthaving fun but also improving your skills. Fulfill theduties bycultivate hay and breed cows to earn reward. The moremoney youget, more cows you can buy and develop your farm. The taskis noteasy you will have to know how to manage your big farm andtakecare of all cows. Get all farming vehicles for free –tractors,trucks, combines and harvesters and test your drivingskillsdriving it to cultivate your fields! Prepare for harvestingandearning money, but first - learn how to operate all vehicles.Thereare two types of modes in the simulator. The best idea is tostartwith Tutorial Mode. Here you'll learn about farming andbreeding.When you finish Tutorial Mode you will be ready to dealwithchallenging Career Mode! Where your task will be to earn moneyonyour own. The simulator takes a lot from a real life.Sometimesyour vehicles break down. Drive to the repair station tofix it.Also, the fuel can ran out. Drive to the filling station torefill.To make driving more comfortable we did different typesofoperating and you can choose how to drive: with steeringwheel,with arrows or with gyroscope. We made for you a simulator,whichgives you all senses of cow farming without leaving yourroom!Manage your own peaceful countryside farm. Get milk to sell itonthe market. Try different types of countryside andagriculturalworks, choose your favorite one! Live the life of acountryman,become a farmer with Euro Farm Simulator: Cows!
Milking Cow Simulator 1.6
Are you live in city and do not have to milked a cow? Are younoworse than rural men and prove it in practice? Then do it!Justlearn to milk a cow or a goat. Youll know how to do it withtheMilking Cow / Goat Simulator. Do milking animals and fillingthebucket on the speed. Play more and upgrade your result. Youwillhave the chance to climb in the top of super milkers rankings.
com.coolmango.sudokufun 1.17.40
Smoote Mobile
Sudoku is the most popular logic-based numbers game. The aim ofthegame is to place 1 to 9 into each grid cell so that each numbercanonly appear once in each row, each column and each mini-grid.Thisis a simply easy-to-use sudoku game, with fresh and coolinterface,very acceptable difficult levels, suitable for sudokubeginner tosudoku expert. Features: 5 levels: beginner, easy,medium,difficult and expert Pencil marks Hints to help you completehardones Auto-save More puzzles will be comming soom!
Farm Truck 3D: Cattle 1.3
Jansen Games
Welcome to Farm Truck 3D: Cattle!As a Cattle Truck Driver youhaveto transport cattle to the farmers, cattle is important forafarmer to earn money. In this Cattle edition of Farm Truck3Dyou'll learn how to transport cattle to different locations. AsaCattle Truck Driver you need special skills, for example youneedto drive a lot reverse, and you have to maneuver intinysituations. In 15 levels you'll face all kinds of situations.Tofinish a level you first have to attach the trailer, you canfindthe trailer if you follow the red arrows. After you've attachedthetrailer you have to park your truck and trailer, you can findtheparking spot if you follow the yellow arrows.Farm Truck 3D:Cattlefeatures:- Cab-view with mirrors- Realistic environment-GooglePlay Games- Farm sound effect- 15 levelsWhen you enjoyed FarmTruck3D: Cattle please support us by following us onTwitter:
Alphabet, numerals and colors 2.1.4
Amaze Solution
All the kids are very fond of fun and colorful pictures. Inourapplication the children in the form of a game will be abletolearn letters and words. Thanks to a special technique oflearningoccurs quickly. Home "ABC" is specially designed for kidsfirststeps to the immense world languages ​​Russian, EnglishandUkrainian! In contrast to the usual and boring lessons,gamestransform the teaching of reading and spelling in a funandexciting process. All tasks can be divided intocategoriesdepending on the complexity:  - Game on memorizingletters andsounds;  - Exercises on the ratio of the firstletters of theword;  - Familiarity with tsifpami and colorpolitrila. Sure,you need to start learning to read with thealphabet. Ourmulti-lingual app for kids to help you with this! Inthe game thechild will get acquainted with all 33 letters of theRussianalphabet and 26 letters of the English alphabet, hear theircorrectpronunciation and see which words they found. After the babywillmaster the alphabet, you can proceed to more complex gametasksaimed at finding and repetition of letters,rememberingprioritization of their location in the alphabet.
Find the Number - 1 to 100 1.1
Gnik Box
Find number from 1 to 100 is the favorite game of student,excitedfamily game. Game will generate numbers from 1 to 100 asrandomposition, player will find correct number from 1 to 100.There are4 mode to play: - Single Player: One player, find 1 to100. - Timemode: like single player with time count down. - Twoplayer: 2players find number together. - Odd & Even number:player 1find odd number, player 2 find even number. Especially,there ishint button, you can use hint button when you can not findnextnumber. With Night Mode, you can play at night with darkbackgroundcolor. This is very good app to kill the time. Challengewith yourfriends, relax with your family, get the highest score andshare toSNS. Download right now.
CallerInfo: Caller ID, Number lookup, Number book 3.7.1
Want to know who is calling? Do you want to find out thecallerdetails from an unknown phone number? Here is an amazing apptoknow of the caller info directly by using the phonenumber.CallerInfo: Caller ID, Number lookup, Number book is anextremelyeasy to use caller id or a phone directory app that letsyou knowwho is calling you without having to answer the call.Caller Infois one of the best and free apps to identify unknowncallers. Findout who's calling using advanced search tool ,Identify caller IDeasy fast and securely without uploading yourphone contacts . This“CallerInfo: Caller ID, Number lookup, Numberbook” app does nottake any data from your phone contacts so allyour privacy isintact. ************************* APPFEATURES************************* - Extremely light-weight callerinfo ,caller ids app - Easy to find details of any unknown numbers- Yourphone contacts are extremely secure and private - Free to usetoget caller information So, what are you waiting for? If you wanttoknow the details of any unknown number, just start usingthe“CallerInfo: Caller ID, Number lookup,Number book”app.*********************** SAY HELLO *********************** Weareconstantly working hard on making the “CallerInfo: Caller ID,Number lookup , Number book caller is ” app better and moreusefulfor you. We need your constant support to get going. Pleasefeelfree to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or ifyoujust want to say hi. We would love to hear from you. If youhaveenjoyed any feature of the app, do rate us on play store. Tellyourfriends how much you have enjoyed using the “CallerInfo: CallerID,callerid , Number lookup , Number book ” app. CallerInfo: Caller ID, callerid ,Numberlookup caller ld , Number book
Learning numbers for kids - kids number games! 👶 3.0.8
Educational games for kids kindergarten are the most popular waytostudy for kids nowadays and our memory games will help themintheir preschool education. "Learning numbers for kids" is oneofour toddler educational games (juegos infantiles) that standsoutfrom numerous kindergarten learning games. Our free offlinemathgames for kids will teach the child to count 1 2 3 etc andalsooffer some mini numbers for toddlers games to fix thereceivedknowledge. Our kids apps being a part of our kindergartenmathgames are one of the best games for learning numbers. Kidsnumbergames are great way to play and learn preschool math.Mainadvantages of our learning kids games: Number games fortoddlersfor free will give the baby not only the initial knowledgeof 123numbers and math but also train fine motor skills,attentiveness,memory, intelligence, perseverance and persistence inachievinggoals. All these things will help the kid study better atschool inthe near future. Very bright and at the same time clearandintuitive interface, great graphics and realistic sounds. Soevenlittle kids will deal with the games for kids numbers easilyandplay it with a lot of fun and interest. Little students canlearnnumbers in 7 languages - in English, Russian, Italian,French,German, Spanish (niños), Portuguese. The game is voices bynativespeakers with perfect pronunciation and clear diction. If achildknows names of numbers in other languages it will help him orherstudy foreign languages better as well as it will be usefulduringtrips abroad. Learning numbers for toddlers was designed asfreeeducational games for kids bundle which includes babycounting,learn to count, toddler games free for 2 year olds. Yourchildeducation will be very fun with our kids games for boys andgirls.You can download preschool games for kids for free. Our freegamessave family budget and provide early toddler education ofhighquality. How to play and begin to study kindergarten math: Ourappwith letters offers children to learn to count numbers 0 to 9.Thishappens as follows: one of the numbers will appear in thecenter ofthe screen, followed by its proper pronunciation. The kidshouldcarefully look at the number and repeat its name afterthevoice-over. It may be necessary to say the name of thenumberseveral times to pronounce it right. To re-listen to thenumber’sname it's enough to tap on this number. Then the child willsee 3contours, of which only one corresponds with the number shown.Thechild is to find the correct variant and drag the number tothechosen contour. If the choice is right, the number will flushwitha bright color and the puzzle will go to the next step. Nowlet’stest the received knowledge playing fun mini learning games.In the1st game the baby is to recognize and find the given numeralamong8 different variants. For every task fulfilled correctly, thechildwill be rewarded. The 2nd mini-game offers kids to catchthewriting numbers flying across the screen. The player needstoselect only the numbers that correspond to the example shown ontheright. Playing the 3d kind of puzzles, the baby should burstthebubble with the same number as shown in the center of the screeninthe “sun”. The game has been created in such a way that a childcanlearn numbers in the most comfortable game form. Forthis,children's teachers, psychologists and methodologists wereinvolvedin the development of the game. Skills and knowledge gainedduringthe game will help children to master the material morequickly infurther education. Games for kids 3 years free arewaiting to beplayed.