Top 34 Games Similar to Gravity Ball

Rocket Dodge 1.0.6
Kwalee Ltd
Avoid the rockets chasing your spaceship! Put your pilotingskillsto the test across the entire Milky Way! Tap to go left andright,make the rockets crash into each other to build your comboandincrease your score! Play your way through increasinglydifficultplanets, unlocking and upgrading new ships as you go!Rocket DodgeFeatures: • Simple and satisfying gameplay! • Theentire Milky Wayto explore! • Unlock awesome new ships and upgradethem for maximumeffect! • Super-sweet slow-mo effects!
Go Fish: Jurassic Pond 1.1.3
Kwalee Ltd
Cast your line, reach the depths and catch as many pre-historicfishas you can on your way up! Upgrade your hook, net andbigMammoth-hunting muscles to go deeper, make rare finds and catchallnew species! It's Go Fish, re-imagined in the age ofmegaladons,meteoric collisions and poor personal hygiene. Perfectfor newplayers and Go Fish experts alike! Go Fish: Jurassic Pondfeatures:- Simple and addictive gameplay: Tap, cast down and catchas manyfish as you can! - Your competent caveman/woman willcontinue toearn money for you when you’re away! - A whole new troveofpre-historic critters to catch and collect! - Bongo drums Canyoudiscover the mysteries that exist in the ocean before time?GoFish!
Hop 1.3
Bounce off tiles and make as many hops as you can inthismind-blowing arcade action! Touch the screen and drag left orrightto guide the ball from tile to tile. Don’t miss the path!Makeinsane combos and beat your friend's scores! What is yourbestscore?
Balls Bricks Breaker 1.24.167
Arcade Game Maker
Hold the screen to aim, swipe the ball to the brick and breakallthe bricks easily! Shoot and watch the chain of balls hit,bounceand break the bricks. Think strategically and make the mostof thepower up. Beat your highscore and compare it to your friends.Catchsplit and bouncing items make balls more effective. Features:√Playing in one handed. One finger controls. √ Relax yourbrain,perfect time killer. √ Unlock new balls with special skills!√Achievements and Leaderboards.
Color Bump 1.1.1
Good Job Games
Color Trouble is a brand new arcade game. All you need to do istoavoid from colors different than you.
Police Pursuit 1.1.0
Kwalee Ltd
The cops are on your tail! Show off your driving skills byavoidingand outsmarting them! Tap to go left and right, make theenemiescrash into each other to build your combo and increase yourscore!But make sure you don’t get too damaged, or you’ll end upwasted!Police Pursuit Features: • Simple and satisfying gameplay! •Beatyour high score! • Increasingly frantic pace! • Tons ofcrazyvehicles to unlock!
Bouncy Hoops 3.1.3
Noodlecake Studios Inc
Bounce, shoot, swish and slam the rock to become the king ofthecourt in this high score arcade challenge! Bouncy Hoops isabasketball game for all the street ballers and shot callers.Theschool yard ankle breakers and the downtown dagger shooters.Nobricks allowed! Can you get on fire and beat your chumpfriendsbefore the buzzer sounds? Step up and see. Features: -Addictiveone touch handles aka gameplay - Over 40 balls to unlock -Play in10 unique locations - Retro arcade style and sound
Waving Ball 0.8
Machbird Studio
Only one of the 100 people can reach 100 points. Are you oneofthem?Who is smarter, challenge your best friend! How to play:TouchScreen to impact the ball, don't hit the obstacles!Keyfeatures: -Simple one touch game - Addictive and endlessfungameplay. - 2D Flatdesign.
Good Job Games
Slices is a fast-paced, super addictive, action-puzzle gamethatwill get you hooked! Tap in one of the outer circles to placetheslice. Complete a circle to blow it up and always keep an eyeonthe timer. Have fun ;-) Key Features - Fun and easy to learngameplay - Unlimited use of power-ups - Amazing graphics andsoundtrack
Targets 1.0
Hit or miss! Targets is an action-puzzle game in which youexploreafuturistic pinball-like environment. * Aim and shoot ballstohitall targets and proceed to the next room! * Watch outformovingelements, make use of the bumpers and destroy objectsthatare inyour way! * Play smart to collect gems and unlock all25balls!What is your best score?
Magnet Balls 2.1
crazy owl
All you have to do is tap on the screen where you want to shootoneof your magnetic balls, and if you create a link of 3 or more,theywill proceed to explode outward. Also you can useaccelerometer.
Go Fish! 1.3.0
Kwalee Ltd
Cast your line, reach the depths and catch as many fish as youcanon your way up! Upgrade your gear to catch more fish and todivedeeper, make rare finds and discover new species! GoFish!features: - Simple and addictive gameplay: Tap, cast down andcatchas many fish as you can! - Upgrade your net to grab more fishandto reach deeper depths! - The old fisherman will continue toearnmoney for you when you’re away! Can you discover the mysteriesthatlie in the ocean? Go Fish!
BCCI 0.2.0
Pulse Innovations
Welcome to the official BCCI app. This app is free ofadverts,bringing you LIVE action, reaction and exclusive coverageof theIndian Cricket Team. Key features include:● Liveball-by-ballscores & commentary● Video highlights &features● Domesticcricket coverage● Fixtures, results & matchreports ● Breakingnews, features & exclusive interviews ● Livephotostream●Social features
com.amanotes.pamamagictwist 1.3.8
Challenge yourself with Magic Twist: Twister Music Ball Game,thehardest twisty tiles, magic music game on mobile that yourfriendswant to make some twists, but they can't. It's your phone,mate.Show your skill and Let's Twist How to play: Tap thescreen,control the Twister and Follow the music Try Not to fall offtheTiles Collect gems to unlock various hot songs What is yourbestscore? Privacy Policy:
Crashy Cats 1.066
Electric Turtle
Crash your way through rooms, making a mess and destroyingpricelesscollectibles and expensive electronics.Crashy Cats is acat rampagerunner where you run, jump, bounce and fly your waythrough endlesslevels, knocking over as much stuff as possible!***IMPORTANT NOTICETO PARENTSThis game may contain:- The abilityto purchase optionalcontent using real money. You can disablein-app purchases in thesettings menu of your device.- Links toexternal social networkingsites intended for users over the age of13.
MADOBU - Be the Dark Lord 1.1.50
Learn magics and fight war! ◆ Simple speed-tapping mini-game ◆Tryvarious magic skills ◆ Mix magics to get stronger, coolereffectsBe the darkest and strongest! Game Features ◆ Train variousmagicskills : simple tap! ◆ Strategy game : mix different magics◆Destroy enemy troops : test yourself out there! ◆ Defeatdifferentstages and bosses ◆ Check out leaderboard
io.voodoo.holeio 1.6.2
The most addictive game! Enter the arena and face the other holesina fierce battle. Eat everything in sight with your black holeandexpand it to eat more! Show them who is the biggest hole intown!LOCAL COUCH MULTIPLAYER FEATURE Want to compete directly withyourfriends? Follow these four simple tasks: - Step 1: Open the"LocalMultiplayer" menu on the right and create a room - Step 2:Make yourfriends join* - Step 3: ??? - Step 4: Enjoy the battle!*Bluetoothrequired. They need to be close enough to play.
io.hexargame.stringpaperio 4.7.5
Metajoy is a brand new .io game! The goal is pretty simple.Justcapture as much territory as possible! Take care! Your enemiesareextremely smart! A clash will happen anytime and anywhere! Youneedto have very good strategy! HOW TO PLAY Enclose an area ofhexagonblocks with your string to capture new land. Attack otherplayersby hitting their tails. Don't be hit by other players.FEATURES ★Over 30 colorful avatar to unlock, choose your favoriteskins. ★amazing minimalism graphics. ★ Up to 4 control modes tochoose. ★Online PVP coming soon. Join this game and beat people allaroundthe world!
Beat Stomper 1
CloudMacaca Inc.
Beat Stomper is an action arcade game, simple one - buttoncontrolwith endless fun! Jump, Hold, Stomp. It is born for you, andyouare born for it. What are you waiting for? ** Hi, this isRockyHong, developer of Beat Stomper, also the co-founder ofCloudMacaca Inc. We're merging the account with my old Account,sothat's why the developer name is changed, but I'm still me!Thankyou guys for supporting my game! :D **
Paper Plane Planet 1.104
OHM Games
Fly as far as you can! Launch your magic paper plane as faraspossible and upgrade your stats! Improve your best distanceanddiscover all the points of interest spread around the map! Youcannow discover TWO different worlds fully designed in 3D! Prepareforsome endless paper plane fun!
Astra 1.2.1
Fabuloso Games
★ AppAdvice 9/10 ❖ IGN 8.8/10 ❖ TouchArcade 8/10 ❖ PocketGamer7/10★ A game inspired by Greek mythology. Astrå is the adventureofHemera, the goddess of daylight. Help her fight darkness,anddiscover the wonders and secrets of the unique Astrå universe.✔Arcade action. ✔ Unique art, music and gameplay. ✔ Designedfortouch screen. Simple one touch controls. ✔ Auto-runnerplatformerwith space physics. ✔ Go explore, solve small puzzles,and discoversecrets. ★ REVIEWS 9/10 "The graphics are beautiful andincrediblydetailed, the music is soothing with whimsical soundeffects, thecontrols feel natural and let you play it with onehand, and thegameplay is challenging." - Christine Chan (AppAdvice)8/10"Really, Astrå stands out among other orbital platformers foritsunique art and great feel. But it is a trying game"..."thatmadethe successes more rewarding, and it's long way to the top,that'sfor sure." - Carter Dotson (TouchArcade) "By takingthetried-and-tested platforming formula and reducing it down toitsvery core, Molina has managed to assemble one of the mostunique,elegant, and bewitching mobile games I've ever had the goodfortuneof playing." - Chris Kerr (Stuff)
Aiman Tel
Supreme Community - Droplist, Restock, News & More 1.0.8
Supreme Community
Stay informed about Supreme and download this Fan-App - Findoutwhat might be dropping on Thursday, get notified about Restocksofalready sold-out items, view which item sold-out thefastest,upvote your favorite Season items, dig in the item historyofSupreme, attend awesome Giveaways & get to meet new peopleandcommunicate with the Supreme community and culture. And thatisn'tall - Check out this Fan-Made-App. From Fans for Fans! - Knownfrom@supcommunity on Instagram and www.supremecommunity online 🔗
Cricbuzz - In Indian Languages 3.1
Cricbuzz, the No. 1 Cricket App on Google Play, now bringsCricketin Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali. Theappprovides ball-by-ball coverage of all international cricketmatches(Test, ODI and T20), Indian Premier League (IPL), ICCCricket WorldCup, Champions League T20, Big Bash and other majordomestictournaments from across the globe in regional languages.TopFeatures: - Live cricket scores and ball by ball updates thathelpsyou stay close to the action. - Squads, Playing XI, Umpires,Venues- all the information you need about ongoing matches. -Upcomingmatches - what's up for tomorrow, next week, next month? -Resultsof recent matches - in case you want to look at thescorecard of agame that you recently missed. - Player profiles -Cricket is allabout the players - runs, wickets and everythingelse. ImportantNote: - Some handsets do not support certainregional languages.So, if you are not able to find any of the abovementionedlanguages in the list, it is a device specific issue. -For theComplete Cricket App in English (which includes ball byballcommentary, news, photos, rankings, archives and muchmore)download this version of the Cricbuzz Apphere:
Meeseva Feedback 0.0.10
Teja Corporate Relations
“MeeSeva” in Telugu means, ‘At your service’, i.e. servicetocitizens. It is a good governance initiative that ncorporatesthevision of National eGov Plan “Public Services Closer to Home”andfacilitates single entry portal for entire range of G2C&G2Bservices.
Photo Sherlock - Reverse Image Search 1.24
App provides search by image taken from camera or from gallery.Canbe used to find information about photo on Google, for exampletodetect real owner of photo from social network (check if photoisfake). Contains crop functionality.
Prince of Persia : Escape 1.2.0
Have you ever dreamed to relive the legendary classic onmobile?Well that time has finally come! Prince of Persia is anofficialmobile game based on an old classic game "Prince ofPersia". Runfast, jump high and make sure to avoid the spikes! Bewarned, gameis challenging! Learn the patterns and come up with themoves andproper timing to pass it! Do not give up, there is nochallenge theprince cannot overcome! Enjoy tons of unique levelsfor you tobeat! Retro side-scroller arcade in on your pocket!
Breaking Ball 1.0.3
Stefano Games
Bounce the ball and get as high as you can. Your goal istobouncethe ball, avoid obstacles and try to get as high as youcan.How toplay: -Press on the right side of the screen to bouncetheball tothe right. -Press on the left side of the screen tobouncethe ballto the left. -Wait a little between bounces to getmoreforce onyour next bounce. By playing you will earn gold andgems,which youcan spend on texture packs and ball skins.
Deal Finder 1.0.0
Channel Control Merchants
A tool for evaluating bargains at Dirt Cheap stores. Features:-Easy to use scanning on your favorite Dirt Cheap and TreasureHuntproducts! - All of your local Dirt Cheap and TreasureHuntlocations - Get the latest alerts for merchandise discounts
No Touching! poney 2 2018 7
No Touching! poney 2 2018 Just move the touch left and right togivethe pony a little poke. You can also click one of the icons onthetop of the screen to switch to a different character. Here isthelist of all the ponies you can find in "No Touching": PrincessLuna,Queen Chrysalis, Trixie, Lyra, Derpy, Big Mac, Rarity,Discord,Nightmare Moon, Cadance, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy(Flutterbat at 8pokes), Princess Celestia, Fluffle Puff, TwilightSparkle,Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Octavia, Vinyl, Sombra, SunsetShimmer,Gilda, Berry Punch, Mane-iac, Shining Armor, Spike, AppleBloom,Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Babs Seed, Zecora, DoctorWhooves,Minuette, Bon Bon, Spitfire, Marble Pie, Maud Pie, GoldenHarvest,Apple Fritter, Flash Sentry, Silver Spoon, DiamondTiara,Cloudchaser, Flitter, Royal Guard, Fausticorn.
Crazy Ball : The Survival Game 1.04
SilverFOX Studio
Crazy Ball : The Survival Game This is ball surviving freegame.Crazy Ball is trapped between many oblstacles like circleandtriangle. You are supposed to survive the ball from allthesedangerous obstacles. In between you will experience one ofmost eyecatching UI and amazing graphics. Enjoy free cool game andshare itwith you friends. Features of Crazy Ball: - Ball Shop toenjoyvarious balls - 20+ different shaped obstacles to make thegamecharming - Peacefull sound to keep enjoying the game Installandhave fun with Crazy Ball. Thank you. Crazy Ball relatedkeywords:-balls game download balls games free install balls gamecrazy ballsgame balls game app balls game 2018 color ball gamecandy ballgamegame for kids crystal balls game balls game fortoddlers balls gamefree jumping balls game light balls game roundballs game throwingballs game game with balls speed balls gameballs game please ballsgame new magnetic balls game balls gamedownload balls gamedownloading
com.percent.mybest3 4.5
##Now, You can make your own girl character !## Make yourowncharacter! she will be the most adorable character in the world.#More than 1000 decoration items! Skin color, hair, face,top,bottom, wing, sticker, etc. Make and give love your own Unniedoll# Premium costumes make my doll more beautiful! Fromluxurycostumes to M/V costumes, concert costumes, and Halloweencostumes!There are costumes will make your Unnie doll more special.# I canuse it like an emoticon! Save images in 1: 1 resolution andsharethem like emoticons in Messenger Various expressions andspeechbubbles are available. # You can create your own background!Saveyour images in 16: 9 resolution and make your own mobilewallpaperEveryday, Unnie on the cell phone screen will comfort you.
FitCloud 1.8.0
FitCloud can help you record all-day events: Standardsportsfunction(Steps、Calories、Distance) Sleep Time HeartRate、BloodOxygen Reminder(Incoming call,Message,Facebook,etc.)Smart alarmclock Anti-lost reminder Lift wrist to view info Idlealert Waterclock Camera remote control FitCloud can help you recordall-dayevents: Standard sports function (Steps, Calories, Distance)SleepTime Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Reminder (Incoming call,Message,Facebook, etc.) Smart alarm clock Anti-lost reminder Liftwrist toview info Idle alert Water clock Camera remote control
com.mokastory.mps 1.1.1
Besoin d'un peu de douceur dans votre vie ? Retrouvez lesmeilleurswebtoons, les news Kpop et les dernières tendances mode etbeautésur Moka Story. C'est tout simple : swippez, lisez, profitez.Needa little sweetness in your life? Find the best webtoons, kpopnewsand the latest trends in fashion and beauty on Moka Story.It'ssimple: swippez, read, enjoy.