Top 20 Games Similar to Police Sniper Combat Mission

Wild Animals Safari Hunter 3D 1.0.0
Innovation Drive Studios
Enter the wilderness with Wild Animals Safari Hunter 3D.Huntthemost exotic wild animals in the latest huntingsimulator.Proveyour sniper skills and be the excellent marksman tohunttheseanimals in a forest environment.The hunt is on! Be a part of the animal shootingfeverthishunting season. Go on a wild safari in this newesthuntergame.Take your rifle and get ready to shoot down the wildanimals.Thereis a range of fierce predators that you can hunt inthisanimalhunting simulator. Stunning 3D creatures andrealisticsavannahenvironment will make your hunting experience comealive.This is atest of your survival skills and sniper shooting.You canselectthe wildlife animal that you wish to hunt and rely onyourmarksmantechnique to take them down .The jungle is full of exotic beasts like Wolf, Bear,TigerandPuma. Challenge yourself to shoot down any one of theanimalswithyour assault rifle. Aim and get ready to fire the shotwithintime.Stay vigilant and be the best safari hunter by takingoutthesepredators before you turn into their prey.Features:* 10 challenging levels of wild animal hunting* Select from a range of animals like bear, tiger, wolf* Chance for you to show off sniper shooter skills* Stunning 3D forest environment* Easy and efficient gun controls
Russian Army OffRoad War Truck 1.0.2
3Dee Space
Play Russian Army OffRoad War Truck&facethe task of entering a battlefield in this latestmilitarywarfaregame and army truck games. Attack enemy troops witha gunturret onyour army jeep behind enemy lines to destroy theirbase.Enemies ploy to attack but you can land a surprise onthembeforethey launch an attack on you, move in the offroadbattlearena withheavy artillery. Take control of the intense warandcombat in thislatest among tank battle games. Invade enemyoffroadenemy basewith your military jeep and shoot down the rivalstanksandwarships. Venture across enemy borders and pass throughthehurdleswhile driving to the enemy base. Carry out thisinfiltrationtotake down enemy tank fleet. This army war gameinvolvesunlimitedaction with multiple army war missions.Move in behind enemy lines with your military vehicle inasanandreas like environment. Take control of modern artilleryatyourdisposal to fight off against this gunners battle.Useyourfirepower to destroy the enemies at the san andreasfrontline.Asyou have witnessed illegally transported army cargoinenemytransporter truck, now take them all down in thismilitarywarfarechallenge. Drive your army jeep to the warfieldshootingpoint andtake down tanks and enemy heavy vehicles.Features of Russian Army OffRoad War Truck- 10 intense levels of army jeep action- Variety of Enemy Obstacles involving tank gunners battle- Military warfare against enemy base- Russian Army war action- Realistic offroad desert terrainSo download Russian Army OffRoad War Truck to enjoycargotruckgames and army truck games gameplay. You may haveplayedseveralarmy commando games and army truck parking games butthisarmy wartruck simulator will be the most exciting game youthatwillexperience.
F18 VS F16 Jet Fighter Warrior 2.0.1
Lingo Games
The dominance to take thesimulationultimate challenge of intense air strike battle anddogfight whilesimulating and flying the most sophisticated F18Hornet and F16Fighting Falcon in the world war and chaos, freeonline game andsimulation games will keep you thrilled and you cango behind enemylines to take down the most advance enemy jetfighters in F18 vsF16 Fighter Jet Warrior flying high into the redcanyon. Keep yourdominance and acquire the heroic supremacy in theskies as you takeout the enemy in this extreme challenging jetfighter simulator F18vs F16 Fighter Jet warrior.Honor your country to fight for glory and incinerate theseenemiesso they don’t dare to keep an evil eye or glance upon yourcountryagain. Be the heroic jet fighter and best air strikedogfightwarrior air force and navy pilot in tough times of war andaircombat and destroy your rivals in the best dogfight Arielcombatand air strike simulating in F18 vs F16 fighter jetwarrior.The enemy has launched a brutal and aggressive groundattack,retaliate the warrior air attack through the intensemission, youhave full air strike support of F16 Fighting Falconsand F18Hornets as your wingmen are in the sky with gunship cobraandapache helicopters and full ground support with tank attackgunnerwar so beat the heat, upon them in your gunner war plane andburnthem to the ground, hopes are with you to defend yourcountry’shonor and pride against the enemy invasion so simulateinto yourF18 and F16 jet fighters and go into the warzone as youknow allthe tactics of modern warfare, ground enemy has ballisticmodernweapons and have engaged sharp sniper assault shooters withantiaircraft guns and heat seeking missiles. All eyes are on youforthe ultimate sky wars in this F18 vs F16 jet fighterwarriorgame.Your F16 and F18 jet fighter are the most advanceandsophisticated with military warcraft combat airforce jetfighterair strikers with no competition in supersonic speedandmaneuverability, your F16 & F18 Jet fighter warrior jetisfully equipped with assault gunner machine guns, ARM,SARM,missiles and other powerful air war fare weapons to take uptheenemy’s Migs, SU27, F14 Tomcat, F/A-18 Super Hornet, GreenHornet,Stealth jet fighters and drones air crafts and jet fightersas theyare the master assassins and sharp shooter within the aircombatand dogfight, the task is ballistic and the combat is ONsimulatelike an ace and professional jet fighter pilot of F18 &F16shoot’em up and rain down destruction upon your enemies withyouramazing skills of dogfight and gun strike shoots in thisactionpacked adventure of air war jet fighter warrior game.Buckle up and take off from navy aircraft carrier base,engageyour missions and destroy the supply line and backbone ofyourenemy while you go behind enemy lines for an extreme andrealisticwar action combat. Simulate and take control of your F18& F16jet fighter simulator warrior plane, hold your cockpittight; yourjet is fully loaded with ammunition supply. Spot theenemy tanksand assault sharp shooters, military base sniper shooterwhich areall ready to move towards your airbase, locate yourenemies andshoot them down dropping ground bombs and gunshots. Burnthese tankmachines into rubble and return back victorious.★★★★★GET CONNECTED★★★★★You can join our Facebook page to get latest updates&promotions:
Military Train Sniper Missions 1.0
Innovation Drive Studios
Join the action packed battle on railroad with Military TrainsniperMissions. Fight against the terrorists trying to captureyour cargotrain. Become the legendary and brutal assassin atmilitarydisposal. You are best in sniper rifle missions and youare asked todo what you are meant to do i.e. KILL FIRST, ASKQUESTIONS LATER.Enemies have captured the freight train carrying yourmilitaryweapons and artillery. You are the army sniper shooterassignedwith task of taking this cargo bullet train back byshooting downthe terrorists. The Journey of an expert snipers rifleofficer, asurvivor is rewritten in this trains shootingextravaganza.Terrorists have killed the train driver and are trying totakecontrol of this military express. As the sole survivingarmysoldier, you accepted a covert ops in this time of war andcombat.This frontline mission must be a win and you must use all ofyoursniper shooting skills to survive enemy forces and avengeyourfallen comrades. Jump in the heat of battle, take killerheadshotsand show off your elite sniper skills on these railwaytracks.Be the hero soldier in this time of need and defend yourcountryhonor by taking back this freight train. Fight offincreasinglydifficult waves of enemies over a variety of militarywarfaremissions.Features:*Military sniper tale re-imagined* One man army against troops of rivals* Visualize and feel the action with stunning 3D graphics* 10 deadly missions of snipers combat
Deer Hunter Sniper 3D 1.01
i6 Games
Deer Hunter Sniper 3D is brand new,realisticsniper shooting game. Become a skilled sniper hunter,taking outwoodland animals to be the best professional hunter.Complete eachhunter level by using your sniper rifle to shoot allthe animaltargets, like deer, boar, eagles, mountain lions, wolves,andbears.Shooting the wrong animal in the level or running out ofammowill make you fail the level, so be sure that you know yourtargetand aware of your ammo. Follow each shot with the dynamicbulletcam and watch your skillful sniper shot hit the animal!With a huge woodland environment, wild animal will roamaround,unaware of you waiting to make the shot at the right time.Eachsniping mission will take you to new areas of the forest andwilltest your shooting skills, so get ready and become the mostskilledsniper shooter of animals in our most realistic sniper yet,DeerHunter Sniper 3D!
Army War Jeep Offrod Attack 3D 1.0
Reality Gamefied
Step into the intense battlefieldwiththislatest military warfare game. Drive your army jeep intothebattlearena behind enemy lines to take down their heavy tankswithyourmachine gun.Enemy troops plan to move in and capture your armybase.Butbefore they launch a severe attack , you have to moveintheoffroad battle arena with heavy bombardment. Join theintensewarand combat in this new kind of tank battle. Enter theoffroadenemybase in your military jeep and shoot down the rivalstanksandwarships. Cross all the hurdles driving your way throughtheenemybase and reach the finish line. Action never ends in thisarmywarmission. Carry out this invasion to burn down theenemytankfleet.Be the brave army soldier and go behind enemy linesinyourmilitary vehicle. You have modern artillery like gatlinggunsatyour disposal to fight this gunners battle. Use theseweaponsandshow your firepower to destroy the enemies from thefrontline.Youhave transported army cargo in your transporter truck,now takeupthis military warfare challenge. Drive your jeepamidstthiswarfield shooting down tanks and heavy vehiclesfightingenemy'sresistance. Fight this tank battle with your rivalstobecome thebest commando.Features:* 10 extreme levels of army jeep missions*An epic one-on-one gunners battle*Military warfare gaming at its best* Thrill of action packed combat*Amazing offroad desert environment
Army Commando War Truck Chase 1.0
Glow Games
Hey you are in the intense battlefieldwithyour Army Commando War Truck Chase 3D game. Drive your 4x4MilitarySUV to chase the enemy, be quick to follow, attack anddestroy yourenemy.Enemy troops are stepping ahead to move in your territoryandcapture your army base. But before they attack, get gatheredandcollect their force, destroy your enemy 1 by 1. Off-roadterrainand border area is there to defend and drive for you. Youcan enjoythe off-road drive and shooting as well. Join the intensewar andcombat in this new kind of tank battle.Hey you are the Hero! Enemy has frightened and running away now,asyou just drove in your 4x4 SUV jeep it was fearful for yourenemyto get escaped. Enemy has started to run from the battlefield,Enemy was not aware of your bravery and equippedvehicles.Be the brave army soldier and go behind enemy lines in yourmilitaryvehicle. You have modern artillery with you likemitrailleuse gunsin your mobile arsenal to fight this gunner’sbattle. Use theseweapons and show your firepower to destroy theenemies from thefrontline. You have to prove yourself a skilleddriver, Drive asfast as you can to chase the enemy and shoot himas well. Realisticcontrols are there for you like steering wheels,race, break andshooting gun trigger.Amazing sound effects and destruction of enemy makes you crazytoplay more and more. It increases your interest and passion tokilland defeat your enemy. Drive fast, shoot more on you targetandsave your time and forces to defeat your enemy.Good luck in this realist war and battle field.
Dead Planet 1.0
Games and Apps for You
Dead Planet is a shooter space actiongame,where you have to fly through the Universe, avoidinngenemy'sspaceships, asteroids or even stars. Great space battlehasstarted. Try to conquer unknown planets, fight with thehostileforces.Find where your rivals hide, go there and start a battle!Controlthe situation, don't loose any detail, try to survive inthis cruelworld. Challenge for a battle with space monsters armedwith modernweapon.FAST PLACED SHOOTING EXPERIENCE. Show us your marvelousfacilityin shooting. Use all of your specialized skills to survivetheonslaught of the enemy forces.Improve your skills applying all your fighting abilities andfindpower-ups. Destroy large clusters of enemies. Your scorewillincrease with points for each kill in a fight to thedeathmatch.EXPERIENCE EPIC STORY with the best sci-fi shooter game inaworld occupied by machines.ONE MAN. ONE WAR and you are commando. Become a sniperassassin,a contract killer and single combat fighter. Strike allyourenemies dead.Characteristics of Dead Planet:Space combat in open galaxyWeapon and spaceship upgrade modeSpecial effects and the atmosphere of space war.Protect humanity and save the Earth from hostile invasion.Leadyour squadron to the victory.Dead Planet - distract the enemy with special power andsurvivein this star odyssey!
Commando Gunship Helicopter 3D 1.0
Commando Action Adventure
Modern Gunship Helicopter 2016 is anexcellentgame with full of ultimate action!Its a gunship war in the battlefield.The world most Powerfullcombathelicopter game.Modern Gunship Helicopter 2016 is anextrememission.Modern Gunship Helicopter 2016 is a helicopter action gamethatcombines stunning 3D graphics with excellent control simulationandengaging military And adventure scenarios to pull you intoanimmersive combat and battlefield experience the moment youstartthe game.You have to check your ammo because attacks which are full ofactionand fights is waiting for you!Gunner troop’s missiles are fired to hit you! You need tohittargets to finish terror.You can play this game with 3D sound effects and detailedgunshipwith fully-equipped & easy-to-play interface in realworldenvironment.Commando War GUNSHIP BATTLE is a helicopter action gamethatcombines stunning 3D graphics with flight control simulationandengaging military scenarios to pull you into an immersivecombatexperience the moment you start the game.GunShip Become a helicopter pilot and engage in combatmissionsacross the world.You can play this game with 3D sound effects and detailedgunshipwith fully-equipped & easy-to-play interface in realworldenvironment. Also, you can choose more than one gunship anddevelopyour weapons. This game is optimized for playing in everymobiledevices. In the game, there are gunships, policestations,soldiers, empty buildings, guided missiles and howitzersand theyare very detailed. Choose a gunship suitable for your styleand hitthe targets! You can shoot your enemy thanks toultra-realisticcockpit and developed flying experience.In this game Emerge from destructible cover points to takedownhelicopters, jeeps,battleship,boat and heavily defendedenemymilitary bases. Fight off increasingly difficult waves ofenemiesover a variety of combat and rescue mission types.Gunship have the lot of mission and last mission is Impossibletoclear.Be ready for fight against enemies troops and sleeper.Itsaghost commando game with contract killer.Ultimate mission in the different enviroment like militaryandIceland with huge Battle ship War.Deadly WeaponsCommando is a complete war machine but still modern combatbattleweapons great to destruction of enemy territory.Sniper gun with amazing clear zoom for better accuracy to gettargetshoot down.Short gun for death shooting while deadly ambush - ShadowWarriorNinjaGame Features:1:First Person Shooting Like WW22:Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom3:Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)4:3D Graphics and Sound effects And excellent enviroment5:Winter & Snow Filed Environment6:Real-time Effects & War7:Download for free just little ads placed to improve andmaintainquality of awesome game - IGI 28: Automatic re-loaded gun with excellent mage sounds -covertstrike9: Fabulous first person shooter 3d game - counter strike!10:Next war mission: rescue Syrian refugee children in war zone-frontline Battle!
Anti Cross Fire Terrorist 1.2
Anti cross fire terrorist is best strike counter game 2105.Thisgame is for hardcore gamers who enjoy the top latest FPS,shootingand racing games. Never before will you have foundyourselfshooting amidst intense enemy crossfire!Counter-Strike style gaming experience on your Androidsmartphoneand tablet! Enjoy the smooth and customizable touchcontrols andplay the exciting cross-platform first person shooteragainst otherplayers on the web and on other mobileplatforms.You're a Modern Army Sniper on a Combat mission! The militaryhassent to you to strike the enemies that have been pushing backourforces, and now you must counter strike to take the fight totheenemy! You're in for the best first personshooterexperience!Shooting Game Features:★ Intelligent Systems: adjustable number of the enemy, the enemyAI,game sensitivity, while statistics Kills after each battle, HS,getscores and other combat information displays at a glance,allowingyou to experience the wonderful simplicity of operationstimulationthe course of the fighting.★ Free stand-alone game, small packets only 18M, in the absenceofnetwork conditions can also play fun!★ Enjoy shocking music and sound effect!★ Experience the sensation of firing wildly!★ Kill different kinds of evil zombies!★ New weapons
Deadly Shooter Battle Strike 1.0
You're a Modern Army Shooter on aCombatmission! .Incarnation of the game you will be brave soldier,toexperience the true absolute hot stimulating shootout.The military has sent to you to strike the enemies that havebeenpushing back our forces, and now you must counter strike totakethe fight to the enemy! You're in for the best first personshooterexperience!
Sniper Shooter 3D: SWAT Games 1.3.3
You are master American sniper& vicious hitman hiredtoinfiltrate secure locations and eliminate high-profile enemiesofdangerous military attack! The police cannot controlthedeteriorating situation. Only you and the SWAT force cantakecharge of the enemy! It’s like call of your duty. Solider,acceptthis challenge and your feat will be marked for good!FIRST PERSON SNIPER GAMESYou are one of the sniper elites recruited to completeassassinmissions of eliminating a mob of enemies and destroyingentirebases, and besides dismantle terrorists and rogue nationthatconventional forces can’t touch. You act like a god of thewartrying to rescue op, killing all the bad guys.PULL THE TRIGGERUpgrade your weapons to protect yourself. Load up on yoursniperrifles, assault rifles, heavy guns and throw armor and more.Allthese expendables can lead you to final victory! Now, take adeepbreath and take the sniper rifles to make kill shot and becomethelegend of sniper.PLEASE NOTE:THRILLING AND DANGEROUS GAMEPLAY:-optimized HD graphics-scope zoom in and zoom out-easy and intuitive touch controls-fantastic and stunning real 3D dimensional environment-simple interface concentrate only on the target- realistic gun sounds and special show effects- first-person visualization-SWAT games free onlineADVANCED CUSTOMIZABLE WEPONS:-sniper rifles-assault rifles-heavy guns-tesla guns-armor-rocket launchersSniper Shooter 3D is free download shooting game. Pullyourtrigger to make kill shot and become the master assassin.
American Sniper: Dead Shot 16 1.0
WE NEED A GUNMAN WITH ELITEMARKSMANSKILLS!!In this first person shooter you have to rescue hostagesfromdangerous criminals. The hostages are being hold on rooftopsandthere are lots of dangerous criminals making sure these hostagesdonot get away. Are you the skilled marksman who can handletheseelite assassin missions? As the gunman you and your sniper gunwillbe on the building next to the building rooftop where thedangerouscriminals hold the hostages.ZOOM IN ON THE CRIMINALS, PUT YOUR FINGER ON THETRIGGERAND……HEADSHOT!!As the gunman marksman you need to do everything in yourpowermaking sure the hostages get rescued. In these silentassassinmissions you have a green light to use lethal power..Use your sniper gun in this realistic action shooting game totakethe enemies down. Become a real modern hero.EXPERIENCE GROUNDBREAKING CONTROLS AND CUTTING EDGE PHYSICSThe groundbreaking controls and cutting edge physics makeshootingenemies lots of fun. The real world feeling is simplystunning.HEADSHOTS will be more easier and your marksman gunmanskills canbe trained better. Hold your sniper gun steady, zoom infor abetter aim and always make sure the hostage will berescued.American Sniper: Dead Shot 16 - KEY FEATURES- ground breaking dynamics during silent assassin missions- real world assassin experience- almost endless silent assassin missions- silent assassin missions will get more challenging quick- experience cutting edge graphics- ground breaking physics and adrenaline-filled excitement- more silent assassin missions games will follow*** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER ***We’re on Twitter, Facebook and more - find us on yourfavouritenetworks to hear about our newest games and other newsupdates:Facebook - - -
Prison Break: Sniper Duty 3D 1.0.7
3D Gamez Pickle
Welcome marksman agent #23 in thiscounterattack first person shooting game in prison yard. Be anElitesniper and complete all sniper duty missions withultimateperfection. it’s a hard time for you as a marksman agent.3D GamezPickle presents you the Prison Escape: Jail Yard BreakSniper 2016game.Due to a mistake of jail warden prison break the jail. Yourdutyas an Elite sniper is to terminate these threateningescapingprisoners before they escape from prison yard. Keepfollowing thecommands and terminate the escaping prisoners one byone in stealthmode as an Elite sniper. You have to completedifferent sniper dutymissions in different stealth locations likeon the rooftop, stairsand roof corners. There are many levels toterminate the prisonersin jail yard, hold the criminals in prisonzone until reinforcementreached in jail and Earn the scores to getyourself top listed inmarksman agent list as you are agent #23.They are murderers anddangerous criminals and can attack the cityafter jail break.This is a first person counter attack sniper 2016 game. Asyouknow it’s a hard time for you but you have to accomplish allsnipermissions in prison yard. You must follow the commandsotherwise allcriminals will be succeeded in prison break.HOW TO PLAY:- Select your sniper mission and start the counter attack battleassniper duty- You can’t change your location as it’s a stealth snippingmissionin prison yard- Pinch in and Pinch out to Zoom the Sniper’s View- Target criminals and Press Fire Button- Press Hour Glass button for Slow Motion- You can fire 3 bullets like a advanced assault rifle sniper- If you take the headshot you can get more point- Long distance shot can reward you more points- More points can take you to the top of list in Marksmanagentlist- You have to follow the commands and complete the hard missionincommanded timeFEATURES:- HD and real life like Prison Yard environment- Easy to play controls.- 25 awesome Elite sniper missions with complete story lineandcommands- Full Action packed music and sound effects- Outstanding gameplay experience with Slow motion kill cam- Free and best Action Shooting Game 2016- No Wi-Fi required, Can be played without Internet connectionJOIN US ON SOCIAL NETWORKS:- 3D Gamez Pickle Website: Join our Facebook Page: 3D Gamez Pickle on Twitter: @KavtechsolutionVisit this link for more Action, Shooter andSimulationGame LOVE TO HEAR:* If you like this First Person Shooting Sniper 2016 Duty Game,thenRate and Review and if something went wicked or you haveanyrecommendation then please give your valued MESSAGE FOR CUSTOMERS: :* This is free game specially for teen and Action lovers.Itcontains third party ads and In-App Purchases that can bepurchasedby real money if you don’t want to spend money thenrestrict it onyour device.
San Andreas Underworld Revenge 1.0
San Andreas city police called foryourhelp,they got trapped in a hostile situation where gangstersspreadfearamong citizens. City police is unable to come up withtheserisingunderworld activities. Now as an armed agent it’s yourdutyto savecivilians in this critical situation.San Andreas underworld revenge is a fully action packedshootinggamewith thrilling shooting gameplay.SAN ANDREAS REAL UNDERWOLRD REVENGEUnderworld Revenge is start from the rise of crime inSanandreas.Inthis crisis situation your battlefield trainingwillleads you tosuccess, but courage and bravery is needed tofightwith thecriminals. Use multiples controllable vehiclesliketurrets, tanks,helicopters and tanks to destroy maximum ofyourenemies and clearthe city from their attacks. Save theinnocentpeoples and shoot tokill crime boss, thug and mafia membersanddon’t let anyone of themescape into the city. Shoot anddestroyall of them without damagingyourself as survivor isalsoimportant.Becasue you are the only heroof the citizens andtheirlast hope. Use grenades and fires to killthese bastersandeliminate them from the city. Prove yourself asone of themostpowered and tactful shooter and come up with thehope of alltheinnocents. You are the master, the most powerful andthe realheroof the game.Dont show mercy on any bad guy and shootthem onthespot. You have to follow no rules of fighting so justshootbeyondlimits and win the battle of underworld revenge.FEATURES★ 30 challenging and thrilling quest of shooting★ Heavy weapons and machine guns including turrets,grenadesandtanks★ Controllable armed vehicles for brilliant explosions★ Several exciting achievements in the shooting quest★ Exciting gameplay with nice graphics★ Smooth handlings and easy to play controls★ Intensive third person shooting experiencePlease like us and give us your valuable feedback formoreexcitingupdates and better games.
Walking Dead Killer 1.1
Multi Touch Games
Go on a headhunt and shoot the zombies andkillthem to be the hero of the walking dead killer.This is the right time to show your Sniper skills atperfectmoment. No time to remain hidden after your first shot somake yourown strategy before you start this sniper shooting game.Comeparticipate in the battle zone for human survival andzombieannihilation. Pick up your Thunder weapons and killthezombies.Multiple shooter missions and undead walking zombies toincreasethe thrill of the kill. Search and kill the zombies tillyou havesecured the dead zone free of zombies.All you have to do isto pullthe trigger to kill the merciless, bloody zombies. Aim thezombiesat their heads for an instant kill and see the head-shoteffect.Upgrade your guns to the most powerful one and shoot thesezombiescourageously by head hunting them.This game won’t let you down with different dead killer modesandan Auto fire option. Reload your gun, shoot the zombies and beabrave shooter and go where no man has dared to go before.Choosefrom a wide variety of thunder guns and bullets to killeveryzombie in dead zone. So what are you waiting for? Get ready tofacethe vicious clash to show your strength like a dead killer.Turn your android phone into a battle field and snipe allyourenemies with this FREE shooting game!Game Features:* 3D Zombie shooting game.* Kill different kinds of zombies.* Powerful weapons ready for total elimination.* Easy pick Up and Playing controls on the screen.* Ravishing graphics with immersive quality sound.* Furious game play* Powerful Weapons to feel the realistic performance* Various challenges with high standard shooting levels* Highly detailed open world game environment* Realistic shooting effects.* Choose from G locks,Pistols,Sub Machine Guns, Automaticgunsand Machine guns* FREE to play game!How To Play :*Tap right icons to Shoot and Reload*Use left button to move aroundYou feel bore with Shark Simulator, Train Simulator,flightSimulator, Car Simulator, Werewolf Simulator, andGoatSimulator..!Then now you try with Walking Dead Killer and get to experiencetheZombie hunter at its dead zone.SUPPORT:We have made this game compatible & user friendly withallmobile devices & tablets, if you have problemduringinstallation, please email us at customer support for help.Emailus at support@multitouchstudio.comFind us onFacebook -
Kill Shot Sniper 1.3
Multi Touch Games
Get ready to play your part indangerousattacks and silent assassin missions.Sniper game will blowyouaway!Eliminate a mob of enemies at street level or take out thesinglehigh-profile target.Zoom in & out for better vision and to sight your target,readthe instructions carefully and complete your missions.Play the game with real physics and amazing 3D graphics.Lively Environment will drive you crazy and make you addictivetoKill Shot sniper game!!Accomplish missions and aim for headshots to become a Headhunterinthis action game.Enjoy hunting the multiple targets shooting all the enemiesoutthere.Get yourself gun and kill all the enemies.Be focused and FIGHT the global war on crime and become theULTIMATESHOOTER!! Go for the HEADSHOT now!Are you ready for the challenge??How to Play:--Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shoot and zoom in&out-Tap on left side to navigate the areaFind us onFacebook - you have any problem in installation, please report to will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Frontline Mission Impossible 1.0.1
Commando Action Adventure
Army Commando Shooter Sniper X is abattlefieldgame with Ultimate action.As an army commando, which isisolated byhis army near enemy border.Its an thrilling War. Enemysoldiers haveassigned a mission to kill you and are wanderingthere to find you.As well trained Commando , you have skills totraverse enemy groupto reach the safe place from where you will bepicked up by thehelicopter. Ambush and kill the enemies beforethey kill you.Digital radar system, which you have shows thelocations andmovements of enemies.t’s an action game about an ex army personel who is willingtosacrifice his life to save his country from the criminalmafia.Yourduty will be to perform a covert operation and destroythe enemiesstronghold. It’s not a piece of cake; neither its afight betweenfriendsi. Terrorist are equipped with the latestweapons and willbe ready to crush you. They are roaming around inthe bullet proofcars, helicopters are their 24 hours for theirsurveillance , antiaircraft, AK47 are the standard weapons theyhave and skilled incounter attacks.Fight as brave soldiers in battlegrounds of World War 2 experienceadramatic and sttunning battle, life-storysingle-player,death-dealing journey in the Day and Night.In thisgame haveincredible 3D Environment.In this Game army commando isacommander.Deathmatch Maze Fight:There is complex tunnel system exist from World War 2, oneopeningend at sea shore go quickly and kill the killer on yourway.You canFight with enemies for your country freedom.Its A BloodWarriorgame with Fury Action.Its an Amazing Sniper Game.Gunship Helicopter Ambush.Army Choppers are loaded hevy ammonition and gunner fighters,Getthem down by light weapons useing hundred bullets.Island Battlefield:Hevy Military reach against you by helicopters and battleship,Shootall and get battleship to complete escape!!The effectivestly way to shoot the others is by accurateheadshots. Survive as long as you can to complete missions.A top sniper can fight by himself with a whole army! Shoot alltheterrorists, who appear in front of you.Game feature:1: 3D Realistic and Impactful Environment.2: Unique and Addictive And efficient GamePlay with ModernBattleA.I.3: Thrilling surprise attacking Combat. World War Z4: Action Full Game with FPS (First Person Shooting orShooter)Game.5: Missions based on real WWII naval army commando battles.6: Digital radar system provides real time enemies locationandmovements.7: High quality 3D graphics despite compact app size!!8: Fast paced naval battles with authentic warships from theWorldWar II!!.9: Customize your warships with different Adveance weapons andpartsto win the battle Combat War.10: Episodes and Hidden or Secret missions based on real WWIInavalArmy battles.
Counter Terrorist Attack Army 1.0
Army Commando Terrorist Killer is action packed, fullyshootingandterrorist killing game. Your remote base has beenoccupiedbydangerous terrorist, all of them are in army uniform. Yougotorderfrom higher commando to go for counter terroristattackoperation.Its a battle of do or die, you have strong sniperkillingandshooting skills. Time came to show your skill this istherightmoment for you. Kill all the terrorists and become best,sharpandmodren war commando terrorist shooter. Hold yournervesandnavigate the whole captured area. Show a patience of realarmywarcommando. You have your favorite gun AK 47 with you. Useradarinsearch operation to find hidden terrorist and killthem.Nointernet connectivity required to play modrenarmycommandoterrorist shooter. Top Features: ☀ Quality graphicswithbestsounds. ☀ More then six levels game play. ☀ Best AK47 gunforsharpshooting. ☀ Extremely challenging terrorist operation. ☀Radartoview terrorist exact location. ☀ Best controlsandsmoothanimations. ☀ Health bag to increase your health. ☀Freetodownload and play with minimal advertisements.
Rogue Army Sniper Killer 3D 1.1.1
ImpTrax Corporation
Venture into the depths of the mosthostileenemy territories, packing a punch as the Rogue Army Sniperon amission to take out the terrorist forces’ reign over theNorthWestern battlefrontANTI-TERRORIST FPS GAMEPLAYDive into the world of an intense anti-terrorist FPSbattlefield,taking cover as a Rogue Army Sniper, on a mission toinfiltrate theNorth Western enemy territory and eliminating eachopposition inyour way.Being dropped off into the battle site, your Rogue Army Sniperwillbe greeted by a barrage of killer shooters and assaulters. Withanopen anti-terrorist mission in front, it will be an uphillbattleto the end, as you will be challenged from all corners oftheenvironment.Get into the killer 3d action and take down enemies on theground,and the tailing shooters on the surveillance towers.13 LEVELS OF KILLER FPS MADNESSPlay through a course of 13 levels of gameplay, spread throughatreacherous enemy base, where the task for the Rogue Army Sniperisto eliminate the ground enemy from their border camps.Take down the ships supplying weaponry to them through sea routetomove on to the final combat mission inside the nuclearresearchcentre, where the enemy generals are planning to unleashkillerattacks to level the city.FEATURESAnti-terrorist FPS sniper shooting experience13 objectives based levels through a well-built enemy base campKiller 3D graphicsWeapons selection mode, switch between sniper rifles, handgunsandassault riflesEngaging Storyline