Top 2 Games Similar to Royale Battle Survivor

Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS 3.5.1
GameSpire Ltd.
Grand Battle Royale Season 2018! If you like military blockypixelgames and battle royale games then you will definitely likeGrandBattle Royale! BATTLE in online multiplayer games when youplay thenew massive open world game! Survive the battlegrounds,improveyour shooting skills, and develop new PVP tactics for FREE!Jumpout of the survival plane on the dead island, find the bestloot,kill the enemies. Players are spread around the island unarmedandmust find and use various weapons and items to eliminateopponents.Find the best weapons you can: Assault Rifle, pixel gun,smg,shotguns and other weapons. Dominate the battlefield by takingoneach opponent and become last survivor #1! Grab your pixel gunandget shooting! The location of the battlegrounds is a distantislandwith dead city somewhere in the sea surrounded with amysteriousBlue Zone. Your main task is to stay inside the safe zoneandeliminate all your enemies. Features: • Pixel Graphics &BlockyCharacters: Battle as hilarious blocky characters and showyourstyle of gameplay. • Survive gun games against other players!•Battle in Online Multiplayer Games: Intense PVP gameplayagainstplayers around the world! • Guns will randomly appear, sosearchthe ground thoroughly! Survive by collecting more guns so youhavean advantage over other players. • Just like in true 3Dblocksurvival games, you can purchase any pixel block strike skins.•Grab a pixel gun and dive into battle: Fun pixel graphics greatforintense shooting battles! • Big radiation island this is theplacewhere you have to survive while you playing in the blockycity. •Multiplayer game is absolutely free online game fordownload.Become the last man standing, the last hero, the king ofthebattlefield! Good luck, good hunt! This game requires aninternetconnection. Don’t miss out on the latest news: Join us onFacebook: Follow usonTwitter: Here is the promocodefor a free reward: XXXYYZZZ
Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival 1.0
A survival mobile shooting game you never tried before–HopelessLand, which can support 121 players fight in onefatalsurvivalgame at same time. Many ingenious game features inHopelessLand:various of special Asian architectures locate inthebattleground;Drive the helicopter and experience theair-to-landmodern fightyou never tried before; Enjoy ultra-coolshootingfeelings witheasy operation; No devices barriers, no matterwhatmobile phonesyou use, try to survive to the last in thefatalbattlegroundHopeless Land!   ======================== ContactUs:Like us onFacebook:  -----Game Features ----- If you want totry more fatal and morestrategicbattle royale game and enjoysimpler operation, don’thesitate,download and be a warriorHopeless Land for free now! Thecombinationof randomness andenjoyment brings you infinitepossibilities. Butremember the onlyrule is survival, be survivalto the last!  ※1vs100, Test YourStrength and Luck 121 playersparachute toperilous hopeless island,what you can believe areonly yourteammates, your strategies andguns in your hands!Excellentstrategies, strong execution and bitof luck constitutethe victoryiron triangel! Let’s move to thefinal safe zone,terminate enemies,fight for the highest glory!  ※Special DesignedBattlefield andBrand New Vehicles Various Asianstyle buildings,which are inspiredby really constructions, can befound inHopeless Land. Find the mostsuitable and the mostfamiliarbattleground, start your survivaltravel. Land Air SeaWarfare, thenew air vehichal – helicopter younever drived in othermobileshooting game before. The modern carrierownsstrongmaneuverability can help you no matter in catchingenemyorevacuating from battleground.   ※In-Game VoiceCommunicationMakeYour Teamwork Better In-game voice communicationand exactmapmarking functions help you make strategies withteammateseasily.No matter the real life friends or the new warriorsmeetinHoplelss Land, the tacit cooperation can be achivedamongyourteam! Come to enjoy the team fight!   ※SuitableOperationMethodfor Mobile Devices Hopeless Land was made by thedevelopmentteamwhich has rich shooting game developing experience.Allmovementslike running, hiding and shooting are designed withmotioncapture.Simple operation and smooth control feelings helpyoudominate inHopelss Land, be the survivor king.   ※LowDevicesRequirment andEasy Control Low devices requirment make surethatevery player hasthe best survival game time in Hopless Land.Nomatter you are aveteran or rookie in survial game, you cangetstarted quickly inHopeless Land, because of the simplecontrol.Enjoy the best freemobile survival game, download HopelessLandnow!