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Madhuchaitanya Hindi 7.2.2
Magzter Inc.
Madhuchaitanya' is the bi-monthly magazine of SamarpanMeditation.It acts as a bridge between its founder His HolinessShivkrupanandSwamiji and the reader. It carries His HolinessSwamiji's and HerHoliness Guruma's blessings in the form ofarticles especiallywritten for the magazine and discoursesdelivered at SamarpanMeditation workshops and functions. Each issueof the magazine isdedicated to a Spiritual Master/Saint of anyreligion with anarticle on the said Spiritual Master/Saint. It alsodeliversarticles on Science & Spirituality and IndianCulture,spiritual experiences of the practitioners of SamarpanMeditation,poems and devotional songs and answers to spiritualquestions fromsessions with Swamiji and Guruma.The SamarpanMeditation techniquewas introduced to create a new world order andMadhuchaitanya isbeing published to reach out to every person onearth, with theobjective of creating a feeling of - 'VasudhaivaKutumbakam' 'OneWorld, One Family"- amongst all human beings.Whileshowering HisBlessings upon the 1st issue of 'Madhuchaitanya', HisHolinessShivkrupanand Swami had said, "Come! Let us all begin thetask ofcreating a new world order together. My Blessingsto'Madhuchaitanya' on its 1st step - may it spread the NectarofConsciousness to the whole universe."Pleasevisit for our Privacy Policyand for our Terms&Conditions.
Ilma Magazine 7.2.2
Magzter Inc.
The Dawah Project introduces you to Ilma Magazine - aninformativeand interactive magazine inspired by the Arabic word'Ilm', whichtranslates as ‘knowledge’. The magazine providesreflectivewritings on the various aspects of life attracting Muslimandnon-Muslim readers from all over the world.
infinithoughts 7.4.1
Magzter Inc.
infinithoughts is more than a magazine. It focuses onDestinyDesigning, Spirituality, Religion & Science,Management,Selling, Relationship, Marriage, Parenting,Adolescence,Psychology, Finance, Health, Clarity in thinking,Stressmanagement, and the Science of Living. The content of themagazineis further enhanced by inspirational stories,quotes,growth-oriented posters and thoughts of greatmasters.infinithoughts features regular columns on legendary peoplewhohave left their impressions in various walks of life, andsilentachievers who have scaled great heights against many odds,toenable the reader to take a leaf from their lives and getinspired.
Heartfulness eMagazine 7.2.2
Magzter Inc.
Welcome to Heartfulness eMagazine, a monthly magazine in whichweexplore everything from self-development and health,relationshipswith family and friends, how to thrive in theworkplace, to livingin tune with nature. We also bring youinspiration from the livesof people who have made a difference tohumanity over the ages.This magazine is brought to you by SahajMarg SpiritualityFoundation, a non-profit organization.We also lookforward tohearing from you.Send your letters and [email protected]@heartfulnessmagazine.org
Akhand Gyan - Hindi 7.4.1
Magzter Inc.
Akhand Gyan is a monthly spiritual magazine of Divya JyotiJagratiSansthan. With a new rainbow collection every month,itencapsulates more than 60 versatile shades of write-ups, suchas:Corporate Spirituality, Personality Bytes, HealingHerbs,Vedic-o-logy, Grooming Relationships, Self-AnalysisZone,Kindergarten, and many more. It provides deep insight intothesolutions of problems prevailing in life and society today, withacomprehensive outlook from spiritual, scientific andphilosophicalperspectives. Akhand Gyan is available in threelanguages: English,Hindi and Punjabi, all with unique andinspirational contents.
Rishi Prasad Hindi 7.4.1
Magzter Inc.
Started in 1990, Rishi Prasad has now become the largestcirculatedspiritual monthly publication in the world with more than10million readers. The magazine is a digest of all thoughtprovokinglatest discourses of His Holiness Asharam Bapu on varioussubjectsdirecting simple solutions for a peaceful life. Themagazine alsofeatures news on happenings at various ashrams in pastmonth,inspirational texts from scriptures/legends , practical tipsforhealthy day-to-day living balancing materialism byidealism,Bapuji's answers to questions raised by seekers,disciples'sexperiences etc.
MEGA 7.3.8
Magzter Inc.
Spotted Magazine 7.2.2
Magzter Inc.
The faster growing indie magazine in the philippines
Magzter Inc.
"VELVEECHU" a monthly magazine that covers the legacy oftamils,their traditions, culture and the political eventssurrounding therace. In today's environment, most of the mediacover, the policiesof the government and that of the barons alone.It no longer actswith a social responsibility. In contrast to thistrend, ourmagazine is aimed to arouse interest and carryinformation on Tamilecology, Tamil culture, the political elementsthat support thewelfare of the Tamil ethnic group. We look forwardfor your supportand subscription.
Magzter Inc.
PHYSIOTIMES - India’s first magazine for physiotherapists,ofphysiotherapists, by physiotherapists.PHYSIOTIMES is a one ofitskind publication that aims towards identifying the unmet needforinformation in the field of physiotherapy & makeconcentratedefforts to address those needs by providing latest& usefulcontents, thereby helping the physiotherapists inenhancing theirknowledge & clinical skills.It is a bi-monthlymagazine thatcovers latest topics in the field of physiotherapy,new treatmentmodalities & techniques, Case Reports, Indian& Global News& Events, Seminars, Conferences, Informationon InternationalJournals & Publications, Book Reviews, andInterviews ofstalwarts in the field of Physiotherapy from India& abroad,evidence based practices etc.At PHYSIOTIMES, we arecommitted toproviding our readers with a worthy reading experience.We shallcontinue to strive hard to make sure that we are able toserve theinformation needs in the field of physiotherapy withutmostprecision and attention
Madhuchaitanya 7.2.2
Magzter Inc.
'Madhuchaitanya' is the bi-monthly magazine of SamarpanMeditation.It acts as a bridge between its founder His HolinessShivkrupanandSwamiji and the reader. It carries His HolinessSwamiji's and HerHoliness Guruma's blessings in the form ofarticles especiallywritten for the magazine and discoursesdelivered at SamarpanMeditation workshops and functions. Each issueof the magazine isdedicated to a Spiritual Master/Saint of anyreligion with anarticle on the said Spiritual Master/Saint. It alsodeliversarticles on Science & Spirituality and IndianCulture,spiritual experiences of the practitioners of SamarpanMeditation,poems and devotional songs and answers to spiritualquestions fromsessions with Swamiji and Guruma.The SamarpanMeditation techniquewas introduced to create a new world order andMadhuchaitanya isbeing published to reach out to every person onearth, with theobjective of creating a feeling of - 'VasudhaivaKutumbakam' 'OneWorld, One Family"- amongst all human beings.Whileshowering HisBlessings upon the 1st issue of 'Madhuchaitanya', HisHolinessShivkrupanand Swami had said, "Come! Let us all begin thetask ofcreating a new world order together. My Blessingsto'Madhuchaitanya' on its 1st step - may it spread the NectarofConsciousness to the whole universe."
Champak - Hindi 7.4.1
Magzter Inc.
Champak is India's popular children's magazine that is dedicatedtothe formative years of a child. The fascinating tales in itnotonly leave a deep imprint on the mind of its young readers butalsoimpart them with knowledge that they will treasure for yearstocome. July First 2014: Champak is the largest readchildren’smagazine in India. It is published in eight languages andhas atotal circulation of more than 300,000 copies. The magazineisknown for its fascinating tales on animal characters that notonlyleave deep imprint on the minds of its young readers butalsoimpart them with knowledge and values they treasure for therest oftheir lives Please go to for privacy policyandterms of use.
Rishimukh 7.4.1
Magzter Inc.
Dedicated to Ancient Wisdom, Universal Love and HumanValuesRishimukh, the monthly magazine of The Art of Livingfoundation, isa spiritual publication, dedicated to holistic livingand spreadingAncient wisdom, Universal love and care for Humanvalues. Startedin 1987 the magazine has come a long way from beinga newsletter ofthe Art of Living to a full fledged SpiritualLifestyle Magazine.Rishimukh is full of easy to read articles on awide variety ofspiritual themes. Every month, the issue containstalks by HisHoliness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, on various topics thatgive thereader simple solutions to life and how to find peace andhappinessfrom within. The magazine also features practical articleson yogaand ayurvedic techniques that can be incorporated in dailylife.There are also genuine stories of inspiration from those whohavefaced and came through adversity to live happier andmorefulfilling lives. News about the organisation, traditionsandspirituality, a children’s corner, your questions answered,ancientknowledge and sacred texts are explained in the magazine.Detailsof upcoming courses and events are also listed in everyissue.
Chanakya Ni Pothi 7.4.1
Magzter Inc.
Chanakya is the No.1 Gujarati Investment Weekly whichprovidesin-depth news and analysis on the Indian Stock Markets ,IPOs,Mutual Funds, Bullion and many other investment avenues.Itprovides technical (chart) analysis as well as fundamentalanalysisfor stock market scrips.
Chitralekha Gujarati 7.4.1
Magzter Inc.
Chitralekha Group Started in 1950 by renowned journalist VajuKotak,the Chitralekha Group of Publications continues to hold itsfort asan undisputed leader. The Group’s publications, whichcommenced itsoffering in the regional magazine space targeting theprosperousmarkets of Gujarat and Maharashtra, has since witnessednumerousdevelopments and has forged far ahead in the course of itsjourney.With eight titles across various genres and languages,each of itspublication targets audiences at virtually allpsychographic anddemographic levels. Family-oriented and eagerlyawaited by itsreaders, it is small wonder then, that over theyears, circulationfigures have steadily marked a quantum leap foreach magazine.Chitralekha Magazine Chitralekha, which launched itsmaiden issue in1950, remains the favourite news weekly magazine ofIndia’s mostprosperous and conspicuously consuming community inIndia, theGujaratis. Reaching over 110,000 homes per week in thefinancialcapital of India – Mumbai, it is the largest sellingmagazine acrossperiodicity and language. It beats all English andother languagepublications by a huge margin. Overall, itcirculates over 240,000copies per week and has retained itsleadership position. ItsMarathi sibling follows closely with acirculation of over 100,000copies in Maharashtra. The newsweeklies’ cutting-edge editorialstrives to dig beneath the coversfor stories to put forth to itsreaders in an unprejudiced andimpartial manner. Chitralekha hasthus become a trusted source ofprivileged information and iscredited with inspiring journalism.The faith and loyalty of thereaders, coupled with its massivereach amongst the rich and famous,makes it the lead vehicle forall lifestyle products in India,ensuring the advertisers anenormous return on their investments.
Cricket Samrat 7.4.1
Magzter Inc.
Cricket Samrat – The world's largest and best sellingcricketmagazine, Cricket Samrat is being published for more than3decades.
Mohanlal Special 7.2.2
Magzter Inc.
Mohanlal special is the one and only star magazineinmalayalm.Published from 2005 onwards Mohanlal special isfavouritemagazine for Malayalis all over the world. . It deals withall themovie news and reports about kerala's most popular actorpadmasreebharath Mohanlal.The magazine is published by NewslinePublications
Smart Investment Gujarati 7.4.1
Magzter Inc.
Smart Investment Is The Leading English/Gujarati FinancialWeeklyWith 16 Pages In Every Issue In Tabloid Format. In EveryIssue WeGive Following Information Which Is Of Interest To AllInvestors.Latest Investment News For Stock Market, Investment News,PrimaryMarket, Mutual Funds, Comodity Markets & Trends And TipsOn TheCurrent Scene In The Share Market. All Useful InformationForInvestors.
Revista Proceso 7.4.1
Magzter Inc.
Proceso semanario de información actual y crítica detemaspolíticos, sociales, cultura, espectáculos, religión, entreotros,tanto nacionales como internacionales.
Sukrit 7.2.2
Magzter Inc.
Found in 2009, Sukrit is a spiritual lifestyle &wellnessmagazine that aims at sharing the ancient knowledge of theIndianseers & sages exploring the importance of their wisdom&lifestyle techniques in modern day life. Published by ateamcomprising spiritual scientists of today with inputs fromYoga,Ayurved & Healing experts, the magazine makes theuniqueattempt of taking wellness of the mind, body & spirit tothereaders through the doors of their body (their eyes).
Kids Age 7.2.2
Magzter Inc.
Since inception in 2006, Kids Age has emerged as the most likedandappreciated Newspaper amongst Indian school kids.Innovativetechniques to allure kids of different ages, which notonly provideentertainment but also impart knowledge, have been thekey strategyof Kids Age. Harnessing the overall growth of Indianschoolstudents in all the fields paralleling all the essentialgenres ofeducation has been our motto.
Champak - Gujarati 7.4.1
Magzter Inc.
Champak is India's popular children's magazine that is dedicatedtothe formative years of a child. The fascinating tales in itnotonly leave a deep imprint on the mind of its young readers butalsoimpart them with knowledge that they will treasure for yearstocome.
Inside Showbiz 7.2.2
Magzter Inc.
Inside Showbiz is for aspiring showbiz enthusiasts. It givesaccessto the intimate lifestyle details of their favoritecelebrities andup-and-coming personalities with news and featureswritten from ayoung, witty , intelligent, and fun perspective.
Forbes India Magazine 7.4.1
Magzter Inc.
Forbes is the world’s leading business magazine and sinceitsinception in 1917, Forbes has stood, unwavering, for oneoverridingprinciple: the unshakable belief in the power of freeenterprise.Forbes mission has always been clear and unchanging: toprovideinsights and information that ensure the success of theworld’smost influential. Faithfully fulfilling that promise is whatdrawstoday's most influential business leaders to Forbes.Thesehigh-powered decision-makers represent a community oflike-mindedindividuals bound by their unshakable belief in thespirit of freeenterprise. They contribute to it, profit from it andtheir livesare better for it. For them, Forbes is thequintessentialCapitalist Tool. True to its pedigree, Forbes Indiahas donned onthe role of the drama critic to Indian business. Sinceits launchin 2009, the magazine has helped readers connect thedots, formpatterns and see beyond the obvious, giving them aperspectivebeyond the obvious.
issuu - Read Magazines, Catalogs, Newspapers. 5.17.5
With issuu for Android, you’ll get access to more than 30millionpublications in an incredible, immersive reading experienceforFREE. Explore & read millions of publications • 20,000newmagazines, catalogs, and more added every day in 30+languages.There’s so much to discover on issuu! • Read gorgeous,fascinating,and unique content from around the globe on any topicimaginable,like photography, design, food & drink, business,fashion,gaming, technology, science, movies, travel, real estateand more.• Get new and exciting recommendations in your feedalongsidecontent you already love — issuu’s smart content enginelearns asyou read. • Read issuu from your Android phone or tablet,or viaany web browser. Follow, save, and share content you love •UseClip to select any portion of a publication and shareoverFacebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more. • Follow publishers,andcurate stacks of your favorite publications so you always stayupto date on your latest content. • Download publications toreadanytime, anywhere — even without a WiFi or network connection.➠Theissuu app for Android requests certain permissions; find outwhyhere: Ontheweb: Twitter:
Free Books - Spirit Fanfiction and Stories 2.0.134
In Spirit Fanfictions and Stories you can find, read and fallinlove with thousands of books (Original Stories and Fanfiction)FORFREE. The Spirit Fanfictions and Stories Application wasspeciallydesigned to provide the best reading and bookpublishingexperience, fully optimized and much lighter than thesite itself.* Read offline * Publish your books * Organize yourfavoritestories in your Library * Write your opinion in thecomments andparticipate in the stories * Select font types andcolors for amore comfortable reading * Follow stories / authors andalways benotified of new chapters and stories Take your bookswherever youare, through your Offline Library. Customize yourreading settings,such as changing the font size and backgroundcolor, for anindividual experience. Write and publish your stories,so peoplecan read and fall in love. Conquer thousands of fans!Follow us toreceive news and updates •Facebook: •Instagram: •Twitter: •Google+: •Youtube: If theapplicationshows any error click inform and describe what you weredoing, sowe can try to reproduce and correct the problem. If youfind anytranslation error, please contact us!
Post Maker for Social Media 1.1
Photo Cool Apps
Create amazing Post and Cover Page for social networkingplatforms.Instantly create chic and stylish posters and post ofvariousstyles like: magazine covers, movie posters, gourmet ads,traveldocumentary, social media post & cover page, promotionalpageand more!Post Maker provides hand picked backgrounds,textures,stickers and text (fonts) specially for poster making tocreatePost, Cover Page and Poster like professionals.Features: >Hugecollection of backgrounds> Choose color as background>Selectyour own picture from gallery as background> Multipleaspectratio with social sites aspect ratio for backgrounds> Addyourtext with poster design fonts> Add wonderful stickers(speciallypicked for poster making)> Add your pictures fromgallery andcamera> Save on SD Card> Share on social mediaMakeamazingposter, post and cover pages with Post Maker. Try Now!!
Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker 1.2
Simply Entertaining
"Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker" allows youtocreate amazing designs without any graphic design skills.Noweveryone can become a professional designer deliveringimpressiveresults with this powerful graphic design tool! Wheneveryou feelinspired, you can always create awesome designs with ourextensiveartwork and easy to use tools, Irresistible YoutubeThumbnails,Channel Arts, crafting jaw dropping posters, flyers,cards,invitations, social media graphics, banners and much more.WithThumbnail Maker, turn Your Ideas into Stunning Artworks. Notonlycan you create Thumbnails for youtube, you can also create-Channel Art for Youtube - Ad Pages for Facebook - CoverforFacebook - Posts for Instagram - Cover for Youtube - CoverforTwitter - Cover for Linkedin - Cover for Twitch - Flyers in A4Size(72 DPI) - Device Wallpaper Portrait - Desktop Wallpaper - Logo-Cover for Google Plus - Art for Tumbler Graphic - Art forPinterestPin - Presentation - Infographic - Posts for Facebook -Thumbnailfor Youtube - Post for Twitter - Banners A highlycustomizablethumbnail maker app to design artwork for YouTube rightat yourfingertips. - Design an eye-catching thumbnails for YouTubethatboosts viewership - Make it impossible for your audience toscrollpast your thumbnail without having a click and a look. -Piecetogether a thumbnail design in no time. - PlaywithTextures/Fonts/Colors/Photos - You can edit and save yourdesignsas many times as you like. Every time you create a newdesign, suchas a YouTube thumbnail, it will appear in the “MyDesigns” section.Why Choose "Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & ChannelArt Maker"? -Rich Resources : Function-focused resources make itsimple tocreate collages, social media graphics, posters, cards,banners andmuch more with this Thumbnail Maker App. - PowerfulTools :Thumbnail maker provides powerful design and editing toolswhichenables you to achieve high-quality results quickly andwithout anyhassles or headaches. - Easy to Use : "Thumbnail, Cover,Posts& Channel Art Maker" is all about making designamazinglysimple for anyone. With only a few clicks, anyone cancreateprofessional artworks, even without any experience. Are youayoutuber? Download Thumbnail Maker now for Free and enjoycreatingchannel arts, banners and thumbnails within a fewminutes."Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker" is allaboutmaking design amazingly simple for anyone. Try Now!!Disclaimer:"Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker" is notaffiliatedwith, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved byYouTube,Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Twitch, Google. All referencesto"YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Twitch, Google" aresolelyfor the purpose of identifying the app for potential users.Notrademark infringement is intended, Neither arethesecompanies/entities responsible for this app.
Mendeley 1.18.3
Elsevier Inc
What is Mendeley?Mendeley is a free reference manager and PDFreaderdesigned for researchers, students, and academics. Whetheryou'rewriting your dissertation, organising your literature foreasyretrieval, or need to read journal articles on the go,Mendeley canhelp.Features• Annotate PDFs with sticky notes andhighlights•Search your library for keywords in the Title, Authors,Publicationor Abstract• Sync annotations & documents acrossall yourdevices• Save PDFs to your Mendeley library from otherapps or yourweb browser• Use Mendeley offline during your commute,and sync whenyou have connection• Download or remove PDFs ondemand, to easilymanage device storage spaceSync your libraryacross all yourdevicesEverything you add or annotate from yourphone or tablet issynced back to Mendeley Desktop, where you cangenerate citationsand bibliographies while writing yourdissertation or latestresearch in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice.Need to change thecitation style half way through writing?Mendeley does this for youin seconds, and supports over 7000citation styles, includingpopular styles such as APA 6th, IEEE,Nature, Harvard, Chicago, AMA,and Vancouver.New to Mendeley?Createa free account at and download MendeleyDesktop to easilyimport your existing library from Endnote,Refworks, Zotero,Readcube or RefMe. If you've just got a folder ofPDFs, simply dragand drop them into Mendeley Desktop. It's thateasy!"What [Mendeley]are up to is boldly innovative. The Mendeleyteam is attemptingnothing less than changing the way scientistsconduct and sharetheir research." - Wired
Poster Maker, Flyer Designer, Ads Page Designer 2.4
Photo Cool Apps
Want to create promotional posters, advertisement,offerannouncements, cover photos for your shop, restaurant, officeorsocial sites? If yes then this is the app for you.Createpromotional posters, advertisement, offer announcements,coverphotos on the go with amazing backgrounds, texture, effects,fonts,sticker and get the attention you want. Poster Maker is aneasy touse app, just select the background you like in the ratio asperyour need and add your text with poster design fonts, addwonderfulstickers (specially picked for poster making), add yourpicturesfrom gallery and create perfect poster every time.Features: >Huge collection of backgrounds > Choose color asbackground >Select your own picture from gallery as background> Add yourtext with poster design fonts > Add wonderfulstickers(specially picked for poster making) > Add your picturesfromgallery > Save on SD Card > Share on social mediaMakeamazing poster with Poster Maker. Try Now!!
JW Watchtower 2018 1.0
Jehovah's apps
JW Watchtower 2018 Research tool for publications invariouslanguages by Jehovah's Witnesses. Provides online access totheBible, Bible-based publications, and current news. It describesourbeliefs and organization. openly share their beliefsaboutGod, Jesus, the Bible, the future, and more.WhatJehovah'sWitnesses believe: religion, ministry, beliefs andpractices,community work and organization. Answers to frequentlyaskedquestions.
Punch Mobile 1.9.1
The Punch Newspapers
This is the official Android app of The Punch Newspapers, themostwidely read newspaper in Nigeria.Breaking News, informationandopinion in Nigeria covering the following categories:*News*Business* Editorial* Politics* Health* Metro News*Education*i-Punch* Sports* EntertainmentFeatures:- Notification& Alertfor every update- Refresh either one, or all categories-Star(save)articles as favourites- Increase/Decrease text size -Share storieson social networks, emails and more- Switch topreferred layout(Grid or List)- Sort articles by date, read, titleetcand muchmore.
Hindu Vocab App: Daily Editorial & Vocabulary editorial.Nov
Hindu Vocab App: with daily Editorial, Daily Vocabulary&Monthly Vocab Updates. **** Learn New Words Daily**** ***ReadEditorial***** ****Read Editorial Vocabulary********MonthlyVocabulary**** ***Word Of The Day*** ***Daily Updates****AwesomeCollections of Vocabulary*** ****Read Monthly VocabularyOnline****Important for competitive exam aspirant** [Exams likeUPSC, IAS,CAT, Civil services, IBPS Bank exam, Bank PO, PSC andothers] ** Itprovides editorial and vocabulary from different newssources likeThe Hindu, The Economics Times, Live Mint, TOI, TheIndian Express,Hindustan Times and more, all at a single place.**words with bothin Hindi and English meaning. This app consists ofmost importantand awesome collection of Vocabulary. It is Bilingualapp(hindimeanings) . words are taken from GRe Barrons and The hinduanddifferent news sources. . Hindu Vocab provides synonyms fortheVocabulary also. Hindu Newspaper Vocabulary app consists morethan3000 thousand offline words. Monthly Vocabulary runs inofflinemode.(Without Internet) Most Important App for BankingAsipirants
Sandesh 2.6
The Sandesh Ltd
Sandesh epaper is an online Gujrati newspaper known worldwideforits largest readership. Find Sandesh ePaper, Newspaper,Newspaperin Gujrati, Gujrati Newspapers online and Gujrati ePaperonly onePaper.sandesh.comSandesh is more than a just a newspaper.It ispeople’s voice and soul too. A pure form of journalism whichnevercompromises in reporting quality and in the traditional valuesandethics of journalism. A sheer acknowledgement of theeditorialinitiatives that often sets the agenda for the Governanceand keepstrack of the issues that are central to reader’s life.SandeshNewspaper is printed and circulated from Ahmedabad, Mumbai,Surat,Rajkot, Baroda, bhuj City, Bhavnagar and many more cities.SandeshNewspaper, powered by Phando features :* New issuesgetautomatically refreshed when published.* Pinch zoom-in&zoom-out feature.* Clipping save & Share feature.* Page bypagenavigation.* Single/multi page download feature. * Auto updateofhome page with latest news edition.
Inkitt – Free Fiction Books, Novels & Stories
Free Novels Inc
Find thousands of new fiction books on the Inkitt App and readthemfor free. Fantasy books, scifi and thriller novels, horrorstories,mystery, romance and more! Discover hand-picked novels fromallgenres and join us on our mission to support aspiringauthorstaking their first steps towards publication. *** MostDownloadedFree Reading App in 5 countries. *** • Discover and readupcomingfiction books by indie authors for free (all in English) •Downloadfiction books and read them offline • Personalizedreadingrecommendations based on your favorite fiction genres•Customizable background colors and fonts to meet your preferences•When reading a story, tap & hold to autoscroll Over700,000readers have discovered new novels from indie authors on theInkittreading app. From Fantasy, Scifi, Thriller, Mystery, Horror,Actionand Adventure to Drama, Romance, Erotica, and YA,discoverhand-picked novels and books from all genres. -- AboutInkittInkitt is the perfect free app for reading fiction books onyourAndroid phone or tablet, especially for avid readers wholovediscovering upcoming novels from new and talented authors onthego. All stories published on the Inkitt app are ourreaders’top-picks. Books and novels are our passion and we want toshare itwith you. Join us on our mission to support rising talent!Findfantasy, scifi, thriller, mystery, horror, action, dramaandromance books and novels also on Interestedinknowing more about upcoming titles, learning writing tips,andreading author interviews? Visit our blog
Prabhat Khabar 3.4
Prabhat Khabar Daily Newspaper is more than a just a newspaper.Itis people’s voice and soul too. A pure form of journalismwhichnever compromises in reporting quality and in thetraditionalvalues and ethics of journalism. Today Prabhat Khabar iscountedamong the very best and ranked 7th (IRS Q4 2012) among allHindidailies in India. It has shown the highest readership growthamongtop 10 Hindi dailies of India. A sheer acknowledgement oftheeditorial initiatives that often sets the agenda for theGovernanceand keeps track of the issues that are central toreader’s life.Prabhat Khabar is printed and circulated from Ranchi,Jamshedpur,Dhanbad, Deoghar, Patna, Muzaffarpur, Bhagalpur, Gaya,Kolkata& Siliguri. Prabhat Khabar Daily Newspaper, poweredbyReadwhere features : * New issues get automatically refreshedwhenpublished * Pinch zoom-in & zoom-out feature * Page bypagenavigation * Automatically saves pages to read offline
Financial Times 2.48.0
Financial Times
See the full perspective on world events with the FinancialTimesapp for Android. Get the international business news,analysis,market data and company information you need to staywell-informed.FEATURES • Read anywhere, even when you’re offline,with automaticdownloads of the latest edition • Get push alerts onbreaking news• Follow topics that matter to you and save articleswith myFT •Start your day with the informative Daily Briefing • UsefastFT todiscover stories as they break • See the latest commentsonarticles and share your opinions • Monitor your MarketsDataportfolio and browse securities HOW TO ACCESS To gain fullaccessto our award-winning content, please sign in using yourFinancialTimes account. FEEDBACK The FT app is supported forAndroid 5 andabove. If you have any feedback on our app, [email protected] If you have issues with your particulardevicethen we would love to hear from you. Please include detailsofwhich Android device you are using, and OS version if you knowit.To chat with us about the app go to
LoveWorld Books 1.0
LoveWorld Publishing
Read your favorite Christian publications from LoveWorldPublishingMinistry on the go with the LoveWorld Books Mobile App.Choose froma massive collection of inspirational books that you candownloadin a jiffy.The LoveWorld Books Mobile application is free,forAndroid and iOS devices with the following features:-Availabilityof e book and audio book formats - Turn pages with aswipe-Bookshelf automatically sorts collection of books toappropriatecategories- Shop for eBooks within the app- Adjust fontsize withease- Search for texts inside books- Easy navigationinside a book-Take notes on your favorite reads- Make purchase withgift vouchers(optional)- Instant access to new releases- Send yourenquiries,testimonies and prayer requests- And lots more
Aanjaneya e-SHOP 11
Samirsinh Dattopadhye
Introduction ========= Using this app, you can now:- - Downloadandread your purchased Aanjaneya e-publications offlineanytime,anywhere. - Browse the rich collection of Aanjaneya e-SHOPbooks. -Download free sample copies of e-publications and startreadinginstantly. Please refer to the below sections for knowingmoreabout the usage guidelines of the app. Login to theApp============= You can login to the app from top right cornerusingyour login credentials of Aanjaneya e-SHOP website. Click onthevertical line from top right corner and then click on the“Login”option. To create your own account, please visit Aanjaneyae-SHOPwebsite. App has 3 main sections as follows: Books =====Thissection shows all available e-publications. - Without loggingin,you can download demo version of the e-publications. -Afterlogging in, you can download full version of your subscribede-publications. My Books ======== This section shows yoursubscribede-publications. You can download full version of thesubscribede-publications from this section. Downloaded Books==============This section shows all the e-publications which youhavedownloaded. These books can be read offline. Note: PleasevisitAanjaneya e-SHOP website in order to make anye-publicationpurchases.
The Economist: World News 2.5.8
The best way to read The Economist on your Android device.The appisfree to download and includes free access to the Editor's picks– aweekly selection of articles from each week’s edition ofTheEconomist.Digital and print subscribers to The Economistreceiveunrestricted access to each week’s full printedition.FEATURES•Each week’s issue available from 9pm London timeeach Thursday•Download each issue to your device to read without aninternetconnection• Switch easily between reading and listeningwith TheEconomist in audio• Store and access back issues• Purchasesingleissues in app• Subscribe from within the app for full accessto TheEconomist on Android tablets, Android smartphones, the ChromeWebstore and• Share articles via e-mail, TwitterandFacebook• The World in 2018 is now available within TheEconomistapp. Install the app and scroll down through the issues toTheWorld in 2018. Find out how big thinkers, industry leadersandEconomist journalists predict 2018 will unfoldABOUTTHEECONOMISTThe Economist is a weekly international news andbusinesspublication, offering clear reporting, commentary andanalysis onworld current affairs, business, finance, science andtechnology,culture, society, media and the arts.SUPPORTShould yourequire anyassistance using our app pleasevisit for answers tofrequentlyasked questions as well as ways to contact customersupport.
JW Daily Text 2018 on video 10.2
"JW Daily Text 2018 on video" is the best daily text appforJehovah's Witnesses, with the "JW Daily Text 2018 on video" Appyouwill never miss a day without reading your Examine TheScriptureDaily Text. Do you have a busy schedule? Don't worry withtheinbuilt push notification features you will always getdailyreminders just in case you've missed it. Also with the "JWDailyText 2018 on video" App you can browse through the JW.orgonlinelibrary and also read the JW bible online in over 300languagesfrom Jehovah's witnesses website, Any comment,suggestionor complaint of the application write me to:[email protected], Iwill gladly answer your messages. If youenjoyed using this app "JWDaily Text 2018 on video" please give ityour best rating. (A5-star-rating will inspire us a lot)
Ei Samay - Bengali News Paper
Times Internet Limited
Ei Samay, the Bengali news paper from the Times Group, brings toyouthe latest Bangla News and entertainment. This is the officialappof Ei Samay for Android users and it provides its readers withthelatest Bengali news, on the go, wherever they are. This Bengalinewsapp from the most respected Bengali newspaper keeps youupdated withthe latest happenings in all of Bengal includingKolkata. It allowsyou to enjoy the same experience that you getfrom the Ei Samaywebsite while you are on the move, bringing younews on all thelatest happenings right on your mobile or tablet.Get all the BanglaNews on the latest cricket scores, moviereviews, politics, worldand more. Key features of this app:- •Local Bengali news from allthe 19 districts of West Bengalincluding Kolkata • Live CricketScores and Movie Reviews • NewsVideos and News Photos fromPolitics, Business, Sports,Entertainment and Lifestyle • ShareBengali News Articles, BanglaNews Videos and Photos via email,Facebook and Twitter • Post yourcomments on all stories includingBangla News Articles and MovieReviews Install the app now and getthe experience of this trustedBengali newspaper on your Androiddevice. About Ei Samay( Ei Samay isthe Bengali newspaperof the Times Group and is published fromKolkata. Times Group isIndia's largest and most credible mediahouse that also publishesThe Times of India, The Economic Times,Navbharat Times,Maharashtra Times and Vijay Karnataka among a hostof otherpublications. PrivacyPolicy:
Haridham e-Publication 1.3.1
Haridham - Sokhada
“Haridham e-Publication” is an unique mobile app that consistsofinspirational Bhajans & Spiritual Discourses (Audio&Video).These Discourses will certainly helpful in doingSelfIntrospection / meditation to all devotees anywhere anytime.Wefeel sure that sincere and regular introspection with help ofthesematerial will help all devotees to experience the ultimatebliss ofLord SwamiNarayan and Guruhari H.D.H Hariprasad Swamiji.
Publication 2.8.20170505.243
There are many publications of Quantum Foundation, likemonthlybulletins, brochures, meditations, audios, books and Konica.Yes,of course, it would be quite problematic if you want hardcopies,it might get ruined, or lost. And sometime, it is evenquitedifficult for you to carry this. Therefore, in order to dealwiththat, we came with the app which provides you with allourpublications, where you can choose to download the ones youwish.You can start right away. Just download the app and beginyourjourney to the world of peace and tranquility; andexperienceyourself as one of the travelers in the path of health,peace andsuccess. And don’t forget to send your valuable feedbacks,so thatwe can update as per your requirements. Visitsite: by:QuantumMethod – The Science of Living([email protected]
Stonedoot Info 2.6
We are publisher of commercial directory on marble,granite,sandstone and slate Since 1994. In which we provide listingofManufacturer, Processor and Exporter of Marble, Granite,Sandstone,Diamond Tools, Diamond Powder,Abrasives, Marble &GraniteMachinery.Indiandoot Publication helps you to grow yourbusiness inIndian and International Market. We make B2B Commerce tomakeclients post their requirement and get products as pertheirsatisfaction and need. We make linked between domesticandinternational market. This helps you making your businesstimeconsuming and better in time.
Read Scripture 2.8.0
Crazy Love Ministries
The goal of Read Scripture is that everyone would read the Bibleforthemselves and discover the truth and beauty of God’s Word.Tothisend, we are curating a year-long Bible reading planandsupplementing the reading with amazingly creative videos(producedby our friends at the Bible Project) that explain everybook of theBible, major theological themes of the gospel, and tipson how toread the Bible.We will house all of this content in abeautifullydesigned app that will be available to download in theApp Storeand on Google Play.We encourage you to experience ReadScripture incommunity but it is set up so that you can go throughit on yourown.Scripture quotations are from the ESV® Bible (TheHoly Bible,English Standard Version®), copyright © 2001 byCrossway, apublishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used bypermission.All rights reserved.
Hubhopper: Stories & Podcasts That Speak to You 3.4
Hubhopper brings you the latest news and ad-free content fromyourfavorite publishers and podcasts, all in one of the mostsimple,beautiful news apps you can find. Keep up with breakingnews, themost viral content and best podcasts from India and aroundtheworld. Save time and effort (not to mention space on yourphone),by bringing together content creators of all sizes – fromupcomingbloggers and international media houses to free podcastsandvloggers in one news app. Personalize your feed like ane-newspaperby simply subscribing to the latest news and bestpodcasts that youwant to see. • Now introducing podcasts!!Hubhopper is the bestpodcast app for Android devices, withthousands of shows andstories produced from all over the world.Browse through acollection of top podcasts, with news podcasts,business podcasts,technology podcasts, sports podcasts, educationalpodcasts and manymore. • Consume bite-sized intros or summaries ofbreaking news andtrending content in a feed that’s customized toyour tastes, withworld news and India news as well as viral videos,memes, articlesand images curated for you in your very owne-newspaper. • Engagewith the latest news stories by loving them,sharing them andbookmarking them, creating curated albums like yourvery ownnewspaper app. • Discover and subscribe to anever-growingselection of top publishers like NDTV, CNN, The Verge,Mashable andmany more. Hubhopper is your one-stop shop for worldnews and newstoday and is India’s largest directory of podcastsonline. This isa content experience you don’t want to miss, on oneof the bestnews apps out there for the latest news as well as freepodcastsfor Android. Get your daily dose on Hubhopper. P.S. We’dlove yourfeedback, so rate us or write to us – we’ll be listening!
Telegraph X - publishing tool for Telegram users 1.1.4
Petrov Sergey is editor that allows you to quickly and easilycreatearticles with rich text and photo / video attachments.Afterpublication, the article is available on a direct link, whichcanbe shared anywhere (in Telegram chat rooms / channels or onothersites). Telegraph X will be useful for owners of Telegramchannels,bloggers and any users who like to write articles, talkabouttravel, share their thoughts and experiences. Authorizationandsync To authorize into telegraph, use the official telegrambot, after that all yourpreviouslycreated articles and user data are synchronized. All yourarticlesin one place On the home screen, all your articles aredisplayed ina beautiful list. You don’t have to deal with theinconvenienttelegram-bot interface anymore. Create new articles Wemade theprocess of creating new articles as simple as possible, sothatnothing distracted from the most important. You can startcreatingan article, and then also continue to fill it Editarticles Edit already published articles. You canupdate page’scover, author, text format and add media attachments,as in thetelegraph. Drafts and autosaving articles In thetelegra.phapplication, you can now not be afraid that your timewill bewasted, as autosaving will not allow this, and allunpublishedarticles will remain drafts, to which you can return atany time.Rich Text Make your text bold, italic, title, quote, link,numberedor regular list, etc. The application has a richer set ofoptionsfor formatting WYSIWYG markup than in the web Adding photos / youtube / vimeo attachments totextFilling the text with media attachments is an essential part ofanygood article rich editor, like Page Views StatsEacharticle shows the total number of its views. In the nextversion wewill make it possible to view the statistics of views forthespecified day, month or the whole year. Edit account We madeitpossible to edit name of account, author and link to hisprofile,as well as using a telegram, but in a more convenientinterface.Anonymity Telegraph allows you to publish articlescompletelyanonymously, it's enough not to specify authorship andnobody willever know about you. No ads We believe that nothingshould distractyou from the creative process. More informationabout Telegraph canbe found here
Actu Cameroun – Latest News 2.6
Africa IT Consulting
The Actu Cameroun application is the most efficient way to tracktheCameroonian news.Get daily news, politics, economics,society,health in Cameroon.Follow live updates on your smartphoneandtablet with Actu Cameroun application! Stay informed of thelatestnews of the events with wealth and editorial quality ofActuCameroun:- Headline : Get all news of Cameroon with more thanadozen of available topics (politics, economy,sports,international, culture ...)- Notifications : Stay in theheart ofthe info through notifications which inform you in realtime of thelast major news.- Download contents for offlinereading.Theapplication is a free download !!!Download Actu Camerounto followall the Cameroonian and African news.