Top 6 Games Similar to Township

Town Village: Farm, Build, Trade, Harvest City 1.9.6
Farm. Build. Town. Trade. Town Village is a unique mixofcitybuilding and farming. Build your dream village consistingofhouses, farms, factories, community buildings and a seasidetradingport. Manage the farm and village productions in your funcartoonfarming town, sell goods to further develop and expand yourfarmcity, harvest hay farms and grow your island to aflourishingtrading port in the area. Town Village is a unique mixofcitybuilding and farming. Build your dream town! It’s free!EnjoyTown Village for free, created by the number 1citybuilderdeveloper for mobile: Sparkling Society, with over adozen coolcity building games and over 85 million playersworldwide. Try todevelop, grow farming capabilities and craft yourfarming villageinto a town / city / metropolis with lots ofbeautiful and funbuildings and expansions, lots of goods and cropsto produce on thefarmfields, grow a variety of hay crops on yourfarms, and deliverorders from your citizens and neighbours to keepthem happy andearn cash and XP. Decorate your town with a lot ofbeautifuldecorations to make your fun farm city unique. So if youlike citybuilders and have played other city building games or funfarmgames in the past, you’ll definitely love this city builder. Ifyoulove a relaxing farm game with a challenge, for free, or if youarea designer when you build your own city, join now! TownVillagefeatures: * Different buildings, from craft stores to farmsanddecorations you can use to design your dream town * Variousfarmcrops to grow and goods to trade at your trading port*Characteristic townspeople with orders you can fill to earncashand XP for your town villager * Your town's distributioncenterneeds to be managed, help your citizens * Sell your farmcrops atthe market * Collect city building materials to finishcartoonybuildings * Farms to manage and expand your farming town *Exoticgoods and crops brought from trading ports from other farmislands* Decorate your fun town with numerous lovely decorations *Townbuilding game, village building game, farm management * Playwithyour friends, make new friends in the game community! (soon) *Freegame with in-app purchases
Farm Town: Happy village near small city and town 3.45
Tending a garden is surely the best way to spend your freetime.Experience the quiet charm of rural life: a beautiful farmwith aview to a river awaits you. Move to a happy village, becomeafarmer! Grow a variety of crops on your farm near township:hay,corn, vegetables, flowers, fruits and berries. Harvestdeliciouscrops every day! Use your harvest to craft dozens ofdifferenttreats. We've got all the recipes you need: lollipop,cookie,birthday cake and much more. Then sell your goods to thetownsfolkand friendly neighbors. It's a great opportunity forbusiness! Haveyou ever wanted to own a pony or a baby sheep as apet? Build a zooand Invite lovely pets to your farm. Plantbeautiful flowers andcollect them into bright bouquets. Repair acircus and invitetourists to the nearby township, make them happyand enjoy thegifts from them. Try the 2019 release from Foranjgames, a newfarming simulator coming to the USA. Enlist the supportof yourfamily and friends, and create your own distributionnetwork, helpthe development of the city and provides residentswith supplies.Create your own farm story and, who knows, maybe itis you who willone day become the mayor of Farm Town! Join ourgroup on Facebookto share your funnystories:
Farm Frenzy Free-Time management farm game offline 1.3.8
HeroCraft Ltd.
Best of all farming games Farm Frenzy is now free! In thestyleofmanagement games you like a real farmer will have to workhardtoachieve your goals in farming games. Whether that’sowningacertain number of animals, buy and sell chickens,producingaspecific number of goods or simply racking up a hugeprofit inyourferma. This is a farming simulator - time managementgamesfullfree. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to runyourownfully working ferma? Now you are a farmer! If you fancygivingit ago without having to get up at the crack of dawn everydayFarmFrenzy - the farming games for you! Soon you’ll be abigfarmerproducing vast quantities of products and turning overahugeprofit in farm games. Farm Frenzy has 72 action-packedlevelstokeep you busy, starting from simple chicken egg collectingtaskstothe rigours of producing cheese in barnyard games.Farmgamesfeatures: • 72 original levels in farming games •Funnyanimals tocare for! • Lots of ferma products to sell • Over30buildings'upgrades for the village • Unlimited farm games time•VIP bonuses• time management games As well as the standardupgradesthe reallycanny player may unlock special VIP bonuses,theseincludesuper-fast transport vehicles for yourvillage,automaticwater-pumps and discount cards to securecheaperpurchasing ofanimals for yourferma!_____________________________________ Ifyou wish to playFarmFrenzy without any ads, just check out thisspecial premiumversionof the barnyard games here: Farm FrenzyonGooglePlay: more barnyard gamesand farm games - FOLLOWUS: WATCHUS:
Farm Wonderland 3.1
Farm Wonderland
Welcome to Farm Wonderland – a dreamy fairyland floatingontheclouds. Just enjoy farming and ranching life as a realfairywith alarge selection of plants, fruit trees, livestockandpoultry. Growthe most interesting crops, raise theprettiestanimals and expandthe scale of your farm so that you cangain moreand more gold tomake your own unique and beautiful land infairyworld. Let’s joinFarm Wonderland to run farm life in heaven!
Family Zoo: The Story 2.3.1
Plarium LLC
Meet Family Zoo – a place to restore, build, and design asyouseefit! Join the game and solve fun Match-3 puzzles tosavethepopular animal park from destruction! Cute animals, eachwiththeirown unique story, need a family and new home! Prove to bethebestFamily Zoo keeper! Hundreds of unique and addictiveMatch-3levelsare waiting for you in Family Zoo! Download Family Zoogame,anadorable story driven adventure with fun Match-3 puzzlesandcustomdesign for you to choose! Become a Zoo tycoon One of thejoysofvisiting a zoo is seeing the wild animals living inharmony.Butwhat you’ll discover when playing Family Zoo, a coolfamilygamefor all animal lovers, is that it takes a lot of work tomakesucha spectacular animal park. Family Zoo is a zoobuilderandmanagement game, where you have a chance to become azootycoon!Design the landscape of your zoo, pick the rightplantsanddecorations, research new animals, hire staff, and keepyourguestshappy. Family Zoo is also a fun Match 3 puzzle game whereyousolveMatch 3 puzzle levels by matching fruits and blastingberries.Livethe story Help Charlotte restore and design the Zoothatshe’sinherited from her family. Restore the Zoo to make itthemainattraction of the town. Entertaining Zoo management tasksandZoosimulation quests will guide you along in the flourishingZooandintroduce adorable characters. Make the Zoo comfortableforanimalsand more popular among visitors! Become the bestZookeeperand makeyour family proud of what you've accomplished!SolveMatch-3puzzles Embark on a wild Zoo journey and experiencetheMatch 3adventure! Family Zoo is a completely free Match-3game.Just swipeand crush to unlock your next puzzle, match, andcollectjuicyfruits. This will help you earn materials to build yourownzoo.Become a puzzle-solving master in this sweet and fruityMatch3puzzle game! Relaxing puzzles and enjoyablechallengesawait!Decorate Family Zoo Do you like home builder, homedecorator,andhouse designer games? Your newest quest is to buildthe Zoo!FamilyZoo is a virtual Zoo simulator where you canbuild,customize, anddecorate a fantastic home for wild animals,adorablepets, andother cute creatures! Decorate the animal habitatsandsurroundinggardens! Start this construction mania by makingyourZoo big,cozy, and popular! Your Zoo management skills willbetested withthe renovations you make! Take care of animalsCollectlegendaryanimal species, breed them, and create happy Zoofamily.Giraffes,bears, penguins, monkeys, elephants, hippos,crocodiles -you'llmeet all of them in Family Zoo! Help all animalsin the Zoolivehappy lives: give them fun toys, teach them newtricks, andkeeptheir enclosures clean and safe. All pets needcomfortablelivingconditions under your care! Experience thecolorful Zootycoonsensation and run your own Zoo! Keep visitorshappy Createthedream Zoo and open it to visitors! Apart from happyanimals,theZoo needs content customers. Construct drink stands,icecreamkiosks, popcorn stalls, candy stores, coffee shops, andbuildcozycafes to attract more people to the Zoo! As a Zootycoon,startincreasing your income and developing yourbusinessempire.FEATURES ● Switch between Match-3 levels andbuilding thezoo ●Hundreds of Match-3 and Blast puzzles ● Decoratethe Zoo tomake itunique ● Interact with exotic animals ● Addattractions todrawvisitors ● Make friends Your very own Family Zoohas justopenedits doors for you! Manage your Zoo park properly andachievetheultimate goal of a Zoo full of happy animals andvisitors! ThisZoosim lets you rescue animals and create asuccessful themepark!Match three and more fruits to create specialfruits blast!Connectfour and more fruits for the ultimate fruitscrush effect!BuildFamily Zoo, play with cute animals, and solveMatch-3 puzzles- allin one game!
Little Panda's Farm Story
Hi kids, the well-loved Little Panda’s Farm has opened up newlandin this summer. With the brand-new beehive and fishpond toplaywith, BabyBus invites you to create your own farm story intheLittle Panda’s Farm during the summer season. RUN YOUR NEWFARMRaise animals and grow your farm with little panda! Tomatoes,corn,watermelons.... There are nearly 10 kinds of fruits andvegetablesto choose from. Sheep, cows, hens…. Can you take goodcare of them?Create your own farm story in the Little Panda’s Farm!PROCESS FARMPRODUCTS Plant and harvest fresh crops, your favoritefruits andvegetables. Nurture and raise 5 kinds of animals. Milkcows, shearsheep, fish, and collect honey.... Process farm productsto sellthem in the farm market! DECORATE YOUR FARM Build a dreamyhut anddecorate it with balloons,bows and more! You can make thefarm lookso nice! Decorate your farm however you like! FEATURES: -8 farmingactivities for you to create your own farm stories! -Farmlifeexperience: understand the process of plant growth and mastertheliving habits of animals; - Farm management: run the farm andreachsales targets; - No limits: you can play for as long as youlike; -Teamwork: play together with your buddies; - Download forfree: allBabyBus games are free of charge! About BabyBus ————— AtBabyBus,we dedicate ourselves to sparking kids' creativity,imagination andcuriosity,and designing our products through thekids' perspectiveto help them explore the world on their own. NowBabyBus offers awide variety of products, videos and othereducational content forover 400 million fans from ages 0-8 aroundthe world! We havereleased over 200 children's educational apps,over 2500 episodesof nursery rhymes and animations of variousthemes spanning theHealth, Language, Society, Science, Art andother fields. —————Contact us: Visit us: