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Garmin ANT+ Watch Uploader PRO 2.15
Please try Garmin ANT+ Watch Tester( buying the app. Supported devices: - Garmin Forerunner 60-Garmin Forerunner 70 - Garmin Forerunner 310xt - GarminForerunner910xt - Garmin Forerunner 610 - Garmin SwimAutomatically upload allyour new activities from your ANT+ deviceto the most commonservices: - Garmin Connect - Strava - GoogleDrive - SportTracks -Email The first time you use the app you willneed to configure theservices you use and download all theactivities stored in your ANT+device. The download may take a longwhile depending on how manyactivities keeps your device. Then youjust have to enter the appand it will start the upload processimmediately. Additionalfeatures include: * Direct upload toStrava. * No need to turn offWiFi, Bluetooth… it just works. *Automatic upload retry in case oferror. * Garmin Forerunner 910xt:- Training Effect measure display.- Battery level from your lastactivity. - Battery durationestimation.
ua.khirh.wta 2.0.8
This is a tool for analysis of Windsurf GPS tracks. !!! Notforrecording track itself !!! If You are a windsurfer, like Me,andyou do record GPS tracks while racing or riding - W.T.A. isjustfor You! However, you can use this tool for any other tracks,notonly for windsurf. With W.T.A. You can get an instant reportforyour new track just after the ride and get the main data, suchas:- speed analysis for different distances (10,100,200,1km etc)-speed profile (distribution) - get color-mapped track (coloringtorender speeds) on sattelite image - directions distribution(polar)- planning length, distance, percentage by time and distance-total distance/run and planning distance - maximum distancefromthe start point You can share report and images withFacebook,Viber, Instagram, Email, and other applications AlsoW.T.A. isuseful for detailed post-analysis of your trackscollection. Itsupports such file formats (as viewer): GPX NMEA(Doppler speedsupport) FIT, TCX (Garmin Forerunner/Fenix etc) SBN,SBP (LocosysGT-11/GT-31/GW-52/GW-60) (in future releases other fileformats canbe added). Files can be opened from local storage, USBflash Cards,USB/ANT+ (Garmin), GoogleDrive, DropBox and other"clouds", sharedby others applications Viewer for GPX, NMEA, FIT,TCX, SBN, SBPfiles Compatibility confirmed for this devices: GT-31GW-52 GW-60Garmin 310XT Garmin 910XT Garmin Fenix II Canmore GP102Polar M400Standard GPX/NMEA Loggers If yours device in not list -send me antrack example, I'll check it. Or your just try yourself -you canget refund for while.
com.insomniacpro.unaerobic 3.0.26
Andriy Romanov
This apnea trainer will help you increase your resultsinfree-diving and breath holding. Includes CO2 and O2 statictablesfrom start. You can make your own table. CAMERA HEARTMONITORINGADDED!!! Can measure heart rate with camera or usingother heartrate monitors. Approved for professional freediving.
ROUVY Workouts 5.0.0
VirtualTraining s.r.o.
Turn a boring trainer ride into a fun outdoor adventureexperiencewith the Rouvy app. ROUVY - INDOOR CYCLING REALITY Ridereal routesfrom the most beautiful places in the world! Rouvyallows you tocompete in a race or train virtually anywhere withanyone! Usingaugmented reality, the app virtually brings remoteriders togetheronto any road on the planet through animated 3Dobjects in 2D realvideos. All you need is your bike and compatibletrainer. HOW TOCONNECT For the best experience pair Rouvy to asmart orinteractive trainer with brands like CycleOps, WahooFitness, TACX,ELITE, Kinetic and more. You can also connect theRouvy App using aclassic trainer with a speed sensor or powermeter. Check thecompatibility of your setup here. ENJOY 14-DAYSFREE TRIAL Accessand try all Rouvy features for free and with nocredit cardrequired. SUBSCRIBE TO THE MOST FEATURED APP FOR INDOORCYCLINGRouvy Features: • Virtual routes - Thousands of High-qualityGPSsynced video routes from the most famous and beautiful placesforcycling. You can also create your own route and share itwithfriends. • Workouts - Variety of structured workouts based onpowerintervals. Create your own workout or follow Rouvy Guideswithpremium video footage. You can also sync yourTrainingPeaksworkouts. • Career - Stay motivated all year long asyou build yourcareer on Rouvy. Become a Legend and enjoy excitingrewards (up to$10,000 in some of the best training products Rouvypartners haveto offer) as you progress in your career. • Challenges- Find andenjoy non-stop fun and friendly competition as youimprove andbecome a better cyclist. Enjoy some exciting prizes (upto $10,000in value) for branded challenges! • Advanced PedalAnalytics -Improve your pedal technique with Rouvy Virtues.•Training Diary -manage and analyze your training agenda and shareit with yourfriends within the Rouvy community • Route and WorkoutCreator -Create your own workout or video route in Rouvy editor,you canmonitor your actual power output compared to the plannedintensity.• Synchronize your training data with Strava,TrainingPeaks orother training apps.
Bicycle Power Meter 4.9.0
Innovative App Designs
1. The Bicycle Power Meter provides the most accurate power,energy,and % grade measurements in addition to typical cyclecomputerfunctions (elevation, speed, cadence (see below notes),mapping,logging, and charting with no external sensors, hardwareorcalibration required). The Bicycle Power Meter providesthesefeatures at a tiny fraction of the cost of conventionalpowermeters and with no monthly subscription fee. The app isalsocompatible with the Zephyr Bluetooth HxM BT Heart Rate Monitor(noBLE/BT4.0 support yet) and ANT+TM compatible heart rate, speedandcadence sensors1. Try the app with no risk: we will providesupportto help get the app to run to your satisfaction or a refundwill beissued. 2. The best available smartphone resources (GPS,barometerpressure sensor for elevation, accelerometers, and weatherwindreports) are used to achieve the best accuracy. 3. % brakingenergycan be viewed (user option) to give insight into how hard youbrakeinto a turn. 4. Routes are plotted and graphed in the app, inrealtime with option for audio speech. 5. Route paths are colorscaledin real time based on the users preference. One click changesthescale: power, speed, elevation, % grade, cadence or heartrate(with Bluetooth HRM) to map where on the ride significanteventsoccurred. 6. A screenshot of the statistical data with thecolorcoded map along with the raw data files (.csv .gpx and.tcxformats) can be easily emailed. .tcx format includes keyparameters(speed, power, elevation, cadence, heart rate, etc.) toallowuploading to other analysis programs such as GarminConnect,Training Peaks, Strava, Golden Cheetah, Google Earth, etc.7. Theaccuracy of the power meter has been tested against state oftheart, major brand named power meters. 8. Without calibration(onlyentering rider's weight and choosing bicycle type), averagepowerfor a given ride typically correlates to within 15% (withnodrafting) of a conventional power meter. 9. Wind speedanddirection effects are included! (with internet connectionusinglocal weather information, drafting effects not included).10.Several default bicycle types are available to choose from,orbicycle weights and coefficients can be customized. 11. Theappwill run in the background. 12. English and Metric Unitsavailable.Set in user preference menu. English, German, Spanish,Frenchlanguage support. 13. Reload ride data to show progress andcomparerides. 1For a list of ANT+ compatible sensors, Note that an ANT+ enabled mobilephoneis required. details. SeeF.A.Q. at more detail.CADENCE TIPS: ***NOTE*** For some phones when thescreen is turnedoff, the phone's accelerometers are disabled andthe cadence datamay be unavailable. This limitation has beendocumented in a numberof other apps including pedometers. Usingthe screen lock featurecan bypass this. * For best results, priorto riding, undermenu>preferences, select the phone's handlebarmountingorientation (portrait or landscape). If carrying in ajersey backpocket, set relative to the phone's orientationcompared to lookingforward at the handlebars. * The cadence RPMand averages are tunedto power strokes detected from the phone'slow power accelerometerswhile moving (i.e. not back-pedaling,downhill/coasting, etc.) andis more accurate as the power outputincreases above 1W/kg. * Thecadence sensitivity can be adjustedunder menu>preferences. Thedefault 'nominal' setting has so farproduced the best sensitivitywhile minimizing spurious highreadings. * Noise may be observed ininstantaneous readingsdepending on riding conditions (such as roughor off-road), ridingstyles, rider's power to weight ratio, andphone hardware.
Power IT 2.0
Roma Apps
What is Power?Power is the rate at which energy is used (energyovertime) and is measured in watts. In cycling, energy isexpressed interms of work (such as how hard you have to work toascend a climb).It’s a constant snapshot of your work rate at anygiven moment. It’sthe building block from which all power-basedtraining flows. -Bicycling.comWhat is Power IT?Power IT is anapplication thatcalculates the power output of the cyclist basedon the speedmeasured by a speed sensor attached to the bike andthe power curveof an indoor trainer. Power IT will be able tobroadcast thecalculated power to an Ant+ display device ( ie.Garmin Edge or aGarmin 910xt ). If your using a Garmin device,average power,normalized power(NP) and training test score(TSS)will automaticallycompute this data fields based on the calculatedpower generated byPower IT.How accurate will be the calculatedpower?Every power meterimplements its own algorithm to measurepower. Doing a side by sidecomparison of the power measured by anactual power meter and thecalculated power might have a varianceof +/-50 or even more. But aslong as you keep your trainingenvironment constant(tire pressure,tire contact on the indoortrainer, Power IT setting, etc. ), youwill gain the benefit oftraining with power using Power IT. Why buyPower IT instead of anactual power meter?I believe you know theanswer for this. Power ITis a poor man's power meter. With Power ITyou will gain thebenefits of training with power. If you see thebenefit of usingpower-based training, I would not stop you frombuying an actualpower meter. Power IT just gives you a cheaper ofoption of doing apower-based training. Just don't brag your poweroutput with acyclist using an actual power meter.What you need?Touse theapplication, you will need an ANT+ Speed Sensor, ANT RadioService(available at the Play Store). Additionally, if your androidsmartphone does not have an integrated Ant+ chip, you will need anAnt+USBdongle(,aUSB OTG cable, and ANT USB Service(available at thePlayStore).Supported Bike Indoor Trainers:1Up USA - 6pocketsBlackBurn- Basic MagBlackBurn - FluidBlackBurn - Tech Mag6CycleOps - Fluid2CycleOps - Jet Fluid ProCycleOps -MagnetoCycleOps - SuperMagnetoProCycleOps - WindKinetic - ACProKinetic - CycloneKinetic -Cyclone IIKinetic - RoadMachineKinetic - Rock and Roll TrainerProKinetic - StandardFluidLemond - RevolutionMinoura - GYROV100Minoura -HyperMag1200RMinoura - MAG-500Minoura -MAG-500L-DMinoura -MAG-500L-RMinoura - MAG-850Minoura -VFS-RSpinervals - Super Fluid4.5If you are unable to find yourspecific bike trainer here, justuse eitherGeneric Mag Trainer -1.5kg FlywheelGeneric FluidTrainerand keep your trainingenvironment constant and you willstill gain the benefit of cyclingtraining with an actual powermeter.Note: This app has been testedworking on Samsung Galaxy S3,S4, Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.Please make sure that you haveinstalled and tested the Liteversion before making the purchase.
VirtualTraining Mobile 1.2.0
VirtualTraining s.r.o.
We eould like to inform you thatthedevelopmentof Virtual Training Mobile project has been mergedwithTabletversion and the Mobile version will be terminatedinfuture.Please install the latest version Virtual Training (linkbelow)andcontinue in new version optimized for bothMobile&Android.If you are the active subscriber on Virtual TrainingMobile,westrongly recommend to cancel the mobile subscription andactivethesubscription on new version. Any compensationsforunexploitedsubscription we will solve individually withMobilesubcribers.Please contact us via e-mail you for understanding. Happy riding!Virtual Training let's you ride anywhere in the worldwithnothingbut your bike, compatible stationary trainer and aANT+andBluetooth Smart enabled speed & cadencesensor.VirtualTraining will calculate your power output based onyourspeed, theprofile of the course and the type of traineryou'reusing. Foreven more control over your ride pair VirtualTraining toany ANT+or Bluetooth Smart compatible power meter orcontrolledresistancetrainer such as the CycleOps PowerBeam Pro orthe WahooKickr.Your subscription includes streaming access to hundredsofvideoroutes or thousands of GPS profiles in theVirtualTraininglibrary. Select a pacer to keep you on track or tryout anew racestrategy on your favorite course. Customintervalcourses(workouts) can also be created with targeted power,% FTP, %Gradeoutputs, synchronized with SufferFest videos and eachrideisshared with the Virtual Training community so you can seehowyoustack up against other Virtual Training users.VirtualTraining supports ANT+ communicationprotocol&Bluetooth Smart. Visit the detail list of compatibledevicesat Features:• Ride virtually 3 different ways- with speed/cadencesensors,powermeters or CycleOps PowerBeam Pro, Indoor Cycles orWahooKickr• Pair to ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart sensors including• Convert speed data into power based on courseprofilesandcompatible trainer resistance curves• Ride video courses or GPS profiles• Create custom intervals and monitor actual poweroutputreal-timeversus planned intensity• Possible to use workouts optimized for trainingvideoslikeSufferFest, Real Rides…• Share post-ride performances with your friendsonVirtualTrainingportal and keep a training diary• Create virtual partners to track pacing andperformancesrelativeto course goals
Speedy Cal - SRM Calibration 1.0
Off The Back Software
Calculate, store, and transmit slope for a bike's SRM powermeter.Track your bike's power meters and calibrations of each withease.No need for a bike computer or an Excel spreadsheet: yourAndroiddevice can do it all.Add your bike via the "Add Bike"feature. Ifyour Android device has ANT+, check the "ANT+ Enabled"box to findyour wireless power meter.Once a bike is added,calibration is donevia the "Start Calibration" button. If thebuttons on Speedy Cal'scalibration screen are disabled you may needto wakeup thepowermeter by spinning the cranks. After entering thecalibrationmass and offsets, you have the option of transmitting anew slopeto the power meter or just saving the values in SpeedyCal. Iftransmitting a new slope, spin the cranks at the same timetoensure the powermeter is active.The calibration allows for asingleweighted and non-weighted measurement from each crankarm.Formultiple measurements, "Store" multiple calibrations andreview.Find the average calibration from the history andtransmit.In apppurchase: Speedy Cal allows for three slope valuesto betransmitted for free. This provides a trial period so youcanensure the app is working. After 3 transmits, Speedy Cal asksfor ameasly $2 via in-app purchase. The purchase unlocks unlimitedANT+usage. Storing calibrations is free regardless.FAQ* How do Iadd abike for calibration?Click on the "bike plus" icon in theupperright.* How do I get my ANT+ SRM to register?Click on the"ANT+Enabled" checkbox.* Why can't I check the box / the "ANT+Enabled"checkbox is disabled?Your Android device doesn't supportANT+, orit's not recognized by the ANT+ Plugin Services.* Can Istill useSpeedy Cal if my Android device does not support ANT+?Yes!You canmanually store calibrations. You will need a bike computerto readcalibration values and set the slope as well. Plus you'llneverneed the in-app purchase (but you're missingout!).Calibration* Idon't understand this calibration; I thought myPowerControl orGarmin calibrates my SRM?Most bike computers do a"zero offset".What this app does is measure and calculate the"slope" for thepower meter. The intent is to validate or update thefactorycalibration.* What do the "Capture" buttons do?The capturebuttonreads the power meter offset value into the associated datafield.*Why are the "Capture" buttons disabled?The ANT+ plugin isnotreading the power meter. Spinning the cranks should wake uptheSRM. It may take a few revolutions.* Why is "Device slope"notdisplayed?The ANT+ plugin is not reading the SRM. Wakeup thepowermeter. It may take a few revolutions.* Why is the "Store"buttondisabled?Values are needed for calibration mass and allfourmeasurements to get a slope. Once provided, you can storethevalues.* Why is the "Transmit and Store" button disabledbut"Store" is enabled?If you have all values required to"Store"measurements, "Transmit and Store" is enabled if the ANT+plugin isreading the SRM. Try spinning the cranks to wakeup theSRM.* I'dlike to make multiple calibrations on each side, and usetheaverage.Great! More accuracy is better. Simply repeastthecalibration procedure, using the "Store" button on each. Reviewthecalibration history, find the average of the calibrations(possiblytweaking the values), and "Transmit and Store" the result.The"Calibration notes" field may help.* Why do some calibrationsshowa lightning icon in the history?Using "Transmit and Store"shows alightning icon in the history, whereas "Store" just savestheresult without the icon.* What is the "in-apppurchase"?Mosteverything is free. Add as many bikes and store asmanycalibrations as you'd like. Send three calibrations back viatheapp to the power meter for free. After three transmits, pay $2forunlimited ANT+ usage. No ads. No bloat.