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com.puzzlegamesfree.blockpuzzle 1.3.6
Puzzle Games Free
Block Puzzle is a wood style block game. It is classic andfun.Block Puzzle is addictive because of the block pop rules.Moreblocks, more score. Once you start, you will not stop playingthisblock game. FEATURES OF THE BLOCK PUZZLE * Easy and addictive,lotof fun * Wooden style blocks * No time limits * Various woodblocks* Funny and colorful graphic * Immersive sound effects HOW TOPLAYBLOCK PUZZLE * Drag the blocks and fill up the grids * TheBlockswill be crushed when you create full lines on the grid *Blocks cannot be rotated It is Free to download and update, and NoWifi Need.You can pop the blocks anytime and anywhere! Please Enjoythiswooden style Block Puzzle game and you will love it!
Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzle 5.4
Welcome, cat lovers and jigsaw puzzle games enthusiasts! CuteCatsJigsaw Puzzle brings you twenty beautiful pictures of catsandkittens turned into lovely “animal puzzles for kids free”!Playthese funny games with your kids – see whether they can matchallthe puzzle pieces! Even you, as a parent, can enjoy thesecatpuzzle games, since the difficulty of the levels can go fromeasy(9 pieces) to hard (100 pieces)! Everybody loves to playjigsawpuzzle games, and these “kitten and cat games” are suitablefor 3year old kids, toddlers, preschoolers, teens and adults! Allanimalpuzzles included in this fun 2014 puzzle game are 100% free –getthem and enjoy the best cat pictures and kitten images!Mainfeatures: ★ Twenty amazing animal images divided into twofreepacks – more landscape puzzles coming soon! ★ Five images,unlock anew puzzle picture every day. ★ If you like some image, youcansave it in your phone gallery. ★ Puzzle dimensions – 9 to100puzzle pieces. ★ Choose the level of difficulty. ★ Up to200different combination of puzzles. ★ Every jigsaw game isdifferent:various piece shapes every time. ★ Move pieces in groups!★ Saveall puzzles in progress – work on several of them at the sametime.★ Use PAUSE button if you want to see the whole picture or tosaveyour progress. ★ No in app purchases – all of the beautifuljigsawsare completely FREE! Animal photos included in this CuteCatsJigsaw Puzzle game: * Cat puzzles for kids * Kitten jigsawpuzzles* Cute kitty puzzle games * Persian cat pictures * Siamesekittenimages * British shorthair kitty free jigsaw puzzles * Bengalcatfree images * Ragdoll kitty puzzle for children and 12 moreanimaljigsaws! Check out all of the cool “animal jigsaw puzzles”whichthis free animal game for Android™ offers and find the cutestcatpictures! Try to solve all of the puzzles, check variousdimensionsand have a lot of fun playing Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzlegames forchildren and adults! These jigsaws are fantastic timekillers butalso great educational games. With appealing HD graphicsand easytap controls, this animal jigsaw puzzle game is ideal forchildren,since it will help them develop their observation skillsandconcentration! Join the jigsaw world free of charge andenjoyplaying these memory games with your children! If you aresearchingfor “puzzles for adults 100 pieces”, “kids puzzle games”,“puzzlesfor adults and kids” and “educational games for elementaryschool”,try this fun free game and solve some of the best catjigsaws! ★ Anexcellent brain exercise for kids and adults. ★Improve yourobservation and cognitive skills. ★ Develop visualperception. ★Enhance your capacity to concentrate. ★ Fun andentertainment areguaranteed. Cute Cats Jigsaw Puzzle is acollection of free animalimages and cat pictures. If you downloadthis amazing cat game,you'll get some of the best real jigsawpuzzles free and jigtypuzzle games for kids and adults! Adorablecats and kittens on yourscreen will melt your heart every time youstart solving one ofthis cute kitty pictures and photos! Check outthe best cat puzzlesfor kids and adults and enjoy the wonderfulpictures of differentbreeds of kittens! If you are a fan ofmatching games, brainteasers and other mind training apps, you willadore thiseducational and fun puzzler! *Android is a trademark ofGoogle Inc.
Horse Jigsaw Puzzles Game - For Kids & Adults 🐴 24.0
If you or your kids like fun horse games and jigsaw puzzles,youwill LOVE this relaxing puzzle! For children and adults wholovehorse games, whether it be a towering stallion or a littlepony,"Horse games - Jigsaw Puzzle" has something for everyone! Withover20 different jigsaw puzzles featuring beautiful pictures ofhorsesyou'll be sure to find something for you and your kids toenjoy.Features: - Enjoy 24 different puzzles - Play with 6, 9, 12,16, 30or 56 pieces - easy for kids, challenging for adults -Uniquerewards for each horses game - pop balloons, hearts,snowflakes,and more - Enjoying the moment? Child-proof in-apppurchase allowsyou to safely and easily unlock theadvertisement-free game, butonly by YOU If you or your kids likehorse games this puzzle is amust have. Jump into the game and starthaving fun finding yourfavorite horse! For even more relaxingentertainment try out ourother puzzles. What do you think about ourgame? Love it? Hate it?Let us know in your review. :) (Please note:this app containsadvertisements shown after every 4 puzzles played.Advertisementscan be disabled via an in-app purchase.) Music:"Cattails" KevinMacLeod (incompetech) Licensed under CreativeCommons: ByAttribution 3.0
Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles
Outfit7 Limited
Solve your favourite jigsaw puzzles on the go! Jigty JigsawPuzzlesprovides an unbeatable puzzle solving experience for puzzleloversof all ages. Jigty's unique design means no two pieces arethe sameshape, for the most challenging puzzle experience yet. It'sthepuzzle solving joy we all know and love! *** FEATURES ***-Intelligently designed: Every piece has a unique shape-Beautifully easy: Natural interface that is simple and easy touse- Increasing difficulty: Rotating pieces or solving puzzles from4all the way up to 625 (on 10'' tablets) pieces! - Kidsmode:Guiding lines and 'magnetic' piece locking for smaller puzzles-Hundreds of images: Grouped in themes or customise by usingyourown photos - Tournament pack puzzles: Compete globally andtrackyour score on the leaderboards This app contains: - PromotionofOutfit7's products and contextual advertising - Links thatdirectcustomers to our websites and other Outfit7 apps -Personalizationof content to entice users to play the app again -The possibilityto connect with friends via social networks - Theoption to makein-app purchases Terms of use: Privacypolicy:
com.globalclassicgame.brickpuzzlelegend 3.8
This is a classic yet innovative game! Simply Drag the blocks,andfill up all grids. Game interface is very friendly and simpletouse for all users of all ages. Download our classic blocks game-Block Puzzle Mania and beware it‘s can cause a mania, have funandenjoy yourself! HOW TO PLAY • Drag the blocks to move them. •Tryto fit them all in the row or column. Then the block will beclearand you get the point. Game will be over if there are no roomforany the shapes below the grid. • Blocks can't be rotated.FEATURES• Save game • Support leaderboard • Funny sound effects
Ganesh Chaturthi Hinduism Jigsaw Puzzle game 1.3
Do you like classical puzzle games ?Do you want to match anphotosof ganesh chaturthi ? Does your son or daughter likes puzzlegamesand ability games and putting together a picture of lordganeshchaturthi ?If you like to solve puzzles,Come here andChallengeyourself . Then you will like the " ganesh chaturthihinduismJigsaw Puzzle game ". There is no need to search for freepuzzlegames for kids or adults separately when you can install "ganeshchaturthi hinduism Jigsaw Puzzle game " is a classical puzzlegamefor any ages, enjoyed by children and adults , It's ideal foryourchildren because they will train their brain and stimulatingtheirimagination and self-confidence. The " ganesh chaturthihinduismJigsaw Puzzle game " is an easy, very funny andentertaining game."ganesh chaturthi hinduism Puzzle game " The bestsolution for thosewho are not scared of chaos and always ready forsetting everythingright and for everyone who wants to train theirbrain. . There aremany sizes with different level of difficulty,suitable for allages and enjoy at the same time you are doing braintraining andimproving your intelligence . Challenge yourself tosolve levelsfaster every dayThe puzzle has varying levels ofdifficulty.Use thehints if you need them but the real challenge isto complete thegame without them.Hurry up and install one of themost ex
Color Glow : Puzzle Collection 143
PivotGames. Inc.
Play the Best Puzzle Collection Game, COLOR GLOW COLOR GLOW isabest puzzle game collection involve shapes, lines, colors,numbersor symbols that are easy to learn and fun to master. You cangrowyour problem-solving skills, including logic, patternrecognitionor sequence solving. Also you can enjoythought-provoking fun withaddictive puzzle games. Solve somepuzzles and increase your brainand level with games you might like.Exercise and train your brainas brain teaser and improve yourcreativity by solving each puzzle.You have to strategize at somedifficult puzzles and conquer them.Someday, you will be king of thepuzzle. RULE THE PUZZLE! Are youready? Let's download and play theall in one classic puzzle gamesnow! FEATURES • We provide simplebut innovative puzzles! • Playquick & casual games with kids& family! • Enjoy clean andsimple graphics with glow effects! •Deep dive to best puzzlecollection for digital board games! •Experience fully immersedenjoyment with unique level design! •Experience highly optimizedgameplay! • Support mobile phones &tablets as an universalapp. • No WI-FI, Offline game! Enjoy thegame everywhere! • No timelimit! Play with enough time! • Top ratedgames! Many people likethe COLOR GLOW! COLOR GLOW include puzzlegames as below: NUMBERLINK • Draw the glow line to connect samecolor bulbs. • Connectall dots on the board. In other words, fillthe all cells. •Challenge 350 stages! HEXA BLOCK • Drag hexagonalblocks &place them on the board. • Fill the all cells. •Challenge 350stages! ONE TOUCH PUZZLE • Draw the line by givenfigures (shapes).• Connect all dots by just one touch(line/stroke). • Challenge 350stages! ALL LIGHT : LINK BRIDGEPUZZLE • Connect bulbs (lamps) withbattery to turn on them. • Turnon all bulbs by connecting withenergy source to solve each puzzle.• Each bulb shows the number ofwires required to turn it on. • Ared light bulb means that thewires are connected more thannecessary. • Just tap the line toremove the wire. MORE PUZZLES • Wewill add new puzzle gamescontinuous. NOTE • COLOR GLOW contains theads include banner,insterstitial and video ads. • COLOR GLOW sellsin-app productslike hints, gems or AD-FREE. • COLOR GLOW requiressome permissionsto optimize the game and integrate some services. -Network accessand view connections, Receive data from internet,Storage,Photos/Media/Files, Prevent sleeping, Vibration control,Etc. Let'sCOLOR GLOW! PrivacyPolicy:
Brick Connect Free 1.01
Connect bricks with matching colors and cover the entire boardwithbricks to solve each puzzle. But watch out, connections willbreakif they cross or overlap! Matching games are a perfect way tofilltime and brain puzzle exercise that anyone can enjoy. In thisbrickmatch color or numberlink, pipeline game, you need to matchthecolors of the bricks or knots. It is a thrilling, interestingandengaging game for both children and adults of allages!CONNECTINGCOLOR PAIRS GAMEMatch the pairs from the samecolored blocks, it isas simple as that! In this block color match,you need to show goodanalysis, thinking and strategy to master it.Some levels will bemind challenging and frustrating! But, if youwant puzzle challengegames, you will try and solveeverything!ALWAYS COLOR MATCH TO 3STARSCreate a pipeline of blocksby matching colors and bonusobjects in this game. You can get 3star in each levels byconnecting pipelines of bricks in a minimumnumber of moves andwatch out, don't overlap pipelines when matchingthem.AMAZINGMATCHING GAMES LEVELS AND GRIDSWhen it comes tonumberlink orpipeline matching games, the key of a good game arethe levels andthe grids. This game offers multiple level packscontaining morethan 2000 levels. Levels start from basic 5 x 5 and6 x 6 gridssuitable for children, to medium grids 7 x 7 and 8 x 8,hard grids9 x 9 and 10 x 10, expert grids 11 x 11 and 12 x 12 andfinally upto the ultimate difficult behemoth 13 x 13 and 14 x 14grids. Theyhave different demands and are difficult in their ownway.BrickConnect Free features:- over 2000 puzzles from small tobig boards-delicious HD graphics design- multiple grid sizes: 5 x 5.. 6 x 6.. 7 x 7 .. 8 x 8 .. 9 x 9 .. 10 x 10 .. 11 x 11 .. 12 x 12.. 13 x13 .. 14 x 14 - clear connections button- only knotsconnecting /numberlink puzzle game with this fun brick theme -quick workoutfor your brain and a real mental exercise- suitablefor both adultsand children- hint system to solve the puzzle-ultimate addictive-tutorial includedBrick Connect Free is not likea knots arcade gameand you don't need an impossible fast reaction.Every level is tobe solved. It's like a knots connecting,numberlink or pipeconnecting game where you have to draw a linefrom color to color.So the challenge of this popular game is notspeed or a quickreaction, but more to be creative, and if you wishfind a quicksolution. But there is no time pressure and you don'tneed to reactfast, that's why this game is suitable for bothchildren andadults. Yet every level can be a challenge. BrickConnect Free isdesigned with delicious colorful graphics. Wedeveloped anadvanced, super fast, multiple buffer, shadow renderingtechnique,that's why this game will also run smooth on lower specdevices,even devices that don't support real time hardware shadows.Alldifferent graphics are carefully designed with specialbrightcolors which makes this game look absolutely stunning onyourmobile screen!Thrilling and interesting, you will not want toturnoff this puzzle matcher. Knots are complicated to match, sinceyoucan go through them. Think of a way to pass through the levels!Ifyou like easy and addictive path finding or block slidingpuzzlegames like 2048, unblock, taquin or puzzingo then thisisdefinitely a game for you!Have fun, connecting the dots!Only a 2or3 permissions required:- In app purchasing and location,althoughsometimes all levels will be temporarily free. Location isforbetter advertising targeting, and in some updates it may askforinternet/network access, because in the rare case an errororexception happens it will forward a description of the error totheapp’s analytics.Alcyonehttp://www.alcy-one.comJoin usonFabebook! usonTwitter!
Enfeel Inc
Pandora Mode is comming!!! ★★★★★ 7 millions Downloads inGooglePlay!! ★★★★★ Korean Mobile App Award 2011 ★★★★★ The mostpopularapplication (1st place) in Asia appstore - Distimo,TechCrunch ※Description A new brand of Drag n Drop block puzzlegame lining upthe same type of birds and making it disappear by theuse offingertip. Provides optimized system which sustainsbetterflexibility and simplicity of movements in touch control thanpriorpuzzle games on the market; in return, provides a quickactionarcade puzzle anyone can enjoy. Just move the birds freely.That’sall. Move your fingers really fast. Then, you could be thenumberone. 1. Classic Mode : A speedy free action puzzle game. 2.PandoraMode : The goal of Pandora mode is to match birds andcollect theletters in order to get the highest score possible intwo minutes.3. Ice Break Mode : Tense and thrilling mode within aset timewhile breaking the ice. ※ Game specific features 1. A gamepeopleof all ages can enjoy. 2. Touch-screen optimized control 3.Offer 3different game modes 4. Play with your Facebook friends alloverthe world. ※ Follow and join us! Website :http://birzzle.comFacebook : Twitter: Contact :
Family Jigsaw Puzzles 2.0.0
Looking for jigsaw puzzles suitable for the wholefamily?FamilyJigsaw Puzzles is the app you need.We offer tons ofpuzzlecollections for any choice: Nature, Landscapes, Animals,Birds,Countries, Cities, Art, Culture, Architecture, Seasons,WonderWorlds and more, and more.

With wide selection ofdifficulties thegame is suitable for any age from kids to adults.
Food Puzzle for Kids: Preschool 1.5
BigStar Games
Do your kids love foods and puzzles and looking puzzle gamesforkids? Look no further. Food Puzzle for Kids is a funanimatedpuzzle game for toddlers including those with autism,preschoolers,and children from ages 1 to 6. These puzzle games aregreat gamesfor kids. Your children will love kids puzzles! Kidspuzzle gamesare a great way to spend time. We can define thistoddler puzzlesas the best kids puzzles 3 and 4 years old. Theylearn and practicewith this puzzle for kids and kids game. Thispuzzle game helpsyour kids develop matching, tactile and fine motorskills whileplaying more than 100 different Food Puzzles in 8categories -fruits, vegetables, drinks, desserts, meals, fruits 2andvegetables 2. The game includes animations, pronunciations offoodnames and interactivity for easy learning. It will teach yourkidsall foods and yet you will never be worried about them losinganypiece of the puzzles! No more cries and missing pieces!Playingkids puzzle games and kids games will refresh the minds ofyoutoddler and improve their motor skills. It is such a funpuzzlekids will enjoy. Features: * Puzzle games for kids and gamesforkids * Puzzle for kids has a simple & intuitivechild-friendlyinterface * Universal app for all phones and tablets* Multipleside game for in between puzzle solving - pop bubbles ineachcategory with a different related theme. * Control puzzlesettings,game music and difficulty level. * Kids game has colorful,cute HDGraphics * Positive and pleasant feedback for each actionyour kidmakes - sounds and effects * Toddler puzzles have largepieces,easy for children to pick and move * Child safe buttons topreventaccidental entry to parent related pages * Free kids puzzlesandeducational food puzzle. Have fun with your kid! BigStarKidsTeam
Tile Puzzle Pomeranian Dogs 1.12
Tamco Apps
Tile Puzzle Pomeranian Dogs is a free puzzle game which includesacollection of beautiful dog and puppy images. Game features:-Flexible and easy interface to use. - Six of differentdifficultylevels. - A lot of beautiful and high-quality photos. -Auto savefunction. - No time limits. - Possibility to view the fullimagefor help solve the puzzle. - The ability to share the gamewithyour friends. - All photos are available for free to play. Wehopethat this game will improve your sense of enjoyment andrelaxation.
Block Puzzle Classic 1.4.101
Solitaire Maker
Let's play the world famous Block Puzzle game. Swipe controlsandthe innovative new game mode.Move blocks to fill up all gridsandcollect block pieces to level up! Block Puzzle Classicisrecommended both for kids and adults.Features:✓ Smootheffect,delicate animation✓ Over 400+ free puzzles✓ Play anytime,anywhereand a short time✓ Support all tablet devices✓ Family game:Enjoythe game with your family.Have fun playing Block PuzzleClassic.
Jewel Block Puzzle 1.3
Jewel Block Puzzle experience the thrill of a fun puzzlegame.JewelBlock Puzzle's very simple and exciting, Jewel BlockPuzzle makeyou once you start, you will not stop playing. Fill outtheavailable blocks on the row or column to break them. Then, breakasmuch as possible lines formed by carefully placed bricks.JewelBlock Puzzle have HD graphics, crisp colors, eye-catchingcolorsand entertaining gaming sounds.Jewel Block Puzzle hasaLeaderboard, you can share your achievement with friendsandcompetitors.How to play:- Drag the blocks available to movethem-Blocks can't be rotated.- Try to fit them all row or column.-Gamewill be over if there is no room left for theblocksbelow.Features:- Simple gameplay, classic.- No timelimits.-Attractive HD graphics.- Incredible sound effects.- Smoothandsubtle controls.- Leaderboard, invite friend joining, shareyourhigh score with your friends and competitors.- No Wifi need!
Sorting Baby Blocks: Educational game for boy girl 1.4
This is a fun, educational learning game for toddlers. Littleboysand girls will define on which shadow do they need to putcolorfulpieces. This is a funny puzzle (like Jigsaw puzzle, butwith 1piece) so it is quite educational for preschool andkindergartenkids.  Children will learn fruits, vegetables,animals andpopular toys while solving this brain game. Meanwhilekids willdevelop fine motor skills, tactile and the way they think.* It isa truly free game * There are no any hidden in-app purchasesSomeof the blocks your baby will play with: Animals: cat, dog,rabbit,cow, fish, frog, pig, whale… Objects: ball, truck, car,plane,candy, house, cake, train… Fruits and vegetables:Pineapple,tomato, lemon, carrot, apple, pear, coconut… * Rightbrainexercise: memory, creativity and imagination. * Improvethecoordination of the brain and the body. * Easy to navigateandmanage puzzle blocks * High quality app * Funny and cheeringsounds* Drag and drop the colorful pieces It is an easy game fortoddlersas it does not have menus or unnecessary options that canconfusekids. We designed this app for all speaking languages. So ifyourkid is learning English, Italian, Chinese, French,German,Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese he can definitely play it.
Connect Tiles Puzzle 2.4
Joongly games
Check you brain abilities in new unusual puzzle ConnectTilesPuzzle. At each level, you need to locate the tiles in suchamanner that their joints will receive a circle of exactly thesamecolor. Replace and rotate the tiles to upbuild the correct map.Thelarger amount of tiles involved in the game, the more difficulttomatch them. Remember that at same level you have severalcorrectsolutions. You will meet 40 unique levels, where you willspendmany hours of gameplay, and even days if you plan to finishthegame. Good luck and good mood in the game!
Block Jigsaw Puzzle Game -PITTANKO- 1.1.0
A new release of the No. 1 free game app at Appstore! Total1.5million downloads of games in this very popular series! Trainyourbrain with block puzzles that can be continued every day! The4ththeme is a moving house! Can you pack it well? :) *Features ofThisBrain Training Puzzle* -Easy operation allows you to focus onthepuzzle! -180 stages where you can play every day! -Play allstagesfor free! *Reviews of This Brain Training Puzzle* ""Clearedallstages 3 times. I played all the series apps. But it ’saddictive.I like not being chased by time."" ""This app helps brainteaser!""*Recommended for these people* -Those who like simpleclassicpuzzle games! -Those who are interested in brain training /brainactivation / young brain / brain age! -People who lovecrosswordsand sudoku -Those who are concerned about brain age,memory and IQ!-Who want to kill time *How to play this blockpuzzle* The rulesare simple! Just fit all the pieces like a jigsawpuzzle! Just movewhile tapping thepiece!_____________________________________________________Updateinformation on the official Twitter! Follow us to get thelatestinformation! ▼ Brain Training Puzzle KITINTO SeriesOfficialTwitter ▼ HEDGEHOGPRODUCTSOfficial Twitter
Dominoes Block Puzzle 1.21
João Gonçalves
In this puzzle game you need to merge the falling domino blocksthesame or bigger amount of the dominoes value, to remove themfromthe grid block. Merge the blocks that drop down on top ofeachother. With time the speed of the falling dominos blocksincreasesand also the overall difficulty of the game. Survive haslong hasyou can.
com.titan.tplandscape 1.9.8
Titan Inc
Landscapes Jigsaw puzzle game about beautiful landscapes! It isafun jigsaw puzzles game applicable for all ages. How to play:Dragthe puzzle pieces to the right place in order to recreatetheimage. Faqs: 1. The game reset itself to the free version, whatcanI do? Answer: Please click "Shopping cart button", it work atreat.Join us on Facebook:
Block Puzzle 1 1.1.7
Maru games
Block Puzzle is the world's most famous puzzle game. Game Features-Block preview is available until stage 10. - Please enjoy thegameagainst all the world users in the P v P support. - Theoptionsupports key layout for the three modes. - There arevariousachievements. Complete your achievements. - This is atetrominoblock game.
Jigsaw Puzzle Crown - Classic Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles Master
Relax, enjoy and train your brain with Puzzle Crown, aclassicjigsaw puzzle game with 1000's of high quality picturepuzzles invariety of different collections suitable for every tasteandpreference. Puzzle Crown offers lots and lots of premium andfreejigsaw puzzle packs, daily free gift puzzles and you can evenbuildyour own puzzles from family photos and images. Every piece oftheour jigsaw puzzle is unique and is individually craftedanddesigned to ensure a authentic and pleasant experience forallthose who love playing classic jigsaw puzzles. Top features:•1000's of high definition jigsaw puzzles in differentcollections.• Lots of free puzzles to play and enjoy, with morepuzzle packsand gifts added regularly. • Play Classic JigsawPuzzles everydayfor free in our daily free gifts section. • Puzzlessuitable forevery taste and preference. • 10 different puzzlestyles, up to 522jigsaw pieces and combine with the rotating optionit is suitablefor all jigsaw lovers. • Create your own jigsawpuzzles from yourpersonal photos and images. • Adjust the style anddifficulty ofthe puzzles and get big rewards. • Unique jigsawpuzzle styles andcuts, Classic, Figural and Spiral. • Individuallycrafted anddesigned puzzle pieces, no computer generated cuts. •Easycontrols, pinch zoom and pan to filter remaining jigsaw pieces.•Save completed jigsaw puzzles on your device or share themwithyour friends and family. Happy playing jigsaw puzzles withPuzzleCrown!
Block Puzzle 2 1.2.4
Connect same colored blocks when more than 3 same colored blocksarein a line (vertically or horizontally) they disappear. Touchtheblock then it can be rotated clockwise. When more than 4samecolored blocks in a line a booster starts to charge up. You canusethe booster when it is fully charged. Booster chargingconditionsare as follow To charge a booster select it and touch ablock then,the booster will be activated Try it Now! Are you readyto be thebest player in the world? ★★★ Game Features ★★★ ▶4differentmodes(easy,normal,hard,extreme) ▶4 kindsitem(vertical,horizontal,cross,rainbow)
Bag It! FREE 3.2.6
Hidden Variable Studios
★★★★★ – “Bag It! is, hands down, the best game to hit the marketinquite some time.” – EXAMINER.COM ★★★★★ - “Bag It! feelslikeanother App Store classic waiting to happen” – APPSPY ★★★★½ -“It'srare to find a puzzle game that feels so fresh but alsosoobvious... an absolute blast.” – TOUCHARCADE ❤ Top 10 Game Appof2011! - Entertainment Weekly ❤ Gaming App of the Day! - Kotaku❤Mobile Game of the Week! - G4TV YOUR GROCERIES BROUGHT TOLIFE!Millions of players worldwide have already discovered thefun,challenging, family-friendly, grocery bagging puzzle game BagIt!-- come see what all the fuss is about!Heavy, sturdy items onthebottom, light and fragile items on the top – seems simple,right?Think again! Bag It! will open your eyes to a whole newworldinside your shopping bag! HOURS OF FUN & ADDICTIVEGAMEPLAY ✔100+ unique levels! Try to get 3 stars and both medalsfor each -master them all! ✔ Standard, Rampage, and Puzzle modes! ✔Seedy'sBooty - an all new matching challenge mode! Collect coins,buypower-ups, and see if you can best your Facebook friends! ✔3endless modes - Ultimate Bagger, Endless Rampage, and PowerSurge!✔ Over 30 achievements to earn! ADDITIONAL FEATURES ✔ Yourgrocerycharacters come to life - it's like "Tetris meets ToyStory"! ✔Unique grocery combos - try to find them all! ✔ Customtailoredtranslations in 7 languages! FEEDBACK Reach out to usdirectly and share it all. We promiseto getback to you personally. Seriously! FOLLOW US! On Twitter:@Hidden_Variable
Mile Tamás
Starcle is a unique puzzle game never seen before. It seems tobeeasy on the first glance but be warned, it's one of thehardestpuzzle games of all times. No jokes. Are you up to thechallenge?Feature overview: » Metallic machine style design, musicandeffects to set a real hardcore mood » 240 levels to keep youinthis mood for a long-long time... » Smart handling made simple–play with one finger or touch continuously with more »Languageindependent – no need for text, just play Let us knowyourthoughts!
Classic Blocks 116.8
Hero Fight Forever
Once you start it, you won't stop ! 1, It's the most famousblockpuzzle game, we have five operate button for you to play itmoresmoothly. 2, Three game modes - Time mode & Classic mode&Manual Mode(you can choose the drop speed and attack speed).3, Twooperate modes - button and touch, you can choose the way youlike.4, Two colors - white and black for you. 5, It is acompetitivegame, you can challenge with your friends. 6, Globalleaderboard.7, Please enjoy the classic blocks, and get morepoints! Fromversion 1030 1, Add reborn option for classic mode,make user beable to focus on high level, and no need to restartagain everytime 2, Only keep one original music in the game 3, Addprivacylink in home page , user can know more about this game 4,Put theoperate buttons higher to avoid conflict with the bottomvirtualbar 5, You can add personal signature in the bottom line6,Increase the max level to 15, you can challenge moredifficultlevels 7, You can listen to other music app while playingthe gameContact : mail - skype - dadidzf
Marble Puzzle: Marble Shooting & Puzzle Games 1.24
Match 3 Puzzle Games
Marble Puzzle: Marble Shooting & Puzzle Games is the bestpuzzlegames for brain, with marble race style, HD graphic andhardchallenges! Marble Puzzle is an addictive, excited andamazingmarble shooting games with many colorfun marbles. Let's trytounlock all our levels and become the winner. ⭐⭐⭐ How to play ⭐⭐⭐🎇Shoot at least 2 marbles that same color to blast them andgetscore. 🎇 Touch the screen where you want to shoot marble gamesfreedownload. 🎇 Try to make as more combos and chains as you can togethigher score. ⭐⭐⭐ Game Features ⭐⭐⭐ 🎇 Level is harder throughmorethan 150 levels and more to come. 🎇 Many stunning effect &HDmarble graphic in this game. 🎇 Marble lines game free is intopgames 2018 for free. 🎇 High quality images optimized for mobileaswell as tablets and large screens. Marble Puzzle: MarbleShooting& Puzzle Games is really available on Google PlayStore. MarblePuzzle: Marble Shooting & Puzzle Games is easy inthe veryfirst levels but getting harder when you reach higherlevel. Let'sdownload marble shooter deluxe classic and shoot themarbles tocomplete your mission. I hope you will have great time torelaxwith Marble Puzzle: Marble Shooting & Puzzle Games. Itwilltrain your brain and you can also challenge your friends.Letdownload and enjoy Marble Puzzle: Marble Shooting &PuzzleGames now!
Tile Puzzle Girls Bedrooms 1.25
Tamco Apps
Tile Puzzle Girls Bedrooms is a free puzzle game which includesacollection of beautiful girl bedroom images. Game features:-Flexible and easy interface to use. - Six of differentdifficultylevels. - A lot of beautiful and high-quality photos. -Auto savefunction. - No time limits. - Possibility to view the fullimagefor help solve the puzzle. - The ability to share the gamewithyour friends. - All photos are available for free to play. Wehopethat this game will improve your sense of enjoyment andrelaxation.
Cute Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle 5.3
Entertain your children with “cute puppy puzzles for kids forfree”and their smiling faces will warm up your heart! You caneasilyachieve this if you download Cute Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle suitableforkids of all age. Puzzle games with animals are not only funbutalso educative games because your kids can learn somenewinformation. So, if you take this dog puzzle game your kidscanlearn some new dog breeds, with cute images of GoldenRetriever,Shar pei, Samoyed puppies or adorable Boo puppy. Giveyour kidssome cute games to play and watch them having fun matchingthesecute pictures of puppies. ☺ Twenty beautiful images of cutedogsdivided into two free collections – more puzzles coming soon!☺Five images, unlock a new puzzle picture every day. ☺ If youlikesome image, you can save it to your gallery. ☺ Puzzledimensions –9 to 100 puzzle pieces. ☺ Choose the level ofdifficulty. ☺ Everyjigsaw game is different: various piece shapesevery time. ☺ Movepieces in groups! ☺ Saves all puzzles in progress– work on severalof them at the same time. ☺ Use PAUSE button ifyou want to see thewhole picture or to save your progress. ☺ No inapp purchases – allof the dog jigsaws are completely FREE! Downloadthis animal puzzlefor kids free of charge and you'll have a funpuzzle game always inyour pocket! If you're looking for dog gamesfor toddlers andlittle kids, girls or boys obtain this “Cute DogJigsaw Puzzle”game free of charge – your little angels are going tolove thesecute puzzle games with crazy dog pictures of variousbreeds suchas: Maltese, Boo, Chow Chow, Akita Inu, Samoyed, Goldenretriever,Siberian Husky, Poodle, Beagle, Pekingese, Eskimo dog,Bulldog,Bull Terrier, Pug, Mops, Bichon Bolognese, Hound, Shepherddog. -Download “dog puzzles for free” and make your kids happy!Everychild would like to have a dog pet so if yours doesn't haveone, ofeven if it does, get them this jigsaw puzzle and check ifthey canmatch all the pieces together to get the adorable dog imageondisplay! “Animal jigsaw puzzle games for children” areexcellenttime killers and interesting games. Twenty jigsaw puzzleswithimages of cute puppies are waiting for you to download them –don'tmiss it! These “cute puppy jigsaw puzzles” are the best “dogkidsgames” on Android™ market. Children love to play puzzle games,andthese "animal games free games" are suitable for 2 year olds,fortoddlers, for teens and even for adults because you canalwayschoose a more difficult jigsaw puzzle to play. Remember, alldogpuzzles included in this game are 100% free! Amusingandsufficiently challenging, these animal images of cute dogswillkeep you entertained for hours. ★ An excellent brain exerciseforkids and adults. ★ Improve your observation and cognitiveskills. ★Develop visual perception. ★ Enhance your capacity toconcentrate.★ Fun and entertainment are guaranteed. Your kids canfinally getthe real jigsaw puzzle experience by playing with thesecutepuppies games and solving the adorable puzzles. Take this 2014kidsgame for Android™ with free download and once your kid startstoplay, you won't able to take the mobile device out of theirhands!It will help them improve their concentrationandhand-coordination, as well as their memory so don't skipthismemory game. Play Cute Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle game with yoursweetiesand you'll have the time of your life! Each member of yourfamilyis going to fall in love with cute dog puzzle games! *Androidis aregistered trademark of Google Inc.
Jigsaw Puzzles Joy 2.0.0
Love jigsaw puzzles, but got tired of constantly missingpieces?Then you should definitely like our app - Jigsaw PuzzlesJoy!Whatmakes Jigsaw Puzzles Joy special?- Wide selection ofcolourful anddiverse images;- Handy navigation;- 9 difficultylevels;
- Freedaily puzzles;- Facebook news;- Lovely graphics;-Relaxingbackground music.
Bouncy Buddies - Physics Puzzles 1.39.74
Pauli Potta Games
THE DEFINITIVE PHYSICS PUZZLE EXPERIENCE! Bouncy Buddies isaphysics puzzle adventure game packed full of surprises, featuringaquirky visual world inspired by the 80s. WE NEED ANOTHER HERO!Heybuddy, its time for an adventure! Bouncy Junior has beenkidnappedby the Evil Cyclox and it is up to YOU to save him! Useyour wits,smarts or even brute force, whatever you need to solvealluringphysics-based puzzles and ultimately reach Evil Cyclox'scastlewhere Bouncy Jr is being held. Remember, in this game thereisusually more than one way to solve the puzzle! OUTSMART THEPUZZLEMASTER! During your adventures you might want to try tooutsmartthe mischievous Puzzle Master. Proclaimed(by himself) to bethesmartest being in the universe and to have a whopping IQ of261.Psst! Just between you and me: the word is, he doesn't alwaysplayby the rules, so you don't have to either! ;) BECOME FABULOUS!Yourmission is to save Bouncy Jr, so why not do it in style! Spendthecash you earned and buy yourself new marvelous costumesandglimmering trails. You can become a truly fabulous buddy! Andwhenyou think you are the hot stuff be ready to show it byprovingyourself in the talent show! The prizes are awesome: money,fameand all that high life! SOLVE RIDDLES! All the bouncing makingyourhead dizzy? Why not unwind for a while and solve ancientriddlesfound in hidden caves. They really make your head itch in agoodway! There is a lot to do here, buddy! See you in the worldofBouncy Buddies! GAME FEATURES - Physics puzzle levels -Riddlelevels - Boss levels - Puzzle master levels - Over 120 levelstotal- Levels have many different goals for replayability -80'sinspired visuals - Unlockable costumes and trails -Mysterioussecrets and treasures - Outsmart the smartest being intheuniverse: the Puzzle Master - Touching storyline
Toy Blast 7047
IT’S TOY BLAST TIME! THE ULTIMATE MATCHING PUZZLE GAME PLAYEDBYMILLIONS OF USERS EVERY DAY! Match the cubes of the same colorandcombine boosters for huge explosions to blast your waythroughthousands of levels! Fun is at the tip of your fingers, withthemost fascinating puzzles you will ever solve! There arecountlesspossibilities, and your talent in solving puzzles will bekey inmastering Toy Blast. Experience the greatest adventuresthroughinfinite episodes in the most colorful lands of Toy Blast.TOYBLAST FEATURES: ● Unique and simple gameplay - just tapthematching cubes ● +3500 puzzles, easy and fun to playbutchallenging to master ● Fun events every day: StarTournament,Crown Rush, Treasure Hunt, and Daily Challenges! ● StarChest -open and win amazing rewards as you progress through levels●Legends Arena, where you can compete with the best players ●Dailyprizes from the spin wheel ● Dozens of adorable characters andtoysto keep you company on your adventure ● Numerous boostersandpowerful combos to help you solve puzzles ● Leaderboards tocompetewith your friends and players all over the world
Block Gems: Classic Block Puzzle Games 4.8501
DoPuz Games
Relax and unlock your brain with the simple but addictivepuzzlegame! Block Gems is a fun classic creative block world fullof freejigsaw puzzles. Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay,you cantest yourself and exercise your brain in a moment. Hope youlovethe block mania! Enjoy various block puzzles everywhere, everytimewith No Wifi Need. Just drag, drop and move. Once you start,youwill be hooked and not stop playing the best block puzzlegames.Easy to play and available for all ages. Enjoy the endlessBrainTeasers. WHY CHOOSE BLOCK GEMS? ★Exquisite and dynamicgameinterface ★Fun, colorful and engaging graphics ★Easy to play,andsuitable for all ages ★It is all for FREE and No Wifi Need★Endlessblock puzzles full of challenge ★Various gameplay and modesfree toselect ★No time limit to play and Auto save game ★Retrogames:smooth and delicate animation ★Simple rules and easy tocontrol★Good for relaxing and brainstorming HOW TO PLAY ★Drag theblocksto move them. ★Try to fit all in the row or column. Then theblockswill be clear and you get the point. Game will be over ifthere areno room for any the shapes below the grid. ★Blocks can'tberotated. Block Puzzle Modes: Drop Mode: Follow the drop blocks,tryto fit them in the row or column. You can adjust the shapesanddirection of blocks when falling. Enjoy the amazing blockpuzzle!Drag Mode: Place the pieces into board. Once you fill in averticalor horizontal line, it will disappear, freeing up space fornewpieces. Classic block puzzles free to challenge. So come toourblock puzzle games legend, this casual puzzle game willsatisfyyour taste! Roadblock Mode: Clear all barriers in theclassic blockgame. The tiles will eliminate if 4 barriers with samecolor formin a line. Hexagon Mode: Drag and drop block into rightplace tofinish the game. Puzzle games for kids and adults. Play inthehexagon puzzle kingdom, exercise your brain! Classicinnovativegame - easy to fun and simple to play. Block gems willkeep youentertained for just a moment, or will keep you engaged forhoursof fun. Easy to play and have fun, you can enjoy the blockpuzzlegames mania to your content. Vivid graphics and brightbackgroundwill bring you unique experience. [ALL INCLUSIVE] Classicblockgames, exercise your brainpower! Daily block puzzle gamesincludesa variety of family puzzle games. Each mode will greatlytest yourreaction speed and ability of space combination. Runacross themaze puzzle game, solve the mysterious brain puzzles, winthe finalvictory! Hope you like our Block Gems - Classic BlockPuzzle Gamesand enjoy a lot! Like us onFacebook: Follow us onTwitter:
com.titan.tpnature 1.9.1
Titan Inc
Nature Jigsaw Puzzles game is about beautiful nature scenery! Itisa fun jigsaw puzzle game applicable for all ages. Features: 1.4puzzle modes, including switch, shuffle, rotate and regularjigsaw2. 9 - 1600 pieces. 2. Save to gallery 3. Change background4. Autoscroll 5. Use own music. 6. Pinch to zoom 7. Landscapeview(Premiumversion). Join us onFacebook:
PIPES Game - Free Pipeline Puzzle game 1.44
Pipes is a simple and exciting free puzzle game for adult&kids. The gameplay is easy to learn - you just need to layoutpipes on the game board. But easy to learn doesn’t mean there’snochallenge. We added unique game mechanics to make this gameamasterpiece in the puzzle games genre. If you enjoy puzzlegamesfor adults - then our game Pipes will be a worthy addition toyourcollection of puzzles. Game features and unique mechanics: -uniquestory missions - portrait game board orientation -lots ofdifferentpipe elements -fixed position pipes -broken pipes thatneed to befixed -pipes with fixating elements -wrenches andcouplings -lotsof other interesting things! We created amazingthemes so you couldnot only solve puzzles but could also enjoyexquisite style made byour designer team. Mission “City” This isthe first part of thegame where you come is as a skilled master.Dozens of buildings,hospitals, offices, schools and thousands ofprivate apartmentsneed to be connected to water supply. Are you upto the challenge?Let’s get going! Mission “Factory” Old pipes aregetting rusty andfall apart. Build new pipelines to get the factoryrunning again!Dozens and hundreds of challenges to solve to lay outthe pipelinefor the entire factory. Mission “Elevators” We had afine harvestof grains this year. It is stored in modern elevators.Your task isto create a pipeline to load the grain into train cars.Mission“Oil Field” Oil derrick is a complex piece of hardware withtensand hundreds of pipelines. Creating such pipelines requirehighestskills. But we think you’re up to the task. Our gamerequires somelogical skills. Because player will have to plan everymove.Imagine and create own way of laying out the pipeline. Gamewill bemuch enjoyed by players that like puzzle games. This is agame forkids and adults, for the entire family. Pipes game is aperfect appfor people that like to test their brain skills. Peoplethat likebrain games and like to train their brain and logic 2.0
Jigsaw Puzzle Free
Landscapes puzzle Jigsaw game about beautiful landscapes! It isafun jigsaw puzzles game applicable for all ages. - Very fun,highlyaddictive and totally free puzzle game for kids and adults -Morethan 100+ shapes. - Can play on your Android device, smartphoneortablet - Play whenever and wherever you want, without connectiontothe Internet How to play: Drag the puzzle pieces to the rightplacein order to recreate the image. Keywords: landscapepuzzle,landscapes puzzle, landscape, nature puzzle, landscapeapp,landscape puzzle jigsaw, nature puzzles, jigsaw puzzle nature,prolandscape, best jigsaw puzzles, awesome jigsaw puzzles,freejigsaw, puzzle games for adults, jigsaw puzzles for adults,jigsawpuzzles for free, juegos de rompecabezas, free jigsawpuzzles, jigsaw puzzles, jigsaw puzzle free, jigsaw puzzle games,jigsawpuzzle, jigsaw puzzle for adults, jigsaw puzzles, jigsawpuzzles!,jigsaw, jigsaw collection, puzzles jigsaw, free jigsawpuzzle,jigsaw puzzles free, jigsaw puzzles free games, jigsaw game,jigsawpuzzles games, головоломки пазлы, landscape jigsaw puzzles
Wood Block Puzzle 1010 1.2.2
Sushi Studio Games
Addictive wooden block puzzle game, play if you can! Simplegameplaybut extremely attractive, that is what you will feel whenplayingthis wood block puzzle free game. What are the specialfeatures ofthe wood block puzzle wood block puzzle game? Let usintroduce thegreat things of this wooden block puzzle free game!How to play thisblock wood puzzle game? - Select the wood blockand move it to thedesired position - Arrange the blocks to fillthe space of ahorizontal row - You will earn points when ahorizontal row isfilled up - The block puzzle legend game endswhen you have no spaceto join the blocks It sounds simple, but donot ignore the alert,focus on the block classic puzzle game toscore as much as possible!Why is this block legend puzzle gameaddictive? + Wood puzzle gamesis simple, suitable for all ages +Game does not limit time +Pause/resume the wooden puzzle games atany time without worryingabout the score + Play game block puzzleanytime, anywhere, nonetwork connection needed + Block puzzleclassic game is loved inover 20 countries + Beautiful graphicswood block puzzle games new +Small wood puzzle block gamecapacity, fast loading You do not haveto spend money onentertainment, relax because our wooden blockspuzzle game is free.There will be no more boring time thanks to ouraddictive arrangeblocks & puzzle block game. Do not wait anylonger, downloadthis block arrange game immediately to experience!Do not forget torate 5* to support game wood block puzzle developerteam!
Forest Splash : Match 3 Puzzle 1.00.00225
Studio Yellow Inc.
Match and collect tasty candy treats in Forest Splash, theamazinglydelicious puzzle adventure guaranteed to satisfy yoursweet tooth!Simple and fun to play but a challenge to master.Thehappy ForestSplash love spending their days relaxing in their lushparadise.Tall trees shelter their nests and keep the air fresh andclean.Jointhe forest animals in their fight to take down the BossBeaver andhis minions. They will help you blast your way throughthe obstaclesthe Beavers have created for you.Play Forest Splashtoday and makethe Beavers pay!Match 3 Features:◆ Exciting match 3puzzle game playwith hundreds of unique levels◆ Amazing power-upsand combos◆Restore the forest and the animal homes◆ Easy game tolearn, yetchallenging to masterExtra Features:◆ Cool rewards! ◆Play offline!◆Support on multiple devices and platforms!Last butnot least, a bigTHANK YOU goes out to everyone who has playedForest Splash : Match3 Puzzle for free! 

Block Puzzle 4.01
Fast Fun
Simple but addictive puzzle game! "Block Puzzle" is a funandclassic block game! And our Block Puzzle is not just that. Itismore Simple and addictive! Once you start, you will notstopplaying. Just have a try, you will love it! HOW TO PLAYBLOCKPUZZLE? 1. Simply drag the blocks to move them. 2. Try tocreatefull lines on the grid vertically or horizontally. 3. Blockscan'tbe rotated. 4. No time limits. WHY CHOOSE THIS BLOCK PUZZLE?★Exquisite Game Interface! ★ Easy to play, and classic brickgamefor all ages! ★ It is all FREE and No Wifi Need! ★Supportleaderboard. ★ Block Puzzle Classic Please Enjoy this BlockPuzzleGame! The More Play and The More Exciting!!!
Action Puzzle Town 1.2.1
Meet Akoo and friends! A new arcade game is in town! Simpleandaddictive mini games for nonstop fun! Language support:English,Deutsch, français, 한국어, 日本語, 中文简体 and 中文繁體. ★ Android OS4.0.3 andup is required starting with v1.1.2★ ★ 27 uniquecharacters!Collect different characters and upgrade them using thecharacterpieces! ★ 10 exciting mini games! You'll need to thinkfast andmove fast to score higher! More games will be added in thefuture!★ Compete in various rankings! Aim for the top intheWorld/Game/National Rankings! The Best Player Mode willsurpriseyou for a never-ending excitement! ★ 180 fabulous costumes!Play instyle with the unique costumes! Equip the costumes in setfor aspecial bonus effect! * Access permission notice for gameplay·STORAGE: The permission is required to store game data and willnotaccess personal files such as photos. · PHONE: The permissionisrequired to proceed with in-game events and rewards and willnotaffect calls. · CONTACTS: The permission is required to syncyourfriend list and Google Account. ※ You'll be able to enjoytheservice except features related to above authorities even ifyoudon't give permission to the above. • Items are availableforpurchase in this game. Some paid items may not berefundabledepending on the type of item. • For Com2uS Mobile GameTerms ofService, visit 1) Terms ofService : 2)Privacy Policy: •For questionsor customer support, please contact our CustomerSupport byvisiting──────────────── Playwith Com2uS! ──────────────── Follow us! Like uson Facebook! Tips andUpdates
Brain Physics Puzzles : Ball Line Love It On 6.0
BEST TIME KILLER BRAIN TRANING PUZZLE GAME Brain Physics isBallLine Physics Puzzle game. Where you use crayon physics colorpencelto draw anything you can imagine to solve tons of physicspuzzlequiz and dozens of brain exercise. It's contain endlessrunsolution, you can do by your way to escape the stage level.Ourbrain game style, you don’t need smart but thinking is need.Let’sdraw something with physics free game. HOW TO PLAY BRAINPHYSICSPUZZLE? - Draw line or dot by use crayon physics pencil. -Solvethe puzzle like connect two dots, make ball touch something,dropthe ball …etc… - Brainstorm , solve challenge, You gotthis?Awsome! - You must connect two balls to each other. GAMEFEATURES ●BEST TIME KILLING: Play anytime, anywhere. ● REALISTICPHYSICS:Accurate and realistic physics design on 2d environment ●ADDICTIVEGAME : Over thousand player have been defeat all gamelevels, Didyou? ● GREAT VARIETY OF LEVELS: Play dozens of differentquiz andmind puzzles. ● HINTS: Use hint to solve the quiz anytimeyou stuckon our dots game. ● PLAY FOR FREE: Game frees for everyone, youdon't need to pay any cost to play our awsome game. FREESMART GAMECHALLENGE - Use virtual crayon physics then draw dot ,very fun andevolve intelligence for kid and improve intelligent foradult too.Where you play around ball bounce with gravity, bouncingphysicsrealistic. - Top of all free games is make just for you. -You candraw anythings on screen to make shape, dot, lines or emojiif youwant. It’s funny , right? LOL - It’s challenge for sure, youmustcollect enough stars to jump to new level page like dotscollectionto unlock level. Have dozens of iq testing and brain wars, mindtesting levels challenging you. - New level will availableeverymonth. - This balls connect game have tons of balls, you canusecoin earning every round to buy new ball and use in gamechallenge- Games for free every one. SIMPLE, CHALLENGING THINKINGGAME +Connect two balls. + Drop the ball into the bucket. + Makethe balltouch something. EDUCATION FREE GAMES STYLE - It’s verygoodeducation game for kid about physics, gravity, object moving… -Andimportant, it’s free game with less of ads. - Where you candrawing, love with balls. - Top free games of puzzle physics ballswithmost popular hot games style draw line connect two balls.BRAINPHYSICS IT ON PUZZLE STYLE - It force you to think and solvethechallenge in many way, funny and addictive thinking game evermade.- You can draw any shape, circle to solve the missionwithoutlimit. All of your choose. - Brain Physics it on yourcreativeability, with crayon physics pencil. - This game mechanicis topfree games puzzle, let's try it by yourself and enjoy youbraintraining challenge. - If you love of ball, we have ton ofballs foryou to collection. If you like it please vote 5 star , Iwill veryappreciated. If you have any question , feel free to emailme.Thanks! Never Limit Your Creative! Challenge yourself with ourmindgame! Start your adventure to world of Brainy Rush now!
Block Puzzle Jewel 2018 2.0
Block Puzzle For KID & GIRL
Block Puzzle Jewel 2018 totally is a free jigsaw puzzle . Youcanenjoy this game without internet everywhere, everytime .Thisoffline game has a very simple gameplay: just drag, drop andfillup all the grid. But once playing, you will be attracted andcantstop playing this.One of the most highlight of this onlineblockmania is about design and color. There are many beautifulthemesfor your choice. Moreover, it have many different levelschallengepuzzle maker: Easy ,normal, hard and expert. This game hasaRanking board too. You can share your achievement and your scoretonot only other people around the world but also your friendsviasocial networks.How to play:- Drag and drop block into rightplace.There are many brick shapes to pick up.- When a line isfulfilled,you will get score.- Game will be over if there are nospace whichsuitable with the shapes below the grid.- You cannotrotate whenplaying.- There are no limited time in-game, so you canthink asmuch as you want before picking up one. Highlight:* Simpleplay andeasy to control. * Various block shapes* Interesting musictheme*No limited time to play* Leaderboards, inviting friend tojoin,sharing your high score with friends and other people* PlayBlockPuzzle Jewel 2018 whenever you are free. No needinternetconnection. It's totally an offline game.Are you ready tobecome abest Block Puzzle maker? Get it now!
Pipe Puzzle Lines 1.0.5
Tricky Games
Pipe Puzzle Lines is a puzzle game!You must connect pipes becometopipe lines by their color.Pipe Lines Puzzle is a puzzle game,easygame, smart game.HOW TO PLAY a Pipe Lines Puzzle (Pipepuzzlegame)• Use all pipe on the board to connect them.• Connectpipebecome a line (same color)• Drag pipe to a line.FEATURES•Hundredsof levels!• Beautiful Game Arts!• Musical Sound Effects!•FREEdownloaded, update!• Timer in game! Quicky to get 3 STARS ineverylevel!• Turn On/Off sound, music in gameNOTES• This appcontainsads.Contact us if you have any questions, ideas forimprovements orexperience any bugs when playing the game.Yourfeedback will beused in the future updates.Pipe Lines Puzzle - PipePuzzleGameENJOY!!!Thanks forplaying!E-MAIL•tricky.gng@gmail.comFACEBOOK•
2048 classic puzzle +5 games
Anomsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd
2048 Puzzle is simple, fun and addictive number puzzle gamealongwith 5 other games. Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!2048game is upgraded and optimized version of the most popularpuzzlegame. Enjoy the super fast performance while having superfun. Itsupport classic 4x4 tile board, No time bound. Game state issavedinstantly, so you can resume game any time. Current score andalltime best score is shown on the game screen. To access thepersonalleader board you can click on the best score button. GameLogic isvery simple to learn- Use swipe to move the tiles. When twotilesof same number touch with swipe, they merge into one biggertile!Reach 2048 and win the game Start your fun on this additivepuzzlegame and explore deep challenge for your mind! Features-Classic4x4 tile board optimized for mobile screen size. Nativeoptimizedandroid performance, very swift animation. Keep playingmode forhigh scoring after 2048. Game state is instantly saved,resumeanytime. Undo game step supported Beautiful and simpleclassic UIHigh score, Personal Best score and leader board gamesupport foralmost all android devices Frequent game update withadditionalfeatures No extra mobile permission required to playNoregistration and login required Ads supported but not intrusivetogame play How to play- -Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to jointhenumbers. -When two tiles with the same no touch, they mergetocreate tile of double no. i.e when 2 2 merge it create tile with4no. -When a tile with 2048 number is created, game ends andyouwins. Please give your feedback in comments, we will make itthebest 2048 puzzle game. This game is based on classic opensource2048
Candy Christmas - Puzzle Game 1.00.17
Match 3 Fun Game
Enjoy with the colorful candies and its challenge to Christmasandmatching three candies in a row. Be happy with the cute animalsandsweet graphics. Play the game under the sweet of candies andsodacool atmosphere of snowing in candy Christmas.The creators ofthehit game, Candy Christmas, present a juicy new match 3 puzzlegamewith bushels of fruity challenges! Embark on this fruityadventuretoday! Swap, drag and sweep the cute Christmas items, likethechristmas tree, candy bells and baby, gingerbread men andicecrystals. Do not forget to feed the hungry pets. You'll berewardedwith cookies and candy.★★ Candy Christmas highlightedfeatures: ★★-MORE Sweet candies and sodalicious graphics !- CREATECOMBOS bymatching Candy Christmas Journey and Crush them!- MASTERtrickyobstacles like key, icebeg, muffin, sugar, cow andpuzzlingportals!- TOP-NOTCH performance! Animated jewels, effects,andcharacters!- FREE Candy Fantastic Christmas updates withnewpuzzles, boosts, and more!- Exciting lighting effects whileplayingincluding blast mania, lighting splash- Restore a magicalCandy,match and Candy colorful- FUN game fit for a King or SweetQueen!-Blast 3 or more fruit cake of the same type to get ridofthem.Snowman, Sweets and Candy will put your children in ahappyChristmas mood!The power of magic Candy Christmas is in yourhands.
Block Puzzle 2020: Blockie - Fun Jewel Puzzle 2.1.6
Angles Game Studio
Block Puzzle 2020: Blockie - New Jewel Puzzle - A 3Dmazing,coloring classic block puzzle, is suitable for all ages:kids,teenagers, and adults at leisure time help to releasestress.Blockie - Block Puzzle 2020 is a free puzzle game thatdoesn't needtoo much time effort, it's fun and addictive withbeautifullycrafted graphics, animation, and interesting gameplay!HOW TO PLAYThe goal is to drag and drop block shapes in order toform fulllines and destroy full lines of gems on the screen bothverticallyand horizontally as much as possible each turn. FEATURES:-Beautiful graphics, animation, and interesting gameplay -Online& global leader board using Facebook - Play and competevsfriends and all other great gamers - Lightweight, this gamecanplay on any smartphones - 100% FREE to play! - No subscription!-It can play both offline or online. With or without wifi,theinternet. Download Blockie - Block Puzzle 2020 now. Play forfun,conquer the world leader board and train the brain every day!
Classic Block Puzzle Brick 2.1.5
If you want to find the memories of childhood, this classicblockpuzzle will not let you down. The goal is to drop blocks inorderto create and destroy full lines on the screen both verticallyandhorizontally. Simply drag the blocks, and fill up all grids inthisaddictive puzzle game. Classic Block Puzzle Brick features -Easyto play but hard to master - Play without internet - Amazingblockgraphics and sound effects - There are various of color bricksinour classic block game How to play - Drag the blocks to movetheminto appropriate places - Get the points by fitting all blocksinthe colums or rows - Break your own record because thispuzzleblock adverntures is endless - Remember that the blocks cannot berotated. From now on, let's enjoy a simple and addictivepuzzlegame! Once you start, you'll be hooked. You can play ClassicBrickBlock Puzzle games for FREE!
Block Puzzle Classic 2018 1.10
The goal is to drop blocks in order to create and destroy fulllineson the screen both vertically and horizontally. Simply Dragtheblocks, and fill up all grids this addictive puzzle game Fromnowon, let's enjoy a simple and addictive puzzle game! Once youstart,you'll be hooked.You can play Block Puzzle Classic 2018games forFREE!
Block Puzzle:Classic Block 1.1.1
Block Puzzle is an addictive free game with cute graphics andmusic.Please challenge hundreds of levels ! You can do it. BlockPuzzle isthe legend of all puzzle games because its popularity isvery high.It’ll bring you back to your childhood. It's very simpleandexciting. Have a good time with Block Puzzle . Block Puzzlewillnever disappoint you! [How to Play] - Too simple. Just dragtheblocks and try to fit them all in the frame. [Features] -Hundredsof stages - No limit to play such as heart or time - Nonetworkrequired - Game file is as low as 10M, light-weightdownload! -Supports all tablet devices
Block Puzzle Jewel 39.0
hua weiwei
The goal is to drop blocks in order to create and destroy fulllineson the screen both vertically and horizontally. Don't forgetto keepthe blocks from filling the screen in this addictive puzzlegame.