1.0.0 / June 2, 2015
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Have a blast with this fast pacedhorizontalshooter in Sky Fighter Strike 3D . Control your gunshipby tiltingyour device left and right. With each wave comes newenemies andnew power-ups. It starts off easy, but quickly getsgoing.
While in an international fair of exhibition of Sky FighterStrike3D airplanes, a French Mirage 2000 of the last generationvanishesand pilots Antoine "Walk'n" Marchelli and Sebastian"Fahrenheit"Vallois are assigned to locate the plane that is flyingin a hidingposition below a commercial airplane. The pilots orderthe Mirageto return to the base, but the Mirage attacks Fahrenheitinstead,and Walk'n immediately shots the Mirage saving hispartner.However, the evidences are forged by the leader of a forcecalled "Sky Fighter Strike " and Walk'n is falsely accused of notfollowingthe orders and discharged from the air force. Blacklistedin thecommercial flight companies, Walk'n and Fahrenheit arepressed tojoin the Special Missions team, where they disclosebetrayals in anet of espionage.


  • App Name
  • ناوی پاکەیج
  • Updated
    June 2, 2015
  • قەبارەی فایل
  • پێویستی بە ئەندرۆیدە
    Android 2.1 and up
  • وەشان
  • گەشەپێدەر
    Nobula Darv
  • دابەزاندن
    500 - 1,000
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  • هاوپۆڵ
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    Email nobulak.darv@gmail.com
    Block C2-2-2, 1st Floor 88450 Inanam Sentral Kota Kinabalu Sabah
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Musical Hari Raya - Corporates 1.2 APK
Nobula Darv
Free Musical Hari Raya - Corporate GreetingsApp for you! !Get free photo, Emoji Sticker, quotes, videos and free game ofHari Raya Aidil Fitri / Hari Raya Aidil Adha Photos! Many kad canbe used during raya celebration.You can also hear muzik with your family.After you enjoy using the Musical Hari Raya - CorporateGreetings, use Emoji Sticker to decorate your photos, you can sharethe funny and cool picture to your friends via facebook, instagramor send via line, whatsapp and email or save the picture to yoursmartphone gallery.Choose photos from photo gallery or take new photo, select a hariraya frame and generate your new beautiful photo frames!You can now take picture / images of your Hari Raya AIdil Fitri /Hari Raya Aidil Adha celebration with Hari Raya Photo Framesapp.Celebrate those Happy Mubarak moments and capture them for life.Many kad can be used with them in Amazing Hari Raya GreetingCards.Its absolutely FREE!!How to use Musical Hari Raya - Corporate Greetings :# Open Hari Raya Photo Frames app.# Select a new frame, and take your best picture during the EidulFitri / Eidul Adha celebration.# Share the pictures with your family members, friends, colleagues,and everybody around you.# You can also use the camera fun function.# You can hear muzik with your family.- The layout of the user-friendly application- More than 20 options of beautiful and unique templates- Accessories Unlimited icon- Various types of font and color- Choice of pictures directly from the camera or from the photoalbum- Share Raya card with your loved ones via Facebook, email orMMS.- Save Raya cards in albums and cards, this can be used aswallpapers or share using other applications.Hopefully Musical Hari Raya - Corporate Greetings can addradiance and camaraderie between us all. Selamat Hari Raya!Share this app with your buddies...!!! They will enjoy thistoo....!!!Download now this free Musical Hari Raya - Corporate GreetingsImages Apps to bring together with you to the celebration this holymonth.Last but not least apart free images / kad / pic, videos, you willalso get a free game to enjoy after taking and sending images.
Little TD 1.0.5 APK
Nobula Darv
A Tower Defense game packed with action andstrategy!The trendy Defense game in the era, reaching over 20 Milliondownloads worldwide!This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money forextra items.Boom and blast those enemies with the powerful towers! take themdown with sturdy infantry units and armed heroes! Zap them with thesupercharged Tesla Towers! Upgrade your weaponry, plan yourstrategy and get ready for action!Join Captain Dickson and his powerfull army called SuperNova anddefeat the enemies leaded by Captain Darvin Sabu from Mega Empireclan.Little TD ( Tower Defense ) is a completely unique strategygame.Fire Water Nature Earth Light and Dark. All have their gems haveindividual elemental powers.It has unique features and gameplay style.Experience the thrill all over again with the brand-new TowerDefense Live!FEATURE*40 campaign and 7 Challenge maps*4 different game play modes*9 Towers*10 Enemy units*4 Special WeaponsDon't miss this game. download it and play it!
Deepavali Greeting Cards 1.8 APK
Nobula Darv
Deepavali Greeting Cards is the first Mobile Greeting Card MakerThis application is specially designed for those who love toexpress their Deepavali's wishes in a different way. Make your ownCard by : 1) Capture image, take the suggestion image from outgallery or take an image from SD card and Use it as your Mobilecard Picture. 2) insert as much text and special messages you wantto write. 3) add The Diwali Quotes 4) Twitter it, share onFacebook, Email it or download it on your SD card. Greetings madeeasy! Wish your friends and family this Deepavali with ourDeepavali Card App! Our app features a whole new layout with newicons and features that will help you create that unique Deepavaligreeting. Choose from a selection of beautifully designed framesand add in an unlimited number of icons this time around formaximum customization of your card. Add in a personalized greetingwith our text editor with customizable fonts, text size and colors.Greetings get more personal with the option of including a photoeither from your photo album or snapshots fresh from the cameraapp! Move the photo around to find that perfect fit with yourselected frame and icons. Mix and match photos and frames, addingtext, unlimited icons, all this can be done with just a touch and aswipe of your fingers! Sharing your card with the world is easy.Our apps integration with Facebook, whatsapp, google circle allowsusers to quickly share their creation on their Facebook wall. Justsave your greeting card in your photo album and share it with yourloved ones through e-mail and MMS! Have a fun-filled Deepavali withour Deepavali Card App!
Electro Games 1.2 APK
Nobula Darv
Electro Games will give you the experienceofplaying with a real electro element on your android phoneandandroid tablet.You can play with the automatic machine (with difficultylevelsbeginner, intermediate, or expert), or with a friend usingthe samephone or using another android phone/tablet as a networkgamethrough WIFI or Bluetooth.For those who don't know electro games, it is a strike andpocketgame similar to billiards, pools, snooker and shuffleboard;Here inelectro games you will use the finger to shoot thepieces.(Reference: Wikipedia).Controls are intuitive to any gamer. You will aim andshootsimilar way you shoot in angry bird games. The game includesboth aquick and a comprehensive tutorial to make you familiar withallthe controls.The game simulates the physics of the carrom accurately. Youcantry out any zig-zag shots you used to play in a electrogame.At the start, you can play with a beginner machine, until yougetfamiliar with the controls. Then try out the intermediatemachinewhich is bit competitive (for me, may be not for you).
Thermography 1.5 APK
Nobula Darv
Thermography Ultrared Camera is equipment or method, which detectsinfrared energy emitted from object, converts it to temperature,and displays image of temperature distribution. To be accurate, theequipment and the method should be called differently, theequipment to be called as infrared thermograph and the method to becalled as infrared thermography. Recently, however, more and morepublic literatures show tendency not to pay attention to suchappellative. We call our equipment as infrared thermographyconsidering such generalization of the terminology. Characteristicsof Infrared Thermography equipment It captures as a temperaturedistribution on a surface,and it can display as a visibleinformation. Temperature can be measured from a distance withoutcontacting an object. Temperature can be measured in real time.Merits of Infrared Thermography equipment Relative comparison ofdistribution of surface temperature can be made over a wide area.Temperature can be measured easily for a moving object or an objectwhich is dangerous to get close to. Temperature of small object canbe measured without confusing the temperature. Temperature of food,medicine or chemicals can be measured in a sanitary fashion.Temperature of an object with drastic temperature change or aphenomenon during a short period of time can be measured. This appssuppose to have a list bealow features but for THIS VERSION AREONLY demo/prank version. The key different feature for thisThermography app are: - Vibration - Burst shot - Fast capture -Pinch to zoom - Back/front camera - Small size application - Facedetection auto shot - Full/max camera resolution - Auto shot withdelay setting - Hide/show folder on Gallery - Black screen (touchto capture) - Video Recording (Experimental) - Save tointernal/external storage - Background capture/recording(Experimental) - Widget for faster capture & more secureshortcut naming
2048 Mars 1.2 APK
Nobula Darv
2048 Mars app is a very fun, addictive andavery simple puzzle game. Join the planets and get to the 2048tile!Smallest size app for 22nd century !HOW TO PLAY:Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two tileswiththe same image touch, they merge into one. When Sun tile iscreated,the player wins!To access Leaderboard & Achievements, you will have tosignin using google plus account. Make sure you have Google+installedand enabled on your phone or tablet.Features :-- ALL LANGUAGES SUPPORTED- Supporting landscape mode also- Added animation, default on- Animation controls to control the speed- Added swipe feedback sound, default off- Game is automatically saved- High score- Leaderboard- Achievements- Undo support- Share with friends- Setting for : when the game ends, toggle animation,togglesound- Completely native- Clear and simple UI- Game works for android 2.3.* and above devices- Supports all devices including tabletsInternet & network state permission is asked for ads.External storage permission asked for sharescreenshotfunctionality.
Sweet Birthday Greetings 1.6 APK
Nobula Darv
This Sweet Birthday Greetings free app reminds you of your friends'and family's birthdays. It's simple and we respect your privacy.You'll never forget an important day anymore. Birthdays can beentered manually, or synchronized with your contacts or facebookfriends. Duplicates are automatically removed. Choose to bereminded in advance, or on the birthday itself. The app dials foryou to call or send messages as well as eMails using customizedmessage templates to make it easy for you to greet the way youwant. We support the Hebrew, Islamic, Buddhist (Thai), Coptic andEthiopic calendar systems. And you can choose the calendar systemsfor the whole application as well as for single events separately.See upcoming birthdays on your home screen using one of fourwidgets. Say Happy Birthday via text message or tap to call them.We even track Chinese and Western zodiac signs. - See all of yourfriends' birthdays in chronological order (past, present andfuture) on our easy-to-use infinity loop display - Get remindersvia push notification on the actual day of your friends' birthdays- Browse our awesome selection of birthday cards which you can sendand receive for free - Add our widget to your home screen to seeupcoming birthdays The Sweet Birthday Greetings app synchronizesall birthdays with your contacts list and faebook, and offerssecure backups of all dates to the external storage. Your birthdayswill never be lost, and they can be easily transferred to a newdevice later. You'll l always know which day of the week yourfriends - and how many days are left until that date. Don't losetrack of birthdays in the noise of your calendar. This appsimplifies everything! Easy and clear. Everything in one app.
Wukong Ride 1.0 APK
Nobula Darv
In addition to the Movie Masters Pack,WukongRide will gain the Monkey King Pack this year. Mostentertainingandroid apps of the year.Monkey King is the pack voted on and chosen by fans.WukongRide's content was chosen over a firefighter’s outfit.A complete rundown of the Monkey King Pack in Wukong Ride.Sun Wùkong, or Suen Ng Hung in Cantonese, more commonly knownasthe Monkey King, is the main character in the classicalChineseepic novel Journey to the West. This pack adds a new MonkeyKingthemed outfit to Wei Shen’s wardrobe, complete with anunbreakablemagic staff, a damage boost and the unique CloudMotorcycle to ridearound China & Korea.THE VEHICLEThe classical Wukong Ride learned a cloud-traveling techniquecalledthe Jindouyún(cloud-somersault), which covers 54,000 km in asingleflip. That is a bit fast for Wei, but what he will receiveis a newmotorbike that’s shrouded in a patch of cloud that travelswithit.THE OUTFITThe Wukong Ride outfit is a full-body costume for Wei Shen,selectedin each safehouse wardrobe’s Outfits category. When Weiwears theoutfit, he is automatically armed with the staff andbuff.THE WEAPONThe Wukong Ride of literature acquired the Golden-banded staffRúyìJingu Bàng, which could change its size such that it couldbestored inside his ear as a tiny needle and expanded to any sizeasneeded in battle. Wei Shen similarly gets a goldenbandeddouble-handed staff, which vanishes when not in use andmagicallygrows to full size in combat.THE BUFFThe power of the immortals bestowed great strength upon theWukongRide. Similarly, Wei automatically receives a 50% boost tohismelee and grapple damage when wearing the Monkey Kingoutfit.