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A typing test how fast you with a typing, you can type! 10 includesa typing test typing test different. Option 2 or 3 minutes with thetest included. Your typing speed chart your results, you can seeyour progress over time Typing Speed is an app, which is veryuseful to people who would like to test/measure the typing speed.It helps you find how fast you can type. Typing Test is an app thatwill help you improve your typing skills naturally as you go alone.It allows you to type a variety of words as you see fit and it willenable you to increase your accuracy fast. Since there are manywords to work with, typing will be fun and different each and everytime. The score is in words per minute format. Each correct wordwill be added to your score and wrong typed word will not becounted. Take the test with your friends and see who can type thefastest. Using this application regularly can improve your typingspeed. Word Practice - Here you will be shown one word at a time.You need to type the word and then press space to see the nextword. Statistics will show you accuracy in words per minute. FastTyping Master lets you test your typing speed on mobile. after youare getting master in typing you are best in doing chats with yourfriends and other messaging application. You can completed yourtask in 60 seconds. You need to type as much words as possiblewithin 60 seconds. you must be committed to practicing every day ifyou want to improve your typing skills. Method 1 Mastering theTyping Basics Image titled Improve Typing Speed Step 1 1 Find akeyboard that you're comfortable with. Typing text test your speedapp is totally free, we giving you just simple sentence and youshould type is fast as possible, in this typing speed test you willalso learn, there is lot of interesting facts in several subjects,useful to people who would like to test their typing speed. TypingTest App is one of the challenging App to fast typing.Typing TestApp is not designed for only fun but it helps you can build yourmemory power. Your typing speed will increase day to day. This appis ideal for work as the secretariat, or also for those people whowork in front of a computer.’ "Words per minute, commonlyabbreviated WPM, is a measure of words processed in a minute, oftenused as a measurement of the speed of typing, reading or Morse codesending and receiving. Typing Speed Test application helps topeople who would like to test or measure the typing speed. It helpsyou find how fast you can type in such a way. Features: - Number ofCorrect characters you typed - Number of Wrong characters you typed- Your Typing Speed in words per minute - Accuracy in terms ofpercentage

App Information Typing Speed Test Challenge

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    Typing Speed Test Challenge
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    April 14, 2019
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Golden Heavan
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Video Voice Dubbing App You can now easily replace a video with badquality sound with your own voice or replace it with any music. Youcould also narrate or translate a language of any video by dubbingwith your own voice. You now don't need costly and heavy dubbingtools and video editing software. We advice you to use yourheadphone or earphone mic while dubbing a video. Video VoiceDubbing is one type of video editor app, using this app you can addor mix your favorite audio files to video files. This applicationmanage audio file size if the audio file length is larger thanvideo files, it will be automatically trim audio to video'sduration. Video Voice Dubbing App provides an elegant and easy touse interface that allows you to browse through your files andselect the video you want to convert to MP3 with just one click.Not only that, but also you can browse through converted files toplay or share anytime. Key Feature of Video Voice Dubbing :- - FastVideo cutter for cutting video files easily. - No watermarks andalways free. - MP3 audio will be saved to VideotoMP3 folder in yourphone. - Video to MP3 app is very fast and easy to use with userfriendly UI. - Video Converter App Quality customization. - Run MP3volume Boost to Make the Loud sound. - You can search any convertaudio mp3 for play in your player via this app. - View a scrollablewaveform representation of the audio file at 4 zoom levels. -Option to Name the new cut clip while saving it. - Easy andfriendly to use application - Material layout - Compatible with allandroid versions. - Support all video formats. like. flv, avi, mp4,3gp, mov, wmv, etc. - High quality output - Keeps the original fileunchanged. - Set the new clip as default ringtone or assign tocontacts, using this editor. - Tap anywhere on the wave & thebuilt in Music player starts playing at that position. - Option todelete (with confirmation alert) the created Tone. - Record buttonat top left of app to record an audio/music for editing. - AlsoLock & Unlocking phone screen wile showing video. - Set start& end for the audio clip, using an optional touch interface.Video Voice Dubbing App Add your favorite music to your videos inany way you want! Choose a part of the video where you would liketo add a song. Supports song mixing with the original Video sound.Isn’t this awesome.
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Gif Love Collection app includes a great collection of many lovelyand romantic Gif Images for you.GIF Love Collection Application isan absolutely wonderful and Lovely collection Of Valentine Gif OrPhoto Or Images Or Wallpapers. Gif Love Collection 2019 isspecially created with nice realistic and Beautiful animatedmorning background, it has a huge collection of Good Morning gif,so wish your friends & family a Very Good Morning using GoodMorning gif . Gif Love Collection App All days celebration with GifAnimated images that available in GIF All Days Celebrationapplication.All day of Like,Rose day gif collection, propose daygif collection , kiss day gif collection ,valentinesday gifcollection,chocolateday gif collection,hug days collection ofgif,Teddy day gif collection,Friendshipday gif collection. KeyFeature of GIF Collections :- - Easy To Use. - Nice collection ofLove Gif. - Save & share Love Gif to your friends. - 100% freeapplication. - nice collection of Good Morning gif - Save &share GIF Collection greeting to you family and friends. - itstotally free and easy to use. - user interface. - GIF include HighQuality and Colourful HD frames. - 20+ surprising GIFs. - GIF canbe adjusted to frames by Zoom in, zoom out and move with yourfingers - Fast speed. - Add Colorful Stylish Text Over Photo. - AddBirthday Sticker Over Photo. - You can save your photo with frameto your SD card in high quality. - No limits in daily downloads.Category of Special GIF :- - Anniversary GIF. - AprilFool GIF. -Birthday GIF. - BoyFriend GIF. - Congratulation GIF. - FriendshipGIF. - Good Morning GIF. - Good Night GIF. - Gril Friend GIF. -Hi-Hello GIF. - Love GIF. - Miss You GIF. - Sorry GIF. - Thank YouGIF. Category of Days GIF :- - Chocolate Day GIF. - Hug Day GIF. -Kiss Day GIF. - Promiss Day GIF. - Propose Day GIF. - Rose Day GIF.- Valentine Day GIF. Category of Festival GIF :- - Christmas GIF. -Happy Holi GIF. - Kite GIF. - NewYear GIF. - Diwali GIF. Categoryof God GIF :- - Ganesh GIF. - Jesus GIF. - Krishana GIF. - MahaDevGIF. - Mataji GIF. - SaiBaba GIF. - Swaminarayan GIF.
Total Video Converter 1.0.5 APK
Golden Heavan
Total Video Converter is the Best Video converters on Android. Withthe background ffmpeg library support, Video converter for Androidcan convert almost any video formats to mpeg4 and h264 videos,including Convert your video to audio or video to other format ofvideo, best way to convert your file. Total Video converter is thebest converter application from one form to other differentforms..... By using this application we can convert our videos indifferent formats easily....... those formats are.mp4,.3gp,.mkv,.avi,.flv,.mov... Video Converter Android is thebestTotal video converters on Android for Android. With thebackground ffmpeg library support, Video converter for Android canconvert almost any video formats to mpeg4 and h264 videos,including asf, avi, divx, flv, m2v, m4v, mjpeg, mkv, mov, mpg, ogg,ogv, rm, rmvb, webm, wmv, dv4 etc. Key Feature of Total VideoConverter :- - Cut Selected Part in Video Cutter: Trimmer. -Optimized for many devices and architectures. - SupportsVIDEO_FORMATS ='3gp','3gpp','flv','avi','vob' etc. - VideoConverting Speed is Very Fast. - Nice and easy Video Converter. -Multiple widgets. - Lots of Shortcuts,Conveniences &Configurations. - Video Sharing. - Tested in many more devices andcompatible with all Android versions. - Fast encoding to"3gp","3gpp","mpeg","mp4","flv","avi","vob". - Nice and easy VideoConverter. - Supports SOUND_FORMATS ='mp3','wav' etc. - A-B repeat,On-screen clock, timer, and battery meter. - Smooth HD playback foryour Video Files. - Supports SOUND_FORMATS ='mp3','wav' etc. -Share your Created Video to your Friends Via All Social MediaApplication. - Totally Free Application for Total Video Converter.- Video Converter android app is very fast and easy to use withuser friendly UI. Total Video Converter is also known as :- - HDVideo Player. - Video Converter & Video To MP3. - AudioCompressor,Rigtone Maker & MP3 Cutter. - HD Video Cutter. -Video Mute,Video Rotate,Video Player. - SlideShow Maker,Photo ToVideo. - Movie Maker,Video Editor. - Video Maker Such asAnniversary Photo,Beby Photo,Wedding Photo,Love Photo,etc. TotlaVideo Converter Android (TVidCon) is the best (and free!) videoconverters on Android for Android. With the background ffmpeglibrary support, Video converter for Android can convert almost anyvideo formats to mpeg4 and h264 videos, including asf, avi, divx,flv, m2v, m4v, mjpeg, mkv, mov, mpg, ogg, ogv, rm, rmvb, webm, wmv,dv4 etc. If you want a specific video format to be supported,please leave the details in comments or email us. We’ll try to addthe support in future release.
Miss You Photo Frame 1.2 APK
Golden Heavan
Miss You Photo Frames App very special make your images memorablewith this application. Lots of people search different types ofquotes, image like I miss you, I hurt you, feelings, missing you,feel forever, love feelings, always miss you, miss you dear etc.,These Miss You photo frames are ideal to show your unforgettablememories. Introduce to the new memorable photo editor app “Miss YouPhoto Frames” FREE Download. Miss You Photo Frames App very specialmake your images memorable with this application. Lots of peoplesearch different types of quotes, image like I miss you, I hurtyou, feelings, missing you, feel forever, love feelings, alwaysmiss you, miss you dear etc., Do you miss your beloved ones andremember memories by gazing at old photographs? Sometimes distancescome in relationships due to tiffs or living apart. When we missour beloved ones we feel so gloomy and look a reason to get back intouch. Couple Miss You Photo Frame application comprises of manybeautiful photos. Miss You Photo Frames App very special make yourimages memorable with this application. Edit your creatives withMiss You photo frame. How you let someone see you miss them andcare for them? Sending SMS or giving a phone call is the frequentcourse of action people do. Miss You Photo Frame applicationcomprises of many beautiful photos. Your pictures and Make yourimages memorable with this application, This app include verylovely and romantic feel miss you photo frames HD quality provided.Are you miss you girl friend or partner? Don't upset ready to usethis Miss You Photo Frames free select and decorate your favoritephotographs. Latest lovely most romantic memorable photo editor app"Miss You Photo Frames FREE" Download Miss You photo frame willmake your photos more effective. Edit your creativities with MissYou photo frame. These Miss You photo frames are ideal to show yourunforgettable memories Enhance your photos in the best possible wayby using this Miss You Photo Frame that will help you become aprofessional very easily and very quickly. Let select the Miss Youphoto frame you like best. Then, add your photos from gallery. Youcan move, zoom, flip, mirror, rotate the photo and add lovelystickers and Text Style. Lots of people search different types ofquotes, image like I miss you, I hurt you, feelings, missing you,feel forever, love feelings, always miss you, miss you dear etc.,This Miss You Photo Frames app very helpful for lovers share yourfeeling with this photo frames with miss you quotes frame app toyour someone special. Miss Photo Frames New HD Free Download. MissYou Photo Frames App very special make your images memorable withthis application. Miss You Love photo frame will make your photosmore effective. Edit your creativities with Miss You photo frame.Miss u photo frames enables you to express how much you miss yourloved ones using some stunning photo frames and photo effects. Whenwe miss our beloved ones we feel so gloomy and look a reason to getback in touch. Some Cool App Feature of Miss You Photo Frames :: *Select a photo from the gallery or take photos using camera. *Multiple stylish Miss You Frames for any picture. * Select maskableshape for your photos. we give you different maskable shape. * Addmultiple photo shape to your images. * Adjust position, size, angleof your photo by just finger gestures. * Add cool and stylish fontto your final Miss You Frame. * Also add awesome emoji and stickerto Miss You Frame to look like stunning. * Save your image to SDcard or app gallery. * Share your creations via any other socialnetworks. * Just easy to use.
Multi Window 1.1.1 APK
Golden Heavan
Multi Window : Split Screen (Multi Tasking) Now you can use twoapps or more than two apps at a single screen. You can use multipleapps at a time in a Screen and no need to switch tasks. This appmakes all apps multi window capable, but only adds the ones youspecify to the launch tray. This means you can drag an app from thelaunch bar onto ANY app and it will launch in split screen...evenapps that aren't explicitly selected to be enabled for multiwindow. Multitasking is composed by the settings menu, the sidebarand the floating tools. To access the tools bar do a swipe gestureto the right. Side Bar Multi Window is a free application toprovide you the ease of accessing your applications from anywhere.It is just a side launcher with your favorite applications.Shortcuts of your selected favorite applications will be created onthe left of the screen >> No root required >> Longpress on item and drag drop for re-arrange icons. >> You canuse both sides tray left and right. >> You Can Change textcolor,text size and text visibility. >> You can Change SliderLayer default themes and customized slider layer background color(By Color Picker). >> You can customize animation speed ofslide bar. >> You can change size and opacity of tab button.>> Easy to use and smooth. How to use it? ? First addshortcuts to the bar. ? Then swipe task bar from the edge of thescreen. ? After that simply click a shortcut icon to quickly switchbetween current task and another task. That's all you have to know.Multi Window Manager Is the app by which we can An App By Which YouCan Create Shortcuts Of Your Installed Apps Icon Into MultipleWindow Tray. And By Clicking On These Shortcuts, You Can EasilySwitch From One Task To Another During Your Current Task. Thiswindow system if you wish, zoom to full screen operations minimizedby bringing the screen if you wish, you can use efficiently. Forthe applications those can be launched in multi window mode, youcan create shortcut for any two applications those would belaunched upon shortcut tap and they will turn to multi window mode.An application to make your android experience better, provideseasy multitasking from anywhere and anytime! Using Multi WindowSidebar – Favorite Apps you can add your favorite apps and games tothe sidebar where you can access them from any screen. Types: Mostused app, Recently used app and Alphabetical Order. * You CanSelect Many Different Default Themes. * You can hide and unhide Onlong pressing multi window Sidebar icon. (Follow Help ) * You canchange transparency of slide bar. * Customize color, animationspeed,order and opacity. * Service start automatically when phonerestart Fi
Full Screen Caller ID 1.0.5 APK
Golden Heavan
Full Screen caller ID is best app to demonstration you the CallerID Information on full screen for incoming call or outgoing calls.The Full Screen Caller ID is a replacement of old small callerscreen for your phone. Instead of old caller ID screen you now havea different option for Caller ID notification and the option to seeit on Full Screen.Full Screen Caller is the best contact photo appto set contact photos. This HD Caller ID app is both beautiful andhighly useful for day to day calling purpose. The Full ScreenCaller ID is a replacement caller screen for your AndroidDevice.Using this program you can customize the way your phonenotifies you upon incoming & outgoing calls, sms, emails andmissed calls. Full Screen Caller ID for Android gives you thefacility to set full screen caller ID images in your incoming andoutgoing calls instead of a default caller ID screen.Make yourphone screen more beautiful and enjoy with all contact informationfeature very attractively at one place. You can set photo of yourfriend as a caller id to display in full screen during call. FullScreen Caller ID + Dialer app will launch a new caller screen withfull screen photo when you have incoming, outgoing and missedcalls. Just set a photo to contacts which you wanna customize, Whenyou getting any call you can see a different looking high qualityfull screen photo Call screen. Key Feature of Full Screen Caller ID:- - Set Full Hd Photo to the Contacts. - Full Screen Caller Id foryour all contacts - Multiple HD themes. - 10 + new and stylishthemes included 2017 Christmas themes (new). - New Valentine's Day2017 lovely theme. - Slide to answer a call. - Create blurbackground Full Screen Caller ID. - Create Feather background FullScreen Caller ID. - Beautiful Dialer Screen. - You can easilyselect contacts for full screen caller ID mode. - Select FullScreen Caller ID mode for incoming and outgoing calls. - You canconfigure Full Screen Caller ID mode for missed calls too. - Youcan activate both or any incoming and outgoing call screen. -customize the background of your calling screen by selecting fromgiven default backgrounds in the app or select your photos frommobile gallery as calling screen background. - Select fromdifferent answer and reject buttons. - Displays profile photo ofevery saved contacts. - Android integration : share pictures fromany Android application to set pictures for your contacts - Themesupport - Answer by buttons : no more slider to move to pick up thephone - Answer by sliding the screen. - It's a full screen HDcalling screen with both incoming and outgoing call screens. - Callconfirm, call waiting, call hold, mute and conference callingavailable. - Easy UI and different beautiful themes available. -You can either use the contact default photo or a different photofor the Full Screen Caller ID mode. - You can choose differenttheme for your caller screen. - You can choose different photo foryour contacts. - Full Screen Photo for incoming call. - Full ScreenPhoto for outgoing call. - Full Screen Photo for missed call. -Crop Full Screen Caller Photo. - Option to Crop Caller ProfilePhoto also. - You can either use the default photo or you canchoose. - You can set photo from Gallery or take it from DeviceCamera. - Preview your selected contact's photo. - Delete yourselected contact's photo. - ON/OFF Full Screen Caller ID fromsetting. full screen caller id app also allows to use wallpaperfrom your Gallery and Camera. Download Full Screen Caller ID +Dialer app for free and make your android phone looks awesome.Enjoy this Hd Caller id app with merry Christmas themes too. FullScreen Caller ID + Dialer app is a replacement caller id app ofyour default caller screen for your phone. a lot of beautifulcaller id themes to choose from this caller id app. HappyValentines Day.
com.goldenheavan.bahubaliphotoframe 1.1 APK
Golden Heavan
*** King Of Baahubali Photo Frame *** King Suites Photo Frames useFor Make Memories with Photo Frame Use By this App. Create suitphotos as you like using your imagination. The Bahubalee PhotoSuites For Man or Women application will give a stylish suits forboy And GIrl. * You can wear virtual bahubali Photo Suites , justtake photographs with the camera. You have front and back camera totake a picture. Select Any Frame and Make Like Kigng BahibaleePhoto. bahubali Wallpapers Think like bahubali and Bhalla Deva.make your personality like them and set in your wallpaper or shareto your friends. Features for baahubali Photo Frame :- - Very easyto use this baahubali Frame. - Select a photo from the gallery ortake photos using the phone's camera. - More than 20 photo suitdesigns are provided. - Add Wonderful Sticker Of King and Enamy OnPhoto. - Write Text Over Photo. - Save your image to SD card. - Candirectly set as wall paper from the application. - Save your newedited baahubali Cast images and share it instantly on socialnetworks. - baahubali Photo Frame does not require internetconnection. - Baahubali Photo SuitMakes you a celebrity. -Baahubali Photo Frame is completely free download. - 100% free use.
Best Status 2019 1.0.7 APK
Golden Heavan
Best Status 2019