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Aplikasi ini dapat dibaca langsung dalam bahasa indonesiasecaragratis, lebih dari 7000 hadist yang tercatat dalamaplikasiini.Aplikasi Hadits Shahih merupakan aplikasi ringanberisikumpulan hadits shahih terlengkap yang diriwayatkan olehBukharidan Muslim.Kitab Hadits Bukhari dan Muslim aplikasiberisipenjelasan para ahli hadits ini memjelaskan mengenai berbagimacamhal yang dijelaskan dalam kitab-kitab hadits shahih tersebut.KitabShahih Bukhari merupakan kitab (buku) koleksi hadits yangdisusunoleh Imam Bukhari (nama lengkap: Abu Abdullah Muhammad binIsmailbin Ibrahim bin al-Mughirah al-Ju'fi) yang hidup antara 194hingga256 hijriah.Koleksi hadits ini di kalangan muslim Sunniadalahkoleksi terbaik kedua setelah Shahih Bukhari.Dari sekitar300.000hadits yang ia kumpulkan hanya sekitar 4000 yang telahditelitiselama hidupnya dan dapat diterima keasliannya.ShahihMuslimterbagi menjadi beberapa kitab di mana tiap kitab terdiridaribeberapa bab. Judul bab tersebut menunjukkan fiqih ImamMuslimterhadap hadits-hadits yang termuat di dalamnya. ShahihBukharibersama dengan kitab Shahih Muslim disebut sebagaiash-Shahihain(Dua Kitab Shahih rujukan utama).Hadits Shahih Bukharidan Muslimini menjadikan kita lebih mendalami agama Islamdenganbenar.Fitur:- Dapat diakses secara Offline- Lengkap- Adafiturpencarian- Dapat diperbesar jika kurang jelasCaraMenggunakan:-Download App PDF untuk membuka isi- Contoh sepertidiScreenshotTerimakasih telah mempercayai aplikasi kamisebagaiaplikasi terbaik dari yang lainnya, tidak lupa penulisakanmelakukan pembaharuan terhadap kesalahan atau memperbagustampilandari aplikasi kami.Jangan lupa dishare ya.. bintang 5 nyakawanjangan lupa..This application can be read directly inIndonesianfor free, more than 7,000 hadith recorded in thisapplication.SahihHadith application is a lightweight applicationcontains the mostcomprehensive collection of authentic hadithnarrated by Bukhariand Muslim.Books of Hadith Bukhari and Muslimscholars applicationcontains an explanation of this hadithmemjelaskan regarding thesharing of things described in the booksof the authentic hadith.Sahih Bukhari is a book (book) collectionof hadith compiled byImam Bukhari (full name: Abu Abdullah Muhammadbin Ismail binIbrahim bin al-Mughirah al-Ju'fi) who lived between194 to 256Hijra.This hadith collections among Sunni Muslims are thesecondbest collection after Sahih Bukhari.Of the approximately300,000hadith which he collected only about 4000 have beeninvestigatedfor his life and acceptable authenticity.Sahih Muslimis dividedinto several books where each book consists of severalchapters.The chapter titles indicate Imam Muslim jurisprudenceagainst thosehadiths contained therein. Sahih Bukhari along withSahih Muslimreferred to as ash-Shahihain (Two Books Sahihprimaryreference).Sahih Bukhari and Muslim hadith makes us deeperintoIslam correctly.features:- accessible Offline- Complete- Thereis asearch feature- Can be magnified if unclearHow to use:-DownloadApp PDF to open the contents- Examples of suchScreenshotThank youfor trusting our application as the bestapplication of the others,not forgetting the writer will renew anyerrors or beautify thelook of our application.Do not forget toshared ya .. 5 of hiscomrades do not forget ..

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Sifat 20 Allah dan Maknanya 1.0 APK
Sifat 20 Allah ialah aplikasi ringkas yang menerangkan 20sifat-sifat bagi Allah lengkap disertakan dengan MP3 nasyidnyanyian kumpulan Rabbani.Semoga kita memperoleh rahmat dari AllahSWT.Aplikasi buku ini akan mendidik adik-adik dan kita semua untukmemuji dan sujud kepada tuhan yang maha esa, biar menambahkeyakianan kita kepada Allah agar kita tidak tersesat.Sama-samalahkita semua dan juga adik-adik untuk memahami maksud dan huraianlengkap apa yang dimaksudkan dengan Sifat 20 ALLAH danMaknanya.Adapun Sifat Sifat Allah antara lain:1. Wujud2. Qidam3.Baqo’4. Mukhoolafatul lil hawaadist5. Qiyamuhu Binafsih6.Wahdaniyah7. Qudrat8. Irodat9. Ilmu10. Hayat11. Sama’12. Bashar13.Kalam14. Qoodirun15. Muriidun16. AAlimun17. Hayyun18. Samii’un19.Bashiirun20. MutakallimunFeatures:- Mudah digunakan dan dipelajari-OFFLINE , boleh digunakan tanpa talian internet, di mana-manasahaja.- MP3 nasyid sifat 20 Allah- Hikmah dan dalilJika aplikasiini bermanfaat bagi anda, Support dengan dukungan 5star.Jazakallahu Khairan Katsira.20 nature of God is quickapplication explaining the 20 attributes of God came complete withMP3 nasyid singing Rabbani.Semoga collection we obtain the grace ofAllah SWT.Application of this book will educate younger siblingsand we all praise and bow down to the almighty god is one, let meadd keyakianan to God so that we do not get lost.Same-operate usall and also the brothers to understand the intent and completehuraian what is meant by Nature 20 GOD and meaning.The Nature ofNature of God, among others:1. Being2. Qidam3. Baqo '4.Mukhoolafatul lil hawaadist5. Qiyamuhu Binafsih6. Wahdaniyah7.Qudrat8. Irodat9. Science10. Hayat11. Same '12. Bashar13. Kalam14.Qoodirun15. Muriidun16. AAlimun17. Hayyun18. Samii'un19.Bashiirun20. MutakallimunFeatures:- Easy to use and learn- OFFLINE,may be used without internet online, in anywhere else.- MP3 nasyidnature of God 20- Wisdom and propositionsIf this application isuseful for you, Support with 5 star support.Jazakallahu KhairanKatsira.
Al-Quran Ahmad Saud Mp3 1.0 APK
Juz Amma or Juz 30 in Arabic: الجزء٣٠ is part of the last chaptersin the Qur'an. Juz 30 is characterized by the first word عم insurah An-Naba ayah one and ended up in Surah An-Naas ayah 6.Listenthe Ahmad Saud murottal offline without streaming mp3 or downloadmp3.This juz amma Ahmad Saud Quran MP3 app work offline.Most versesin these Juz are short verses of surah Makiyyah.Features :- JuzAmma MP3- High quality sound- Simple and easy to use- Offline (Noneed Internet)- Famous Qari in the world (Ahmad Saud)“If yourhearts are purified, you will never tire of reciting the Quran andlistening to its recitation.”Hazrat Uthman (radhiyallahu anhu)BriefAbout him: He young Sheikh Ahmed Saud is a famous reciter of TheHoly Quran, and legendary religious child. The young Sheikh AhmedSaoud is from Saudi Arabia. Through his magnificent psalmody, hecracks the voices and makes them weep with joy and satisfaction,just like his fellow Saudis.The young Sheikh Ahmed Saoud organizedseveral jalassates or rather conferences about various themes anddiverse subjects, which tens of faithful audiences attend withadmiration every year. All these events occurred when he was stilla child. A lot of instructors and religious men have been helpinghim become a great Sheikh one day.Many TV channels, radio stationsand web sites spread the productions of the young Sheik AhmedSaoud.Since his young age, the young Sheikh was interested inIslamic sciences which amazed his relatives and acquaintances. Whata magnificent voice he has. May God bless him and be with him inhis journey to reach the top of success and glory.If you like thisAl-Quran Ahmad Saoud Juz Amma MP3 Offline App, please considersharing it with others and also leave a positive review for it inthe store. This will help boost the app's ranking in the store andhence others can find this app easily with less or no hassles.Thankyou very much for checking out this App!
Portugal Radio FM free 2018 1.0 APK
Portugal Radio is the Best radio - Fm application that everyoneexpects.Get this professional Portugal Radio App with News, Sports,Talk and Music absolutely free and listen to the top PortugalInternet Radio Stations on your android device. Portugal InternetRadios are sorted by states, cities, genre and A-Z.You can listenall radio - Fm of Portugal in one click only , instant play backand perfect quality.Radio Portugal category you can chose:- Sportsradio- News Fm- Music (country, jazz, rock, classic, blues, rnb,pop, dance....)- Religious- Talk and News- Discover hundreds ofstreams of life!With about 1300 channels surely you will have thebest experience.Completely new design. Lots of new features! Veryeasy to use!Our Pro Radio Apps do not only have the broadestselection of stations, but also the best functions available.Do notwait anymore, it's the perfect app for youDownload without furtherdelay Radio PortugalThis is a FREE add supported App, but withoutannoying advertising boost!NOTE! If you see "Audio File AccessError", after "buffering", try again later! Some stations are not100% reliable and / or have max. limit the listener.
60s Radio Music Top Sixties 1.0 APK
Listen to top Music from 60s on your android device. Get access tothe best Sixties Radio Stations for Free and enjoy Beat Rock,R&B and all the other great tunes from the 1960s!* Easy to useapp!* Turns radio automatically off, when you receive a call!* Thisis one of the most complete App for 60s Radio Stations.Some of the60s Oldies Radio Stations that are available in this app:1 HITS60s1.fm Back To The 50s nd 60s1000 Oldies101.ru CCCP 50-70101.ru:The Beatles104.6 RTL 60er 70er192 Radio Nederland1967 Plus24-7Radio - Dreamboats And Petticoats24-7s Best Of The 60s57 ChevyRadio60s Chartbusters60s from Radio Nova60s_70s60sRADIO MRG.fm95.5Charivari - ITALO HITS977 - 50s 60s HitsA OLDIES DREAM - 50s 60s24HABC 60sABC Memories IrelandABC OldiesAbsolute Radio 60sAddictive60sAll 60s All The TimeAll 60s All The TimeAllzic Annees 80AlwaysMusicAmerican GraffitiAmerican Sixties RadioAmericas UltimateOldies ChannelANTENNE BAYERN - Oldies but GoldiesAPS Radio -OldiesBeatles RadioBelgian Oldies RadioBest 60s TimeBeyond The BeatGenerationBLAST! Digital FMBlownBoss Boss RadioBoss RadioBritishInvasion RadioBritish Sixties RadioBroadcasting World TestStationCALM RADIO - ROCK EXPLOSION 1965 - 69 - SamplerCalm RadioEarly 60s RockCAPITAL FM WebradioCar Tunes RadioChic RadioVintageCiao Italia Radio - Classics Vintage Italia 60 70 8090Classic 21 60sClassic Rock Florida WWWSHERADIO HDClassic RockRadioCorail VintageCounty Channel RadioCreek ValleyRadiocruisinoldiesCT World Service RadioDDR Sixties PlusDeep EndRadioDelta Radio Nijmegendiamond 60sDiana OldiesDj.TypicalGrandInMyDreamsRadioDons MusicDooWop Cafe RadioEndurance Radio - 50s -60sExitos de los 60s 70s 80s 90sFab4Radioflashback-oldie-fmlaut.fmFM Goud PlusFOX Oldies 98.9 FM -WGNYgenerationengibraltargoldradioGlobalFMGolden 50 70s HitsGoldenOldies StationGolden Sixties Seventies Eighties RadioGotRadio -Classic 60sGuldkanalen 60-talHarmony Radio BelgiumHD DinerRadiohellenic radio perth w.a.Hit Music Network - 60sHit RadioRockyHitFM - YourHitStationHits 50sHits 60sICE RADIO WaldkraiburgDER COOLE INTERNET RADIO SENDER AUS BAYERNJofoxRadioJukeboxoldiesKEOM 88.5 FMKultradioduisburgKX ClassicsLa webradio Francelaut rausLeisure FM 107.4 FM UKlighthouseLonestar Radio60sLove Songs Florida PlusMainDog GoldMakeout MemoriesMFM 100Titres Cultes 60/70MFM Culte 60/70Micksden 60s 70s 80sRadioMore-RadioMusik GoldiesMy Generationmyopusradio.com - CassettePlayerNDR 1 Radio MV KulthitshowNDR Info - NachtclubNostalgie60Nostalgie Extra 60s-70sOffshore Music RadioOld Hits - 60, 70, 80,90oldiemaniaOldieradio24Oldies Paradise Internet RadioOldies RadioRGROlympia ClassicsORS Radio 50s and 60sOude Radio PiratenOUI FMRock 60sOur JukeboxPhilips 66 GaragePioneers of Jazz Fusion: 60s,70s, and Beyondpoptarisznya.hupower playbackPsychedelicizedRadioQMR Classic Gold 60sR.TOP 60 OLHORadio 10 Gold 60s 70sRadio2DayRadio 45 105.5 FMRadio 60 70 80Radio AscoltaRadio Ascolta italyoldies anni 60 Bella Italia ciaoRadio Birikina 91.3 FMRADIO BOB!BOBs RockabillyRadio BoorimeRadio ButterflyRadio Caroline 319GoldRadio Digitalia RICORDIRadio El ViniloRadio EricaRadio Galaxy105 60sradio GOLDRadio INRadio Italia Anni 60 - Emilia Romagna102.1 FMRadio Italia Anni 60 - Trentino Alto Adige 89.5 FMRadioMelodyRadio Mercury RememberedRadio NORA OldiesRadio NostalgiaRadioRitmo 60 stereoRadio Royal (Forth Valley)Radio SFV Decades1960s-1970sRadio Souvenir.comRadio SternenstadtRadio StinstedtRadioSuperoldieRadio ZET BeatlesRadio ZET SuperGoldRadio1 GOLDEN 60sRodos.GreeceRadyo GencebayRMF 60sSoftnezeeand many more ..
Oldies Radio Stations 500+ 1.0 APK
Complite from (1920 until 1990). Surely you can find your favoritemusic legend here.Thank you for downloading the application this.Wecontinue to perform continuous renewal.Stations are sorted bydecade and by location (USA and UK) and more.Free Oldies Radio,contain only hand picked radios from: Germany, USA, UK, Belgium,Netherland, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Italy, Poland, CzechRepublic, France, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden.You don'tneed anymore to looking for free download music 20s 40s 50s 60s 70s80s 90s USA OLDIES UK OLDIES, because you will have access to allthe oldies music free, in one place, HERE!* Easy to use app!* Turnsradio automatically off, when you receive a call!* This is one ofthe most complete App for Oldies Radio Stations.Some of the OldiesRadio Stations that are available in this app:1 FM Back to the 80s1HITS 50s100.7 Boss FM101.5 FM KOOL Oldies102.7 The Wolf102.9 MasVariedad103.7 KEYN103.9 FM Mas Variedad103.9 Sunny FM105.9 WMEX1050AM The Chief107.3 BBT107.3 Mod FM113FM Awesome 80s113FM Awesome 80s- 1980113FM Awesome 80s - 1981113FM Awesome 80s - 1982113FM Awesome80s - 1983113FM Awesome 80s - 1984113FM Awesome 80s - 1986113FMAwesome 80s - 1987113FM Awesome 80s - 1988113FM Awesome 80s -1989113FM Electrolux113FM Flashback113FM Retro - 1970113FM Retro -1971113FM Retro - 1972113FM Retro - 1973113FM Retro - 1974113FMRetro - 1975113FM Retro - 1976113FM Retro - 1977113FM Retro -1978113FM Retro - 1979113FM Star113FM Star - 1990113FM Star -1991113FM Star - 1992113FM Star - 1993113FM Star - 1994113FM Star -1995113FM Star - 1996113FM Star - 1997113FM Star - 1998113FM Star -19991140 AM The Hawk121 NetRadio - StarSets1290 AM WIRL1290 GLI1420AM Good Time Oldies1460 AM WJCP1600 The Beach181.fm - 80sCountry181.FM - 90s Country181.fm - Awesome 80s181.fm -Beatles181.fm - Classic Hits 181181.fm - Good Time Oldies181.fm -Lite 80s181.fm - Mellow Gold181.FM - Super 70s181.fm - The MixChannel181.FM 80s Hairband1980s.FM1980s.FM - Awesome hits and thesongs1Faith FM - Christmas Classic1radio.mk - Oldies 10420thCentury Radio - Old Time Music24-7 Dreamboat And Petticoats24-7Radio - Psychedelic Rock50s Bop57 Chevy Love Songs57 ChevyRadio60sRADIO MRG.fm620 AM KHB70s70s Pop Up70sRadio MRG fm80s80s90s - Hit Connection Radio80s By The Hour80s Funk DanceMusic80sRadio - MRG.fm8teez.rockin626.com90s Dance and Beyond -AddictedtoRadio.com90sRADIO (MRG.fm)93.3 The Drive95.3 KVHU96.1 MasVariedad977 - 50s 60s Hits99.7 MY FMAAZO Radio 80sAAZO Radio90sAceRadio - The 80s Soft ChannelAceRadio - The Awesome 80sChannelAceRadio-90s Alternative RockAceRadio-90s PopChannelAddicted to Radio Jammin OldiesAddicted to Radio Studio54AddictedToRadio - 70s Lite HitsAddictedToRadio - 70s PopHitsAddictedToRadio - 80s Lite HitsAddictedToRadio - 80s PopHitsAddictedToRadio - 90s Hip-Hop and RandBAddictedToRadio - 90sPop HitsAddictedToRadio - Big Band CantinaAddictedToRadio - EasyListening StandardsAddictedToRadio - Jammin'OldiesAddictedToRadio.com - Skatin JamzAll 60s All The TimeAll 60sAll The TimeAll 80s 102.3ALL REQUEST SHOWAlltime OldiesAM 1130 TheIslandAM 1400 WRDBAM 700American Museum of Radio and Electricity102.3 FMAmerican Senior Radio NetworkAmerican Sixties RadioAmericasUltimate Oldies ChannelAndys 80s The Rarest NewAtlantic Oldies2NGBaltimore Net RadioBates FM - 80sBates FM - 90s MixBatesFM - 70sFMBDJ Italo DiscoBDJ Pure 80sBe Good Radio - 80s JazzBe Good Radio- 80s LiteBe Good Radio - 80s MetalBe Good Radio - 80s MixBe GoodRadio - 80s New WaveBe Good Radio - 80s OfficeBe Good Radio - 80sPopBe Good Radio - 80s Pop RockBe Good Radio - 80s Punk RockBe GoodRadio - 80s Rock MixBeatle RadioBeatles BeyondBeatles Radioand manymore ...Wherever you are, the best sounds from top Oldies Musiconline radio stations are with you!
Kisah Tokoh Sufi (Lengkap) 1.0 APK
Kisah Tokoh Sufi Dunia.Dalam Sejarah Dunia Islam Dikenal BeberapaTokoh Sufi yang pemikiran dan keilmuannya sangat diakui Dunia,Walaupun ada Sebagian yang cara berfikirnya di luar pemikirankebanyakan manusia dalam mencari tahu tentang Tuhannya.Tidakdiragukan lagi Perjalanan tokoh Sufi ini murni mengajarkan ajaranKetuhanan secara benar sesuai dengan syariat nya Nabi MuhammadSAW.Sufistik lebih dikenal sebagai orang yang sederhana, tidakterlena oleh tipuan dunia yang sifatnya menipu, dengan kata lainsufi adalah orang yang senangtiasa membersihkan hati.Sufi Indentikdengan Pengajaran Tasawuf, dalam zaman nabi Muhammad dikenal denganIkhsan. Tauhid,Fiqh dan Tasawuf mereka terapkan dalam kehidupansehari hari dengan melalui jalan TAREQAT. Aplikasi ini sangatringan, tidak memerlukan internet dan mudah dipahami dandipelajari.Pengembang berharap dengan adanya kisah para Sufi ( WaliAllah ) diharapkan agar kita senangtiasa meningkatkan keimanan kitakepada Allah SWT. Carilah tuhan yang nyata dalam diri,tiada sekutubagi nya.Aplikasi Ini Berisi Kisah Sejarah Para Tokoh TokohSufistik dalam dunia Islam, Antara Lain:1. Kelahiran, nasab danmasa kecil syekh abil hasan asy syadzily2. Syekh abdus salamal-masyasyi3. Abul abbas al mursyi4. Manaqib ibnu atha’illah(pengarang kitab al-hikam)5. Al junaidy albagdady6. Al qusyairyira.7. Manaqib syekh muhammad bahauddin an naqsabandiy8. Biografisyeih jalaluddin arrumi ra.9. Amir bin abdullah at-tamimi10. Syekhal imam tsauban bin ibrohim11. Umar bin abdul-aziz12. Uwaisalqorny13. Kisah tokoh sufi wanita : rabi'atul adawiyah14. Al-imamsari as-saqathi15. Sufi agung al-hallaj16. Syekh ibrahimal-dasuqi17. Ibnu 'aroby tentang khotamul 'auliya18. Nasehat syekhibrohim bin adham kpd ahli ma'siyat19. Al imam assyafi'y ra20.sekilas tentang latar belakang imam malik21. Kisah abu hanifah22.Kisah imam hanbali23. Abuyazid al-busthami,24. Syeih hasan albashri25. Sejarah hidup biografi imam al-ghazali26. Syekh abdulqadir jaelaniSemoga Dari Biografi Para Sufi Kita dapat MengambilPelajaran Dalam Membersihkan Hati Dan Makrifatullah dengan Benar.AminnProminent Sufi Story of the World.In World History of Islamknown Some Prominent Sufi thought and scientific highly acclaimedWorld, Despite Some of the ways of thinking beyond the thought mostpeople in finding out about the Lord.No doubt this trip purely Sufiteaching the Godhead correctly in accordance with its law NabiMuhammad SAW.Sufi better known as a simple man, do not be lulled bythe hoax the world that are deceptive, in other words the Sufi isone who senangtiasa cleanse the liver.Sufi identical with theteaching of Sufism, in the time of the prophet Muhammad Ikhsanknown. Tauhid, Fiqh and Mysticism they apply in their daily livesthrough paths TAREQAT.This application is very light, it does notrequire internet and easy to understand and learn.Developers hopewith the story of the Sufi (Wali Allah) it is expected that wesenangtiasa increase our faith in Allah SWT. Look for a real god inyourself, no partner for her.This application contains the story ofHistory Leaders Sufi figures in the Islamic world, between:1.Birth, childhood nasab and syekh abil hasan ash syadzily2. Sheikhabdus salam al-masyasyi3. Abul abbas al mursyi4. Manaqib Ibnatha'illah (author of the book al-hikam)5. Al Junaidy albagdady6.Al qusyairyi ra.7. Manaqib syekh muhammad bahauddin annaqsabandiy8. Biography syeih jalaluddin arrumi ra.9. Amir binabdullah at-Tamimi10. tsauban imam Sheik Ibrahim bin11. Umar binAbdul-aziz12. Uwais alqorny13. The story of a woman Sufi figures:rabi'atul Adawiyah14. Al-imam sari as-saqathi15. The grand Sufial-Hallaj16. Syekh ibrahim al-dasuqi17. Ibn 'aroby about khotamul'Auliya18. Advice syekh ibrohim bin adham kpd expert ma'siyat19. Alimam assyafi'y ra20. The background glimpse of imam malik21. Actsof ash hanifah22. The story of the priest Hanbali23. Abuyazidal-busthami,24. Hasan of Basra Syeih25. Living history biographyimam al-Ghazali26. Sheikh Abdul-Qadir GilaniHope Of Biography SufisWe can Take Lessons in Clean Heart And Makrifatullah Right. Aminn
Al Quran Sheikh AlSudais Mp3 1.0 APK
This app lets you listen to the reading of Juz Amma, from theQur'an by Abdul Rahman Al Sudais. This Application works perfectlyOffline. No need of wifi/mobile data Connection. Just download andstart listening to any Surah right away. Once you download it, thenat anytime you can listen to the Complete Hloy Quran - AbdelrahmanSodes at anytime without data or wifi and don't worry the AudioQuality is also great for reasonable listening.This Application isunique because it is not as huge as the others, it is less than80MB!App Features:Listen while in backgroundShuffle SurahsNo needof Internet Connection!Full version complete Quran offline JuzAmmaShare with anyone family and/or friend via your favorite socialmediaApp is Incredibly small in size and Audio quality isGreat!Repeat track as many times as you want.Quick access to theQuran files from your system tray/notification bar.Holy Quran -sheikh abdulrahman alsodesBrief About him:AbdurRahman Ibn AbdulAziz as-Sudais (Arabic: عبد الرحمن السديس‎ (ʻAbd ar-Rahman ibn ʻAbdal-Aziz as-Sudais Hanbali), born 1960 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) isthe imam of the Grand mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, a renownedqāriʾ (reciter of the Qur'an),and was the Dubai International HolyQur'an Award’s "Islamic Personality Of the Year" in 2005.His Lifeand Career:He comes from the Anza clan, and he had memorized theQuran by the age of 12.Growing up in Riyadh, he studied at the AlMuthana Bin Harith Elementary School, and afterwards the RiyadhScientific Institution from which he graduated in 1979 with a gradeof excellent. He obtained a degree in Sharia from Riyadh Universityin 1983, his Master's in Islamic fundamentals from the ShariaCollege of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in 1987 andreceived his Ph.D. in Islamic Sharia from Umm al-Qura University in1995 while working there as an assistant professor after serving atRiyadh University.He took up his imamate in 1984, at just 22-yearsof age, and conducted his first sermon at the Grand Mosque in Meccain July 1984, other than this Sheikh Saud Al-Shuraim - has been hispartner in Taraweeh Prayers from 1991 till 2006, and again in2014.In 2005, he was named by the Dubai International Holy QuranAward (DIHQA) Organising Committee as its 9th annual "IslamicPersonality Of the Year" in recognition of his devotion to theQuran and Islam. When accepting his award in Dubai, he said: "Themessage of Islam and Muslims is modesty, fairness, security,stability, sympathy, harmony and kindness."From 2010 to 2012 hevisited India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Britain. Among his activitieshas been hosting a seminar at the Higher Institute for AdvancedIslamic Studies in Malaysia in 2011, where he spoke about Islamiccivilization against the backdrop of modern challenges."If yourheart is sanctified, you will never get tired of reading the paperand listening to his reading."Hazrat Uthman (radhiyallahu anhu)
Al Quran Juz Amma Mp3 Offline 1.0 APK
Juz Amma app for users who focus on reading Juz 30 AlQuran.Unlikewith other applications, this application is veryhelpful for youin the memorization, because in the offline formatyou can listenanywhere.Juz Amma application is equipped withtranslations and MP3files to facilitate in understanding themeaning of each verseread.Interactively displayed so as tofacilitate users in learningJuz Amma. This app can be set todisplay Arabic text, latin text,Offline Audio Mp3 and translationonly.Juz Amma ApplicationFeatures:- Applications can still be usedeven without an internetconnection- Translation in Indonesian-Equipped MP3 files for easymemorization of letters.- Audio filescan be made Ringtone