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Application for students of the University of Batna 2 -DepartmentMI Second year - Academic specialization

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Radio Maroc Light 2.6.9 APK
Radio Maroc is the simplest way to listen to your favorite Moroccanstation, it's simplicity allows you to fully enjoy your listeningexperience with it's super clean interface, we are eager to getyour feedback!. Features of Radio Maroc Light: 1- Backgroundlistening 2- Control the radio from the background even if yourphone is locked 3- Fast and smooth radio streaming 4- Save yourfavorite radio stations and access them in one click 5- CleanSimple Design 6- Recording feature 7- Sleep Timer 8- Listen to +100Quran Readers. 9- Ability to organize stations through drag anddrop feature. Acknowledgements Section : - Most of the icons usedin this project are designed by from Flaticon Privacy Policy Theapplication uses and depends on the following services in order tofunction: - Firebase RealTime Database - Firebase Analytics - Admob- Fabric Crashlytics By using this app you agree to the PrivacyPolicy in the following link:https://sites.google.com/view/radiotermsconditions Credits:http://www.adwaafm.com
Radio DZ Algerie 2.3.3 APK
مميزات برنامج راديو الجزائر 1- الإستماع للإذاعات في الخلفيةوأنتتتصفح الإنترنت كفيسبوك وغيره. 2- تشغيل وإيقاف والتنقل بينالإذاعاتحتى وإن كان هاتفك مغلقا. 3- سرعة تشغيل الإذاعات وجودة صوتعالية 4-يحتوي البرنامج على خاصية إظافة الإذاعات إلى المفضلة والوصوللهابضغطة زر. 5- تصميم بسيط ونقي بعيدا عن كثرة الأزرار، فكل شيئيحتاجلضغطة واحدة. 6- خاصية التسجيل 7- خاصية sleep timer 8-الإستماعلأكثر من 100 قارئ للقرآن الكريم بجودة صوت عالية، إضافةلإضاعةالرقية الشرعية وإذاعة التفسير. 9- إمكانية ترتيب الإذاعات بعملضغطةطويلة على الإذاعة ثم سحبها فوق أو أسفل 10- إمكانية مشاهدةبعضالقنوات التلفزية المجانية. سياسة الخصوصية: البرنامج يعتمد علىعدةخدمات ضرورية لعمل البرنامج والتي تقوم بالتقاط معلوماتحولالمستخدمين، كمثال نوع الهاتف ونوع النظام..إلخ، الخدماتالتيأستعملها هي كالتالي: - Firebase RealTime Database -FirebaseAnalytics - Admob - Fabric Crashlytics باستعمالك للبرنامجفأنتتوافق على سياسة الخصوصية المرفقة في هذاالرابط:https://sites.google.com/view/radiotermsconditions Radio DZAlgerieis the simplest way to listen to your favorite radiostation, it'ssimplicity allows you to fully enjoy your listeningexperience withit's super clean interface, we are eager to get yourfeedback!.Features of DZ Alferie: 1- Background listening 2-Control theradio from the background even if your phone is locked3- Fast andsmooth radio streaming 4- Save your favorite radiostations andaccess them in one click 5- Clean Simple Design 6-Recordingfeature 7- Sleep Timer 8- Listen to +100 Quran Readers. 9-Abilityto organize stations through drag and drop feature. 10-ability towatch some free tv stations. Acknowledgements Section : -Most ofthe icons used in this project are designed by fromFlaticonPrivacy Policy The application uses and depends on thefollowingservices in order to function: - Firebase RealTimeDatabase -Firebase Analytics - Admob - Fabric Crashlytics By usingthis appyou agree to the Privacy Policy in the followinglink:https://sites.google.com/view/radiotermsconditions
Amazigh tattoo 1.3 APK
We tried to apply the meanings of Amazigh tattoo, writing aboutthemeanings of the most important Amazigh faults, especiallythosefound today in our mothers and grandmothers We hope thattheapplication will help you to learn more about our Amazighcustomsand traditions Designed & Developed by: Sami Allaoua
Radio Arabic Online 2.1.1 APK
Listen Radio Arabic, Hundreds of FM Arab Radiostations of different Arab countries, FM Arab Radio stations areavailable in fast and smooth streaming, Enjoy your favorite Arab FMradio stations where ever you are, Listen to music, news, talkshows, Quran (+100 reader )..etc. this is the best Arabic radioplayer you will ever find.Arab Radio Player is super easy to use with a perfectly designed UIto reach the maximums simplicity and usability, You can listen toyour favorite Radio station while using another non mediaapplication in the same time, like browsing..etc. You can switchbetween stations easily from the background without having to openthe application.You can listen to Radio stations of the following countries.- Morocco,- Algeria,- Tunisia,- Egypt,- Iraq,- Jordan,- Syria,- Saudi Arabia- Turkey- Oman- Plaestine- Iran- ...- Other Arab Radio Stations across the world.Please don't forget to like the application to boost our morals formore updates and improvements. ThanksKEY FEATURES.- Radio Arab is a smooth and fast streaming Radio.- Listen to +400 live Arab Radio stations.- Listen to +100 Arabic Quran stations.- Add stations to your favorite list.- Super easy access to your favorite list with just ONEclick.- Recording your favorite music.- Super easy access to your recorded music with just ONEclick.PERMISSIONS.Your privacy is extremely important to us and we make sure to onlyask for permissions we really need in order give you the bestpossible experience using the app.Please not that some stations may stop working, it's not due to aproblem in the application but it has to do with the station itselfwhich may stop streaming, in case of such thing we will try toupdate the station or remove it from the application.Key Words:Arab Radio, Music Player, Radio Player, Radio Arab Live, RadioArabic, Arabic Radio, Radio FM, Online Radio, FM Tune , Arab StreamRadio, Listen Online quran, Radio FM Player, News Broadcast, MusicBroadcast, Broadcast Player. radio fm, راديوا العرب, turkey radio,turkish radio
Application for students of the University of Batna 2 -DepartmentMI Second year - Academic specialization
igluidhen - the most famous Amazigh characters 1.5 APK
An application to introduce the most famous Amazighcharacters,their lives and their most important achievements.Designed &Developed by: Sami Allaoua
Garden of Numidia 1.1 APK
A simple game with a beautiful Amazigh style. Severalpersonalitiescontain each person representing a race of Amazighraces. Fancy isthe collection of falling fruit. And reaching thegreatest possibleresult. Designed & Developed by: Sami Allaoua