6.0 / August 20, 2015
(3.8/5) (14)


Compton is completely changed and it is your duty to save the urbancity. Put your suit on and get ready for a heavy fight between thecriminals and the military police.

Grab your gun and act like the military agent who is going tostop the criminals. In LA Compton Urban City Crime you can unlockdifferent kind of police cars and one special. After you finishedthe tutorial it’s time to explore LA Compton, This big urban cityhas a lot of space to discover. If you don’t like discovering theurban city you can do missions and by pushing the quick buttons andyou don’t even have to drive or walk to the place. Also with doinga mission you will earn money which you can invest by buyingproperties or a police car. For buying properties you get in returndaily earnings. Your bought car you can use to do special missions,these missions are otherwise not playable. The earnings of thesemissions will be high so buying a car is the best you can do.

Main things of LA Compton Urban City Crime
•Clean The city
•great gameplay
•play as a military agent
•Unlock Special Police Cars
•Clean up LA Compton

Do you have what it takes to make LA Compton a safe haven again?show the world that you are!

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App Information La Compton Urban City Crime

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