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La Matrix Divina è l'App Ufficiale del sitoweb www.legge-di-attrazione.net
La nostra App ti permette di rimanere costantemente aggiornatosull'Universo della Legge di Attrazione e del MiglioramentoPersonale.

- I nostri Articoli sono subito disponibili e facili da leggeregrazie all'ottimizzazione per dispositivi mobile;
- App leggera e facile da usare grazie ai menu intuitivi;
- Guarda tutti i Video del nostro Canale YouTube;
- Notifiche in Tempo Reale su Novità e Aggiornamenti.

The Divine Matrix is​​the Official App of the website www.legge-di-attrazione.net
Our App allows you to stay constantly updated on the universe ofthe Law of Attraction and Self-Improvement.

- Our products are readily available and easy to read thanks to theoptimization for the mobile devices;
- App light and easy to use with intuitive menus;
- Watch all the videos of our YouTube Channel;
- Notifications in Real Time on News and Updates.

App Information La Matrix Divina

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    La Matrix Divina
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    July 16, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
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  • Developer
    La Matrix Divina
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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  • Developer
    Visit website Email lamatrixdivina.apps@gmail.com
    Fausto Petrone Via Monsignor Francesco Trotta, 39 84085 Mercato san Severino SA
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La Matrix Divina 3 APK
La Matrix Divina è l'App Ufficiale del sitoweb www.legge-di-attrazione.netLa nostra App ti permette di rimanere costantemente aggiornatosull'Universo della Legge di Attrazione e del MiglioramentoPersonale.CARATTERISTICHE:- I nostri Articoli sono subito disponibili e facili da leggeregrazie all'ottimizzazione per dispositivi mobile;- App leggera e facile da usare grazie ai menu intuitivi;- Guarda tutti i Video del nostro Canale YouTube;- Notifiche in Tempo Reale su Novità e Aggiornamenti.The Divine Matrix is​​the Official App of the website www.legge-di-attrazione.netOur App allows you to stay constantly updated on the universe ofthe Law of Attraction and Self-Improvement.FEATURES:- Our products are readily available and easy to read thanks to theoptimization for the mobile devices;- App light and easy to use with intuitive menus;- Watch all the videos of our YouTube Channel;- Notifications in Real Time on News and Updates.
How To Manifest Miracles 1.2 APK
Ho To Manifest Miracles - The Hidden Keys ToUnlocking Your Life with The Law Of AttractionDear Fellow Knowledge Seeker,Ever pictured how incredible it would be to accomplish successlike other people? Ever believed to yourself, 'How come they findsuccess so easily?' Have you ever questioned exactly what it wouldbe like to have the touch that turns everything into gold? Everwanted it was YOU that could achieve success as easily?If I said to you that you could attain all of the above usingthe powers that you currently have, deep within you own mind,exactly what would you state? Would it be something along the linesof, 'Oh yea? And exactly what crack-pot theory are you brainwashedwith?'.And guess what, I wouldn't criticize you! If I could instructyou everything you need; Overcoming your restraints and fears, thebest ways to utilize the laws of nature to accomplish success by itpertaining to YOU, and not you going to it?What if I informed you that every occasion that had developed inyour life before this moment in time had happened as a result ofyour ideas and actions, and everything that occurs after readingthis is entirely in your hands?If I turned round to you and informed you that I could teach yousomething fantastic that has been bied far for generations by themost supreme minds considering that the beginning of time, andafter me instructing you, you could shape your very own fate?As I stated before, you 'd think I was mad. BUT ... What if Iinformed you this held true ...?That's right! You can form your own fate!INTRODUCINGHo To Manifest Miracles - The Hidden Keys To Unlocking Your Lifewith The Law Of AttractionBenefits of Exploring the Law of Attraction1) You can attain anything you want!The Gem of the Law of Attraction is that you do not feel anyrestrictions you felt previously. You can head out into the openfinally doing not hesitate to experience a side of life that younever ever even knew existed, all down to this remarkable oldexpertise.2) You can make any changes in your life you've always wanted tomake!Most of the time we wind up stuck in our everyday habits as wediscover it simpler to support things that we are made use of to,and we are not sure about how to tackle changing. Thankfully,nothing ever needs to be "just the way it is"..HERE IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU'LL GET:- Learn How Outlooks Affect Your Daily Practices- Discover How To Use The Laws of Nature to Achieve Success by itComing to You- Exposed! The True Secret of Success- How to use your mind to create your own destiny- And Much, Much MoreThe great Buddha himself taught these practices, he stated:“What you have become is what you have thought.”This is ancient wisdom that will certainly never ever lose itsfact as shown in the centuries given that it was first spoken. NowYOU can discover to use this knowledge to assist you draw up therest of your life.A lot can be achieved with the law of destination, however manypeople do not even acknowledge the power that they hold within! Somuch suffering could have been stopped if the people involved onlyunderstood the power they have hidden within!This is the reality, it's always been the truth and it willconstantly be the truth, no matter the number of individualsattempt to prevent it.The Question is, Are YOU Going To Throw down the gauntlet Nowthat YOU Know? Why It's Important To Invest In This App Right Now...If you are looking to attract everything you prefer into yourlife. Do not let a couple of dollars stop you from discovering thekeys that could enable you to do it while also enhancing it. Canyou put a price on accomplishing your dreams?Well, for an extremely limited time, you can get this wonderfuland info-packed App Ho To Manifest Miracles - The Hidden Keys ToUnlocking Your Life with The Law Of Attraction for the remarkablylow price.
Il Guardiano 1.1 APK
In questa 2a App della Serie - La LeggediAttrazione parliamo del Guardiano, ovvero del Subconscio e dicomeri-programmarlo.L'App è composta da 3 parti: la guida vera e propria, unfogliodi lavoro e un decalogo dei passi da seguire perriprogammareefficacemente la Mente SubconsciaA che cosa può servire uno strumento come questo, ci sipotrebbechiedere, vero? Ti rispondo con una domanda:ti è mai successo di iniziare una nuova esperienzalavorativa,eccitato all’idea di riuscire finalmente a dare ilmeglio di testesso, facendo proprio ciò che desideri…e ritrovartimalato, adover rimandare a causa di "un incidente ocontrattempo"?Oppure ti è mai successo di conoscere una personameravigliosa,amorevole, che si innammora di te…e ti ritrovidepresso, privo dienergia e non te ne dai una plausibilespiegazione?E ancora, quante volte ti è accaduto di re-agire allesituazioni,alle persone sempre nello stesso modo, ottenenendosempre gli stessirisultati…per poi dirti che ancora una volta seistato unimbecille?Cosa c’è dietro? Cosa si nasconde dietro gliauto-sabotaggi,dietro le zone di comfort, dietro il malessere cheti acchiappa ilCuore e lo stomaco ogni qualvolta stai per librartiverso i tuoiSogni, e che ti fa risprofondare nella routine?In questa App, in modo semplice e diretto, trattiamo delGrandeIceberg, del Guardiano, ovvero del nostro Subconscio, illuogo dovefin da piccoli ognuno di noi conserva e memorizza ognivalutazione,emozione, sentimento e credenza su chi siamo, su cosa èla vita, suquanto valore abbiamo…La brutta notizia è che quasi ogni cosa che la maggiorpartedelle persone conserva al suo interno è frutto di idee,credenze evalutazioni NON nostre! La brutta notizia è che forse tuvivi e ifili che sostengono la tua vita sono mossi da altri…La bella notizia è che il Subconscio è la mente plasticaeadattabile, ri-programmabile e ri-programmarla vuol direviverealla grande, pensare in libertà, agire secondo le tue ideeche – tiassicuro – non mancheranno di venire alla Luce.Ri-programmare il Subconscio vuol dire utilizzare ilPotereDivino che è in te e..puoi iniziare da subito.This second App Series-The Law of Attraction we speak of the Guardian, or thesubconsciousand how to re-program it.The App consists of 3 parts: the guide itself, a spreadsheetanda handbook of steps to follow to effectively riprogammaretheSubconscious MindWhat can serve as a tool like this, one might ask, is it?Ianswer with a question:Has it ever happened to start a new work experience, excitedtofinally be able to give the best of yourself, doing just whatyouwant ... and find yourself sick, having to postpone because of"anaccident or mishap"?Or have you ever happened to know a wonderful person, loving,whofalls in love with you ... and you find yourself depressed,lackingin energy and you will not give them a plausibleexplanation?And yet, how many times have you happened to re-acttosituations, people in the same way, always by obtaining thesameresults ... and then tell you that once you have been afool?What's behind it? What lies behind the self-sabotage, behindthecomfort zones behind the malaise that grabs you the heartandstomach whenever you're about to soar toward your dreams, andthatmakes you risprofondare in the routine?In this App, so simple and straightforward, we treat theGreatIceberg, the Guardian, that our subconscious, the place wherefroman early age each of us retains and stores eachevaluation,emotion, feeling and beliefs about who we are, what islife, ofwhat value we ...The bad news is that almost everything that most people ithousesis the result of ideas, beliefs and evaluations NOT ours!The badnews is that maybe you live and the wires that support yourlife aredriven by other ...The good news is that the subconscious mind is plasticandadaptable, re-programmable and re-program it means to live thehighlife, to think freely, to act according to your ideas - Iassureyou - will certainly come to light.Re-program your subconscious means use the Divine Power thatisin you e..puoi started today.
I 7 Segreti 1.0 APK
La Legge di Attrazione è una Legge e,cometale, deve essere applicata al meglio per poter funzionare nelmodoin cui ci aspettiamo.Svolgere “determinate cose”per 10-15 minuti al giorno fa si cheituoi Desideri possano essere realizzati con poco sforzo.Perché le persone, tante, troppe persone, non vedonorisultatiapprezzabili con la Legge di Attrazione, nonostante ilorosforzi?Trovi tutte le Risposte in questa App che inaugura la SeriesullaLegge di Attrazione.The Law of Attraction isalaw and, as such, must be put to good use in order to functioninthe way we expect.Carry out "certain things" for 10-15 minutes a day meansthatyour Wish can be realized with little effort.Why do people, many, many people, they do not see goodresultswith the Law of Attraction, despite their best efforts?You can find all the answers in this App which inauguratestheseries on the Law of Attraction.
La Matrix Divina Brainwave 1.0 APK
Attraverso la Tecnologia BrainwavepuoiRiprogrammare la Frequenza di funzionamento del Cervello,affinchèesso possa lavorare alle Frequenze più idonee alle tuespecificheesigenze.Hai bisogno di Creatività, più Energia, Relax, Vigore,ProntezzaMentale, Superare Ostacoli, Allentare Stress emigliorarel'Immaginazione? Il tuo Cervello può aiutarti...fallolavorare,però, alla Frequenza idonea al tuo Obiettivo!In questa App trovi 10 Audio Brainwave specifici chepuoiscaricare sul tuo dispositivo ed ascoltare ogni volta chevuoioffline.Trovi, inoltre, una guida informativa agli Audio Brainwave e,perogni Audio, una descrizione dettagliata.ThroughBrainwaveTechnology you can Reprogram Brain Operation frequency, sothat itcan work at frequencies best suited to your specific needs.Need Creativity, more energy, Relax, Vigor, MentalReadiness,Overcoming Obstacles, Release Stress and enhance theImagination?Your Brain can help you ... do work, however, theappropriatefrequency to your lens!In this App you can find 10 specific Brainwave Audio that youcandownload to your device and listen to whenever you wantoffline.You can find, also a statement to the Audio Brainwave and,foreach audio guide, a detailed description.
Best Quotes All Time Volume 1 1.0 APK
Best Quotes All Time Volume 1 isAndroidapplication for the personal development bymotivational,inspirational, success and many more quotesarea.
LOA Series » Volume 1 1.1 APK
Law Of Attraction Series » Volume 1:TheHolistic Guide - Understanding The All Important BigPicture.Table Of ContentsForewordChapter 1: ImaginationChapter 2: Desire and ManifestingChapter 3: Belief and DeservingChapter 4: OpportunityChapter 5: Co-creationWrapping Up
LOA Series » Volume 4 1.1 APK
Law Of Attraction Series » Volume 4:Attracting Authentic Affection - Making Daily Decisions To BecomeMore Connected.Table Of ContentsForewordChapter 1: ConnectChapter 2: CommunicateChapter 3: SharingChapter 4: Be Kind To YourselfWrapping Up