1.8 / June 5, 2016
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Get ready for thrills and excitement intheultimate maze adventure - LABYRINTH! Guide the steel ball inthisfun-filled game for ALL AGES. Stay focused, or you may losethesteel ball to one of the many holes within each labyrinth.

- Fresh, lifelike graphics
- Effortless game play
- Variety of maze styles and sizes
- Pathways to exit shown for some puzzles only
- Complete levels and earn coins
- Compatible with Android phones and tablets

Test your ability to focus while you navigate the steel ballthroughthe maze and safely to the exit. Watch out for black holesandbottomless pits. Tilt or steer the ball the wrong way, it’slikelyto fall in and disappear!

Try again and choose to "START OVER" or "CONTINUE" from whereyouleft off. Thanks to the keen physics of the game, you’llbeastonished at how realistic our Labyrinth app handles.Maneuverleft, right; forwards, backwards - it feels like you areINSIDE THEGAME controlling the steel ball for real!

Some puzzles provide a visible pathway to the exit. This pathwayisyour visual cue so you can guide the ball safely to the exit.Ofcourse, even with a bit of help you’ll still need to focus toavoidthose pesky holes...

Our Labyrinth app is FREE. With continued play andsuccessfulcompletion of each level, you will earn more COINS. Solveall NINELabyrinths to complete the level.

Take control and find out if you can steer through ouramazinglabyrinth!

App Information Labyrinth

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    June 5, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Clockwatchers Inc
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    1,000 - 5,000
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    Visit website Email support@cwigames.com
    2200 KINGS HWY UNIT 3L PMB 15 Port Charlotte, FL 33980-5761
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