1.0 / October 13, 2014
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In the game you need to get to land a UFOonthe platform.
But the task is not as easy as it seems at first glance.
Player is given a platform, with different colors ontheedges.
UFOs can land platform only,
if the platform is rotated to the desired color screen.
Each time, the speed increases and the game becomesmorecomplicated.
Do not worry if you missed or broke UFOs, at certain moments
instead of a UFO to you will fall life. Life can be assembled inanycolor of the platform.
Total player is given five lives.
Compete with your friends, get the adrenaline, beatallrecords!

App Information Land a UFO

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Дорожные знаки России 1.1 APK
Приложение предназначено для быстрого доступак информации по дорожным знакам и разметке.Интерфейс приложения максимально упрощен, за счет этого вы можетебыстро посмотреть информацию по дорожному знаку или разметке.Если вы увидели незнакомый дорожный знак или разметку, тодостаточно просто запустить приложение выбрать нужную группу ипосмотреть описание знака или разметки. Так же можно посмотретьподробное описание дорожного знака, или в каких ситуацияхиспользуется дорожная разметка.Даже если у вас нету автомобиля, то вам все равно пригодится этоприложение. Дорожные знаки и разметку должен знать каждыйгражданин.The application isdesigned for quick access to information on road signs andmarkings.The application interface is as simple as possible, due to this youcan quickly see the information on road signs or markings.If you see an unfamiliar road signs or markings, then simply runthe application and select the group you want to see thedescription of the mark or markings. You can see a detaileddescription of the sign, or the situations in which use roadmarkings.Even if you do not have a car, you will still come in handy thisapplication. Road signs and markings should be aware of everycitizen.
Easy Wallet PRO 1.0 APK
This wallet will store your important data.The database is encrypted three times by different algorithms.Decrypt your data will not be able to even the applicationdeveloper.Features:- Data with a password- Preservation of bank cards- Preservation of different PIN codes- Saving data about accounts web sites (forums, etc.)- Data storage on accounts of postal services- Important phone numbers (the ability to call on them from theprogram)- Other passwords- Any text- Backup to sd card- Restore the backup- Automatic backup- Change the passwordTAGS: wallet, easy wallet, bank, card, visa, mastercard,maestro, NCC, password, pin, safe contacts, sekret
Backing player 2.0 APK
ATTENTION!!! This application does not file aminus !!! Through this application you can not download minus. Whydo we need it, read on.This application is designed to play a ready file with themelody. It is more convenient than a music player, because there isa big button to play the melody again.The application is useful in that it fails to play under thebacking.In order that would play minus one, you need to download a file tothe device and open the program.Then click on the big button in the middle of the screen.The idea is that it gives you time for what would have time toprepare to take up an instrument.If play does not work, then one touch minus one begins to playagain. It is very convenient.If you need media player, you must download other myapplication:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.malcdevelop.flatplayer
Britain Darts 3D 1.2.2 APK
The first dart 3D on Android. In this game youwill be competing with many enemies. You will visit differentplaces and try to play a different game darts.The game contains both the classic darts 501, and "all five","round" and "big round". In this game you will not be bored,because games take place at different locations.In the game you have to earn the money he took part in thecompetitions.In Game 2 of the form in the left column of weak opponents on theright strong.Brief rules:Standard target divided into twenty numbered sections, usuallyblack and white, each assigned a number from 1 to 20. In the centeris a "bull's eye" (English bullseye), which is estimated to hit 50points, surrounded by a green ring around it (25 points). The outerthin ring means a doubling of the number of sectors, the inner thinring means triple the number of sectors. Both the outer and innerrings are narrow traditionally colored in red and green.Dart hit the outer ring outside the narrow points does not work. Ifthe dart does not remain in the target after being thrown, it alsodoes not make points. Usually points are counted after the playerthrows three darts. After that, the transition to the otherplayer.The best possible result three shots - 180 points (if the playergets all three darts into the inner thin ring sector 20).301/501Each side in the game starts from the account 301 (option 501). Themethod of keeping score to subtract the resulting number of pointsfrom the remaining, until one player reaches 0. Finish the game amust throw in the "doubling" or "bullseye" target, so that theresulting number of points has reduced the score to zero ("apple"is counted as a double 25).If you throw a dart given more points than needed to complete thegame a zero (or results due to one), all shots current approachdoes not count, and the count remains the same as it was before aseries of shots that led due to the sorting or one.Each game in 301 is called "LEG". Five "legov" total "set" (thegame is up to three victories in the "legah"). The ultimate winneris the one who has won a specified number of "sets".In all the major tournaments played in the initial version of thegame with a score in the 501. The minimum number of darts neededfor the game - 9. Depending on the type and format of thetournament is different - both sets, and to a certain number of wonLegs, without division into sets.RoundRules of the game are reduced to turn to hit the sector from the1st to the 20th, then the "doubling" and "tripling" of the 20thsector, and complete the game hitting the "apple" of the target. Ifa series of throws all three darts reach goals (eg, 1, 2, 3, or 12,13, 14, etc.), to throw the game continues its top priority.Scoring a field sector is all its area, including rings "doubling"and "tripling of" account.The winner is the first player to hit the "apple."Large roundThe game is played by sector from "1" to "20", including the"center" (green ring or "Bull"). The goal of each player in oneshot (3 shots) hit its current sector the maximum number of times.Considered getting only the current sector. Upon entering a zonedoubling or tripling of the sector, points, respectively, doubledor tripled. The winner is the player with the most points.All fiveIn series of three darts players strive to get as a multiple of 5.Series of throws that gave the number is not a multiple of 5, doesnot count. The number 5 is worth 1 point, 10 - 2 points 50 - 10points, etc.The winner is the first person to score 51 points.In the game, the rule "bust."
Easy music player 2.4.1 APK
The easiest to understand music player.Has been completely rewritten from scratch.Of the possibilities:- Play music- Playlists- The player as a service is displayed in the taskbar- User-friendly interface- Plays formats "mp3", "wma", "wav", "aac", "flac", "ogg"- Handy equalizerDownload this player and you will not regret.The player can not play the video.v2.2 - Fixed notification background for Android 5.0v2.4 - Added ability to select the music at the same time fromdifferent directories. Previously, it was necessary to go manytimes to choose from.Adapted notification window.Fixed help window, it now has a scroll.Added ability to play files on the phones with internal andexternal memory.
Speedometer Training PRO 1.2 APK
Speedo Training - teaches beginners to driveand experienced follow the rules.This speedometer can display speed and distance in miles orkilometers per hour.Displays real-time trip distance, average and maximum speed,current speed.The speedometer smoothly changes its position.Ability to add infinite speed alerts.If the speed warning is negative, it means the sound to work onlowering that rate.nice interfaceFeatures:- Gradually moving arrow- A digital speed display- Unlimited number of high-speed alerts- Training mode for beginners (the program voice says when and howthe transfer switch)TAGS: speedometer, speed, gps, training, education, drive, car,speech
Английские фразы 1.01 APK
Представьте, что вы поехали в путешествие, илив отпуск в другую страну. Вы попадете в различные ситуации сжителями другой страны, вы будете общаться на улице, в магазине, потелефону и может быть еще где-нибудь. Вам придется носить с собойсловарик, что бы общаться на мало знакомом вам языке. Этоприложение позволит вам обойтись без словаря, т.к. в нем отобранынаиболее популярные фразы, которые вам предстоит сказать илиуслышать. Более того, в приложении вы можете прослушать фразу,добавить в избранное, что бы не пришлось потом долго искать. Выможете проверить свои знания на тестировании.Возможности программы:- база фраз, более 500 разных фраз.- разговоры с друзьями- разговоры о местоположении- Числа- Отдых- Общее- Время, дата- Путешествие- Работа- Тест по всем фразам- Избранные фразыImagine that you go on atrip, or on vacation in another country. You will find yourself indifferent situations with residents of another country, you have tocommunicate on the street, in a store, over the phone, and may besomewhere else. You have to carry a dictionary that wouldcommunicate to you a little familiar language. This applicationwill allow you to do without a dictionary as it selected the mostpopular phrases that you have to say or hear. Moreover, in theapplication, you can listen to the phrase, add to favorites, itwould not have to search long afterwards. You can test yourknowledge on testing.Features:- Database of phrases, more than 500 different phrases.- Talk with friends- Talk about the location- Numbers- Recreation- Total- Time, date- Travel- Jobs- Test for all phrases- Favorite phrase
Экзамен по английскому языку 1.07 APK
Данная программа научит вас воспринимать наслух английские слова, вы научитесь писать английские словаправильно, и просто запомните слова.Метод изучения путем повторения. Вы по очереди изучаете слова, икогда вы сможете с первого раза назвать правильное слово, программаначнет считать это слово выученным.Первая часть программы имеет в базе 500 самых распространенныхслов.Это список наиболее часто используемых слов в английском языке. Онисоставляют около 65 процентов всех письменных материалов. Стоит лиудивляться, что все учащиеся должны научиться распознавать этислова мгновенно и писать их правильно?В программе имеется- словарь- обучение слов- инверсное обучение слов (вам дается русское слово и нужно выбратьправильный перевод)- обучение на слух (программа произносит слово и нужно выбратьперевод)- проверка орфографии (программа произносит слово, нужно правильноего написать)This program will teachyou to have hearing English words, you learn how to write Englishwords correctly, and just remember the words.Method of learning by repetition. You learn words at a time, andwhen you call from the first word is correct, the program willassume the word learned.The first part of the program has a database of 500 most commonwords.This is a list of commonly used words in the English language. Theymake up about 65 percent of all written material. Is it any wonderthat all students should learn to recognize these words instantlyand write them correctly?The program has- Dictionary- Learning words- Inverse learning words (you are given a Russian word and selectthe correct translation)- Training of the ear (the program says the word and select thetranslation)- Spell check (the program says the word, you need to write itcorrectly)