1.1 / June 20, 2021
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Land Of Battle is a multiplayer shooter. Choose one of thethreeteams, buy weapons, body armor, helmet and fight. You can alsousea military vehicle (motorcycles, ATVs, buggies andarmoredpersonnel carriers). There is also a multiplayer mode whereyou canplay with friends.

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    Land Of Battle
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    June 20, 2021
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Grand Game
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Land Of Battle 1.1 APK
Grand Game
Land Of Battle is a multiplayer shooter. Choose one of thethreeteams, buy weapons, body armor, helmet and fight. You can alsousea military vehicle (motorcycles, ATVs, buggies andarmoredpersonnel carriers). There is also a multiplayer mode whereyou canplay with friends.