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Landlord Mini

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    Landlord Mini
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    May 12, 2017
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Come Landlord 2.0 APK
1, licensingA deck of 54 cards, one in 17, leaving 3 picture cards,game player can not see the cards before the landlord indetermining.2, bidAccording to the order of the cards. In turn,each person can only be called a. Bidding can call the "1" and "2","3", "don't call". After the bidder can only be called than theprevious high score or not called the game player. Bid after theend of the maximum score of the game player called for thelandlord; if a game player called "3" is the immediate end to thebid, the game player for the landlord; if not, the re licensing,re.3, the first game player.The first round bids game player by thesystem selected, after each round of the game player to play thefirst call in the order as.4, playing cardsThree cards before thelandlord and bluff for all to see. The landlord plays the cardsfirst, then plays the cards in counter clockwise order. When theuser turns to the card, the user can choose "no" or play a largercard than the previous player. The end of this game when a playerhas finished playing cards.5, brand typeRockets: double king (Kingand Xiao Wang), the biggest card.Bomb: four cards with the samevalue (such as four, 7).Single card single card (such as the 5 ofhearts).Card: two cards with the same value (such as plum blossom,4+, box 4).Three cards: three cards of the same value (such asthree J).Three with one: the same value of three cards + a singlecard or a pair of cards. For example: 333+6 or 444+99One of five ormore consecutive cards (e.g., 45678 or 78910JQK). Excluding 2points and two kings.A pair of three or more consecutive pairs(such as: 334455, 7788991010JJ). Excluding 2 points and twokings.Three of two or more consecutive three cards (such as:333444, 555666777888). Excluding 2 points and two kings.Aircraftwith wings: three + the same number of single cards (or the samenumber of cards).Such as: 444555+79 or 333444555+7799JJFour beltstwo: four cards + two hand cards. (Note: four band two is not abomb).Such as: 555538 or 44445577.6, the size of the card typeTheRockets are the biggest ones, and can play any other cards.A bombis smaller than a rocket and larger than any other. Is the bombwhen the card score than the size.In addition to rockets and bombs,other cards must be the same type of cards, and the total number ofthe same, in order to size.Single card by points, the ratio ofsize, followed by "King", "Wang>2>A>K>Q>J>10>9>8>7>6>5>4>3",regardless of color.For cards, three cards are divided intopoints.The card is smaller than the size of the maximumcard.Aircraft with wings and four with two to three of them andfour part than with the cards are not affected.7, victory or defeatjudgmentAny of a finished brand after the end of the game, if thelandlord first finished cards are found, or the other two wins.8,integralBottom: bid scoreMultiples: initially 1, double a bomb orrocket. (rockets and bombs remain in their hands, not out ofthem)After the end of the inning:To found: the landlord was 2* *multiple bottom. The rest of the players have: - base *multiplesLandlords failed: Landlords scored -2* base points *multiples. The rest of the players have to: bottom * multiplesAfterall the landlords had gone out, the other two did not come out:score * 2One of the other two had finished first, and the landlordhad only one hand: score * 2Penalty points: base * * multiples *3Noone bid when escape: deduction of 3 points