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Full control of all features
Laser Sound
Laser Vibration
Laser Light
Challenge Alasedkar and industry between you and them a war
Fear of friends
Friends escape
Stir panic, fear and anxiety when you ran the laser gun

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Book capitals of the devil 1.3 APK
Tamer Mohamed
Capitals of the devil and true roquiaSheikh Mustafa AdawiContents of the bookIntroductionRemember God for His believing slavesWeakness Kid DevilHere are Aharoz capitalsGod SaveThe remembrance of Allah AlmightyIs said and done to resolve the devil contractAlastnthar when you wake upDo something of the nightHaraz when entering the toiletMobile expels SatanSeeking refuge from Bibliography Devils and attendingSeeking refuge from Satan prod puff puffSeeking refuge in God when you read the KoranHow to make a demon with prayerLeave attention in prayerPrevention of traffic in front of worshipersProstration steady for the devilTrgam omissions worshiped the devilIt capitals not praying at sunrise and at sunsetHros in the morning and eveningPreferred Almaumat and seeking refuge byProgress was the first dayScore of poison and magicMascot boysStop your children in the eveningAvoid citizen suspicionsLeave intimateNo Tainwa devil on your brotherLeft to say: "if" accompanied by objecting to muchSeeking refuge in God when Sousse demons and atheists and leftdragging thinkingSeeking refuge in God when angrySeeking refuge when you hear barking dogsSeeking refuge with Allah from Satan when you hear the brayingassSatan was expelled from the HouseHaraz keep him home and food of the devilHaraz another to save the food of the devilHaraz say of a new houseHaraz say he fell from his mount forRe yawnLeave the seclusion of womenProgress was being said during intercourseThe last two verses of Sura score of SatanScore at bedtimeHaraz another at bedtime, "verse of the Holy"It is a vision of AharozSeeking refuge from Satan floundering at deathFollow the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, peace be uponhimHe holds it in the diaphragm and push it touch, and holed hisslavePrayer God Almighty treatmentProphet, peace be upon him has charm, but what was it continued topray a lotSpell and the expulsion of the devil some Wall Aziz bookSuraSpell fell sickSpell Opening of the BookOther pictures of sophisticationPaper JibreelSpell of the eyeOrder of Alaaún washing water poured on the infectedSpell of women with toxinsWarning of Etienne magicians and soothsayers and statementliesA lot of praying for forgivenessPreferred God and yes agentFinally
Flashlight New 3.30 APK
Tamer Mohamed
His best scout top lighting and lessconsumption of energyOn the occasion of the beginning of the summerThe power outages are continuouslyAll applications Searchlight consume a large portion of the memoryand the processor and Albaltaly consume a large portion of thebatteryVmutir that I join my brothers the Egyptians this application inorder to give more time and Lighting be stronger and lighter is notby any increases in the consumption of the battery.As well as give me the percentage of shipping in the BatteryThe expected time to time the battery during operationI hope that diminish AjabkmDo not forget us evaluate the program :)
الدمية المتوحشة 1.5 APK
Tamer Mohamed
ملحوظة هامة :ممنوع لاصحاب القلوب الضعيفة .التطبيق يحاكى برنامج الاتصال الموجود على الهاتف ويوهم المتصل انه قدتم اتصال فيديوا وهو يعتمد على تقنية الصور المتحركةالتطبيق يسبب الرعب الشديد للاطفل فننصح بعدم استخدامع مع الاطفال دونالاربع سنواتالتطبيق ليس مجرد لعبة فلا يصلح للاطفال الذين يعانون من مشاكل نفسيةاو الذين عندهم خوف شديد او مرضى القلب او ما شابه ذلكفنرجوا عدم استخدام التطبيق مع الاطفال التى تعانى من تلك المشاكل .التطبيق يحاكى طريق الاتصال ويوهم الاطفل بالاتصال بأحد الشخصياتالمرعبة لدى الطفل وتقوم بالتحدث معه وتهدده بعدم العناد مره اخرىImportant note:Forbidden for the faint-hearted.Application program simulates contact on the phone and the callerpurporting to have been a video of contact depends on the animationtechniqueApplication causes extreme horror of Atefl we recommend not toAsthaddama with children under four yearsThe application is not just a game is not fit for children whosuffer from psychological problems or who have a severe fear orpatients with heart or something like thatBe sure not to use the application with children suffering fromthese problems.Application simulated by contacting the illusion Alatefl contacta horrific child's personalities and are talking with him andthreatened not to stubbornness once again
اعرف لجنتك الانتخابية - مصر 1.6 APK
Tamer Mohamed
اللجنة العليا للانتخاباتاستعلم عن لجنتكللاستعلام عن لجنتك الفرعية ورقمك في الكشف،جميع المحافظاتآخر تحديثرابط مباشر للجنة العليا للانتخاباتHECInquires to paradiseTo inquire about a paradise in your number and sub-detection,All provincesLast UpdatedDirect link to the Supreme Committee for Elections
Laser Gun 1.5 APK
Tamer Mohamed
Full control of all featuresLaser SoundLaser VibrationLaser LightChallenge Alasedkar and industry between you and them a warFear of friendsFriends escapeStir panic, fear and anxiety when you ran the laser gun
Capitals syaitan 1.4 APK
Tamer Mohamed
Ibu Kitab syaitanDan yang betul kesahihanSyaikh: Mustafa bin AdoyMesir - DakahliaMother of the BookofSatanAnd correct validityShaykh: Mustafa bin AdoyEgypt - Dakahlia
المسيح الدجال 1.7 APK
Tamer Mohamed
كل ما تحتاج ان تعرفه عن المسيح الدجال منواقعالكتاب والسنة النبوية المشرفةوصف المسيح الدجالماذا عن ولادة المسيح الدجالأين يوجد الدجالماذا عن عائلتهمن عجائبهكيف ذهب تميم الداري إلى جزيرة الدجالهل أستقبلهم أحد هناكوكيف كانت حالتهمماذا حدث بعد ذلكما علامات قبل خروج المسيح الدجالإذا خرج المسيح الدجال كيف ستكون رحلتهحديث الجساسةماذا نفعل عند ظهور الدجالEverything you needtoknow about the Antichrist from the reality of the book andtheSunnah supervisorDescription of the Antichrist What about the birth of the Antichrist Where is the Antichrist What about his family Of wonders How Tamim Dari went to the island of Antichrist Is There they were met by a How were their What happened after that What are the signs before the exit of the Antichrist If it comes out how the Antichrist will be a journey Modern Jassaasah What do we do when the emergence of the Antichrist
American Barbie 1.1 APK
Tamer Mohamed
American Barbie:Dress up the bride BarbieBarbie Dress UpBarbie Dress pantsBarbie Dress ShirtDress Barbie shoesBarbie Costume Dress UpDress Barbie wigDress Barbie skirtBarbie wears a hatAfter filming Barbie confusion