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Enter the Last Battle of Thrones: Clash of Undead Warriors, tofight in this action filled 3D free to play thrones game of things.This open world free to roam battle zone clash game will let youexperience the realistic fighting & killing strategies ofdragons in kingdom as the knight John White Snow and you got toshow your sword fighting skills. White Snow walkers with icecrystals have become the most energetic creature for advance war& planned a strategy to destroy everyone on island as theymarch towards kingdom of kings. You've got to demolish theirhorrifying & incredible ice powers to become super king ofForest village and put an end to this clash of night war kings andknights in this battle zone clash game. Protect your people,fortress fury & realm by swords dragon power from this battlethreat for the survival of nations & kings throne. PossiblyWhite Snow walkers will freeze everything at battle camp includingyou so be careful in war arena as the winter's night war hits yourkingdom in this thrones game of things. In Last Battle of Thrones:Clash of Undead Warriors, the world is divided, the protectors ofthe thrones are fighting for it, unaware of the greatest threat andgames of kingdoms winter night war. Long days of summer have goneand winter has come and with winter, the most feared enemy, thedanger to all the thrones and kingdoms. Thousands of years ago,with the magical powers of ice and cold, the white snow walkerswere created to protect the children of forest. However, afterbreaking free the control the walkers become the most feared army,riding on dead horses, freezing anything they touch and killinganything living. Eventually, after a long war under reign of thegreatest king, with the help of giants and the protectors of theforests, humans defeated the walkers. Now, the walkers have climbedand killed every soldier guarding the wall. The world & kingsthrone is about to face the biggest challenge in this game ofsurvival. People were relying on you and you become last hope forthem to save all the kings & thrones. So, do not let your enemysurvive & attack your fortress fury by striking hard by swords& knifes to assassinate them brutally with your blade. Save thechildren’s of forest and emerge like the super hero of winterisland. Terminate the enchanted controls & abilities of icy& night snowy walker. They are well trained sword fighters& they are dead with mutant super magical powers. Fight likeempire's sword knight warriors and combat your vice enemy byendless sword fighting & make your village island save in thisfinal battle.

App Information Last Battle of Thrones: Clash of Undead Warriors

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    Last Battle of Thrones: Clash of Undead Warriors
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    July 25, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Galassia Studios
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    Apartment 50 2 Stuart Street MANCHESTER M11 4DG United Kingdom
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