1.0.0 / November 8, 2016
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Uncover the truth behind the mysteryofalchemical device in the exciting hidden object adventure!
David is a London bus driver and once he finds the lostalchemicaldevice. He is intrigued and decides to investigate thecase but hissearch is dangerous and adventurous. Are you braveenough to helphim? Go to the excavations, explore Africa and China,look forevidence and unravel this intricate case! Enthrallingplot,excellent quality graphics, impressive characters and agreatvariety of beautiful locations!

App Information Last Bus Route

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Twilight Crime Hidden Objects 1.0.7 APK
In Twilight Crime your task is to investigate the mysteriouskidnapping. The parents and townspeople believe the child waskilled by the local vampire. Help the innocent vampire Dorian savehis reputation and find the real kidnapper! Find evidences and stopthe criminal playing this challenging hidden object game withmultiple puzzles. Test your detective skills and have a lot of fun!
Mysterious Bank Robbery Free 1.0.7 APK
Challenge your detective skills while playing this awesome hiddenobject game! Natalie is a bank clerk. One day the bank robbery tookplace and she is the prime suspect. Help the innocent girl to getout of this unpleasant situation. Solve hidden object challenges,crack mysteries and find out what happened and who is the realrobber.
The Fortune-teller Mystery 1.0.8 APK
Free spectacular and challenging hidden object detectiveadventure.Do you believe in the ghosts living in the duke's castleand stealing family jewels? Police officer Bruce doesn't and he'seager to find the real thief. Hunt for clues, examine the crimescene, chase the criminal and puzzle your brains playing thisfantastic game. This is the awesome app that challenges youcombining Hidden Objects, Puzzle, Logic and Spot the Differencestyle game play. Enjoy this exciting hidden object adventure andprove your detective skills!
Missing Elephant 1.0.5 APK
Challenging hidden object detective adventurethat features spectacular graphics and addictive gameplay!Vanessa works in the circus and once the elephant Lizzie hasdisappeared! Join Vanessa in her investigation to solve the mysteryof the elephant kidnapping!The impressive artwork and intriguing storyline combine intothrilling experience of an unforgettable hidden object game.- 60 challenging levels with completely different and amazingscenes;- numerous little objects to search;- uncover the mystery, detect and spot the concealed hiddenobjects;- colorful quality graphics, pleasant music and soundeffects;- addictive gameplay and detective plot
Space Kidnappers Hidden Object 1.0.5 APK
This bright and exciting detective game belongs to the populargenre hidden object puzzle. You’re a journalist and are searchingfor the sensational news. The space kidnappers abduct rich peoplebut why are they so interested in our earthy money? Are you readyto investigate this unusual case? Do you have detective skills?Look for all hidden and concealed objects in different locations toget clues and evidence and to unravel the mystery of kidnappings.
Letter From The Past Free 1.0.6 APK
Mysterious and adventures hidden object detective game.Once apostman discovered the old letter sent to the duchess who waspoisoned hundred years ago. The police wasn't able to find thekiller. The curious postman wants to find out who was the poisonerand the reasons of this crime. Would you like to take part in thischallenging detective quest? Enthralling plot, excellent qualitygraphics, impressive characters and a great variety of beautifullocations!
Mysterious Car Accident Free 1.0.5 APK
Seek out hidden objects, reveal mysteries,solve puzzles as you play this challenging detective Hidden Objectgame. The beautiful girl took the main hero's car and killed theperson. He had nothing to do with this but she set him up. Thesituation is rather dangerous and the innocent boy needs your help.The fun combination of hidden object, spot-a-difference, match3 andother extra puzzles makes for a refreshing change of pace betweeneach level.
Egyptian Curse Hidden Objects 1.0.5 APK
Unravel the mystery of the mummy disappearance playing thisthrilling and mysterious hidden object adventure! Mary works in theHistorical Museum and once she’s discovered that the Egyptiansarcophagus was opened and the mummy disappeared! Let’s start theinvestigation! Search various pleasing hidden object scenes tounlock secret clues, reveal evidence, and solve mystery of themummy loss in the challenging and amazing game!