1.38 / April 5, 2017
(3.2/5) (14964)


The main objective is to devour opponentsbecome more and eat all! In the beginning - you're just a smallplanet, the star, which feed on other planets or stars and growing,finding the prospect of eating all the competition around. At themeeting the two rivals decide everything is very simple: who ismore - and he eats the other.Features:
- Online Multiplayer - 30 players per game
- Space Theme
- Leader Boards
Coming soon:
- More skins!
This is an original game inspired by agar.io, shelter.

App Information Last Star Online Game

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    Last Star Online Game
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    April 5, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    500,000 - 1,000,000
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  • 1.25 (25)
  • Last Star Online Game 1.25 APK File

    Publish Date: 2016 /3/16
    Requires Android: Android 3.0+ (Honeycomb, API: 11)
    File Size: 27.4 MB
    Tested on: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API: 21)
    File Sha1: 2118cbd9b5cd40cc620e61ab60b86a61fcdbadb4
    APK Signature: 1e547abb88f5075b7c7fe3a0cf52ddb7d59e3490

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Last Star Online Game 1.38 APK
The main objective is to devour opponentsbecome more and eat all! In the beginning - you're just a smallplanet, the star, which feed on other planets or stars and growing,finding the prospect of eating all the competition around. At themeeting the two rivals decide everything is very simple: who ismore - and he eats the other.Features:- Online Multiplayer - 30 players per game- Space Theme- Leader BoardsComing soon:- More skins!This is an original game inspired by agar.io, shelter.
ShareLand Online 1.059 APK
New app Gliders.io http://bit.ly/gliders_androidYou want to feelthe great architect or the creator of the new world? Welcome!InShareLand you can create everything that will occur to you. Locksand skyscrapers, mountains and the rivers, the woods and fields,the equipment and animals, aren't present anything what youcouldn't make hereYou can play in two modes.The first is an openworld where together with you other architects will create. A setof rooms with players from all over the world. Communicate withthem through a general chat. Cooperate and build together orcompete in volume whose creation will be more grandiose.The secondis your own room in which you can realize the imagination, withoutbeing afraid of uninvited guests. You have an opportunity to createthe, unique world available only to you. You can always keep andreturn it to it at any time.If any villain tries to immure you,then it doesn't matter, you can complain of it and he will bedriven out from the room:)Generate to yourself a unique image ofthe character, arm with the rich imagination, call friends andforward! To create the new fantastic worlds!At a game Russiandeveloper! Support domestic manufacturer, having delivered 5 starsand having written a good feedback.Game is in a beta so there canbe small defects which quickly improve.If you found such that leavethe comment, we will listen to your wishes and we will make thenecessary changes to the shortest possible time.VK official group:http://vk.com/shareland Please: rate 5 stars.
ShareLand 2 1.056 APK
Shareland 2 - is a construction game in genre "sandbox". The gameallows players to create and destroy different blocks, use variousobjects in 3D world. By means of avatar which can create or destroyblocks, design unimaginable structures and wunderful artwork aloneor together with other players in different worlds. You can deploylarge-scale construction using blocks: build castles, roads,buildings and bridges and also you can draw a pixel art. Furniturewill help you to create a stunning interior. Any user can feelhimsef/herself truly free in this game, and also keep up aninteresting acquaintance. Share your opinions and emotions via chatand character animation.
Gliders.io 1.0 APK
Sit down at a steering wheel of the glider and compete with otherplayers from around the world (that is online) in new sci-fi to thegame Gliders.io! Begin to play right now! Gliders.io is a bright ofdynamic space games. In it there is everything to become one of thebest games for the modern smartphone: action, dynamics, survivalonline, speed, space, and fascinating fight. Something she remindsspace races on survival online, and pilots of these ships exactlylike space rangers the waging star wars.Together with you will playthousands of pilots of spaceships from around the world! You willconduct against them battle.You will be able to survive and scoremore than all points, having taken the legal place in a top? Youwill be able to endure these mad races by spaceships in an outerspace?Whether you will manage to become this pilot as space rangersover and over again winning these battles?Whether you will be ableto win this terrible battle?During a forcing gliders reserve a jettrace, reminding tail of a worm or an snake who rummages in thedistrict. In general the ship with a trace I will look as a spacesnake. Your speed instantly increases and you slide forwardmaneuvering and trying to survive. If you face a trace of otherplayer, then will explode and will slide in a top of players down.But if rivals to face your trace, then they will explode and youwill be able to collect the energy which remained from them! Battlefor you, all stars and space to that witnesses!You need to collectthe energy scattered on game space as if the candies floating in anagar. Energy is presented in the form of multi-colored stars thatsupplements an overall picture of space. During their search yourship rummages on space as if a worm or a snake, repeatedly winningraces on speed, and conducting a continuous battle against rivals.Be attentive! Someone from rivals rummages somewhere nearby in thedistrict there are star wars!Pay attention that in Gliders.io thereare three option of management by means of which your spaceshiprummages on the game field in search of energy.To win in these starwars you can use the joystick, classical management or managementsby means of an arrow. All three managements are optimized under afixed action, the drive and speed.Use cunning to win a victory infight. Admit the rival closer to yourself, and then having madesteep force it to fly in a reactive tail of your ship havingscattered energy stars in the district. Yes, you know how to play!Reserve a tail from the rivals trudging for you! These star wars Iwill be for you!In Gliders.io you have a chance to benefit againstthe most experienced pilot of a glider on a card, solves not thetime spent in a game here, and dexterity and sharpness. Maneuver insearch of stars of energy and turn aside from rivals as if a spacesnake or a worm. Cut the top player, force it to crash into yourtail and everything that from it there will be this whole sea ofspace energy which you need to collect. But hurry up there will beenough persons interested on the free energy! Space them iscomplete!Features of a game:★ Mechanics Familiar to you in newexecution.★ Dynamic gameplay, sea of an action and interestingbattles★ Color customization of gliders★ The Optimized control formobile devices★ Three types of mobile control: Arrow, Classical andJoy stick★ Easy in mastering, intuitively the clear interface★ theTightening atmosphere of the real space battle★ Excellent graphiccomponent: stars, spaceships, effects.★ Game online★ The game isfreeOver a game there is a permanent job. You are waited by theregular updates introducing in a game it is more and more interest,drive and action!Forward in battle! Star wars wait for you! Youshall benefit this fight and to become the real expert that youcould be enlisted in space rangers You shall undergo this spacesurvival online! Stars wait for you!
Balloon Battle IO Beta 1.08 APK
Dreamed to plow on the sky in the balloon? Wanted to participate inair fights?Now you are able to do it in Balloon Battle!Choose acool avatar and be involved in cheerful and dynamic fight inballoons. Become the main thing in the sky! Rise in rating aboveall! Destroy more than all balloons of other players! Send all ofthem back to the earth!You have two balls by means of which youplow the sky. Сontrols in a game ideally simple - a contact on theright or left corner of the screen. It would seem a little, but thephysics of movements is thought over so that using only twocontacts you will carry out fantastic pirouettes, to evadedashingly pursuit and to make unpredictable maneuvers.The field ofbattle is filled with obstacles and rivals, greedy to your balls.To overcome them and not to allow to overcome itself use thereaction, the bonuses which are coming across in the field andnonsense of opponents. Fight happens constantly even if you lostspheres, then only a few seconds will pass until when issue to younew and you will be able to revenge the offenders!Game also fineapproaches not only for regular battles, but also in order that itis simply cheerful to pass away time in a public transport or in aqueue. So far all in the district will stand with sour faces youhave an excellent method to receive a charge of good mood. Aroundyou I will fly fantastic heroes, cute small animals, dashingpirates and a great number of others of the unique and variousanimated images. And all of them will conduct a dynamic andfascinating battle for the right to be the first!
Party House Hamster - Match 3 1.07 APK
Hamster - a free and fascinating game in a genre “match 3” which"will present to you many pleasant hours and unforgettableimpressions! It perfectly will be suitable for those who likepuzzles and logical games. With Hamster as with one of the bestrepresentatives of games in a genre match 3, it is possible to passaway perfectly time in public transport, in turn or just to have arest and distract from everything.Nice Hamster is your new friendand the pet. You have to care for it and not allow it to startmissing strongly. The pet Hamster can put to be bed, sent to thegym or to feed to satiety in its own kitchen.You can changeappearance of all rooms in Homa's house: bedroom, gym and kitchen.Wall-paper, windows, tables and beds, choose that it are pleasantto you more! Carry out tasks! During game process to you will beregularly set tasks, carrying out which you will receive thedeserved reward! By the way, you will receive an award also foreach level of your nice pet of a hamster!Together with the petHamster you pass fascinating match 3 levels solving the puzzlesconsisting from various fruit and obstacles. Fruit by which youshould be played with Hamster look such juicy that they want to beeaten right now! Water-melons and apples, papy and dragon fruit,currant and bilberry! Look don't eat too much! By the way you willalso treat with them the Hamster.On the game field you are waitedby a set of obstacles, such as bushes, boxes, the rimed blocks ofice and huge water-lilies. About the help. them we tried to turneveryone "three in a row" level into the real puzzle which, wedon't doubt, you will be able to resolve!The further you moveahead, the levels become more interesting!The broad system ofbonuses which you can collect in the field expands your tacticalopportunities. Three types of bombs: horizontal, vertical andround. Superbonus! A cross on a cross, a slingshot and other! Allthis in a difficult situation will help to solve to you the currentpuzzle!Features of Hamster Match 3:Unique gameplay: makecombinations Match 3, care for the Hamster and pass new levels!Youcan collect a unique view of the house in which there lives aHamster! Show design talent!Bright and juicy special effects,making a game very colourful and cheerful!Hundreds (more than 300)most interesting levels expect the real master of the game "rub ina row"Game is suitable also for those who just want to have a restand relax, and for those who like to think over!Useful bonuseswhich will help you with the solution of these puzzlesGame to whichit is easy to switch any minute!Send gifts to the friends toFacebook!Score points and become the best!Game is freeHamster Match3 - a free game, but some game elements can be bought for realmoney.Join the increasing and bigger number of players and plungeinto the unforgettable world of Hamtster Match 3 right now!Together with a hamster pass all levels of a game and prove thatyou are the most real master of puzzles!Download and establish agame! Pleasant game and ingenious victories!Developers constantlyconduct work on a game, on that that he it was even moreinteresting and fascinating, over new puzzling levels!