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LDS Gospel Doctrine Course - Old Testament - Pearl of GreatPriceThis is the Sunday School Lesson Manual for 2014If you arelike me, you struggle at times to make the time to read through theSunday School lesson. I made this simple app to help me achievethis goal. It contains the full text of the Sunday School manualorganized by lesson. External links take you from the lesson to thescriptures, conference talks, Gospel Principles, related videos andother resources in LDS.org. There are also several links to otherweb sites that I found helpful in preparing lessons or in mypersonal study. Helps for the Teacher1: “My Work and My Glory”2.Chosen Before You Were Born3. The Creation4. My Eyes Are Opened5.'If Thou Doest Well'6: Noah … Prepared an Ark7: The AbrahamicCovenant8: Living Righteously9: 'God Will Provide'10: Marriage inthe Covenant11: This Great Wickedness12: Land of My Affliction13:Bondage, Passover and Exodus14: Treasure unto Me15: “Look to Godand Live”16: I Cannot Go Beyond17: “Beware Lest Thou Forget”18: “BeStrong”19: The Reign of the Judges20: a Virtuous Woman21: God WillHonor22: The Lord Looketh23: Between Thee and Me24: A CleanHeart25: Let Every Thing26: King Solomon27: Wicked and Righteous28:Still Small Voice29: The Mantle of Elijah30: House of the Lord31:Happy Is the Man32: My Redeemer Liveth33: Sharing the Gospel34:Betroth Thee unto Me35: God Reveals His Secrets36: The Glory ofZion37: Wonderful Things38: Beside Me There Is No Savior39:Beautiful Upon the Mountains40: The Place of Thy Tent41: I HaveMade Thee This Day42: I Will Write It in Their Hearts43: TheShepherds of Israel44: Every Thing Shall Live45: If I Perish, IPerish46: A Kingdom Never Destroyed47: Rise Up and Build48: Greatand Dreadful DayI have also include several other referencematerials related to the Old Testament. Including:The Plagues ofEgyptNoah and the FloodBest Old Testament StoriesList of MinorProphetsTime to Finish the Old TestamentAstronomy in the BibleAgesof the PatriarchsBattle of JerichoMeshach, Shadrach, AbednegoTheProphet JeremiahThe Creation of the World

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