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Once the basketball matches are over, the regular rules of the gamestates the players go to their locker rooms and chill out a bit buttonight... tension between players needs to be unleashed! Are youready to participate in the mortal combat of the battle warriors ofbasketball? Let Le Bron leads you through the thrills of thisversus battle and win the fight against your basketball rivals toget to the top of the leaderboards and proclaim yourself master ofthe mortal combat warriors. Time to attack the enemy fighters!Slash, kick, get the most out of your fists und dunk your enemiesagainst the floor!There are no rules in the mortal combat of thebattle warriors of basketball. Play with Le Bron or any of yourfavorite basketball stars. Learn how to perform combos that willhelp you to win all the combats. Win all the rounds and use thedefense position to refrain your enemies from having any chance totake the victory home. Compete in different rounds and fightagainst mortal enemies. Progress through the tournament and wincoins to upgrade your character and become invincible! Step by stepyou will be able to defeat all your rivals of the mortal combat ofthe battle warriors of basketball. Start practice your combosnow!Features:- Many basketball stars! Choose to play with Le Bronor your favorite player from the mortal combat warriors!- Win allthe rounds of the battle and take the victory home with you!-Complete the different battle modes and unlock upgrades for LeBron!- Take your fighter to the top of the leaderboards and becomean invincible basketball star!- Share your achievements with yourfriends!Join now the basketball battle of the mortal combatwarriors with Le Bron and have a new perspective of this amazingsport and its players! It is time to fight out of the court! Playnow!

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    Le Bron Basketball Battle: Mortal Combat Warriors
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    October 23, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Free Mobile Sport Games
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    Calle Quintana 2, 2ª Planta 28008 Madrid Spain
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