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Pour la toute première fois dans l'histoire cinématographique,Jésus rentre chez lui. Son histoire est finalement présentée, nonpas par Hollywood, mais par les mêmes personnes qui vivent dans lesterres où Il vivait. Un enfant est né : pour apporter un but et del'espoir pour l'avenir. Prise directement de la Bible, elle estpour vous, cette nouvelle vision de l'homme, de son temps et de sonmessage : de sa naissance miraculeuse à sa mort agonisante. Unmessage de paix pour le monde entier. C'est un rappel des tempsanciens, pour les gens d'aujourd'hui, que Dieu est amour. LeSauveur est le premier film en arabe produit par une équipe arabeet des acteurs arabes, et il pose la question : « Pourquoicherchez-vous le vivant parmi les morts ? » For the first time incinematic history, Jesus returns home.  His story is finallypresented, not by Hollywood but by the same people who live in theland where he lived.    A child is born: to bring orderand hope for the future. taken directly from the Bible, it is foryou, this new vision of man, of his time and of his message: hismiraculous birth to his agonizing death. A message of peace to theworld. It's a reminder of old times, for people today, that God islove. The Savior is the first film produced in Arabic by an Arabteam and Arab actors, and he asks: "Why seek ye the living amongthe dead? "

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Kwa mara ya kwanza katika historia ya sinema Yesu anakuja nyumbani.Hadithi yake hatimaye imewasilishwa, si kwa Hollywood, bali kwawatu ambao wanaishi katika nchi alizoishi. Mtoto anazaliwa - kuletakusudi na matumaini ya siku zijazo. Kuchukuliwa moja kwa mojakutoka kwenye Biblia, kufurahia maono mapya ya Mtu, nyakati zake,na ujumbe wake - kutoka kwa kuzaliwa kwake kwa ajabu kwa kifo chakecha kusikitisha. Ujumbe wa amani kwa ulimwengu wote. Ni mawaidhakutoka zamani, kwa watu wa leo, kwamba Mungu ni upendo. Mwokozi nimovie ya kwanza katika lugha ya Kiarabu iliyofanywa na timu yaKiarabu na watendaji, na huweka swali la "Kwa nini unataka kuishikati ya wafu? For the first time in the history of movies he wantsto come home.  His story finally presented, not in Hollywood,but for people who live in the country he lived.  A child isborn - to bring order and hope for the future. Taken directly fromthe Bible, to enjoy a new vision of the man, his times, and hismessage - from his birth to his death wonder sadly. The message ofpeace to the whole world. It's a reminder from the past, peopletoday, that God is love. Savior is the first movie in the Arabiclanguage performed by a team of Arab and executives, and puts thequestion "Why do you want to live among the dead?
Juruslametku 1.0.4 APK
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Kanggo wektu sing sepisanan ing sejarah sinetron, Yesus rawuh.Kisah kasebut pungkasanipun ditampilake, dudu dening Hollywood,nanging dening wong-wong sing manggon ing tanah-tanah singditinggalake. A bocah lair - kanggo nggawa tujuan lan pangarep-arepkanggo masa depan. Dijupuk langsung saka Kitab Suci, nikmati wahyuanyar saka Manungsa, wektu-Nya, lan pesen-Nya - saka kelahiranéajaib kanggo pati agonizing. Pesen tentrem kanggo kabeh donya. Ikupangeling saka jaman kuna, kanggo wong saiki, yen Gusti Allah ikukatresnan. Sang Juruwilujeng yaiku film pisanan ing basa Arab singdigawe dening tim lan aktor Arab, lan mujudake pitakonan"Yagenekowe nggoleki urip ing antarane wong mati?" Kanggo Wektu sepisanansing ing soap opera history, Jesus Rawuh.  Story kasebutpungkasanipun ditampilake, dudu Dening Hollywood, nanging Deningmanggon wong-wong sing sing ing ditinggalake lands.  A boylair - kanggo nggawa pangarep lan-arep goal kanggo future.Scriptures direct Dijupuk saka, saka manungsa enjoy brand-newrevelation, Wektu Him, His pesen lan - saka magical kelahiranékanggo starch agonizing. Pesen tentrem kanggo kabeh donya. Ikupangeling saka ancient era, kanggo wong saiki, Gusti Allah ikukatresnan yen. The movie yaiku Juruwilujeng pisanan sing ing Arabbase digawe team Dening Arab actor lan, lan mujudake pitakonan"Yagene that you did nggoleki urip antarane wong ing die?"
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We are living in a digital era where the new technologies haveinfiltrated our life. “Our Guide” is one of a kind App that gives aunique opportunity to easily explain and share discipleship lessonsanywhere you are through a series of narrated videos with simpleand easy to use and remember symbols.It’s translated in severaldifferent languages: Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, English, French andGerman.There are 10 lessons altogether plus a short introductionand final encouragement.
ژغورونکی 1.0.2 APK
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د لومړي ځل لپاره د فلمبرداری د هنر په تاریخ کې عیسی بیرته کور تهراغی. لاخره د هغه د ژوند داستان حکایت دی نه له هالیود څخه ، بلکې دهغو خلکو له ژوند څخه چې د هغه په ځمکه کې چې ده ژوند کړی و، بې ګناهاو معصوم شخص وزیږیدو ، چې راتلونکي ته هیله ولري مستقیما له انجیلڅخه اخیستل شوی، د نوي انسان عیسی له لید لورۍ. هیله ولري مستقیما لهانجیل څخه اخیستل شوی، د نوي انسان عیسی له لید لورۍ. د عیسی له عصراو پیام څخه خوند یوسي، د هغه د زیږیدلو له معجزې څخه نیولې ان ترمړینې. ټولې نړۍ ته د سولې پیام . د لړغونو زمانو په یاد راوړل د هغوخلکو لپاره چې ویل خدای مینه ده. ژباړونکی. په عربي ژبه لومړنۍ فلم دی، چې د عربي لوبغاړو او عربي ټیم له خوا ایجاد شوی، هغه فلم چې پوښتنهکوي، چې ولې د مړیو په منځ کې ژوندي لټوۍ؟
मुक्तिदाता 1.0.4 APK
GRC Films
चलचित्र इतिहासमा पहिलोपल्ट यशु घर आउछन् | उनको कथा अन्तत प्रस्तूतगरिन्छ, तर हलिवूड़ मार्फत होईन| ति मानिसहरु मार्फत प्रस्तूत गरिन्छजो यशु बस्ने मूलकमा वस्दथे | एउटा बच्चा जन्मियो – उद्धेश्य लिनकोनिम्ति र भविष्यको लागि आशा लिनको लागि | सिधा बाईबल बाट लिईएको हो,एउटा मानिसको ताजा दृष्टि को आनन्द लेउ; उसको समय, र उसको संदेश -उसको चमत्कारिक जन्म देखि दुःखदायी मरण सम्म | सम्पूर्ण विश्व लाईशान्तिको संदेश | यो आजको मानिसहरुको लागि, पूरानो जमनाका मानिस देखि,भगवान प्रेम हुन् भन्ने कुराको यकिन गराउछ | एउटा अरबी समूह र अरबीअभिनेताहरुद्वारा अरबी भाषामा बनाईएको मुक्तिदाता नामक पहिलो चलचित्रहो, र एउटा प्रश्न सृजना गरेको छ, “तिमि किन जीवन लाई मृत्युको बीचमाखोज्छौ ?” Yasu movie for the first time come home | His story isultimately a presentation, but not through halivura | These peoplelived through these issues, which are catered yasu vasdathe | Achild was born - and hope for the future to take the objective todraw | Capture directly from the Bible is, a man take a freshvision of happiness; His time, and his message - his miraculousbirth up to the tragic death | Peace message to the entire world |This is for people today, the old man to solidify, love of God thatsomeone attempted to confirm | An Arabic groups and actors inArabic Arabic created the first movie is called Savior, and hascreated a question, "Why you are in the midst of life to seekdeath?"
The Sin 1.0.8 APK
GRC Films
The story of Adam and Eve After creating the universe, the worldand everything on the ace of the earth, God created man - Hecreated Adam and then Eve to be with Adam. These two lived in thewonder and joy of God's presence - until they disobeyed Him andwere banished from the Garden. From that day forward there weregreat struggles, but they were not left without a promise. Godwould make a way, in His time, for mankind to come back intofellowship with Him.
ত্রাণকর্তা 1.0.4 APK
GRC Films
এই প্রথমবারের মত সিনেমা জগতের ইতিহাসে যীশু তাঁর নিজের অঙ্গনে এলেন।পর্দায় তাঁর এই কাহিনী হলিউড নিবেদন করে নাই, করেছে সেইসব মানুষ যারাওই একই এলাকায় বসবাস করেন, যেখানে উনি যীশু বিচরণ করতেন । একটা শিশুরজন্ম হলো - ভবিষ্যত্বের জন্য সম্ভাবনা আর আশা নিয়ে। সরাসরি বাইবেলথেকে নেয়া, উপভোগ করুন মানব যীশুর দৃষ্টি দিয়ে দেখতে: তাঁর সময়, তাঁরবার্তা ....তাঁর দৈবিক জন্ম থেকে বেদনাদায়ক মৃত্যুর। এটা হলো একটাশান্তির বার্তা সারা পৃথিবীর জন্য. আজকের মানুষের জন্য এটা হলো অতীতকেস্মরণ করিয়ে দেয়া: 'ঈশ্বর মানে প্রেম'। সাভিওর (রক্ষাকারী) আরবি ভাষায়নির্মিত প্রথম চলচিত্র, যা তৈরী হয়েছে আরব অভিনেতা এবং আরবিনির্মাতাদলের যৌথ সমন্বয়ে এবং এখানে একটাই প্রশ্ন রাখা আছে: "কেনজীবিতকে খুঁজি মৃতদের মাঝে?" This is the first time in the historyof cinema in the world, he came to his own field.  Hollywooddid not offer his story on the screen, those people who have livedin the same area where he used to walk in Jesus.  A child wasborn - and the possibility of hope for bhabisyatbera. Takendirectly from the Bible, and enjoy the view of the human vision ofJesus: his time, his message and his daibika .... painful deathfrom birth. It is a message of peace for the whole world. Today itis for people to be reminded of the past, "meaning God is love." Sabhiora (protective) first film in Arabic, which wasprepared jointly by the United Arab actor and nirmatadalera ofArabic, and there is only one question: "Why look for the livingamong the dead?"
Ang Tagapagligtas 1.0.4 APK
GRC Films
Sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon sa kasaysayan ng cinematic si Jesus ayumuwi. Ang kanyang kuwento ay sa wakas ay ipinakita, hindi saHollywood, kundi sa mga tao na naninirahan sa mga lupang tinitirhanNiya. Ang isang bata ay ipinanganak - upang magdala ng layunin atpag-asa para sa hinaharap. Direktang nakuha mula sa Biblia,tangkilikin ang isang sariwang pangitain ng Tao, Kanyang mgapanahon, at Kanyang mensahe - mula sa Kanyang makahimalangpagsilang sa Kanyang naghihirap na kamatayan. Isang mensahe ngkapayapaan para sa buong mundo. Ito ay isang paalaala mula sa mgalumang panahon, para sa mga tao ngayon, na ang Diyos ay pag-ibig.Ang Tagapagligtas ang unang pelikula sa wikang Arabiko na ginawa ngisang Arab team at aktor, at nagtatakda ng tanong na"Bakithinahanap mo ang buhay sa mga patay?"