2.0.2 / March 7, 2017
(3.2/5) (654)


Big update!!New features! Now with weekly rankings and raregacha!New rare ZAQs!LEAD ZAQ is a herding game to collect and herdZAQs! How to PlayControl the leader ZAQ holding the flagand findthe ZAQs around the screen.When the leader ZAQ touches a ZAQ, itbecomes part of the ZAQ herd.Get lots of ZAQs and head for thegoal! About the Game ▼Watch out for the bad guys If you bump into abad guy on the screen, all your ZAQs will run away, so watch out!▼Use the lucky items ZAQs love chikuwa and gold watches. Use oneand see! ▼Ranking battle Weekly competitions to collect the mostZAQs against 10 other players at the same level! The top finishersget a prize! ▼Rare ZAQs! Get rare ZAQs only available here! Collectthem! Use them in the game! Collect all the different ZAQs and getranked No. 1! Now go herd those ZAQs!

App Information LEAD ZAQ Battle Version

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    LEAD ZAQ Battle Version
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    March 7, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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セットトップボックス(ケーブルチューナー)「Smart J:COM Box」と連動したアプリです。・現在放送中番組の再生ができます。(TVで視聴していても、裏番組をタブレットで視聴可能)・ハードディスク内の録画番組の再生ができます。・タブレットにリモコンを表示させて操作できます。【対象機種】・J:COMが提供するAndroidタブレット(J:COMタブレット)-LG GPad 8.0 -LG LGT01 -LG LGT02 -SONY Xpeaia Tablet Z -SONY XpeaiaTablet Z2 -Huawei MediaPad7 Youth
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■専門チャンネルで放送中のプロ野球・ゴルフ・サッカー・テニスの試合中継やニュースも見逃さない!このアプリ1つで家でも外でも見られます。■ハリウッド映画や人気のテレビドラマ、アニメなど国内外の豊富なビデオコンテンツも充実。 J:COMオンデマンドアプリでJ:COMTVをもっと楽しもう!※専門チャンネル・オンエアのご視聴にはJ:COM TVスタンダードプラス・スタンダードへのご加入が必要です。※一部のビデオコンテンツの視聴には別途料金がかかります。※推奨環境、ご利用条件や注意事項など詳細については「J:COMオンデマンド視聴サイト」内“スマートフォン/タブレット端末でのご視聴”をご確認ください。※このアプリの利用にはJ:COMパーソナルIDでのログインが必要です。■Do not miss even professional baseball, golf, soccer, tennis matchrelay and news being broadcast in the specialty channel! Also alsobe seen outside in this app one at home.■ Hollywood movies andpopular TV drama, also rich video content at home and abroad, suchas animation enhancement.J: In COM on-demand app J: more fun theCOM TV!Is your view of the specialty channel on the air ※ J: Youmust have your subscription to the COM TV Standard Plus Standard.※The viewing of part of the video content will be chargedseparately.※ recommended environment, for more information, such asterms and conditions and precautions: Please check the "yourviewing on your smartphone / tablet terminal" "J COM on-demandviewing site" within.※ The use of this app J: You must be logged inCOM personal ID.
J:COM タブレット視聴診断 APK
【機能】 宅内の無線環境の測定 測定環境に適したタブレット視聴設定のアドバイス【対象機種】セットトップボックス Smart J:COMBox Smart TV Boxタブレット Huawei MediaPad7 Youth SONY Xpeaia TabletZ SONY Xpeaia Tablet Z2 LG GPad 8.0 LG GPad 8.0 LEdition無線モデム Motorola製 SGB6580J Cisco製 DPC3828D 住友電工製 BCW710J2 HUMAX製 HG100R-02JGアプリ_マニュアルhttp://www.magazine.zaqrs.jp/tablet_sindan/App_manual.pdf【function】Measurementof the in-home wireless environmentAdvice of tablet viewingsettings suitable for the measurement environment[Targetmodels]Set-top boxSmart J: COM BoxSmart TV BoxtabletHuaweiMediaPad7 YouthSONY Xpeaia Tablet ZSONY Xpeaia Tablet Z2LG GPad8.0LG GPad 8.0 L EditionWireless modemMotorola made SGB6580JCiscomade DPC3828DOf Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. BCW710J2HUMAXmade HG100R-02JGApp _manualhttp://www.magazine.zaqrs.jp/tablet_sindan/App_manual.pdf
Smart Cable Box 1.41 APK
セットトップボックス(ケーブルチューナー)である「Smart YCVBox」と連動し、番組検索、録画予約、タブレットでの番組視聴ができるアプリです。【対象機種】・LG GPad 8.0・SONYXperia Z2In conjunction with a set-top box (cable tuner) "Smart YCVBox", program search, recording reservation, it is an applicationthat can program viewing in the tablet.[Target models]· LG GPad8.0· SONY Xperia Z2
くらしのナビゲーション 2.4.2345 APK
ケーブルテレビのJ:COMが提供するタブレットサービスです。番組の視聴や番組表閲覧、ビデオ オンデマンドなどテレビサービスを楽しむための機能から、お買い物、地域情報、ニュース、天気など、毎日のくらしに役立つ様々な情報を提供します。*本アプリはJ:COMが提供するタブレットサービスにご加入の方を対象としたアプリです。Itis a tablet that COM service provides: J of cable TV.From functionto enjoy the television service program table viewing and browsing,such as video-on-demand of the program,It offers a variety ofinformation to help shopping, local information, news, and weather,the lives of every day.* This app J: This app is intended for thosewho subscribe to the service tablet that COM provides.
ざっくぅアナログ時計ウィジェット 1.0 APK
ケーブルインターネットZAQのキャラクター「ざっくぅ」のアナログ時計ウィジェットです。ざっくぅが楽しく時間を教えてくれます☆ 【使用方法】ダウンロード、インストール後にホーム画面を長押しして、ウィジェットから設定してください。【対応端末】Andorid1.6以上※機種によりアプリケーションが対応していない場合があります。
Twit Bonsai 1.7 APK
Notice of defect resolutionWe released a new version on March 4, 2014 and fixed a bug that wascaused by the change of the specification of Twitter.We apologize for the inconvenience.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Notice of upgradeWe released a new version on July 9, 2013 and fixed a bug that wascaused by the change of the specification of Twitter.We apologize for the inconvenience.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Notice of Service InterruptionWe are going to maintain temporarily Twit Bonsai Service asfollows.Please note about Twit Bonsai Service will unstable duringmaintenance.Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.Date and time:From 13:30 - 14:00 on Tue, July 9, 2013.Customers to be affected: All customers of Twit Bonsai Service------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Notice of Service Interruption on 2013,June 13thCurrently,our consumers cannot post to the Twitter with thisapplication.We are now doing all possible means to recover this problem.We apologize for the inconvenience caused by thisinterruption.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Notice of Service InterruptionCurrently, due to after a specification change by Facebook, ourconsumers cannot post to the facebook with this application.We are now doing all possible means to recover this problem.We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this interruption.Life is summarized as bonsai.Saitama City Bonsai App is released.Hardware requirements.●smartphone・device:Xperia acro HD SO-03D (OS)2.3 ・device:ARROWS X LTEF-05D (OS)2.3 ・device:AQUOS PHONE SH-01D (OS)2.3 ・device:REGZAPhone T-01D (OS)2.3 ・device:MEDIAS WP N-06C (OS)2.3 ・device:GALAXYS II SC-02C (OS)2.3 ・device:INFOBAR A01 (OS)2.3.3 ・device:Xperiaacro SO-02C (OS)2.3 ・device:GALAXY NEXUS SC-04D (OS)4.1.1●tablet・device:Xperia SGPT 113 JP/S (OS)3.1Please understand this app may not be guaranteed to work in caseof some unsupported devices.■InfoThe popular iPhone App, Twit Bansai, is updated for Androidversion.Life is summarized as bonsai.Saitama City Bonsai App is released.The beautifully CG programed Apps, compiled under the supervisionof Omiya Museam, is in your hand.Grow your bonsai with watering,trimming, posting on facebooketc…★Game Overview★・Name a Bonsai.Talk to Bonsai. Trimming Bonsai.Twit Bonsai growth depends on how you tweet on twitter and post infacebook, and also trimming, watering, and taking care make Bonsaihealthy.・The bonsai does not grow without trimming. Please trimfrequently for bonsai.Get the "growth points" by the care of bonsai!You can get decorating items by using growth point.Grown bonsai as my collection can be stored.・Sometimes special secret bonsai will appear.・Bonsai is a total of 21 pattern.To achieve all, become a bonsai master!・Bonsai Art Museum.You can see Bonsai, Pod, Waterstone and Ukiyoe, display in OmiyaMuseum.・GPS functionsif you visit specific places in Saitama City with your bonsaiapp.you can get spesial items.・Twit bonsai`s English version.You can enjoy the English version.・selling special items.Arrive special items to complete your bonsai growth to decorateyour bosai.※If you haven't did update the Android Market to the GooglePlay, you might not be able to purchase.Please, do work to update a google play.