1.0.0 / June 12, 2015
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Lives evolve but only the strongest cansurvive, Mother Nature feeds but eliminates the weaker.
Evolve, compete, eliminate... And another circle!
Rebirth repeats in an endless moving universe.
Frame rages and never burns out.
Human is the first winner with long and magnificent culture; whilemonsters keep running and chasing!
League of Beasts, a classical pixel style RPG game with collection,nursing, strategies and so on. League of Beasts allows the playersto crush enemies through over 100 levels. Let’s fight for a brandnew adventure in League of Beasts! The pixel art will bring youback to childhood, and the combo setting will test your reaction!Let’s back to Pixel Game times and salute to the classic!
Awesomely retro pixel artwork!
Craft equipment for over-the-top customization!
Tight gameplay that’ll test your skills and reflexes!
Evolve and train your animals to give them unique stats andabilities!
Choose your team wisely for jaw-dropping combos!

Service mailbox:[email protected]

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    Publish Date: 2015 /9/29
    Requires Android: Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 10)
    File Size: 47.4 MB
    Tested on: Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread, API: 10)
    File Sha1: 4b44fadb2bb72085d31bece7b4a9e45dc18c56f1
    APK Signature: 46ccd014a8c8db9dcde81dcd2e6adc3a5e892836

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Monkey King HD is the first Unity 3D animation game worldwide!With Hollywood frames, Xuanyuan Sword effects and IMAX FX.As a 360° film of cute characters, Japanese and Koreanstyles,It also has interactive stories, full of fun.You can not miss it, the 2015 universal mobile game!Meet others “face to face” in unique explorations;Get messages in time on our Facebook live;Expect the online and offline activities;And experience the creative 12V12 battle!————◆Feature◆————[Unity 3D modeling, HD]Built By high-end Unity3D engine with top visual treat,It shows hundreds of exclusive cool skills and magnificent dynamicparticles.With film Ult, Fight is like a 3D movie.[Focus on socializing, brand new gameplay]Interact face to face in a “strong socializing” game;Contact with the real but not “robots” in unique explorationsystem;Invite friends to challenge Boss and get Xuanyuan Sword in thissplendid world.[Thousands of cards, free combination]The 4 races: Humans, Fairies, Buddhists and SpritesAre unique and restrain each other.So there are more combinations choices for you!Heroes have their special talents and rush into a gorgeousbattle![Numerous cards to summon]One game,one stage, a strong strategy game of more fun.Climb the Flaming Mountain and rush Dragon Palace in Journey To TheWest,With creative 4-row wheel war and 12 VS 12 battle![Humans]Normal MAG & POW, weak output.Features of humans skills are ability of raising DEF, such as MAGDEF.Humans are mainly trained to be tanks.Representative skills are Divine Wrath and Kill Fairy.[Fairies]High MAG, universal strength.Focus on combination of ATK & DEF with high crit anddodge.The most popular race with the highest efficiency to advance inmap.Easy to die with dodge however.Representative skills are Bad Hurt and Kill Buddha.[Buddhists]Caring all living beings with many healers,Add HP to single, random and all targets.There are also tanks with low output.Representative skills are Impregnable and Slash.[Sprites]Sprites like to play tricks.Impair DEF and DMG as indirect outputs and tanks,Enemies’ lower DEF means higher DMG to them,Sprites get lower DMG and add self DEF.Representative skills are Curse and Regicide.[Task]Sequel to Journey to the West, Another battle between Gods,Fights between warlords and the Xuanyuan Sword is waiting!Seven Fairies, Monkey King, Spider Cave, Havoc in Heaven,Wukong, conquer the demons!Fantasy starts universally Westwards!Fulfill the tasks and get Kwan-Yin,And Buddha is waiting for you!————◆Customer Service◆————Viste Facebook website:www.facebook.com/monkeyking3dCustomer service mailbox:[email protected] Official website:monkey.vstargame.com
Siêu Cấp Anh Hùng 1.2.2 APK
Siêu Anh Hùng là game mobile sưu tầm các anhhùng trong Manga Nhật Bản và Phim Mỹ. Người chơi sưu tầm các anhhùng, bồi dưỡng và nâng cấp kỹ năng để chinh phạt thu hồi lại cácvùng đất bị Zombie xâm chiếm, hưởng thụ cảm giác như vị chúa cứuthế. Khiêu chiến người chơi khác, phô bày sức mạnh, xác lập vị thếanh hùng của bạn!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Những điểm đặc sắc của Siêu Anh Hùng Heroessaga:- Hệ thống nhân vật đồ sộ, tất cả có hàng trăm anh hùng tùy bạnchọn!- SKill bá đạo anh hùng cực đẹp mắt, 3D đặc sắc càng kíchthích!- Nhiều chức năng kiêu chiến toàn server,để các bạn thỏa sứctung hoành, chứng tỏ bản than, như Vương Gỉa Đỉnh Cao, Đất vô chủ,Đấu trưởng…- Phò bản đa dạng cực phong phú, chuỗi sự kiện mỗi ngày với phầnthưởng hấp dẫn!- Nhiều cách thức bồi dưỡng và nâng cấp anh hùng,như: Tiến hóa,Cải tạo, năng cấp kỹ năng, Huấn luyện, thu tập trang bị vận mệnh,Cường hóa trang bị, Tinh luyện…- Cấu hình nhẹ, chạy mượt mà trên trên mọi dòng máy!------------------------------------------------------Cách liên hệ với CSKH:- Skype: Pocketgames.cs- Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/sieuanhhungvn- Diễn đàn: http://www.facebook.com/groups/sieuanhhungSuper Heroes is acollection of mobile game hero in Japanese Manga and Americanfilms. Players collect the hero, fostering and upgrading skills toconquer recover the lands Zombie invasion, enjoy feeling like deus.Duel other players, displaying strength and establish the positionof your hero!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The outstanding features of Super Heroes Heroessaga:- A massive characters, all with hundreds of heroic choice isyours!- Skill extremely violent hero beautiful, unique 3D asstimulating!- Many functions arrogant whole server war, you agree to theamok, prove themselves, as Wang Cao family, derelict land, thearena ...- Pho extreme richness of diversity, a series of events each daywith exciting prizes!- Many ways retraining and upgrading heroes, such as Evolution,renovate and upgrade the skills, training, acquiring equipmentdestiny, strength of equipment, refining ...- Configure light, smooth running on the machine on everyline!-------------------------------------------------- ----How to contact the CCU:- Skype: Pocketgames.cs- Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/sieuanhhungvn- Forum: http://www.facebook.com/groups/sieuanhhung
降魔西游 1.2.0 APK
2015年全球现象级顶级Unity 3D策略卡牌游戏!电影放映式360IMAX级技能特效,角色可爱指数爆表!顶级日韩画风、互动式剧情,鬼马怪趣,不能错过!特色探索系统,让玩家能够“面对面”与其他玩家偶遇!Facebook主页实时更新,及时传递游戏动态!特创12V12轮流竞技,给您前所未有的游戏体验!————◆故事背景◆————妖界作乱天庭,孙悟空奉命讨逆,轩辕魔头六耳猕猴,大战斗战胜佛,最终击败魔头首领,将他打入凡间,不幸,六耳猕猴使出偷天换日大法,与斗战胜佛灵魂互换,故事由此展开。西游后传,封神在起来,群雄争夺,轩辕剑在线!七仙女,孙悟空,盘丝洞,大闹天空,悟空,西游降魔!梦幻故事从全民西游开始!————◆游戏介绍◆————全民《乱斗西游》是全球首款3D,画面媲美Hollywood电影,效果堪比轩辕剑。Unity 3D动画游戏;电影放映式360IMAX级技能特效,角色可爱指数爆表!日韩画风、互动式剧情,鬼马怪趣,2015年不能错过的全民级手机游戏!特色探索系统,让玩家能够“面对面”与其他玩家偶遇。Facebook主页实时更新,及时传递游戏动态,线上线下游戏活动更加充满期待。特创12V12轮流竞技,给您前所未有的游戏体验!————◆游戏特色◆————【全3D建模 高清电影画质】Unity3D尖端引擎打造,视网膜级视觉体验,百种专属炫酷技能,动态粒子效果华丽到逆天,放映式必杀效果,战斗就像看3D电影【注重社交 全新游戏模式】Face to Face互动,打造“强社交”的游戏模式。特色探索系统,让每个玩家在游戏中看到的再也不是“机器人”,邀请好友打BOSS,轩辕剑,一起体验游戏内的精彩玩法。【千张卡牌 随意自由组合】人界、仙界、佛界和妖界4个阵营,各有特色。四大阵营互相克制,这也会给玩家在卡牌组合上带来更多选择!各界星将特有专门天赋,战斗更逆天!【超多卡牌 召唤妖魔鬼怪】一关一玩法,强策略划战斗,提升战斗乐趣。西游记剧情经典重现,体会上火焰山,闯龙宫的超凡体验!首创4排车轮战,12V12同场竞技。【人界】人界由于法力平庸,力量一般,输出端较弱,人界技能统一的特点就是能增加防御端的能力,如增加防御力,增加法抗能力等等,所以培养人界阵容的主要是走肉盾路。代表性的技能有天罚和诛仙。【仙界】仙界法术高强,各方面能力也是相对比较强力,仙界在攻防结合,不但有高爆发还有高闪避,最受喜欢的阵营,是刷图最有效率的阵营,虽然有增加闪避,但全输出阵容,容易死亡。代表性技能有重伤和屠佛。【佛界】佛界普遍普度众生,所以佛界中有非常多的奶妈,单体加血,随机加血,全体加血,各式各样可爱的奶妈,也有肉盾,但是输出,明显不足,在战斗中常常拉锯战。代表性技能有固若金汤和斩妖。【妖界】妖界一般喜欢耍阴谋诡计,在《乱斗西游》中也是如此,妖界能削弱敌方护甲,削弱技能伤害等,间接的输出和肉盾,降低了敌方的护甲己方对敌方的伤害就高了,相当于增加了输出,而削弱敌人伤害就相当于增加了自己护甲。代表性技能有诅咒和弑君。【任务】西游后传,封神再起,群雄争夺,轩辕剑在现!猪八戒,孙悟空,盘丝洞,大闹天空,大话悟空,西游降魔!梦幻故事,从全民西游开始!完成任务,就可以获得观音娘娘,更有,如来佛祖等你来拿!Facebook宣传页:客服信箱:有问题欢迎使用上面客服工具都有专人服务呦!!如果你喜欢可以分享给你的朋友,line for pad,Line、Kakao、微信、Wechat、Facebook、QQ及QQ空间等!本游戏部份角色穿著凸显胸、臀之服饰,暴力情节(卡通人物对打),婚恋社交;部份内容需另行支付费用,请避免沉迷游戏。--------------------------全民《降魔西游》故事背景取材西游记,大闹天空,若与其他相关名著的居情类似,纯属巧合!热血竞技,争霸天下、一战成名,更多精彩尽在"降魔西游"!————◆客服服务◆————更多活动,请前往Facebook粉丝页:www.facebook.com/monkeyking3d更多服务,请前往客服信箱:[email protected]更多资讯,请前往游戏主页:monkey.vstargame.com2015'stop-level global phenomenon Unity 3D strategy card game!Film screenings 360IMAX level skill effects, the role of cuteindex burst table!Top Japan and South Korea style, interactive story, funny strangeinterest, not to be missed!Featured exploration system that allows players to "face to face"encounter with other players!Facebook page updated in real time, timely delivery of dynamicgame!Creationism 12V12 turn athletics, giving you an unprecedentedgaming experience!---- ◆ ◆ ---- background storyDemon world rebellion heaven, the Monkey King orderedTaoni,Regulus devil six ear monkeys, big fight over the Buddha,Satan finally defeated leader, he will enter the mortalworld,Unfortunately, six ear monkeys resorted sly Dafa,And fighting over the Buddha soul swap, the story began.Journey to the West after the transfer, Gods in them,Warlords compete, Xuanyuanjian online!Fairies, the Monkey King, Pan Sidong, row sky,Wukong, Journey fell monsters!Fantasy Stories from the National Journey begin!Game description ---- ◆ ◆ ----National "melee Journey" is the world's first 3D,Screen comparable to Hollywood movies, the effect is comparable toXuanyuanjian.Unity 3D animated games; film screenings 360IMAX level skilleffects, the role of cute index burst table!Japan and South Korea style, interactive story, funny strangeinterest,2015 can not miss the national level mobile game!Featured exploration system that allows players to "face to face"encounter with other players.Facebook page updated in real time, timely delivery of dynamicgame,Online and offline gaming activities more full of hope.Creationism 12V12 turn athletics, giving you an unprecedentedgaming experience!◆ ---- ---- ◆ Game Features[Full HD movie quality 3D modeling]Unity3D engine to create cutting-edge, retina-grade visualexperience,Exclusive one hundred kinds of cool skills gorgeous dynamicparticle effects to the Guards,Screenings kill effect, fighting like watching 3D movies[Note] social new game modesFace to Face interaction, to create "a strong social" gamemode.Featured exploration system that allows each player to see in thegame is no longer a "robot",Invite a friend to play BOSS, Xuanyuanjian, to experience thewonderful game play inside.[One thousand cards at liberty combination]The human world, Once upon a time, the Buddhist community and thedemon world four camps, have their own characteristics.Four camps mutual restraint, which will give players more choice onthe card combination!The unique specialized circles the star talent, fighting moreGuards![Super Multi Card summon demons]A play off a strong policy planning battle, upgrade combatfun.To reproduce the classic story Journey to the West, the Flamingexperience, into the extraordinary underwater experience!The first four rows of the wheels of war, 12V12 play together.[Human world]Because the human community mediocre mana, strength in general, theoutput of the weak,Skills unified human community is characterized by the ability toincrease the defense side, such as increased defense force,Increase the ability of anti-law, etc., so cultured human world isto take human shields lineup main road.Representative skill penalty and immortal day.Once upon a time []Once upon a spell of high-strength, all aspects of the capacity isrelatively strong,Once upon a combination of offense and defense, not only have highoutbreak as well as high dodge,Like most camps, it is the most efficient brush map of thecamp,While increased dodge, but full output lineup, likely to die.Representative skill serious injury and Tu Buddha.[Buddhist community]Buddhist community generally all living beings, so there are manyBuddhist community nurse,Monomer plus blood, random blood, all the blood, all kinds oflovely nurse,There are human shields, but the output is obviously inadequate,often tug of war in the battle.Representative skill has impregnable and demon.[Demon world]General demon world conspiracy is in the "melee Journey" is alsotrue,Demon world can weaken the enemy's armor, spell damage, etc.weaken, indirect output and human shields,Reducing the enemy's armor damage on the enemy's own high,Representing an increase of output, and weaken the enemy damage isequivalent to an increase of their own armor.Representative skill has cursed and regicide.[Task]Journey to the West after the transfer, Gods renewed,Warlords compete, Xuanyuanjian in now!Pig, Monkey King, Pan Sidong, row sky,Westward Wukong, Journey fell monsters!Fantasy story, starting from the National Journey!To complete the task, you can get Guanyin Goddess,More, Buddha waiting for you to come and collect!Facebook leaflet:Customer Service:Have questions please use the above tools have someone CustomerService Yo !!If you likeYou can share with your friends, line for pad, Line, Kakao,micro-channel, Wechat, Facebook, QQ and QQ space!This game is part of the character wearing highlight the chest,hip of the dress, violent plot(Cartoon characters sparring), social marriage;Part of the contents to be subject to pay the costs, avoidindulging in the game.--------------------------National "Vanquishing Journey" Journey to the West story drawnbackground, row sky,Similarly, if the other classics living situation is purelycoincidental!Blood sports, world hegemony, a famous battle, more exciting todo in "Journey to the West fell monsters!"---- ◆ ◆ ---- Customer ServiceFor more events, please visit Facebook fan page:www.facebook.com/monkeyking3dMore services, please visit Customer Service: [email protected] more information, visit Games Home: monkey.vstargame.com
SiamGirl Romance of 3 Kingdoms 2.3.9 APK
It’s a masterpiece mobile gamethat both male and femaleplayers cannot miss.Beauty Roleplay and classicadventures are waitingin this outstanding game.Oath of the Peach Garden,-“Girls, will u fight with me?”-“We will do everything as long as u need.”It’s a large online TCG with cosplay of popular stars.Players interact with girls, raise intimacy, and triggerconfessions.It contains dubbing. The voice of girls will accompany all thejourney.Besides, players can interact with these girls online throughlive video in game.Cosplay show, concert, popularity PK and other variety shows willbe on, too!Video gamesVideo of real persons:HD live wallpaper and voice prompt and interaction give youverisimilar experience!Travel through time:There is extraordinary plots about classic romance of warriors offate!Classic is adapted in this parallel world of female ThreeKingdoms.Mature, icy or loli ; delicate, noble or boyish - which one is yourtea?Conquer the beauties as well as counties.Fight to the crown and unify the chaos with your empresses andwarriors.Who says man can’t hold power and love both?A hundred of models cosplay:Diverse famous models gather here!It’s extravagant orgy with gorgeous roles!It’s glamorous beyond your imaginations!HD display:Brings extremely refreshing and exciting experienceDistinctive systemCountry WarA hundred of cities, all in war chaos;Bring your girls and conquer around;Territory is spreading in the game of crown;Join the elites in Three Kingdoms,Wu, Shu (Han), Wei, in parallel world;It’s an expedition on horseback;It’s a mobile game poem of legend!Main cityVirtual farm outputs cropswith coins and magical Dans;but careful!There’s also stealers.Levee every day for domestic affairs;Defense enemies with reliable alliance;With RT interactionMay friendship bring more enjoyments.SoundCheers of community and friendsReminder of helper in timeSpoiled girl is most charming-“My Lord, it’s time for lunch~”“Stay away~ I don’t wanna see u any more~!…StagesFluent advance of plot and map with new stages in 2015.Fight for power and beauties in immersive scenes!Seductive warriors are just on your desktop!Screenshot available for HD wallpaper!Confession sysThe heart-throb memory and pure sweerheart. Bring you back to firstlove!Various of romantic encounters. Mind to your health~Delicate girl, respected lady,woman, loli, moe girl, boyish girl, icy beauty…Build your own team of beauties.There’s special Buff for heartbeat team!Reincarnation of warriorsBeauties dress up and bring continuous freshness.Every reincarnation comes with exclusive clothes!Numerous equipsMaster in Three Kingdoms. Overwhelming with legendary weapons!Army featuresInfantry, bowmen, light / iron cavalry, sailors,meteor hammer, spearmen, swordsmen, mauler, elephant cavalry.Fetter between warriorsBuild top team easily and enjoy irresistible powerwith 5 chief generals, succor and fleets.Tried by beautiesDrop-dead gorgeous Guan Yu Cosplay. Free Trial!More warrior cosplay:Lv Bu, Liu Bei, 5 Tigers, Sun Luban, Zhu GeliangMore activitiesElite warriors stream in!5 Tigers warrior trial daily!Lv. gifts and free virtual treasures!Please follow Facebook fan page.Free gifts are sending in interaction!Come and join us!Share with friends:Line Wechat Moment FacebookSnapchat Instagram WhatsappTencent QQThe game contains revealing clothes, violence (fight betweengame roles), dating and social contact; some content needs payment.Please consciously avoid indulging.The story is base on Romance of the Three Kingdoms.All similarities with Journey to the West, The Legend ofDeification, Water Margin (All Men Are Brothers), A Dream of RedMansions etc are coincident.Vivid plots and enriched tasksImages in Immortal realistic style with rich blendent.Hot and sexy / cute and lovely rolesChat sys and social function
League of Beasts 1.0.0 APK
Lives evolve but only the strongest cansurvive, Mother Nature feeds but eliminates the weaker.Evolve, compete, eliminate... And another circle!Rebirth repeats in an endless moving universe.Frame rages and never burns out.Human is the first winner with long and magnificent culture; whilemonsters keep running and chasing!League of Beasts, a classical pixel style RPG game with collection,nursing, strategies and so on. League of Beasts allows the playersto crush enemies through over 100 levels. Let’s fight for a brandnew adventure in League of Beasts! The pixel art will bring youback to childhood, and the combo setting will test your reaction!Let’s back to Pixel Game times and salute to the classic!Features:Awesomely retro pixel artwork!Craft equipment for over-the-top customization!Tight gameplay that’ll test your skills and reflexes!Evolve and train your animals to give them unique stats andabilities!Choose your team wisely for jaw-dropping combos!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/runningmonstersService mailbox:[email protected]
King of Tri Wars-กลศึกสามก๊ก 1.9.0 APK
King of Tri Wars-พิชิตสามก๊ก เป็นเกมโมบาย SLG ที่สุดยอดน่าเล่นสร้างจากเรื่องราวสามก๊ก เข้าสู่ประวัติสามก๊กได้ด้วยตนเองและสะใจมากที่ได้สัมผัสบรรยากาศของการศึกก๊ก⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹ลักษณะโดดเด่น1.คุยกันด้วยเสียงได้--- สะดวก! สบาย! ไม่เหนื่อย !!--- เป็นเกม SLGแรกที่คุยด้วยเสียงได้แห่งปี2014!!2.สนามรบกว้างใหญ่--- มีด่าน เมืองมากกว่า 300 เมือง ฟินไม่จบ!!3.มีองค์ประกอบที่ดี---มีอุปกรณ์ ขุนพลต่างๆและกลศึกมากมายให้เลือก4.ขุนพลหลากหลาย--- เรียกรวมขุนพลทั้งหมด 563 ท่าน! เลือกด้วยตนเองตามใจชอบ!!5. เล่นสะดวกสบาย--- ยืนเล่น นั่งเล่น นอนเล่นก็ได้หมด ศึกก๊ก 24ชั่วโมง อยากเล่นเมื่อไรแล้วแต่!!⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹หากมีปัญหาหรือความคิดเห็น กรุณาติดต่อเรา:1. Line: moa_kf2. Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/triwarmobile3. E-Mail: [email protected]: http://k.changicth.comKing ofTri Wars- conquest SLG Mobile, Three Kingdoms is a great game toplay. Created by the Three Kingdoms story Access to Records ofThree Kingdoms by themselves. And satisfied to have a taste of hisfaction.⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹Striking1. sound --- talk with ease! Sick! Not tired !! --- SLG game wasfirst discussed in 2014 by the !!2 --- a vast field of more than 300 cities in outpost Finn did notfinish !!3 --- a good composition and mechanical parts are military veteransare plenty to choose from.4 --- collectively, military commander of all 563 people!Self-selection like !!--- 5.PLAY comfortable standing, sitting or lying down, but whenyou played 24 hours Kingdoms Battle !!⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹⊹If you have problems or comments Please contact us:1. Line: moa_kf2. Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/triwarmobile3. E-Mail: [email protected]: http://k.changicth.com