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Electrical Engineering MCQs Handbook Electrical Engineering MCQs isa simple app with all the latest questions in ElectricalEngineering. It contains over 200++ questions covering all topicsincluding Electrostatics, Electrical circuits, Physical Laws,System Modelling/Analysis, Electronics, Power Engineering, ElectricVehicles etc. We add new questions with each new version. Pleaseemail us in case of any errors/omissions. This is arguably thelargest and best app for Electrical engineering multiple choicequestions and answers on Google Play Store. As a student you canuse it for your Exam preperation, Job Tests, Interview Perperation.This app is also useful for professors to refresh material. Thesubjects covered in the book include: Electrical Engineering BasicsParallel Circuits Capacitors Quantities and Units Magnetism andElectromagnetism RC Circuits Transformers Voltage, Current andResistance Branch, Loop and Node Analyses Passive FiltersThree-Phase Systems in Power Applications Series CircuitsSeries-Parallel Circuits RLC Circuits and Resonance Ohm’s LawAlternating Current and Voltage RL Circuits Time Response ofReactive Circuits Energy and Power Inductors Circuit Theorems in ACAnalysis Electrical engineering is a field of engineering thatgenerally deals with the study and application of electricity,electronics, and electromagnetism. This field first became anidentifiable occupation in the later half of the 19th century aftercommercialization of the electric telegraph, the telephone, andelectric power distribution and use. Subsequently, broadcasting andrecording media made electronics part of daily life. The inventionof the transistor, and later the integrated circuit, brought downthe cost of electronics to the point they can be used in almost anyhousehold object. electrical objective questions electricalquestions electrical engineering objective questions objectiveelectrical engineering electrical mcq electrical questions andanswers objective questions in electrical engineering electricalobjective electrical objective type questions basic electricalquestions basic electrical engineering questions objectivequestions on electrical engineering mcq on electrical engineeringbasic electrical engineering objective type questions answers Appobjective question for electrical engineering mcq electricalelectrical engineering questions mcq electrical engineering itielectrician objective type questions answers objective typequestions in electrical engineering electrical projects electricalengineering objective books electrical machines objective questionsiti electrician objective type questions answers question bank inelectrical engineering mcq for electrical engineering electricalengineering books basic electrical engineering about electricalengineering eee engineering electric engineer basic electrical andelectronics engineering engineering electrical electricalengineering basics electrical electronic engineering electricitydepartment be electrical engineering electrical for u The appprovides quick revision and reference to the important topics likea detailed flash card notes, it makes it easy & useful for thestudent or a professional to cover the course syllabus quicklybefore an exams or interview for jobs. This Electrical Engineeringapp. comes with certain features: - Questions are categorised intotopics - Regular Electrical Engineering questions update. -Electrical Engineering app has wide ranges of ElectricalEngineering questions - Electrical Engineering app containsElectrical Engineering questions with answer and solution. -Electrical Engineering app contains interview puzzles useful forthose preparing for job interview. - Electrical Engineering andpuzzles are very important for freshers to crack the ElectricalEngineering test and interview of any company. - Useful for allcampus placement Electrical Engineering tests
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Electronics And Communication MCQs Handbook EC Electronics AndCommunication MCQs Handbook app is a multiple choice questions app.This is perfect practice for Electronics Engineers that will betaking the Electronics Engineer licensure exam or even students whowants to be challenged with the questions about Electronics &Communication. This will help them review while being portable. TheQuestions are categorized by topics about, Math, Electronics,Communications, and General Engineering and Applied Sciences. Thisapp will cater to all Engineers/students worldwide. The subjectscovered in the book include: Voltage and Current Parallel CircuitsCapacitors Quantities and Units Operational Amplifiers Magnetismand Electromagnetism RC Circuits Transformers Transistors andApplications Special-Purpose Op-Amp Circuits Resistance and PowerAlternating Current vs Direct Current Field Effect Transistors(FET) Analog to Digital Logic Gates Standard Logic Devices (SLD)Testing and Troubleshooting Flip-Flops and Timers ArithmeticOperations and Circuits Analog and Digital Converters SeriesCircuits Series-Parallel Circuits RLC Circuits and Resonance Diodesand Applications Ohm’s Law Alternating Current and Voltage RLCircuits Time Response of Reactive Circuits Measurement, Conversionand Control Basic Op-Amp Circuits Semiconductor Principles BipolarJunction Transistors (BJT) Thyristors and Tranducers Number Systemsand Codes Logic Circuit Simplification Programmable Logic Devices(PLD) Combinational Logic Circuits Sequential Logic CircuitsSemiconductor Memory Computer Hardware and Software The Electronics& Communication Engineering involves the transmission ofinformation across channels such as a coax cable, optical fiber orfree space. You can work on designing equipment such as routers,switches, multiplexers and electronic switching systems, coppertelephone facilities and fiber optics. basic electronics objectivequestions and answers App electronics objective questionselectronics and communication engineering mcq books gate mcq forelectronics & communication engineering Electronics &Communication engineering mcq question answer App basic electronicsquestions basic electronics objective type questions and answerselectronics and communication engineering mcq basic electronicsobjective questions Electronics & Communication engineeringquestions and answers objective objective type questions inelectronics objective questions on electronics electronics andcommunication engineering objective type questions in basicElectronics & Communication engineering basic electronics quizquestions with answers App mcq on Electronics & Communicationengineering power electronics objective questions electronic andcommunication engineering electronics and communication electronicsobjective type questions and answers basic electronics questionsand answers App power electronics objective questions and answersmcq on electronics and communication engineering electronicsobjective questions and answers objective questions in electronicscommunication engineering basic electronics mcq electronics andcommunication engineering electronic and communication engineeringelectronics and communication communication engineering latesttechnology in electronics and communication electroniccommunication electronics and telecommunication ec engineeringelectronics and telecommunication engineering electronic &communication engineering new technology in electronics andcommunication electronics & telecommunication engineeringelectronic and telecommunication engineering electroniccommunications engineering @ Useful for Competitive Exams Like @ -All Campus Placement Tests - UPSC / CSAT / RAS / IAS / PCS entranceexam - Bank PO / IBPS exam preparation - CLAT / IB / AEN / JEN /IES / NTSE - RRB - CAT / MAT / MBA Exam Preparation - GRE Maths,English Preparation - All Job Interview Tests
Microbiology Handbook 3.0 APK
Microbiology MCQs HandbookMicrobiology MCQs Handbook is a simpleapp with all the latest questions in Microbiology. It contains over100+ questions covering all topics including industrialmicrobiology, medical microbiology, micro-organisms, bacteria, DNA,RNA, immunology, culture media, gram staining, sterilisation,etc.It is meant for PG competitive exams such as GATE, AIIMS, AFMCand other medical exams. It is useful to students of pharmacy,dentistry, medicine and nursing.We add new questions with each newversion. Please email us in case of any errors/omissions. This isarguably the largest and best app for Microbiology multiple choicequestions and answers on Google Play. As a student you can use itfor your exam prep. This app is also useful for professors torefresh material. The subjects covered in the book include:MicroOrganismsBacteria MorphologyCell Cultures andCharacteristicsEnzymes RegulationMicrobial MetabolismMicrobialGeneticsDNA ReplicationTranslation and RegulationMicrobialRecombination and Gene TransferImmune SystemAntigen AntibodyReactionBacteriaStreptococcusClostridiumActinomycetes and NonSporing AnaerobesBrucellaVibrio, Aeromonas andPlesiomonasProtozonVirusesViruses in EukaryotesPoxviridae andPicronaviridaeHepatitis VirusesPhysical and ChemicalAgentsMicrobiology of SoilsMicrobiology of Waste WaterMicrobiologyof FoodsSauerkraut and PicklesFish and Sea FoodsWine andBeerMiscellaneous FoodsMicroorganisms and DiseaseIdentification ofBacteriaCell CultivationsGrowth and Nutrition of BacteriaEnzymeReactionEnergy Release and ConservationNucleic AcidStructureTranscriptionDNA Sequencing, Mutation and RepairPolymeraseChain ReactionAntibodyImmuneResponseStaplylococcusBacillusMycobacteriumSpirochacter andEnterobacteriaceacPseudomonas and BurkholderiaFungi - Molds andYeastsAlgaeBacteriophagesViruses From Animal andPlantsRhabdoviridae, Caliciviridae andAstroviridaeRetroviridaeAntimicrobial ChemotherapeuticAgentsMicrobes in Aquatic EnvironmentIndustrially Useful MicrobialProcessesFruits and VegetablesMilk and Milk ProductsPoultry, Eggand MeatHeated Canned FoodsFood [email protected] Useful for CompetitiveExams Like @- All Campus Placement Tests- UPSC / CSAT / RAS / IAS /PCS entrance exam- Bank PO / IBPS exam preparation- CLAT / IB / AEN/ JEN / IES / NTSE- RRB- CAT / MAT / MBA Exam Preparation- GREMaths, English Preparation- All Job Interview Testsmicrobiologystudy guide mcq microbiology microbiology questions mcq inmicrobiology microbiology exam mcq on microbiology microbiologytest microbiology test questions and answers microbiology quizmicrobiology mcq questions answers microbiology test questionsmicrobiology practice test msc microbiology entrance exam booksmicrobiology mcqs with answers microbiology exam questionsmicrobiology question bank mcq of microbiology microbiologymultiple choice questions immunology mcq microbiology mcq questionsmedical microbiology mcqs with answers microbiology mcq withanswers App medical microbiology mcqs mcq for microbiology medicalmicrobiology microbiology questions and answers book microbiologyquestions and answers microbiology mcq booksbacteriology mcqsmicrobiology study questions microbiology quiz questions medicalmicrobiology mcq with answers App This Microbiology MCQs app. comeswith certain features:- Questions are categorised into topics-Regular Microbiology MCQs questions update.- Microbiology MCQs apphas wide ranges of Microbiology MCQs questions- Microbiology MCQsapp contains Microbiology MCQs questions with answer and solution.-Microbiology MCQs app contains interview puzzles useful for thosepreparing for job interview.- Microbiology MCQs and puzzles arevery important for freshers to crack the Microbiology MCQs test andinterview of any company.- Useful for all campus placementMicrobiology MCQs tests
Chemical Engineering Handbook 5.0 APK
Chemical Engineering MCQs HandbookChemical engineering is a branchof engineering that applies physical sciences (physics andChemical), life sciences (microbiology and bioChemical), togetherwith applied mathematics and economics to produce, transform,transport, and properly use chemicals, materials and energy. Achemical engineer designs large-scale processes that convertchemicals, raw materials, living cells, microorganisms and energyinto useful forms and products.The subjects covered in the bookinclude:Chemical Engineering BasicsMass TransferStoichiometryFuelsand CombustionNuclear Power EngineeringPolymer TechnologyMechanicalOperationsProcess Control and InstrumentationChemical ReactionEngineeringChemical Engineering Plant EconomicsEnvironmentalEngineeringHeat TransferFertiliser TechnologyChemical EngineeringThermodynamicsProcess Equipment and Plant DesignRefractoryTechnologyFluid MechanicsPetroleum Refinery EngineeringChemicalProcessMaterials and ConstructionFurnace TechnologyChemicalengineering involves managing plant processes and conditions toensure optimal plant operation. Chemical reaction engineersconstruct models for reactor analysis and design using laboratorydata and physical parameters, such as chemical thermodynamics, tosolve problems and predict reactor performance.chemical engineeringhandbook chemical engineer's handbook chemical engineering handbookhandbook chemical engineering handbook 1st edition engineeringhandbook engineering books handbook for chemical engineers chemicalengineering internships chemical engineering course Chemicalengineering design concerns the creation of plans, specification,and economic analyses for pilot plants, new plants or plantmodifications. Design engineers often work in a consulting role,designing plants to meet clients' needs. Design is limited by anumber of factors, including funding, government regulations andsafety standards. These constraints dictate a plant's choice ofprocess, materials and equipmentchemical engineering books freedownloadgate study material chemical engineering books chemicalengineering books free download gate chemical engineering chemicalengineering ebooks free download online Chemical textbook gatemathematics books chemical engineering questions engineeringmathematics for gate chemical engineering objective questionsChemical bookChemical textbooknumerical methods books basicChemicalintroduction to chemical engineering chemical engineeringobjective questions books download gate samplefree chemicalengineering books downloadChemical books online objective typequestions in chemical engineering download chemical engineeringbooks free chemical engineering books engineeringChemicalengineering Chemical books Plant construction iscoordinated by project engineers and project managers depending onthe size of the investment. A chemical engineer may do the job ofproject engineer full-time or part of the time, which requiresadditional training and job skills, or act as a consultant to theproject group.
Biology Handbook 5.0 APK
Biology MCQs HandbookThis Application is specially designed anddeveloped by certified doctors and teachers for students who wantsto appear in different entrance test of different collegesYou cantake a test using this application in the real examination format.The questions in the application are very much similar to those inthe real tests. In each session, you are given different questionsrandomlyThe subjects covered in the book include:ProteinsBacteriaFungiCarbohydratesRespirationBiology G.K.Biology is anatural science concerned with the study of life and livingorganisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution,distribution, identification and taxonomy.Modern biology is a vastand eclectic field, composed of many branches andsubdisciplinesHowever, despite the broad scope of biology, thereare certain unifying concepts within it that consolidate it intosingle, coherent field. In general, biology recognizes the cell asthe basic unit of life, genes as the basic unit of heredity, andevolution as the engine that propels the creation of new species.It is also understood today that all organisms survive by consumingand transforming energy and by regulating their internalenvironment to maintain a stable and vital condition known ashomeostasis.biology questions biology quiz biology topics mcqbiology mcqs of biology biology test questions biology multiplechoice questions and answers biology mcq with answers biologyobjective questions and answers biology questions and answersbiology mcq for aipmt biology exam questions and answers biologyquestion bank biology objective questions biology exam questionsbiology quiz with answers biology answers biology general knowledgebiology online test biology questions and answers multiple choicebiology mcq questions and answers mcq in biology It will help youto increase your Biology knowledgeTest what you've learned aboutbiology, There are many questions for you! Don't worry if you don'tget all the questions right first time, you can have as manyattempts as you like!The text provides comprehensive coverage offoundational research and core biology concepts through anevolutionary lens. Biology includes rich features that engagestudents in scientific inquiry, highlight careers in the biologicalsciences, and offer everyday applications. The book also includesclicker questions to help students understand—and apply—keyconcepts.Biology MCQs Handbooks free downloadgate study materialBiology MCQs Hand books Biology MCQs Hand books free downloadBiology MCQs Hand ebooks free download online Biology MCQs textbookBiology MCQs Hand questions Biology MCQs Hand objective questionsBiology MCQs textbookbasic Biology MCQsBiology MCQs Hand objectivequestions books download free Biology MCQs Hand booksdownloadBiology MCQs books online objective type questions inBiology MCQs Hand download Biology MCQs Hand books free BiologyMCQs Hand books @ Useful for Competitive Exams Like @- All CampusPlacement Biology MCQs Handbook Tests- UPSC / CSAT / RAS / IAS /PCS entrance exam- Bank PO / IBPS exam preparation- CLAT / IB / AEN/ JEN / IES / NTSE- RRB- CAT / MAT / MBA Exam Preparation- GREMaths, English Preparation- All Job Interview TestsThis BiologyMCQs Handbook app. comes with certain features:- Questions arecategorised into topics- Regular Biology MCQs Handbook questionsupdate.- Biology MCQs Handbook app has wide ranges of Biology MCQsHandbook questions- Biology MCQs Handbook app contains Biology MCQsHandbook questions with answer and solution.- Biology MCQs Handbookapp contains interview puzzles useful for those preparing for jobinterview.- Biology MCQs Handbook and puzzles are very importantfor freshers to crack the Biology MCQs Handbook test and interviewof any company.- Useful for all campus placement Biology MCQsHandbook tests
Maths Handbook 5.0.1 APK
Maths MCQs Handbook Its time you should test your Maths skills. Itsbeen a while don't you think, give the test and show it to theworld you're still a genius. Mathematics is the study of topicssuch as quantity (numbers),structure,space and change.There is arange of views among mathematicians and philosophers as to theexact scope and definition of mathematics. The subjects covered inthe book include: Series Average Interest Ratio & ProportionDiscount HCF and LCM Simplification Time and Work Time &Distance Simple Interest Calendar Sets Percentage Profit and LossPartnership Numbers Decimal Fraction Ages Problems on TrainsCompound Interest @ Useful for Competitive Exams Like @ - AllCampus Placement Tests - UPSC / CSAT / RAS / IAS / PCS entranceexam - Bank PO / IBPS exam preparation - CLAT / IB / AEN / JEN /IES / NTSE - RRB - CAT / MAT / MBA Exam Preparation - GRE Maths,English Preparation - All Job Interview Tests Maths MCQs Hand Bookallows you to carry Maths MCQs concepts where ever you go. Featuresavailable in Maths MCQs handbook are Materials, Numbers, Mechanics,Maths MCQs Components and Metal Cutting Components. View variousMaths MCQs related formulas and calculate values. Maths MCQsHandbook app enables you to work with Maths MCQs Handbook directlyon your Android smart phone. cat preparation mathematics mcqs withanswers gate preparation ibps mock test cat mock test iitpreparation math test quantitative aptitude ncert app online exammcqs of maths gate exam cat exam mcq maths ias exam mock test mathsmcqs for entry test with answers gate mathematics maths questionsMathematics is essential in many fields, including natural science,engineering, medicine, finance and the social sciences. Appliedmathematics has led to entirely new mathematical disciplines, suchas statistics and game theory. Mathematicians also engage in puremathematics, or mathematics for its own sake, without having anyapplication in mind. There is no clear line separating pure andapplied mathematics, and practical applications for what began aspure mathematics are often discovered. math problems algebra mathproblem solver math quiz math answers math solver maths puzzlesmath test math questions and answers math worksheets math practicesolve math problems online maths test maths solutions math practicetest math work maths test online maths quiz questions mathsrevision gcse maths questions algebra solver math word problemsolver practice math maths online test math practice online mymaths answers math question solver math questions with answerssolve my math problem math word problems This Maths MCQs app. comeswith certain features: - Questions are categorised into topics -Regular Maths MCQs questions update. - Maths MCQs app has wideranges of Maths MCQs questions - Maths MCQs app contains Maths MCQsquestions with answer and solution. - Maths MCQs app containsinterview puzzles useful for those preparing for job interview. -Maths MCQs and puzzles are very important for freshers to crack theMaths MCQs test and interview of any company. - Useful for allcampus placement Maths MCQs tests
Basic Computer Handbook 5.0 APK
Basic Computer MCQs HandbookBasic Computer MCQs Handbook(Computerknowledge)is a Quiz based computer Gk application for learningbasic concepts of Computer and its Software. The subjects coveredin the book include:Computer FundamentalsOperating SystemMicrosoftWordMicrosoft ExcelMS Power PointThis Basic Computer Fundamentalsapplication will introduce the basics of Computer to those who donot know very much about computers. This application is forbeginners and intermediate users ,This app is useful for those whoare starting to learn computer basics like what is Software, Whatis hardware etc. It helps to cover all terminology related tocomputer. The main purpose of this Basic Computer Fundamentals appis to help the reader to better understand how to use theircomputer more effectively and safely. Basic Computer Fundamentalsapp is used for general Knowledge and everyone should know thebasic terms of Computer. It is also used for competitiveExaminations and also for moderate knowledge on computer.mcq oncomputer computer mcqs computer gk computer questions computerfundamentals questions and answers mcqs in computer sciencecomputer science mcqs mcq computer science mcqs of computer mcqcomputer mcq in computer science computer general knowledge iasbooks mcq on computer science mcq on computer fundamentals computerquestions and answers cat preparation gk book ssc study materialolympiad exam mcq questions on computer gate preparation ibps mocktest computer fundamentals mcq computer mcqs with answers basiccomputer questions computer awareness questions bank exams computerfundamental question mcq for computer android application containsmultiple choice questions & answers. It works offline.ThisBasic Computer GK will introduce the basics of Computer to thosewho do not know very much about computers. This application is forbeginners and intermediate users ,This app is useful for those whoare starting to learn computer basics like what is Software, Whatis hardware etc. It helps to cover all terminology related tocomputer. basic computer skills computer basics computer coursesbasics of computer computer skills basic computer knowledge basiccomputer training basic knowledge of computer computer fundamentalscomputer basic knowledge computer courses for beginners basiccomputer course computer literacy basic computer skills trainingbasic computer notes basic computer courses list computer basicnotes computer classes for beginners computer learning computerlessons for beginners computer lessons basic computer skills coursecomputer basics for beginners computer basic skills learn computerbasic computer classes learn basic computer skills basic computerlessons computer literacy lessons basic computer skills classes @Useful for Competitive Exams Like @- All Campus Placement Tests-UPSC / CSAT / RAS / IAS / PCS entrance exam- Bank PO / IBPS exampreparation- CLAT / IB / AEN / JEN / IES / NTSE- RRB- CAT / MAT /MBA Exam Preparation- GRE Maths, English Preparation- All JobInterview TestsThis Basic Computer MCQs Handbook app. comes withcertain features:- Questions are categorised into topics- Formulaefor each topic- Detailed solution for each question- Examples tounderstand the concept- Regular Basic Computer MCQs Handbookquestions update.-Basic Computer MCQs Handbook app has wide rangesof Basic Computer MCQs Handbook questions-Basic Computer MCQsHandbook app contains Basic Computer MCQs Handbook questions withanswer and solution.-Basic Computer MCQs Handbook app containsinterview puzzles useful for those preparing for jobinterview.-Basic Computer MCQs Handbook and puzzles are veryimportant for freshers to crack the Basic Computer MCQs Handbooktest and interview of any company.-Useful for all campus placementBasic Computer MCQs Handbook tests
Aptitude Handbook 5.0 APK
Aptitude MCQs HandbookThe Best Aptitude App to power up yourAptitude skills. Here you will find simple Aptitude MCQs by usingwhich you can solve your Aptitude questions with easy. It have bastquestion to practice upon with answer.The subjects covered in thebook include:PartnershipAverageInterestNumberSystemPercentageProgressionsRatioProfit and LossSpeed Time andDistanceTime and WorkPermutation andCombinationAlligationTrianglesWe provide this app to overcome yourdifficulties and to improve your aptitude skills. This app isexclusively designed for the aspirants of GMAT, CAT, SAT, MAT etc.The wide ranges of questions are taken from the previous yearquestion papers by the experts of the concern fields. In this app,we provide the tips and short cuts to solve the problemseasily.Aptitude MCQs Handbook is a comprehensive aptitude solvingapplication with 100+ questions.aptitude test quantitative aptitudeaptitude aptitude questions online aptitude test aptitude testquestions aptitude test free free aptitude test attitude testaptitude test online aptitude test practice aptitude test questionsand answers aptitude test papers english aptitude test generalaptitude test free online aptitude test aptitude test samplegeneral ability test aptitude questions and answers aptitudequestions with answers aptitude books online aptitude test freepractice aptitude tests practice psychometric tests aptitude onlinetest sample aptitude test general aptitude questions numericalaptitude maths aptitude test aptitude test preparation crackingengineering and various job interviews.Aptitude MCQs Handbook is apreparation tool for job aspirants and those waiting to crack CAT,XAT, MAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT, NTSE, TOEFL/IELTS and various bankPO/Clerk exams.Aptitude MCQs Handbook will also help schoolstudents in ICSE, CBSE, HSC, SSC and other state board exams.Italso includes some puzzles,brainteasers and mind benders .It is anall in one Aptitude Trainer for your mind.It would help you inAptitude Test and Preparation.This is a mobile learning tool thatwill help you to increase your score in GRE, GMAT, SAT, CAT &TOEFL exams.Reliable and portable Pocket aptitude test.A fun way toaid your education.basic aptitude test aptitude test example freeaptitude test online aptitude questions and answers withexplanation quantitative aptitude test online psychometric testnumerical aptitude test aptitude assessment aptitude test withanswers ibps quantitative aptitude aptitude preparation sampleaptitude test questions vocational aptitude test engineeringaptitude test online aptitude test practice online test foraptitude common aptitude test vocational test aptitude examaptitude questions and answers for freshers quantitative aptitudequestions aptitude test papers with answers simple aptitude testexample of aptitude test aptitude test for banks test aptitudeenglish aptitude it aptitude test online skills test AptitudeReasoning Tricks 2017A collection of quantitative aptitudequestions and word problems frequently asked in competitiveexaminations and placement papers. It is designed as a preparationtool for job aspirants and those waiting to crack bank and otherentrance exams. People who are inclined to Mathematics can use thisapp to sharpen their IQ and enrich their knowledge.This aptitudeapp. comes with certain features:- Questions are categorised intotopics- Formulae for each topic- Detailed solution for eachquestion- Regular aptitude questions update.-Aptitude app has wideranges of aptitude questions-Aptitude app contains aptitudequestions with answer and solution.-Aptitude app contains interviewpuzzles useful for those preparing for job interview.-Aptitude andpuzzles are very important for freshers to crack the aptitude testand interview of any company.-Useful for all campus placementaptitude tests