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Gradle is an open source, advanced general purpose build managementsystem. It is built on ANT, Maven, and lvy repositories.It supportsGroovy based Domain Specific Language (DSL) over XML. This tutorialexplains how you can use Gradle as a build automation tool for Javaas well as Groovy projects.This tutorial is destined for thosesoftware professionals who would like to learn the basics of Gradleas a build tool in simple and easy steps.------BEST FEATURES:- AllGradle lessons from easy to difficult- No Internet needed! (offlineapp)- Simple & modern user interface (materialdesign)------PLEASE RATE 5/5 AND SHARE. THANKS!!!

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Apex is a proprietary language which has been developed bySalesforce.com. Apex is a strongly typed, object-orientedprogramming language that allows developers to execute flow andtransaction control statements on the Force.com platform server inconjunction with calls to the Force.com API.This tutorial istargeted for Salesforce programmers beginning to learn Apex. Thistutorial will bring you to Intermediate level of knowledge in Apexprogramming covering all the important aspects of Apex withcomplete hands-on code experience.apex system booty center triggeracademy battery controller ------BEST FEATURES:- All Apex lessonsfrom easy to difficult- No Internet needed! (offline app)- Simple& modern user interface (material design)------PLEASE RATE 5/5AND SHARE. THANKS!!!
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We all know that Aurelia is a modern, open source UI framework forweb and mobile app development. It allows you to write clean,modular JavaScript. The framework follows simple conventions and itis focused on web standards.These learning pages are directedtowards developers that didn't have a chance to work with thisframework before. We will try to use simple, easily understandableexamples. These examples can be used later as a reference forfuture projects. tutorial how to learn fast withoutnetwork------BEST FEATURES:- All Aurelia lessons from easy todifficult- No Internet needed! (offline app)- Simple & modernuser interface (material design)------PLEASE RATE 5/5 AND SHARE.THANKS!!!