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This martial arts app is for all people who practice thissport.This fabulous sport in which self-defense is fundamental.Trainingis very important to be fit for the fight. The coachesprepare allthe hits and kicks to defeat the enemy. All movementsare veryimportant to dodge or hit. To compete in karate it isessential tobe physically and mentally well. Martial arts is arisky sport andrequires many movements. Each fight or battle withthe enemy isspecial to learn from the mistakes made. Any dailytraining isspecific to improve all the qualities. The coachesprepare thespecific punches and kicks to win the fight. Animportant qualityof training is self-defense to be the best in thering. King boxingis a sport that, at the same time, can be used asa personaldefense. This application is completely free.

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You would like to show off perfect buttocks❓ This isyourapplication. Here we will show you many videos withdifferentexercises to tone your muscles. ➡ The buttocks are easytoexercise, but I do not want to say that it will not cost us tohaveperfect glutes. ➡With a lot of training😉 and effort we willachieveit🏋♀ ➡In the gym🏋♀ they will tell us what exercises🏃♀ youhave todo. ➡ Here with this application we will tell you many sothat youcan learn to strengthen your body. "The squats areincredible" butat the same time we will need a lot of effort. ➡Totone up yourmuscles you need a lot of training🏃♀, it does not meanthat youlook for a gym since with this application you will be ableto doit in 🏡. "Squats" are almost fundamental to strengthen thebuttocksand you can brag about them. It takes a lot of deliveryandperseverance to see incredible results. You can share this appwithfriends or family as well as all your videos.
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in this app we will show football dribbles in soccer videosonline,here you will find videos of the first division, championsleague,the league, Christian ronaldo, ibrahimovic ...In footballadribbling or dribbling in football is seen as a play, agooddribble in a very good play and ending in a goal will alwaysberemembered.in this app we will show you a lot of football videosofdribbling from various professionals and the best players intheworld as ronaldo or messi christian, these videos will bereneweddaily at no cost, they can be fixed and you can gopracticingvarious types or models of Dodge, how to make bicycles,rabones, goaround the world with the ball, make high heels, step onthe ball,make feints and twists, make elastic or cow tails,chileans,scorpions, vaselinas ...In these online soccer videos youwill seeseveral world champions.dribbles of soccer 7 where you willfinishquickly in a shot since the dimensions of the field aresmaller, wehinder by dribbling and kicking.in the league of firstdivisionthere are several very good players in dribbling orwatermarks, itis also true that the Brazilians are the greatartifices of doingthis type of juggling with the ball, we willremember greatprofessionals like ronaldo, robinho, romario, robertocarlos, thegreat ronaldinho or the future neymar and vinivius, allof themBrazilians have shown dribbles never thought and inthisapplication they are stored so that you can practice them.inthechampions league we have seen many dribbles and in thistournamentwhere the best teams of all Europe are hard to win herewe havebeen able to see goals from ibrahimovic and even fromronaldochristian, this in champions league is the top scorer ofthecompetition.In soccer 7 many dribbling come out to be abletopractice them as children or adults and even in indoorsoccer.Inthese competicones as the league or the champions leagueisdemonstrated the level that it is necessary to have in ordertosucceed.this app gives you the possibility to learn dribblinginonline soccer.to get a place in your team you have to train tothemaximum several capacities and at the same time try to be fastandhave rapids in the dribbles, so that it is possible for them tobechallenged to the rivals to catch you.
Self Defense 1.0.0 APK
➡ This application is to learn to defend yourself from fightsbutabove all it goes for all women👩 especially so that they canfightagainst gender violence.➡It is very important that we knowmanymovements 👊 to stop attacks, possible robberies,genderviolence.➡Security and self-defense💪 is very important inlife,this application also prepares you for any combat.➡ Trainingisvery important and that is why all these videos are here tohelpyou and teach you.➡There are combats and fights in which youneedto know about self-defense and here you will learn➡Women 👩 whoknowabout training to defend you leave more safely💪 on thestreetbecause they are able to stop attacks with any movement .💪Ihope tohelp many people with this application, the best of all thatthevideos will be renewed daily at no cost.➡You also have a menutoshare videos with family or friends.👊vote and sharetheapplication🎉
Learn Capoeira 1.0.0 APK
Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art (traditional karate) thatcombines facets of dance, music and acrobatics, as well as bodyexpression. It was developed in Brazil (capoeira brasil) by Africandescendants with indigenous influences, probably at the beginningof the 16th century. The capoeira is known for its fast and complexmovements, which use the arms and legs to execute maneuvers ofgreat agility in the form of kicks, feints and demolitions, amongothers that is why it is a traditional karate. capoeira as afighting style incorporates low movements and sweeps, while in thesporting field more emphasis is placed on acrobatics and ritualizeddemonstrations of skill. capoeira dance is practiced withtraditional capoeira berimbau music.The roda capoeira (circle ofpeople doing capoeira) was declared an intangible cultural heritageof humanity by unesco on November 26, 2014.to learn capoeira is toknow how to combine dancing movements, that's why it's capoeiradance and that's why it's a traditional karate, to learn capoeirayou need many classes so we will show many videos in this app topractice capoeira dance, to learn capoeira, review all the videosand podras learn as a child or adult the best of the app is thatyou can see new videos daily as they are renewed at no cost.
TheBestFootballPlays 1.0.0 APK
football is a wonderful sport where you can see dribbling,plays,goals etc ...in the league of fubol we have been able toseeimpressive plays that with 4 touches and 4 players have cometogoal and have scored goals, goals and incredible plays whereyouhave only been able to enjoy this beautiful sport.in thefemininefubol we are seeing incredible plays where the femalesaredeveloping very well.the feminine fubol is a sport that latelyisseeing something more but before it was not very seen, inthefeminine you can see great teams and great players, and you canseelike the masculine as the gala of the gold ball, world, etc..someof the plays of fubol 11 are incredible since so many playersinthe field and such a large field, seeing how the fastball ballishandled is impressive.fubol 7 plays are very difficult to dosinceyou have to be very skilled and make them fast since the fieldissmaller.there are fubol players who make goals and plays in allthematches and big plays in the most important matches.fubol salais asport for players with a lot of class since you have to knowhow toplay dribbling and have a lot of mentality to play.the fuubolballin futsal room is smaller and harder, however the soccer ballinfootball is bigger and less heavy.The spanish league of thefubolas the one of female fubol is incredible and it is advancingyearafter year.the spanish league of fubol is one of the best intheworld because we have the best players in the world and thebestteams .football is incredible and with the best matches fortheplanet, thanks to football we have been able to enjoy playingatthe front door of the street, learning and imitating thebestprofessionals.This sport is one of the best and here we havethisapp to learn from this sport and all your games and plays withityou can become a professional.
Learn Violin 1.0.0 APK
This application will teach you to play songs with theviolin.🎻Thisstring and bow instrument pulls out the notes creatinga verybeautiful music.To learn all🎻 its tones and melodies takes awhile,but you will enjoy it.The violin is an instrument ofItalianorigin🎼 of rubbed string or percussion rubbed accordingtopreference, which has four strings.🎻 It is the smallest andmostacute of the family of classical instruments, which includestheviola, the cello and the double bass, which, except thecontrabass,are all derived from the medieval violas, especially thefidula.Onolder violins, they were casings.1 Today they can also bemade ofmetal or casing wound with aluminum, silver or steel, thesharpest🎼-called cantino- 🎻is directly a steel wire, and,occasionally,gold. Nowadays, synthetic materials are beingmanufactured thattend to combine the sonority achieved by theflexibility of the gutand the resistance of the metals.To learn toplay the violin, it isimportant to know your notes and to turn onall your tones.With thebow allows us to make one tone or anotherand thus be able to makeone music or another.The songs of thisinstrument are very nicebecause they are very soft notes.Theviolin🎻 is a string and bow🎼with which you can play a variety ofnotes and music.Learning songsor music with the bow is difficultbut not impossible.learn to playsongs with that sweet tone issomething very nice.
How To Make Cookies 1.0.0 APK
There is a lot of variety of cookies. They can be baked withmolds.The cookies for breakfast are perfect. Its ingredients areflour,yeast, sugar and eggs. They are made in various ways as withriceflour for celiacs. Cookies are made in the oven and withmolds.There are many candy recipes.🍪 To cook cookies 🍪is madewithbaker's yeast. ingredients and recipes for cooking sweetsforbreakfast. Homemade sweets made by hand and machine that youcanmake to share with friends and family. You can make butter, 🍪lard.There are several that can be made in the microwave or fried.Thisapplication comes very well to make a dish for parties of whichyouhave to choose. This application has a menu where you can seethemost viewed videos, share the app or even videos. You canalsochange the language. This app is completely free and willberenewed daily at no cost. Here we show you all the recipes soyoucan try them all. Each of the ingredients takes you to adifferenttype of cookie. The yeast and the flour are fundamentaland, ofcourse, the chocolate to make incredible cookies. Take themout ofthe oven and be able to see and smell them without needingmolds oranything. Knowing how to cook is very important, to be abletoenjoy all this at breakfast. There are those who do notlikesweets, who do not want to taste and enjoy all these videos,hereare all so you can enjoy them.
Benefits Of Honey 1.0.0 APK
Honey has many benefits, some of them are to prevent diseases. Itisalso regulator🍯 of sugar in the blood. It is very good🐝 as ascar onthe skin. Reduces metabolic stress Improves brain function.Promotesthe recovery of sleep. Minimize allergies. It is very goodforburns, wounds and ulcers. For dry skin is very important too.🍯Oneof the benefits that you will not know is that it is veryimportantfor the menstrual cycle. For beauty, combined with jojobaor coconutoil, it is ideal to keep the skin free of bacteria, suchas thosethat cause acne. When preparing your homemade honey-basedmake-upremover, you will not only cleanse your face and eyes, butalsosoften and nourish the lashes. Health is very important andwiththis natural product you can prevent many diseases. You caningestthis product with many foods but above all with fruit. Thefruit isvery good🍯 and combined with this product is veryimportant. Thebees🐝 pecoreadotas, absorb with their tongue thenectar of theflowers that they visit, they introduce it into theircrop andreturn to the hive, where they give it to the youngworkers who areclosest to the piquera, going out again in searchof of more nectar,as soon as they have passed the load on theirsisters. The bees inthe interior quickly set to work to transformthe nectar into thisproduct. Natural honey is important in health,as in diseases. Iteven helps you in your beauty🍯 and on the skin.The benefits inhealth, beauty are incredible. This natural productis veryimportant and mixed with fruit a very good food with littlesugar.This product is rich in sugar.