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Welcome to the new application to learn martial arts in theeasiestand cheapest way possible. Start your home training byfollowingthe steps of these free tutorial videos. We have compiledfor youthe best selection on training and learning some of thebestmartial arts for beginners. In this application you willfindlessons for beginners of the main martial arts such asjudo,karate, kung fu, taekwondo, ... You just have to listen totheseteachers and learn their technique and discipline to obtainhighlevel results without going to fight classes. As in any sportyouhave to stretch and here we also explain all the stretches stepbystep. We will teach you the correct position for thebasicmovements of the most popular martial arts such as judo,karate,kung fu, taekwondo, ... If you are looking for a sport andyou areinterested in a martial art, discover which is the one thatbestsuits your taste, here are some lessons of the most popular,andyou can decide which one you like the most. Soon we will putatyour disposal more applications where we will explain moreindetail each one, judo, karate, kung fu and taekwondo forbeginners.Download this app to learn with the lessons of theseteachers, youjust have to train hard to become a great fighter.These martialarts are a sport and are for your personal defense,and not to usethem as a weapon against other people for fun, so beresponsiblewith your actions. Remember that you can share this appwith yourfriends through social networks like whatsapp andfacebook.

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Welcome to the new application of audiobooks or audiobooksforchildren, with which the youngest of the house will beinterestedin reading. In this incredible app you will find inaudiobookversion: The fables of your childhood. Stories to thinkandreflect. Audio-books for children and adults to go to sleepwiththe best stories. Children's audiobooks to listen. Lots ofstoriesfor children narrated and accompanied by images to flyyourimagination. Short classic stories illustrated with cartoonsandnarrations. If you like to read and you want your children tohavethis hobby, this app is one of the best ways to do it. Withtheseaudio-lessons you will promote in them a taste forreading,literature and learning since they begin to grow. Childrenonlythink about games, but they also like to listen to stories,andwhat better way than with these narratives of fableswithillustrative images. If that was not enough, do not worry whenyouhave seen all the children's audio-guides since we will addnewstories periodically. The application records your audio clipsandvideos of fables seen and marks you the new ones that havebeenupdated, so you do not lose time. Even if they do not know howtoread they can listen to stories without stopping and alsowithimages to awaken their imagination that will help them intheirgames. Do not hesitate and download this app so that thelittleones of the house begin to captivate the stories and stories,andawaken the passion for reading. Soon they will start readingandgames will take a back seat.
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Welcome to the crochet app where you will find the best designsandnew ideas for your next dress projects. Do not worry if you arenewto this, we have a wide variety of knitting patterns andprojectsthat range from the easy to the not so easy, learn how tomakecrochet fast and easy with this app. If you always wanted tolearnhow to weave and develop your own designs correctly, now youcan doit with this application.  Since I di (from English, DoItYourself, or do it yourself) became a worldwide movement, andthe«craft» is fashionable, the use of other materials, such asthreadto embroider, synthetic fibers such as felt and knittedfabric hasspread remarkably Learn with the crochet tutorials,create thebasic Crochet Points step by step and discover how tomake yourdesigns come true. So simple, with this free app formobile androidyou will learn how to make each of the differentbasic points as:Basic points, round tubular, join with half apoint, join withdwarf point, seams with seams per row, join withstitching point bypoint, pineapple 3 ribs, 3 half ribs inclined,diminution of points... The crochet fabric is an art that hasbecome the attraction oflarge and small due to the different shapesand designs that can bemade and here we present, such as: Learn howto knit a crochet orcrochet hat How to knit shoes or booties forbaby in crochet Learnto knit a crochet or crochet bikini diywomen's dresses baby threaddress How to Read the Patterns Modernblouses of yarn Learn to knitpatchwork square diy How to knitbooties, ballerinas, crochet babyshoes, crochet diy Wallets andpurses of thread 3D butterflies withcolorful wings. How to makedresses with Solomon knit Learn crochetand crochet is a skill thattakes a little effort and diligence toacquire and master but inthis application of crochet making stepby step you will find themost selected and varied patterns of allkinds of garments, both forsewing, as for make fabrics by hand,fabrics by stick or two needletissues and learn to knit easily.You will never find it so easy tolearn crochet and crochet forbeginners and crochet Learn crochet isan application for mobilephones and tablets that will help you toknow everything you needabout crochet If you like, do not hesitateto vote for our app tolearn crochet with 5 stars to keep improvingand share it with allyour contacts through the main socialnetworks, totally free
christian biblical videos 1.0.0 APK
Welcome to the new application of Christian biblical videos,withwhich you will get even closer to the word of God our Lordtotallyfree.In this wonderful application you will find yourfavoriteverses in video, besides phrases of jesus, the word of God,theChristian praises that you need every day, the power ofprayer...This wonderful application contains didactic videos ofthebiblical stories for more fabulous children, biblicalpassages,biblical lessons for children, biblical reflections ...Ifyou likethe holy bible queen babiera, you are looking for a biblioaonlineor you want the bible in audio or video, this is theapplicationyou need. Do not miss this opportunity to get thebest videosof the Christian Bible in Spanish, English andPortuguese.Listen tothe audio of the Holy Bible, a biblicalsummary, thousands ofChristian images that will give you strengthand encouragement,promises of God, introduction to the Bible,Christian videos withmotivating materials and high qualitycontent.If you do not findyour inner peace and the praises of theLord are not enough foryou, here you find peace with the help ofthe best biblical versesand Christian prayers to Jesus.The bestBible lessons for childrenand everything a child needs to approachGod our Lord and becomegood Christians thanks to prayer and praisesor biblical verses forchildren.Download the app that will make youfind peace and willbring you closer to Jesus thanks to prayer andgood deeds.
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Welcome to the new application of techniques andrelaxationexercises to combat stress. We present differenttechniques to helpyou relax your mind and body, such as: Relaxationexercises forpregnant women. yoga to relax. Deep muscle relaxation.Breathingexercises . The balloon technique, relaxation in children.How toeliminate anxiety. Relaxing music: positive thinking.Japanesemethod to relax in 5 minutes Tips to improve anxietyandnervousness and get relax. Relaxation exercises to calm themindand improve concentration. Learn to breathe to lower youranxiety.Progressive guided relaxation to sleep deeply. music tosleep yogato eliminate stress. If you are fond of meditation orneedrelaxation techniques to combat stress, this will be yourfavoriteapp. Do not hesitate and download this app that will helpyou withyour meditation and help you to combat anxiety, stress andsleepdeeply. Remember that these exercises and progressiverelaxationtechniques are totally free and you can see them as manytimes asyou want. Do you need to sleep well and you do not get it?Followthe steps of this application and you will get to sleepdeeply, forexample with music to sleep or progressive guidedrelaxationexercises to sleep. You will also find other meditationtechniquessuch as yoga to eliminate stress and anxiety. It willundoubtedlybe a new and deeply relaxing experience.
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Welcome to the new Salsa music app, we have compiled for youthebest selection of Salsa and Latin music (bachata, merengue,cumbia,reggaeton, ...). If you like more danceable Latin music,you'relucky, salsamania begins. I preparté to listen to yourfavoritemusic for hours and hours totally free, because in thisselectionof the best songs of Salsa we only have the best of thebest inyour favorite musical genre. Discover also the premieresofreggaeton and bachata that we have prepared for you. If you areoneof those who spend the night dancing or you simply love tolistenor dance Salsa, here you will find the most danceable salsasongsof the moment and the past. With this incredible app you willspendthe whole day without stopping dancing, the Latin rhythm willtakeover your body and you will suffer salsamania. Enjoy for freewhatyou like the most during the time you want. listening tothesesongs for free is a gift for our ears, you can also dance withyourfriends the best songs of the moment. Here you can findSalsavideos like: Romantic salsa Latin music (bachata, merengue,salsa,cumbia, reggaeton 2018) The 100 Best Songs CatholicmusicInstrumental Latin music They are Cuban to dance ReleasesReggaeton2018 Salsa and Mambo success Cuban Sones And the mostdanceablemusic you can imagine. I decided to take salsamania,download thisapp and enjoy as never before. Remember that this appis totallyfree and that you can share it with your friends throughsocialnetworks like facebook and whatsapp.