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This new Application on PHP 7introduceswriting solid, secure, object-oriented code in the newPHP 7: youwill create a complete three-tier application using anaturalprocess of building and testing modules within each tier.Thispractical approach teaches you about app development andintroducesPHP features when they are actually needed rather thanprovidingyou with abstract theory and contrived examples.

In Learn PHP 7, programming examples take advantage of thenewestPHP features, including enhanced password encryptionusingpassword_hash. This book takes a learn-by-doing approach,providingyou with complete coding examples.

“Do It” exercises in each chapter provide the opportunity tomakeadjustments to the example code. The end of chapterprogrammingexercises allow you to develop your own applicationsusing thealgorithms demonstrated in the chapter. Each tier islogically andphysically separated using object-oriented anddependency injectiontechniques, thus allowing independent tiersthat can be updated withlittle or no effect on the other tiers. Inaddition to teaching goodprogramming practices through OOP, thereis a strong emphasis oncreating secure code. As each chapter iscompleted, the reader isprovide the opportunity to design andcreate an applicationreinforcing the concepts learned.

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