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With this application of learning Reiki you will have all thesessions to start doing this centenary healing practice. Meditationwith Reiki is essential to be able to heal by means of universalforce, this is an alternative practice that was invented in Japanmany years ago. This practice of reiki replaces the chakras foryour mind to heal. The relaxation music that contains theapplication of learning reiki also helps practice. This is analternative to current methods. Initiations for learning reiki arenot simple, but following the steps of this application you willget it. This application of learning relaxation with reikicontains: * Music for the most current reiki sessions * Thenecessary meditation for initiations and teachings when reiki * Theacquisition of universal strength to heal * You know how toreposition the chakras * The teachings are simple With thisapplication of learning Reiki you will have classes to acquireuniversal strength through meditation and the recomposition of thechakras. The music that contains the application of apreder reikialso helps the sessions of teachings and initiations. Relaxation isanother alternative for reiki. You can share the videos of learnreiki that contains this application in social networks or instantmessaging apps. If the application to learn reiki has been to yourliking you can vote it from your menu, besides being able to accessthe other free applications that we have for you. Thanks fordownloading our free apps !!!

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    Learn Reiki and meditation
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    December 11, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Adriana Ruiz
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With this application of music from the 80s you will have thegreatest compilation of songs of this era selected for quality. Youwill have the music of the decade of the 80s more varied as, dance,disco, pop, techno and many more. The songs that this applicationof music of the 80s contains are updated so that you always havenew songs. You will have a variety of music completely free thatyou can listen to for hours without worry, you can even dance,since some of the videos contain the choreography of the song withthe best music of the decade of the 80s. This application withmusic from the decade of the 80s free contains: * The greatestvariety of music of this time * you will have pop music, dance,disco, techno and many more * You can dance the music of this appthanks to its choreographies that include some of the videos * Youcan not download music from the 80's you can only listen in onlinemode This application offers you a great variety of music from the80s with the most popular songs of pop music, techno canada musicand disco with which you can not stop dancing. Electronic dancemusic was the best music of the decade of the 80s and 90s of thetime. All the music that contains the music app of the 80s is freeand you can listen to it wherever you want because you have it onyour cell phone. You can not download the music of the decade ofthe 80's, 90 you can only enjoy the themes of this application inonline mode. this is better, because you do not need to downloadadditional files to be able to hear all the music themes of the80s. You can share with others the music application of the 80sthrough social networks or messaging apps. Also if you liked theapplication, you can vote from its menu, in addition to being ableto access the other free applications that we have for you. Thanksfor download the free application of the most selected: Music ofthe 80s and 90s!
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With this application of documentaries of the universe you willhave the most graphic films of the galaxies closest to ours, theVia Lactea. You can also observe the planets of the solar systemand the nebulae in the video tutorials that this documentary app ofthe universe contains. The videos of this free application ofdocumentaries of the universe are updated so that you have filmswith better graphics every time. You can enjoy wonderful images ofthe solar system, with the planets seen with unparalleled graphics.You will see nebulae and the galaxies closest to ours, such as theAndromeda galaxy. This application of documentaries of the universeand the planets contains films such as: * The planets of the solarsystem and the galasias * The content of the galaxies closest toours * The most spectacular nebulae as the great Orion nebula * Thevideos contained in this application are free and can not bedownloaded This application of documentaries of the universecontains the most wonderful videos and images of nebulae completelyfree. You can not download content from this application, you canonly enjoy the documentary content of the universe, in online mode.Also this is a great advantage because you do not have to downloadadditional content for the application to work. This applicationwith video tutorials about the universe and the planets allows youto share your content in social networks and instant messagingapplications. In addition, the application of universedocumentaries will mark the content you have already seen so you donot repeat any. You can vote this application from your menu if ithas been to your liking. Thanks for downloading the freeapplication of documentaries universe !!!
patronesdecostura.sewingpatterns.padroesdecostura 3.0.0 APK
Adriana Ruiz
Tips and ideas to create fashion garments for beginners by sewing.Get that stitch of creating your models by sewing.  There areseveral things that should be noticed, start by creating easypatterns, by choosing what pattern to make, a beginner should beable to adapt to their abilities with the tissues. To make themodel is not so difficult we just need to simply configure thenecessary equipment, such as scissors, paper, pencils and erasers. This application of fashion patterns will give you more than100 ideas for patterns of fashion fabrics and clothing design. Explore one of the largest collections of sewing patterns forclothing and find the perfect sewing patterns for your nextprojects. And since some of these dress designs are made from knitfabrics, here are a couple of tips for working with the fabrics:Remember to use a ball point needle on your sewing machine thatwill slip between the fibers of your knit fabric instead ofpiercing through them, and remember to use a special "stretchstitch" (or a very fine zigzag stitch) when you knit your knitfabric so that your seams stretch with the fabric when the dress isworn.  They are ideas for quick and easy cloth projects thatshould cost a seamstress about 10 minutes or less to sew and canalso be perfect projects for a start-up person: they should be ableto do it quickly. Choose the fabric first, cut to the correct size,design and cut it according to your design and ideas.  Tipsfor creating patterns for beginners. There are several things thatshould be noticed start creating easy patterns. By choosing whatpattern to do, a beginner must be able to adapt to their abilitiesand projects. In addition to persistence and patience, you alsoneed precision to make fashion patterns because there is a cm thatcan be fatal in your project by sewing clothes and it will lookfatal. You will be able to create the stitch of creating clothes bysewing yourself. This application allows you to share your contentin social networks and messaging apps, besides it will mark thevideos that you have already seen so you do not repeat them if youdo not need them. If this application has been of your liking youcan vote from its menu, besides being able to access the other freeapplications that we have for you. Thanks for downloading this freeapplication !!!
Learn to vocalize 2.0.0 APK
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If you are one of those who are passionate about music and decidedto take it seriously with this guide, you will help with your firsttips to vocalize that at the time of your rehearsals everyone willbe in love with what they are listening to. Do these exercises withyour favorite scale before singing, or before doing vocalizationexercises. With the help of the songs, the child works theseproblems without much effort for him. By matching the vocal tonewith the notes that are played, he learns to control his voice, andbecomes a better singer. Of course, this application is ideal forintermediate and even advanced level. Improve your technique withour singing tips, with the application of learning to vocalize.This free application of learn to vocalize contains: * Learning tosing better with advanced technique is simple * Many children findserious problems when pronouncing certain words, here is thesolution * Do you want to learn to sing and vocalize by makingbetter use of your voice? * The application of learning to vocalizeteaches you to learn to sing and vocalize with the videos ofexercises that this application contains Improve your skills tovocalize well and sing as a group or as a soloist and learn toachieve excellent vocal quality while using your voice in a healthyway. This app of learning to vocalize step by step contains videosof the following topics: - The song of the warm-up exercises - Howto use the diaphragm correctly - Find your vocal range - How toincrease your vocal range - Better position when singing - Tips forhaving a healthy voice - How to improve your voice - How to singthe best musical hits of the moment Can you learn to sing at anyage? This is an intuitive way to learn to sing without knowingscores. Use to refine your voice to sing for free and your ears tobecome more and more sharpened and increase the ability to produceharmonious melodies with your voice, you must remember that youhave to do vocalization exercises that allow you to breathe betterwhen singing. If you are not a child but you also want to learnbasic vocabulary in English, Portuguese, Spanish, you will alsoenjoy these songs. If the application has been of your liking, youcan share it with others through social networks or its instantmessaging app. You can also vote for this application if it hasbeen to your liking. If you want to be a professional singer orwant to be the king of the karaoke, download this application tolearn to vocalize and singing lessons to learn to sing perfectly.!!! Thanks for downloading the free application to learn tovocalize !!!
Adriana Ruiz
With this application of Christian music you will have allthegospel and evangelical songs that you need for your momentsoftranquility. This application of Christian music is also idealforchildren, as it helps them relax, in addition to being idealforpraying. The praises that this app of Christian music containsareperiodically updated so that you always have all the best. Thisappof Christian music with evangelical songs contains: * Themostsought-after gospel music and Christian music on theinternetgathered in a free app * The evangelical music with whichyou calmthe nervousness of children * You will have the tranquilityof thepraises ideal to pray and pray * You can not download music,butyou can share your content online This application ofChristianmusic does not allow you to download music, but if youshare thecontent of all gospel music and gospel music in socialnetworks andthrough messaging apps. You will also mark the videosthat you havealready seen so that you do not repeat any and alwayshave acloseness to God with the best Christian music. You can alsovotethis Christian music app from its menu. Thanks for downloadingourapp of free critical music, for union with God !!!