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This app includes below listed topics with detailsexplanation:Home, Overview, Architecture, Environment, Sales Cloud,ServiceCloud, Navigating Setup, Salesforce Objects - StandardObjects,Salesforce Objects - Custom Objects, Salesforce Objects -MasterDetail, Salesforce Objects - Lookup Relationship,SalesforceObjects - Schema Builder, Data Security - Control AccessOrg, DataSecurity - Control Access Objects, Data Security - ControlAccessFields, Data Security - Control Access Records, Data Security-Create a Role Hierarchy, Data Security - Define SharingRules,Process Builder - Automate Business Processes, ProcessBuilder -Importing Data, Process Builder - Exporting Data, ProcessBuilder -Reports, Process Builder - Dashboards, Process Builder -UsingFormula Fields, Visualforce - Visualforce Pages, Visualforce-Variables & Formulas, Visualforce - StandardControllers,Visualforce - Records, Fields & Tables, Visualforce- UsingForms, Visualforce - List Controllers, Visualforce -StaticResources, Lightning Components - Create & EditLightningComponents, Lightning Components - Attributes&ExpressionsLearn Sales Force Free EBookSales Force FullCoueseSalesForce GuideSales Force TutorialsSales ForceLearningLearn to code

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Traffic Echallan All Gujarat Check and Pay Online 1.0.0 APK
An Indian
Traffic Echallan All Gujarat Check and Pay OnlineDon't you knowyour vehicle challan or where to pay for it?Traffic Echallan AllGujarat Check and Pay Online caters this all information with realtime tracking and assured performance. Traffic Echallan All GujaratCheck and Pay Online provides detailed Echallan for all yourvehicles like bike, car, truck heavy truck and auto rickshaw.Inchallan or memo it will include details like RTO registred vehiclesnumber, status of memo, date and place where you caught.Simply, Putyour vehicle number to get eChallan details for allgujarat.Features✓ Check fine details for your vehicle ✓ Checkunlimited vehicles in application✓ Check where you caught by cctvcameraLike the app? Let us know. Your feedback keeps the EchallanRajkot team.Need support ? please email atsecretapp2017@gmail.comWe are committed to make it better andbetter, help us make the app more awesome by posting yoursuggestion/comments on our review page here. we'ld be happy to hearfrom you.Disclaimer : This is not official app of Gujarat TrafficPolice this app is for helping purpose of Gujarat Citizens. Alldata are displayed from Gujarat's City Traffic Police Website.Thisapp developed for public interest for easy to find echallan inmobile.You Can Reach This App Using This Key WordsAhmadabad CityPoliceAhmadabad echallane-challan Ahmadabad Cityechallan Ahmadabadcityechallan Ahmadabad city traffic policeAhmadabad city trafficpolicechallan Ahmadabad cityAhmadabad smart cityechallan Ahmadabadgujaratechallan Ahmadabad city guideechallan guideAhmadabad cityguideRajkot City PoliceRajkot echallane-challan Rajkot Cityechallanrajkot cityechallan rajkot city traffic policerajkot city trafficpolicechallan rajkot cityrajkot smart cityechallan rajkotgujaratechallan rajkot city guideechallan guiderajkot cityguideVadodara City PoliceVadodara echallane-challan VadodaraCityechallan Vadodara cityechallan Vadodara city trafficpoliceVadodara city traffic policechallan Vadodara cityVadodarasmart cityechallan Vadodara gujaratechallan Vadodara cityguideechallan guideVadodara city guideSurat City PoliceSuratechallane-challan Surat Cityechallan Surat cityechallan Surat citytraffic policeSurat city traffic policechallan Surat citySuratsmart cityechallan Surat gujaratechallan Surat city guideechallanguideSurat city guideGujarat City PoliceGujarat echallane-challanGujarat Cityechallan Gujarat cityechallan Gujarat city trafficpoliceGujarat city traffic policechallan Gujarat cityGujarat smartcityechallan Gujarat gujaratechallan Gujarat city guideGujarat cityguideGandhinagar City PoliceGandhinagar echallane-challanGandhinagar Cityechallan Gandhinagar cityechallan Gandhinagar citytraffic policeGandhinagar city traffic policechallan Gandhinagarcityechallan Gandhinagar gujaratechallan Gandhinagar cityguideGandhinagar city guide
EBook For Supply Chain Management Free EBook 1.0.0 APK
An Indian
This app includes below listed topics with details explanation:Home, Introduction, Process, Process Flow, Flow Components,Decision Phases, Performance Measures, Strategic Sourcing, Make VsBuy, Networks, Inventory Management, Pricing & Revenue,Integration, Role of IT, Agile & Reverse Supply ChainsEBook ForSupply Chain Management Free EBookSCM Full CourseGuide for SupplyChain ManagementSupply Chain Management GuideSupply ChainManagement CourseLearn Supply Chain ManagementSupply ChainManagement LearningSupply Chain Management Full Course
Learn MongoDB Free EBook 1.0.0 APK
An Indian
This app includes below listed topics with detail explanation:Home, Overview, Advantages, Environment, Data Modeling, CreateDatabase, Drop Database, Create Collection, Drop Collection, DataTypes, Insert Document, Query Document, Update Document, DeleteDocument, Projection, Limiting Records, Sorting Records, Indexing,Aggregation, Replication, Sharding, Create Backup, Deployment,Java, PHP, Advanced - Relationships, Advanced - DatabaseReferences, Advanced - Covered Queries, Advanced - AnalyzingQueries, Advanced - Atomic Operations, Advanced - AdvancedIndexing, Advanced - Indexing Limitations, Advanced - ObjectId,Advanced - Map Reduce, Advanced - Text Search, Advanced - RegularExpression, Advanced - Working with Rockmongo, Advanced - GridFS,Advanced - Capped Collections, Advanced - Auto-IncrementSequenceMongoDB is an open-source document database and leadingNoSQL database. MongoDB is written in C++. This tutorial will giveyou great understanding on MongoDB concepts needed to create anddeploy a highly scalable and performance-orienteddatabase.DBMSDatabaseMongoMongoDBLearn MongoDB Free EBookMongo DBFull BookGuide For Mongo DBMongo DB GuideMongo DB Free FullBookMongo DB CourseMongoDb LearningMongoDb TutorialsLearn toCodeFree BookEBook MongoDB1. Insert Document in MongoDB2. UpdateData in Collection in MongoDB3. Delete Data in Collection inMongoDB4. Get All Collections from Database in MongoDB5. Use EqualOperator in Query Commands in MongoDB6. Use Less Than Operator inQuery Commands in MongoDB7. Use Less Than or Equal Operator inQuery Commands in MongoDB8. Use Greater Than Operator in QueryCommands in MongoDB9. Use Greater Than or Equal Operator in QueryCommands in MongoDB10. And Clause in Query Commands in MongoDB11.Or Clause in Query Commands in MongoDB12. Not Clause in QueryCommands in MongoDB13. Between Clause in Query Commands inMongoDB14. Like Clause in Query Commands in MongoDB15. Sort inQuery Commands in MongoDB16. Limit in Query Commands in MongoDB17.Projection in Query Commands in MongoDB18. Sum in Query Commands inMongoDB19. Count in Query Commands in MongoDB20. Min and Max inQuery Commands in MongoDB21. Avg in Query Commands in MongoDB22.DateTime in Query Commands in MongoDB23. Filter Data with EmbedDocument in Query Commands in MongoDB24. Join in Query Commands inMongoDB25. Group By in Query Commands in MongoDB26. Having in QueryCommands in MongoDB
Learn SAP FICO Free EBook 1.0.0 APK
An Indian
This app includes below listed topics with details explanation :SAPFICO - Home, SAP FI - Overview, SAP FI - Submodules, SAP FI -Company Basics, SAP FI - Define Business Area, SAP FI - DefineFunctional Area, SAP FI - Define Credit Control, SAP FI - GeneralLedger, SAP FI - COA Group, SAP FI - Retained Earnings Account, SAPFI - G/L Account, SAP FI - Block G/L Account, SAP FI - Deleting G/LAccounts, SAP FI - Financial Statement Version, SAP FI - JournalEntry Posting, SAP FI - Fiscal Year Variant, SAP FI - PostingPeriod Variant, SAP FI - Field Status Variant, SAP FI - FieldStatus Group, SAP FI - Define Posting Keys, SAP FI - DefineDocument Type, SAP FI - Document Number Ranges, SAP FI - Post withReference, SAP FI - Hold a G/L Document Posting, SAP FI - Park aG/L Document Posting, SAP FI - G/L Reporting, SAP FI - AccountsReceivable, SAP FI - Customer Master Data, SAP FI - Block aCustomer, SAP FI - Delete a Customer, SAP FI - Customer AccountGroup, SAP FI - One-Time Customer Master, SAP FI - Post a SalesInvoice, SAP FI - Document Reversal, SAP FI - Sales Returns, SAP FI- Post Incoming Payment, SAP FI - Foreign Currency Invoice, SAP FI- Incoming Partial Payments, SAP FI - Reset AR Cleared Items, SAPFI - Credit Control, SAP FI - Accounts Payable, SAP FI - Create aVendor, SAP FI - Create Vendor Acct Group, SAP FI - Display ChangedFields, SAP FI - Block a Vendor, SAP FI - Delete a Vendor, SAP FI -One-Time Vendor, SAP FI - Post Purchase Invoice, SAP FI - PurchasesReturns, Post Outgoing Vendor Payment, SAP FI - Foreign CurrencyInvoice, Withholding Tax in vendor invoice, SAP FI - OutgoingPartial Payments, SAP FI - Reset AP Cleared Items, SAP FI -Automatic Payment Run, SAP FI - Posting Rounding Differences, SAPFI - Month End Closing, SAP FI - Dunning, SAP FI - Exchange Rates,SAP FI - Tables in Module, SAP FI - AR Invoice Processes, SAP FI -AR Account Analysis, SAP FI - AR Reporting, SAP FI - AA Overview,SAP FI - AA Asset Explorer, SAP FI - Cash Management, SAP CO -Overview, SAP CO - Submodules, SAP CO - Cost Center, SAP CO -Create Cost Center, SAP CO – Post to a Cost Center, SAP CO -Internal Orders, SAP CO - Settlement of IO, SAP CO - Profit Center,SAP CO - Postings to Profit Center, Profit Center StandardHierarchy, Assigning Cost to Profit Centers, Assigning Materials toProfit Center, SAP CO - Tables in Module, SAP CO - Product Costing,SAP CO - Profitability Analysis, SAP CO - Planning Methods, SAP FI- IntegrationSAP FICO Learning GuideSAP Fico Full CourseLearn SAPFICO Free EBookGuide For SAP FICOSAP FICO GuideSAP FICOTutorialsSAPFICOLearn to codeFree EBookSAP FICO Book
Learn R Programming Free EBook 1.0.0 APK
An Indian
This app includes below listed topics with details explanation:RTutorial - Home, R Tutorial - Overview, R Tutorial -EnvironmentSetup, R Tutorial - Basic Syntax, R Tutorial - DataTypes, RTutorial - Variables, R Tutorial - Operators, R Tutorial -DecisionMaking, R Tutorial - Loops, R Tutorial - Functions, RTutorial -Strings, R Tutorial - Vectors, R Tutorial - Lists, RTutorial -Matrices, R Tutorial - Arrays, R Tutorial - Factors, RTutorial -Data Frames, R Tutorial - Packages, R Tutorial - DataReshaping, RData Interfaces - CSV Files, R Data Interfaces - ExcelFiles, RData Interfaces - Binary Files, R Data Interfaces - XMLFiles, RData Interfaces - JSON Files, R Data Interfaces - Web Data,R DataInterfaces - Database, R Charts & Graphs - Pie Charts, RCharts& Graphs - Bar Charts, R Charts & Graphs - Boxplots,RCharts & Graphs - Histograms, R Charts & Graphs -LineGraphs, R Charts & Graphs - Scatterplots, R StatisticsExamples- Mean, Median & Mode, R Statistics Examples -LinearRegression, R Statistics Examples - Multiple Regression,RStatistics Examples - Logistic Regression, R Statistics Examples-Normal Distribution, R Statistics Examples - BinomialDistribution,R Statistics Examples - Poisson RegressionLearn RProgramming FreeEBookR Programming Full CourseR ProgrammingGuideGuide For RProgrammingR Programming CourseR Programming EBookR Programming
Learn Tableau Free EBook 1.0.0 APK
An Indian
This app includes below listed topics with details explanation:Home, Overview, Environment Setup, Get Started, Navigation, DesignFlow, File Types, Data Types, Show Me, Data Terminology, DataSources - Data Sources, Data Sources - Custom Data View, DataSources - Extracting Data, Data Sources - Fields Operations, DataSources - Editing Metadata, Data Sources - Data Joining, DataSources - Data Blending, Worksheets - Add Worksheets, Worksheets -Rename Worksheet, Worksheets - Save & Delete Worksheet,Worksheets - Reorder Worksheet, Worksheets - Paged Workbook,Calculations - Operators, Calculations - Functions, Calculations -Numeric Calculations, Calculations - String Calculations,Calculations - Date Calculations, Calculations - TableCalculations, Calculations - LOD Expressions, Sort & Filters -Basic Sorting, Sort & Filters - Basic Filters, Sort &Filters - Quick Filters, Sort & Filters - Context Filters, Sort& Filters - Condition Filters, Sort & Filters - TopFilters, Sort & Filters - Filter Operations, Charts - BarChart, Charts - Line Chart, Charts - Pie Chart, Charts - Crosstab,Charts - Scatter Plot, Charts - Bubble Chart, Charts - BulletGraph, Charts - Box Plot, Charts - Tree Map, Charts - Bump Chart,Charts - Gannt Chart, Charts - Histogram, Charts - Motion Charts,Charts - Waterfall Charts, Advanced - Dashboard, Advanced -Formatting, Advanced - Forecasting, Advanced - Trend LinesLearnTableau Free EBookTableau Full CourseTableau LearningTableau BookFreeTableau TutorialsGuide for TableauTableau GuideTableauTutorialFree EBookLearn to code
Learn SAP Basis Full Course 1.0.1 APK
An Indian
This app includes below listed topics with detailsexplanation:Basic Tutorials :Home, Overview, Installation of SAPGUI, GUISelection, System Landscape & Architecture, Hardware&Software Installation, NW System, NW Architecture, SAPClientAdministration, User Activities, Number of Login Attempts,JobProcessingADVANCED TUTORIALS :Unscheduling a BackgroundJob,Monitoring a Background Job, Deleting a Background Job,ManagingTransports, Managing Transport Routes, Patch Management,ImportingA Queue, Kernel Upgrade & Patching, System Monitoring,RemoteFunction Call, RFC Between ECC & HANA, NewDimensionalProductLearn SAP Basis Full CourseLearn to CodeSapBasisTutorialsSap Basis Learning GuideSAP Basis TrainingGuide forsapbasissapbasisSAP Basis EBookFree LearningLearn FreeEBook Free
Blood Diseases And Treatments 1.0.0 APK
An Indian
This app includes below listed topics with detail explanation:White Blood Cells :Aplastic Anemia, HIV/AIDS, Hypersplenism,Tuberculosis, Leukemia, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis,Myelodysplastic Syndromes, Myelokathexis, LymphomaRed Blood Cells:Iron-deficiency Anemia, Anemia of Chronic Disease, PerniciousAnemia, Aplastic Anemia, Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia, Thalassemia,Sickle Cell Anemia, Polycythemia Vera, MalariaPlatelets :IdiopathicThrombocytopenic Purpura, Von Willebrand Disease, ThromboticThrombocytopenic Purpura, Essential Thrombocythemia,HemophiliaPlasma :Hemophilia, Von Willebrand Disease,Hypercoagulable State, Deep Vein Thrombosis,DisseminatedIntravascular Coagulation(DIC) Blood Diseases And TreatmentsBloodDiseasesBlood Diseases TreatmentsTreatmentsWhite Blood CellsRedBlood CellsPlateletsPlasmaSymptomsCausesRiskFactorsPreventionDiagnosisLifestyle and Home Remedies