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TED Talks (2016) is the definitive guide to delivering a killerpublic speech. This book summary covers everything from stagefright to choosing the perfect outfit and will prepare to give atalk that’ll inspire any audience. What’s in it for me? Free yourinner public speaker. Using this app is Simple. Each day you willreceive 1 push notification alert to remind you to open and see 2-3RANDOM "TED Talks" Quotes and principles which will help you becomean effective speaker. If you master and apply the principles ofthis great book, becoming and orator will become easier andquicker. We all need daily reminders, motivators in our lives. Soonthese prompts, motivators, and affirmations will become part ofyour character and help you develop your speaking skills. Use thisapp daily (Just 30-45secs) for effective public speaking skills.Most people think they’re going to read a book ONE time and change.But the problem is that the subconscious mind doesn’t work thatway. There are so many things competing for the attention of yoursubconscious mind. It’s only when you read it over and over that itmanages to cut through the noise and your subconscious realizes“This is important.” What’s the number one fear of Americans andmany other people around the globe? Death? Losing a limb? Going tothe dentist? No. The thing people fear the most is public speaking.And that’s a pity. Just consider how many amazing ideas are lockedup in people’s heads where we’ll never learn about them – simplybecause they are mortally afraid of a microphone. But did you knowthat many of the most dazzling TED talkers used to also be anxiousabout speaking? After all, most speakers aren’t invited because oftheir oratorical skills but because of their mind-blowing ideas. Nomatter where these people start from, speaking experts at TED willcoach them into decent, even captivating speakers. And you canbecome one, too. In these blinks, you’ll find much of the speakingadvice TED has assembled and shared throughout the last 30 years.You’ll learn what’s so helpful about blushing; how to give anenticing talk about the prefrontal cortex; and why a little blackdress doesn’t work so well on camera. There’s no one solution toexcellent public speaking, but there are tools that every personcan use to improve their performance. The essentials of this artare to connect with your audience, harness your anxiety and dowhat’s comfortable for you. Who should learn and master this book?Any entrepreneur who wants to share his project and ideas Lecturersand students working to improve their public speaking Anybody whofeels that a fear of public speaking is holding them back Who wrotethe book? Chris Anderson is an entrepreneur and a journalist. Hehas been the curator for TED conferences since 2001. The son ofmissionaries who worked in Pakistan, he has earned a degree fromOxford University, worked for a variety of newspapers and launchedover 100 successful magazines and websites. Note: This is not thecomplete book by Chris Anderson. It is the summary of the book.

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We tend to forget important birthdates. Especially of our closefamily members & relatives. Sometimes we may just remember anEnglish Birthdate but not Hijri Birthdate or vice versa.NowMumeneen can use this App to help you to remember both birthdatesEnglish/Hijri simultaneously, (According to Dawoodi Bohra HijirCalendar) of any contact in your phone. Reminders are setup inSettings, to remind you before a) 7days b) 2days and c) Same day,for each birthdate in English and Hijri. So you will receive 3reminders of English Birthdates and 3 reminders of Hijri Warasdates each year. How to Use:Using the app is simple. Just click the+ sign to add the birthdate of any contact either in Hijri orEnglish. If you remember any one of your contact's birthdates, itwill automatically convert it into English/Hijri Date and set theBirthdate reminder of both English/Hijri Dates.Clicking on Calendericon (Top Bar next to + sign) is for displaying currentdate/month.* Color Codes: Different color codes added in the maincalender view to make it easy to know if English/Hijri/Both datereminders are set. Color coding is as follows:-- Yellow: EnglishDate- Orange: Hijri Date- Blue: Both Dates (English/Hijri)- Green:Today's Date* Added Import/Export feature for excel file. Now youcan import or export your birthdate reminders via excel file (.xls)You can export and send it via email to your close relatives sothat they can import it in the Waras Mubarak app.While importingthe file, the current contacts will not be deleted. Format of thedates will be YYYY-MM-DD for both the english and hijri dates.*Deleting Reminders: Go to Reminders option, then Long Press on anycontact reminder and you can delete all the English/Hijri Remindersof this selected contact.* Addition of 1 extra Hijri Date for thoseborn after magrib uptil midnightAn important feature is added.Those mumeneen born after sunset (magrib baad) need to add +1 dayto their hijri date. So a Tick Box option is now added in ADDREMINDER (+) -> English Date Section. If you enable the tick +1day is added to Hijri Date. No need to enable this if you are bornbefore magrib.* Sorting of Reminder Dates in Ascending Order(Earlier date on Top)* Data Backup: Mumineen should kindly takebirthdate data backup before uninstalling or removing the app, elseyou will loose all your contact's birthdates.Note:This app has beendeveloped with a lot of hard work. Utmost care has been taken totest it thoroughly, therefore please do not review/comment in ahurry if something is not working. Kindly reach us on our contactdetails below to resolve the issue first.Contact Us:If you needfurther assistance or have any suggestions, please contact thedeveloper at: Saifuddin Indorewala,Al Mufaddal ComputersSaifeePark, Church Road,Marol, Mumbai 400059email:[email protected]/whatsapp: 9920422152
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This Mobile App contains short summary from Book - Rich Dad, PoorDad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money – That the Poor andthe Middle Class Do Not! - By Robert T. Kiyosaki The author arguesthat what he teaches in this New York Times bestseller are thingswe’re never taught in society, and that what the upper-class passeson to its children is the necessary knowledge for getting (andstaying) rich. He cites his highly successful career as an investorand his retirement at the early age of 47 as evidence in support ofhis claims. This mobile app is a summary of the bestseller bookwhich outlines the steps to becoming financially independent andwealthy. It serves to remind you daily with push notifications sothat the principle teachings of this book remain fresh in yourmind. Using this app is Simple. Each day you will receive 1 pushnotification alert to remind you to open and see 3 RANDOM importantsummary from the book (Quotes) to help you becoming financiallyindependent and wealthy. We all need daily reminders, motivators inour lives. Soon these prompts, motivators, and affirmations willbecome part of your character to help you grow wealthy. Use thisapp daily (Just 30-45secs) and soon you will achieve success! Whatyou will learn about: - How to get out of the “rat race” - Learnhow the rich get rich - How to approach investing Who wrote thebook? Robert Kiyosaki is an investor and entrepreneur with anestimated net worth of over $80 million. His Rich Dad brand haspublished more than 15 financial self-help books, which have soldover 26 million copies worldwide. Note: This is not the completebook by Robert Kiyosaki. It contains summaries from the book.
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This app has been developed from the principles and ideas from thefollowing 2 books by John C. Maxwell. * 21 Irrefutable Laws ofLeadership Follow Them and People Will Follow You – By John C.Maxwell * 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader Becoming thePerson Others Will Want to Follow – By John C. Maxwell The abovementioned John Maxwell’s “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” and"21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader" are both books that arefound to be quite helpful in measuring one's personal growth inleadership abilities, as well as in finding the areas where westruggle or need to grow. This mobile app is a handy companion ofthese famous book which will bring about personality changes andbecoming an effective leader. A very short summary of these booksare presented in this app, which will be shown to you randomly.Using this app is Simple. Each day you will receive 1 pushnotification alert to remind you to open and see any 3 RANDOM "Lawof Leadership". The idea is to revise and apply the principles ofthe book. If you begin to apply and implement 1 Law each day, thenyou will soon become an "expert leader". Then click on 21 Laws ofLeadership or 21 Indispensable Qualities to review the Laws &Qualities to put into practice today. Soon it will develop into ahabit if you read, memorize and apply the laws/qualities in yourday to day life. In a few weeks, you will begin to developleadership qualities. Leadership consultant and former pastor JohnMaxwell offers twenty one “laws” distilled from his experience as aself-confessed “expert leader.” We may have read this book manytimes but to really reap the benefit of it, we need to keep theprinciples FRESH in our minds. This mobile app attempts to keep theprinciples of the book fresh in our minds and develop ourLeadership Skills 1 day at a time. Use this app daily (Just 1-2min)each day. We all need daily reminders, motivators in our lives.Soon these prompts, motivators, and affirmations will become partof your character and you will become an "Expert Leader" What arethe Benefits of using this app? You will learn the following skills* Leadership Qualities * Leadership Training * Leadership Skills *Quotes About Leadership Note: This is not the complete book by JohnC. Maxwell, since it is still copy right protected. It is a handycompanion to the book with the summary of the main principles.
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Make Quran Muraajaat (Revision) a daily habit.This Quran Murajaat mobile app will....1. Help you Learn Quran2. Help you Remember what you have learntRead just 1-2 surat at least 2 times a day and soon willmemorizeit easily. This app will send you alert message for QURANTILAWAT& MURAJAAT.There are 5 modules in this app.Tilawat = 2 modulesMurajaat = 3 modules1. Quran Tilawat Random Till Balad (Surat from Al-HamduptoAl-Balad)In this module you can do tilawat of any 2 random surats.2. Quran Tilawat Random Till Nabaa (Surat from Al-FajruptoAn-Nabaa)In this module you can do tilawat of any 1 random surat.3. Murajaat Musalsal Till Al-Asr (Surat from Al-HamduptoAl-Asr)In this module you will be doing murajaat musalsal ALL suratsfromAl-Hamd upto Al-Asr4. Murajaat Musalsal Till Balad (Surat from At-TakweeruptoAl-Balad)In this module you will be doing murajaat musalsal ALL suratsfromAt-Takweer upto Al-Balad5. Murajaat Musalsal Till Nabaa (Surat from Al-FajruptoAn-Nabaa)In this module you will be doing murajaat musalsal ALL suratsfromAl-Fajr upto An-NabaaEach time you do Quran Tilawat, 2 RANDOM surats will be shownforyou to read. Daily reading will help you learn andremember.Use this app daily (Just few minutes) and soon you willhavememorized the surats easily!Note: This app has been developed with a lot of hard work.Utmostcare has been taken to test it thoroughly, therefore pleasedo notreview/comment in a hurry if something is not working.Kindly reachus on [email protected] toresolvethe issue first.
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Do you want to increase your website visitors? Sell Your Productsor Services and Grow Your Business? Content Based Mobile Apps arenow used increasingly by all individuals, business andprofessionals to bring them more website visitors, traffic and userengagement. This helps you to build your brand and increase yoursales manyfolds. Now directly order your own free app developmentand and let us build an android mobile app for you absolutely free!Now develop free mobile app and get more visitors and userengagement. * Website URL can be any website or blog or even yourfacebook fanpage url. * App will be delivered within 3-7 days withall details on your email. * Currently we do mobile app developmentfor content based apps