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Learning Basic Computer you will learn basics of computer how itwork ,how to use it. Basic components of computer & theirworking ,use of internet , email. The objective of app to help yougain computer knowledge .This app cover to following syllabus: 1.Introduction and Importance of PC 2. Computer Generation 3.Computer work and ASCII code 4. Features of Computer 5. Hardwareand software 6. Types of software 7. Compiler and Interpreter 8.Single user and multi user 9. Multiprocessing and multitasking 10.Operating system and Computer virus 11. The characteristics of theoperating system 12. Types of Operating Systems 13. ComputerNetwork and Internet 14. Database Procedures and Information System15. Computer Language and Binary number 16. Modulation and Networktopology 17. How does the Internet work and Data communication. 18.Computer Logic , electrical current , and human brain. 19. DiskOperating System and Graphical user interface etc.

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    Learning Basic Computer
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    May 15, 2019
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