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“Tap English 3” is arrived! Let’s enjoy learning English! ABC Thisapp is educational game to learn English by tapping the picturecute to match the fun music from a baby to children! App iscompletely free. It sounds in English of native when you tapfavorite pictures. As the name of the things is written in Englishat the bottom of the picture, you can also learn the spelling.Because they are the English word of an optimal level forpreschoolers, it is possible for anyone to learn English easily. Bypracticing real pronunciations, it helps children to master thecorrect pronunciation and to get an English conversation skill. Inaddition, even when the infant may not stop crying, it can be usedas a toy for children of school age who don’t know the words orEnglish playing with fun music and sound. ■ LAND TRANSPORTATIONsection Riding a Fire Truck feels like the children are afirefighter.. Police Car, Crane Truck, Formula Car, Fire Truck,Taxi, Ambulance ■ WATER TRANSPORTATION SECTION Swimming in thebeach is what children like but there’s more than feeling great ifyou let them ride a PIRATE Ship… Cruise Ship, Sailboat, Yacht,Pirate Ship, Submarine, Boat ■ AIR TRANSPORTATION SECTION Every kidwish to drive an Airplane perhaps feeling like a PILOT... Airplane,Rocket, Helicopter, Bullet Train, Train, Steam Train ※Thisapplication was made with the help of Bottom-up English OnlineAcademy. This company helps you improving your English. They give 2free trial lessons for your kid to feel traveling around Englishworld!!  http://www.bottoo.com/ ABC

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Educational puzzle game that is fitted with swipe the cute animalto match the Fun music to children from a baby!-kidsle. It’scompletely free. - Let’s complete the puzzle by simple operation! -Difficulty from children to adults can enjoy - I can enjoy freestage 5 in total. - Children will delight in the sound effects withthe piece of all - It is good to a tool of darkness crying - YouYashinae sensitivity by playing the puzzle. - Animal will beremembered along with the sound effects and Fun music - And a lotof animals recorded popular children! ■ How to play - Select thestage - Let’s just fit by dragging the pieces of the puzzle - It isclear the stage and fit all! ■ introduction stage ・Stage of birdPigeons, crows, parrots, owls, chickens, kite ・Stage of insectBeetle, dragonfly, mantis, butterfly, ladybug ・Stage of manyFriends Elephant, turtle, duck, chick, grasshopper, bee ・Stage ofanimal Dog, cat, rabbit, lion, panda, chick ・Stage of sea Dolphins,penguins, whales, sea turtles, fish, jellyfish
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This is our 4th tapping game as zoo that making funny sounds whenchildren tap animals. Completely free of charge. It is anapplication that baby stop crying in the educational game full offun. - include following 3 stages ■ Savannah stage It is a stage inthe motif of the African savannah. Let's interaction with animalsthat live in the wild. Chimpanzee, giraffe, elephant, horse,gorilla, lion ■ animal stage of sea It is the animals that live inthe sea. Cute animal is full! Let's enjoy the cry that you hear forthe first time. Dolphins, whales, penguins, killer whales ■ ranchstage Animals that live on earth is spacious. Animal from thepopularity of small children is high Gotham! Cat, chicken, goat,dog, rabbit, pig - to play with children, kids and baby - makingchildren, kids and baby stop to cry - kindergarten teacher can usefor their students