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### Christmas special edition ### *** Fun educationalChristmasSpirit game for toddlers of age 3 and up *** SORT ANDMATCH byshape, color, orientation, symmetry and much more ***Developedwith certified child psychologists *** 8 beautifulmini-games Aboutthe game: ----------------- "Toy Factory" is anengagingeducational game for children of age 3 and up. JoinSanta’sChristmas preparations in his magical Toy Factory up in thesky.While helping Santa build smart and fun gifts, your childwillpractice and advance VISUAL PERCEPTION concepts such assize,length, colors, orientation, symmetry, shapes andmore.Experiencing Santa’s fun factory assembly line, gives yourchildthe opportunity to acquire higher skills such as TASKPERSISTENCEand FOLLOWING STEPS. The game is designed to enhance thefollowingskills: - Sequencing - Sorting - Matching - Visualperception -Attention - Task persistence - Hand-eye coordinationGame Boards:------------ The game consists of 8 engaging boardsordered in anascending level of difficulty. The boards wereCAREFULLY CHOSEN inorder to practice and advance visual perceptionconcepts, whichpromotes a solid foundation for recognising numbersand letterslater on. Castle: Matching Geometric SHAPES. Engine andSpaceship:Sequencing parts by LENGTH. Hot-Air Balloon: SortingCOLORS by HUE.Robot and Dinosaur: Sorting SHAPES. Pirate ship:Sequencing partsby SIZE. Airplane: Matching objects by ORIENTATION.TinyHandsGames: ------------ TinyHands Sorting Series A set ofsorting gamesdesigned to help children acquire basic concepts suchas shape,color, size seasons and animals. Game boards are organizedin anascending difficulty level starting from basic sortingfollowed bymore complex context based sorting and classificationenvironments.TinyHands Towers Series A set of stacking games. Thegame isdesigned to help children acquire basic concepts such as:big VS.small, before VS. after, and bottom VS. top. Game boardsareorganized in an ascending difficulty level. TinyHands What'sMyPair Series A series of three pair matching games. Thegamechallenges the child to match pairs, initially based onvisualaspects alone and in more advanced screens based on logicandunderstanding of card content. TinyHands First Words Series Asetof vocabulary games for children of age 1.5 and up. Thegameconsists of 10 boards, each focused on a different theme fromthechild's world such as shapes, colors, clothes, animalsandvehicles. TinyHands Raccoon Tree House This game is intendedfortoddlers aged 3+. The game presents 12 boards each focusedondeveloping a set of basic concepts such as size, colors,numbersand patterns using everyday objects from the child's worldsuch asclothes, food and many more. TinyHands Town CenterEducational gamerecommended for age 3+. This game includes 10beautiful boards eachfocused on developing a set of basic conceptssuch as size, colors,numbers and patterns using everyday objectsfrom the child's worldsuch as clothes, food and many more.TinyHands Connect The Dots Thegame consists of 12 mini game boardseach presents a beautiful andmagical scene. Each board containsseveral parts. The parts can becompleted by connecting the numbereddots in a specific order. Uponcompletion, each part is dragged togradually build an object. Whenall parts are drawn the scene ismagically created and revealed.Designed for children aged 3+. Notefor parents: Like all ourgames, this game is designed to providequality playtime forparents and children together. Playing alongwith your children ishighly recommended and will surely make thembenefit the most fromthis app and help them expand theirvocabulary. We are sure thatyour children will enjoy this excitingeducational game that willencourage their thinking and contributeto the development of theirbasic skills.

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From the award-winning developer of educational apps for kids!Basedon the tested Montessori method, Kids Academy Educational Centeroffers a complete learning program for all preschool ages. The appdevelops all essential skills that are needed to help prepare kidsfor school and build a solid foundation for successful futureeducation. AT A GLANCE- Over 600 worksheets, interactive activities& games- Comprehensive learning plan - A library of the bestbooks for kids- New stuff added regularlyALL SUBJECTS- Alphabet-Reading - Tracing Letters- Numbers - Math TAILORED TO EVERY AGEGROUP - Toddlers (3 and under)- Preschool (2-4 years old)-Kindergarten (3-5+ years old) KIDS ACADEMY TVA comprehensivelibrary of the educational shows for children with videos on everytopic and for every interest.- Educational shows and series- Onlyeditorial, hand-picked and age-appropriate content- New videosadded on a regular basisCONSISTENT MOTIVATIONAt Kids AcademyPreschool Education Centre we believe in encouraging every step andcelebrating every victory. - Cups and awards- Personal award shelf-Encouraging vioceover100% SAFEWhen your kids are in our app you canbe absolutely sure they are safe.- NO ADS!- Only safe content -Full parental gateEnrol in Kids Academy Preschool Education Centertoday! Your kids will thank you when they go to school.
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* Babies game for 1,2,3 years old.* 10 Educational puzzles to play& learn first words.* First 4 puzzles are FREE, others areoffered now at a special priceGame didactic goals:- Help curiouskids expand their vocabulary and learn new words.- Learn aboutshapes and colors with 10 mini games.- Teach toddlers how to nameShapes, Colors, Animals and more.Playing examples:* In the Colorspuzzle, your baby will learn to distinguish between differentcolors such as “Red” & “Yellow”.* In the Shapes puzzle, thebaby can match cards with different shapes and learn to pronouncewords such as Square and Rectangle.* In the Animals puzzle, curiousinfants will enjoy looking at the lovely animals illustrations andexpand their vocabulary with words like: Mouse, Monkey andFish.Features:- Easy and intuitive - even infants can play thepuzzles.- Safe environment for children. No ads, No pop ups.-"Voice over" feature (can be turned off - just touch the mouthbutton).- Fun animations for your little child’s enjoyment .-Special launching price offer.- includes 10 boards (mini games).
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* Educational puzzle game for 1-3 year old kids.* Toddlers enjoy 10mini games and learning new words.* First 2 puzzles are FREE,others are offered at a special price.This is the second game inour “First words” educational puzzle games for children. The gamewas designed with experienced educators and child psychologists inorder to help toddlers and preschool kids expand their vocabularyand learn new words. Like all of TinyHands games, it was designedto provide quality playtime for parents and kidstogether.Features:- Lots of fun animations for your child’senjoyment.- 10 Puzzles (mini games) in a variety of subjects takenfrom the child’s world (first 2 are FREE)- Easy and intuitive, eveninfants can play the puzzles.- Safe environment for children. Noads, No pop ups.Playing together - kids and parents:As parents, wecan make our babies learning experience much more enjoyable andeffective by playing together with them. Asking guiding questions,and interacting with our little ones while playing together, canalso have a major effect on our baby learning experience andincrease the educational value derived from this game
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#1 Montessori preschool educational app for kids and toddlers fromthe creators of Montessori ABC learning games featured by theGuardian!Montessori preschool and kindergarten education has neverbeen more fun. Based on the proven Montessori learning methodologythe new app from Kids Academy helps develop early reading, writing,counting as well as fine motor skills through a set of engagingeducational games.Kids will learn about letters, numbers, shapes,colors, words, matching and much more. Features:• Developed withthe help of leading experts in preschool education• Learning gamesto develop every aspect of preschool education• Multi-sensoryapproach that keeps kids engaged and entertained• Professionalvoiceover guides with positive reinforcement • Step-by-stepprogress at the pace that kids choose themselves• Set of learninggames to develop every aspect of preschool educationHere’s what’sinside:• ABC games that will teach kids about alphabet, letters andwords• Word games to promote proper vocabulary• Math games to teachnumbers and develop early counting and arithmetic skills• Tracinggames to teach kids to spell letters and numbersLet your kidsexplore the fun world of kindergarten education with the provenpreschool games from Kids Academy!Magic Formula of MontessoriCritical Thinking ProjectsIf you are about to teach your kids logicand are wondering where to start from, then this post is for you.As we know, little kids don’t like lectures, they simply get boredwhen they hear monotonous speech. They learn best in a creative,hands-on environment where they can do things themselves. For thisreason, try to shorten the time of your speech, but involve theirsenses in personalized and meaningful for them tasks.
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Kids Academy · 123 Tracing educational app. Handwriting and MathDrill in Motion. Baby, Pre-K, Toddlers, Preschool and Kindergartenchildren learn digits through fun Montessori play activities:numbers spelling blocks, flash cards, patterns, memory gamesOur appis an action-packed app that teaches kids numbers with engaginggame that keeps them glued to the screen. Your little learners willhave tons of fun learning their numbers in the interactive apploved by kids and parents alike.This math game teaches fundamentalmath concepts critical for preschoolers: identifying numbers;one-to-one number correspondence; reading number symbols;associating symbols with quantity etc. Appropriate hints areprovided to support your child as they practice and build theirmath skills. Not only can they discover numbers through initialindependent play, you can also play collaboratively with yourchild.FEATURES* Game that make learning numbers a blast!*Kid-friendly navigation* Frequent repetition designed to helpchildren learn numbers and their sequence* Fun surprises and verbalencouragement that keep kids coming back for more* Curriculumdeveloped and reviewed by preschool education expert* A rich,exploratory environment filled with surprises* Audio instructions*Kid-tested appropriate gameWhy you'll love it:* Active learning:children learn by "doing," completing a fun activity for everynumber.* Strong educational content: playtime turns into productivelearning, keeping children occupied while teaching them the numbersthey need for math.Privacy policy and Terms of Use:* You can readour Privacy policy here: http://www.kidsacademy.mobi/privacy/* Youcan read our Terms of Use here:http://www.kidsacademy.mobi/terms/123 Tracing with its uniquegraphical styling, beautiful music, and interactivity is designedto engage, entertain, and educate your kids.
Birthday party: Games for kids 1.1 APK
* Fun EDUCATIONAL game for kids of AGE two and up * Learn aboutSHAPES, COLORS, SIZE and PATTERN* Developed with certified childpsychologists * 12 beautiful mini-game boards About the game:---------------------- Birthday Party is the best way forpreschoolers and toddlers to learn shapes, sizes, colors andnumbers. Your child will have fun and practice basic skills whilehelping the penguins organize a birthday party for their friend -the polar bear. Kid will learn about colors, patterns, shapes andsize by helping the penguins hang decorations, prepare refreshmentsand even clean up after the party!The game is designed to enhancethe following skills of kids: - Problem solving- Hand-eyecoordination - Visual perception - ConcentrationAll our productsare designed and developed in cooperation with certified childpsychologists and experienced educators.Gameboards:-------------------Party: MATCH balloons by COLORInvitations: CLASSIFY spiral decorations by SHAPE Dress up: MATCHoutfits by SIZE Cake: CLASSIFY candy decorations by SHAPE andPATTERN.Dinner: SORT dinnerware by SIZE.Candy bag: MATCH candies byCOLOR and PATTERN. Drawing easel: MATCH item COLOR by LOGIC.Beads:CLASSIFY beads by COLOR.Hide and seek: Locate the hiding penguinsby LOGIC.Puzzle: Place the missing parts or the puzzle by COLOR andPATTERN.Presents: CLASSIFY presents by TYPE.Clean up: MATCH objectsby their SILHOUETTE.Note for parents:-----------------------Likeall our games, this game is designed to provide quality playtimefor parents and children together. Playing along with your childrenis highly recommended and will surely make them benefit the mostfrom this app and help them expand their vocabulary.We are surethat your children will enjoy this exciting educational game thatwill encourage their thinking and contribute to the development oftheir basic skills.About the Team: -----------------------Webelieve that children learn best through playing. We teamed up withcertified child psychologists and experienced educators out ofdesire to create fun games that will help our children acquire newconcepts and improve their skills. In addition, we design our gamesto provide quality playtime for parents and children together.Thisgame is divided to 12 boards. In each one your child can learn onlyone skill. So, they are simple and fun. The best way to learnsomething, it to learn it through a fun experience. We really triedto make preschoolers and toddlers learn something new while havingfun.- Learning games for 2,3,4 year kids- Shapes & Colorspreschool learning games for girls and boys-Try 3 mini games forFREE!We are sure that your preschooler kids and toddlers will enjoythis exciting educational game that will encourage their thinkingand contribute to the development of their basic skillsIf yourpreschoolers and toddlers like Birthday Party, they will surelyenjoy our Learning games For toddlers!
Baby songs: Bingo with Karaoke 1.0.3 APK
Kids Academy · Best Kids Songs : Bingo ABC alphabet phonics song.Interactive Nursery Rhymes with Karaoke music. Baby, Pre-K,Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten children learn English languagethrough play games: animal flash cards and Sing Along.The BingoSong Lite is a fun interactive sing along song with a karaoke modeand an educational activity center for kids. Based on a popularchildren’s song about a dog, the app is accompanied by interactiveand original illustrations. The Karaoke mode allows reading thesong lyrics and singing at the same time. Encourage your childrento sing the song along and record their singing!Within the appthere is also a set of Farm Animals pictures that encourage yourkids to learn more about the animals that live on a farm. Tap thecard to listen to animal sounds, flip it to answer the questions onthe reverse side, and record a 1-minute story about an animal.*TheLite version of the app has limited access to the functionality.Please upgrade to the full version to enjoy all features. Features✔Sing along with Karaoke Mode! ✔ Record your children singing!✔Touch and discover fun surprises in the captivating illustrations.✔ Learn about the farm and farm animals with interactive cards ✔Original music and colorful illustrations ✔ Rich animations andactivities on all pages ✔ HD quality graphics and sounds ✔ Developfine motor skills ✔ Fun animations and sounds ✔ Happy and cheerfulenvironment The Bingo Song Lite will keep your kids occupied with acatchy song, colorful illustrations, and interactive farm animalcards.
Three Little Pigs Lite 1.0.5 APK
Three Little Pigs – Short Story with Games for KidsThe Three LittlePigs and Big Bad Wolf is one of the all-time favorite short storiesfor kids. This animated book app is a classic bedtime story, anamusing game, and a helpful reading assistant. Little kids,toddlers, and preschoolers will enjoy the story about the ThreeLittle Pigs and improve their reading, listening and comprehensionskills.* The lite version of the book app contains only 5 pages ofthe story. The whole story is available in the full version of theapp.** The fun games are available as an in-app purchase.Mainfeatures- Loveable graphics- Three reading modes: listen &play, autoplay, and read myself- Professional voice overs- Amusingsound effects- Age-appropriate content with a happy ending-Original animated illustrations on every page- Packed with stuff totap and enjoy- Loads of interactive surprises built aroundmicrophone and gyroscope- Fun Games ClubThe Three ReadingModesListen & Play:- for kids who enjoy playing while listeningto a story;- listen and tap objects in each scene;- kids are incontrol of the animation;- word-by-word highlighting;Autoplay: -perfect for younger kids who just want to enjoy an animated fairytale;- word-by-word highlighting to promote reading skills;Readmyself: - ideal for kids who love reading on their own;- kidscontrol the flow of the story themselves;- spend as much time asyou want on each page;The Fun Games Club includes:- InteractivePuzzles of three difficulty levels that hone fine motor skills anddevelop children’s color and shape recognition;- Smart Detectivegame that teaches kids determination and improves attention todetail;- House-blowing Puff Striker game that gives kids theultimate fun when they compete at huffing and puffing like awolf!Whether used as a bedtime story, a fun games club, or areading assistant, the book app about the three little pigs and abig bad wolf offers kids a whole new level of involvement. Give ita try!