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This application allows you to calculate the straight line ofordinary least squares regression (OLS) in samples of small size.After each value press the enter button . To get the results, pressthe enter button with an empty value. Use the C button to clear thevalue that you are entering at the moment. If you press C again,the last value or pair of values which has already been entered itwill be deleted. Press the N button to begin to introduce a newsample. Press the GRAPHIC button to get the graphic of OLS. Pressthe data button to enter data.

App Information Least squares regression

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    Least squares regression
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    March 7, 2016
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Antonio Luis Climent Albaladejo
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    Calle Periodista Antonio Herrero, 25 B, 4 S 30007 Murcia (España)
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