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OUCH!! Awkward sounds coming from your leg?You need to go to a hospital and visit a leg doctor.

Do a crazy surgery on your leg to painless fun. Give your patient acomplete tummy wash and check what problems are causing his stomachto ache so badly. Maybe after the liposuction and maternityoperation this tends to happen

Your patient needs your full attention and wants a leg check up!!Become a professional doctor in this game and show your patientthat you can take care of his leg and have many treatments inplace. You can perform operations like liposuction surgery andmaternity surgery as well.

Start off with fighting germs in his leg and kill all the germs. Aspecial pill scene is placed where you can aim for his mouth andthrow pills at him to cure his leg problems.

Use vacuums to suck all the germs out of his leg and cure his kneeand leg once and for all.
With so many cool characters and awesome clumsy doctors, you wouldsurely play the best leg surgery game out there. This doctor andsurgery game has a lot of mini games which will surely keep youticked in for some time.

Last but not the least. You would have to face the ultimate legcentipede monster. Who runs in your leg wounds for fun? To cleanhim and fight this pain. Use special lasers that will decrease hispower and make it more difficult for him to survive.

- 2 characters to select from
- A special designed vacuum scene for a leg wash
- Kill germs in his leg by targeting them
- Throwing scene in which you can throw pills in his leg and makehim catch with his mouth
- Fight the legend centipede that has been destroying your leg fora long time

App Information Leg Surgery Simulator

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    Leg Surgery Simulator
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    March 17, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Woofie Games
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    100,000 - 500,000
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    22-F Commercial, Phase 1. D.H.A. Lahore, Pakistan
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Puppy Leg Surgery 1.2 APK
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These beautiful star puppy are in dire need ofa leg surgery, so it’s your job to give them the best surgeryoperation there is. With this fun filled exciting game, you cangive your puppy a perfect treatment, followed by some routinecheckups and eventually a surgery operation. So use your doctorskills to transform these puppy, so they start running again.Select from beautiful hurt dogs and puppies and start with thesurgery. The first scene includes the normal treatment, have theirblood test and heart rate checked. You can give your puppy a legsurgery where, check the levels, feed them, x-ray them.After the surgery is complete, give your puppy the best makeover tomake your dog look like a puppy queen. You can choose between awide variety of colors available for Eye Shades and shadows,Change eye color and you can even put blush on. Once your puppylook super cute, change your puppy’s hair from the catalog for atrendier look. You can finally color the puppy’s body in differentcolors to make the puppy look amazing.Features Includes:• Choose the best puppy from the selection scene• Give your puppy the best surgery treatment for a better leg• Your puppy needs to start running again. So be the best doctorthere is.• Give your puppy an amazing look by changing hair styles• Put color on your Puppy’s body
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