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Legend Warriors: Epic Heroes Battle - PvP Game revolves around thefierce battles of heroes!When the Magical power was liberated, theworld broke out, casting the world into dark and chaos. A new orderneeds to be established, and this is the time that warbegins.Legend Warriors is an addictive action role-playing game(ARPG) that you should try!!!! Be a Legend and write your name inthe history!Explore exciting world maps in this PvP game,, whereformidable new opponents are waiting to challenge your fightingskills. Fight in each Battle with your Warrior to regain controlover it and collecting the spoils to equip your WarriorsLegendWarriors: Epic Heroes Battle Features- PvP systems with the Epicbattle between all Warriors- Heroes system is extremely diverse:Warriors come from different lands, have different fighting styleand skills.- Heroes upgrade from the resources gained from winning,including: level, power and the hero skills.- Boss System: Dailyboss, Event Boss and World boss to be conquered- You can set upyour hero team and join the epic battle.- Soldier Support Systemfor each warrior.- Daily Task System for warriors, completingmissions and receiving upgrades to become Legendary.- Daily rewardsto receive the legend bonus every day and get online gifts eachhour- Collect items and the Hero fragments to summon heroes.How toplay Epic Battle- Summon over 30 Heroes and legendary warriors -Look for items and equip to increase the hero’s power- Level up,enhance and strengthen your Heroes- Unlock the magic skills toengage in epic battle- Finish the quest to get a bonus every dayIfyou spot any bugs or have anything to report about the LegendWarriors, please reply to us on our fan page:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/GodsofEra/Twitter:https://twitter.com/Zonmob_GamesLet’s play Legend Warriors: EpicHeroes Battle - PvP Game!

App Information Legend Warriors: Epic Heroes Battle - PvP Game

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    Legend Warriors: Epic Heroes Battle - PvP Game
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    April 23, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Zonmob Game Studio
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    No. 29H Phuong Liet, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, Vietnam
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Galaxy Defense (Tower Game) 1.11 APK
░░░░░░███████]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂I███████████████████].◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤Galaxy Defense – The best Tower Defense game for android ever! Thisgame is very wonderful and special in this Strategy gamecategory!Let's play this TD Game, you'll be a powerful general whomaking strategy wisely to command cannons and defend the toweragainst waves of aggressive enemies. This Tower Defense game hasdiversified mission system with many levels of difficulty waitingfor you to conquer.This TD Game is one of the best strategy /arcade games that you should play! You may have played many ofTower Defense games, but Galaxy Defense has tons of differentchallenging maps. Each map has its own unique that always ready totest your skills. This Tower Defense must be the best one you everhave.Galaxy Defense has old-school design but whole new missions.You will don’t feel bored when playing it like other Tower DefenseGames. Galaxy Defense is a 100% free tactical game.### FEATURES+Strategy of game is not easy + 21 Missions for your Defender+ 21maps Tower+ 16 Towers Defender+ 16 Enemy units+ Diversity of maps,never get bored.### TIPS+ Consider carefully where to place youdefensive units+ Prepare carefully strategy for the first wavescoming+ Never forget to upgrade your defense systemWith this TowerDefense, The Defenders can challenge themselves with every bigbattle in difference map and speed up the game to feel theexcitement.Keep your Tower safe during the war. Destroy all enemiesand protect your Tower is your mission. Please keep your spiritsand fight hard!Applications should be granted the followingpermissions:+[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]:Permission to save necessary game data externally+[GET_ACCOUNTS]This right is need for the linkage and notification between yourgame account and google account information.+[READ_CONTACTS,READ_PHONE_STATE] Permission to sync your Address Book and accessdevice status for Friend Invites.With vivid sounds and colorfuleffects and, this Evolution TD will bring a real fierce battle toplayer’s experience. Don’t miss the chance to have amazingexperiences with Tower Defense – one of the most awesome Strategygame in the world.Download Galaxy Defense, just become a bestLegend of Defender, enjoy and have fun!Keep in touch with us:-Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TDefense- Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/c/ZonmobGameStudioOfficial
Galaxy Defense 2 (Tower Defense Games) 2.1.0 APK
Galaxy Defense 2 (Tower Defense Games) – New version of GalaxyDefense (Tower Defense Games) came back and dangerous than ever.The game will give players the totally different feeling, moredramatic, more attractive and more modern. Player will satisfyabout the listening, looking and feeling. Don’t miss theopportunity to experience the Galaxy Defense 2 (Tower DefenseGames). This Tower Defense Games is the warrior against the darkforces that are intending to invade the planet. You are a Defenderand your mission is defense one planet which be violentlydevastated by enemy. ★★ Improved features ★★ - The characters inthe game can transfigure. - The Defender system is raised 6 units -The Defender system is better with aircraft which can fire therockets. - Enemy System has 25 units - 21 Tower, each of those havethe attacks for 15 - 30 - Can speed up the games to twice. - Youcan call the next turn when military forces currently not turn offBuild your awesome Tower Defense, choose your favorite weapons.Playing Galaxy Defense 2 (Tower Defense Games)– you will beconfronted with the most dangerous enemy, many enemies entered. TheTower Defense that made you almost have no time to manage, you haveto use your strategy and intelligence, fighting to the end, breakthe enemy's siege and spend glorious victory. If you already are afan of the Tower Defense Games and absolutely Galaxy Defense oldversion, there would be no reason to ignore the version 2, thiswill be a version game to satisfy everyone even the most demandinggamers. Become a Defender to protect your Galaxy and everything youlove! You will be a best Defender of the World! You don’t believe,download this Tower Defense game and experience it yourself!Applications should be granted the following permissions:+[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]: Permission tosave necessary game data externally +[GET_ACCOUNTS] This right isneeded for the linkage and notification between your game accountand google account information. +[READ_CONTACTS, READ_PHONE_STATE]Permission to sync your Address Book and access device status forFriend Invites. Keep in touch with us: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/GalaxyDefense2
Legendary Warrior 1.0.14 APK
Legendary Warrior – The fierce wars of immortal Warriors. LegendaryWarrior – This story happens in Chaos Kingdom Legend – land ofchaos and dark. It was under the command of Ares tyrant - awarmonger and bloodshed addict. The whole land was engulfed in thehorrified dark and legendary wars.Legend about an immortal warriorin fierce battle with the monsters of the dark era of humanitybegins! The fierce battle is only done by Legend of the hero, thebest and the bravest will become immortal Legend.Hector – Alegendary, strong and courageous warrior rose up and destroyed thiskingdom of blackest dye. The fighting journey of Legendary Warriorhas started and it will open a Legend of an immortal Warrior.WithLegendary Wars, the player will be played Legendary Hero – Hectorand take part in the fierce battle and legendary wars fighting tothe end and destroying the wicked demons commended by Ares tyrantto rescue the loved one and the whole Legend kingdom, become aLegend.HOW TO PLAY: - The players control the Hero and decimatemonsters in maps to earn money to upgrade weapons, skills and levelup.- Legendary Hero can move, jump and use the skill to killmonsters by your weapons.FEATURES- There are many skills andweapons for your Legend – Hero of these wars using- LegendaryWarrior contains 30 maps. You can play the Boss map after passing 5normal monster maps.- You can buy power up item to increase thepower for your Warrior, be a Legend!- Increase the power ofLegendary Hero through mapsApplications should be granted thefollowing permissions:+ WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: used for takingscreenshot and share it with friends;+ GET_ACCOUNTS: used forlogging and using the leaderboard;+ READ_PHONE_STATE: used forchecking the status of your device's internet connection.Legend ofheroes have returned, join the battle and become a legend!Let’sdownload Legendary Wars, be immortal Hero and fight for the safetyof Legendary Kingdom.Hope you enjoy the game!Contact with us:https://facebook.com/Zonmob
Tower Defense Zone 1.2 APK
Tower Defense Zone: Strategy Game - One of the best attractive gameand breakthroughs in Tower Defense – Strategy category.TowerDefense is set in the Cyamic species, an alien creature suddenlyinvaded Crolla. They eat meat and reproduced rapidly, becomeincalculable threats to humankind, compulsory humanity toparticipate in the most intense Tower Defense.Every Military Powerwas mobilized to kill the creatures, The Warrior – Tower Defensestarters, players must use Tactical and Strategy in each screen towin.Tower Defense Zone – Strategy game with breakthroughs fromgameplay to graphics and sounds, bring different experiences toplayers.#### Powerful Warrior, advanced Weapons:The Tower Defensewith the most Powerful Warrior and equipped with modern weapons,each weapon has various function and explosive power to the playerchoose#### The War solidly:Tower Defense system solidly withdefensive powerful Tower with different levels#### Defense Zone andgameplay:Tower Defense with plentiful Defense Zone and manydifferent terrain, from desert, mountain forest to the city, thereare the strategic Defense Zone. The enemy with both road and airmonster will make player excited#### Great Graphics and Sound inthis kind of Tower Defense games currently:Tower Defense Zone -with graphics is raised to new heights, photos and crisp sound tohonesty will please the most discerning playersHow to play thisTower Defense game?+ Choose the map, slots to play, the difficulty+Arranging the Weapons with strategic defense system+ Players canchoose the speed to play+ Upgrade weapons, killing the enemy andreclaim their territory.Applications should be granted thefollowing permissions:+[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]: Permission to save necessary game dataexternally+[GET_ACCOUNTS] This right is need for the linkage andnotification between your game account and google accountinformation.+[READ_CONTACTS, READ_PHONE_STATE] Permission to syncyour Address Book and access device status for Friend Invites.Let’splay Tower Defense – Strategy Game, Applying the Strategy todestroy all the enemies, to bring peace to the worldDownload TowerDefense Zone and do not forget to rate 5 stars for this game!
Stickman Revenge: Shadow Run 0.0.10 APK
Stickman Revenge – You will engage in the Revenge Adventure of theStickman and save Stickman Village once again. Stickman Village ofbeing an exotic disease caused by the curse of the Evil Sorceress.Legend has it that if Stickman want to neutralize witchcraft, theyshould have to collect five ingredients in five dangerousplaces.Players will be transformed into the Stickman in StickmanRevenge: Shadow Run to obtain the ingredient, neutralize theSorceress's Magic and revenge for the Villagers. Players will haveto control Stickman overcome dangerous obstacles but alsoexciting.#### Features:Ø The game with flip mechanism helps runnerdodge obstacles and increase the diversity of the trapØ Eachdifferent Stickman have unique abilities to support during therun.Ø Character upgrade system helping Stickman run farther.Ø Theitem support on various roads.Ø Story Mode Gameplay includes 5 mapscorresponding to 5 materials that Stickman must collect.Ø EndlessMode: Stickman runs continuously with no stops#### How to play:ØControl Stickman running overcome the obstacles on the wayØ Collectcoins to buy items to help Stickman pass easierApplications shouldbe granted the following permissions:+[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]: Permission to save necessary game dataexternally+[GET_ACCOUNTS] This right is need for the linkage andnotification between your game account and google accountinformation.+[READ_CONTACTS, READ_PHONE_STATE] Permission to syncyour Address Book and access device status for Friend Invites.PlayStickman Revenge to transform into the Stickman find the justice,and revenge for the villagers.Download Stickman Revenge: Shadow Runand do not forget the 5-star rating if you like it!Contact us:https://facebook.com/stickmanrevenge.shadowrun
Tower Defense Zone 2 1.2 APK
Tower Defense Zone 2 is one of extremely attractive Strategy game,continuing the success of the Tower Defense series in 2016 TowerDefense version 2 to be continues set by the chaotic world with theinvasion of aliens. When failure at the first time invading sincethe Tower Defense old version, cruel monsters have returned withmore thorough preparation on the number and the power in DefenseZone 2. All military power was mobilized to destroy this cruelmonsters, the Tower Defense to be continues, players must useTactical and Strategic defense in each level to win. Tower Defense– Strategy game with new breakthroughs, success inherited from theprevious generation of Zonmob Tower Defense and there are dramaticimprovements in Defense game category brought more enjoyableexperience. #### Graphics and Sound: Tower Defense – the strategygames be invested in the detail of graphics, which gives playersthe truest sense, stimulate individual neurons when play each TowerDefense map. Moreover, Tower Defense Zone 2 also be investedcarefully on sound, Tower Defense will force you to concentrate totake the initiative. #### Completely new Maps System and attractivegam play Tower Defense Tower Defense – Strategy game with thedifferent map than the other Tower Defense games of Zonmob, gamemaps remain horizontally phone screen as Tower Defense Zone oldversion, however, the visibility have been enlarged more generaloverview, to easily come up with a reasonable tactic. #### EnemiesSystem is more investing in this Defender game Enemy like aircraft,tanks and sophisticated weapons are fully utilized. Players musthave the right strategy and great agility to achieve absolute 3stars after each screen in this Tower Defense game. #### Advancedweapons system in the Tower Defense Defense Zone 2 weapon systemshave been investing a lot of gray matter, each weapon has differentfunctions and using weapons on time is the key strategy to win inDefender game. #### Tower System is fortified: Each Tower Defensewith 20 units of blood, but if you let the Boss Enemy enters theTower, then your Defense failure. #### How to play this TowerDefense game: + Select map and map level that you want to play +Arrangement weapons follow the strategic defense system to Defense+ Defender can choose to play normal or increase the speed to twice+ Upgrade weapons, using tactics to destroy all enemies, defend theterritory. Applications should be granted the followingpermissions: +[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]:Permission to save necessary game data externally +[GET_ACCOUNTS]This right is need for the linkage and notification between yourgame account and google account information. +[READ_CONTACTS,READ_PHONE_STATE] Permission to sync your Address Book and accessdevice status for Friend Invites. Let’s download this Tower Defensegame and rate 5 stars if you like it!