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Product Specifications Reference (PSREF) is a marketing deliverablerevealing comprehensive information about the features andtechnical specifications of Lenovo Products. It’s used as theprimary tool to differentiate the configurations in models ofcurrent and withdrawn Lenovo products.

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    Lenovo PSREF
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    August 28, 2019
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Lenovo Inc.
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com.lenovo.serviceit APK
Lenovo Inc.
For Android 6.0 and above. Find support for your Lenovo PC, tablet,smartphone, data center, and other Lenovo and Motorola devices.Quickly find solutions, view your warranty status and deviceinformation, optimize your phone, find your nearest serviceprovider, check your repair status, and more. Lenovo Help – Your‘Go-To’ support app Lenovo Help can be installed on anyAndroid-based device. You can even use our diagnostics andoptimized features to troubleshoot issues with most of your Androiddevices, regardless of brand. What’s New • New UI design for quickand easy access to the main features • Updated content on home page• Consolidated menu for easy account access • Quickly access towarranty status and policy details. • Improved account security •Fixed Bugs Features • Find solution articles and videos to help youuse your device more effectively and troubleshoot problems. Providefeedback directly to Lenovo about the article’s effectiveness. •Having an issue with your Android smartphone or tablet? Run simpleor game self-diagnostics on each component to help you identify theproblem. Test your display, battery health and temperature, touchscreen, sound, cameras, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and more. Works onany Android device! Game tests are available on speaker andmicrophone tests only • View important information about yourAndroid smartphone or tablet, such as CPU, RAM, and storage usage,model and IMEI information, and software statistics. • Check yourdevice’s warranty status and update your warranty end date byscanning proof of purchase documentation and submitting to ouragents (select countries and products). • Access Lenovo’s Supportwebsite and Community Forums within the app. Service • Need repair?Use our Service Provider Lookup feature to find your nearestservice provider’s contact information, as well as locationinformation via Google Maps. Then use the app to open a serviceticket (select countries and products). • Check the status of yourrepair (select countries, PC products only). • Chat with one of ourknowledgeable agents from within the app (Lenovo smartphones inIndia only). My Account • Log in with your Lenovo ID to access yoursaved products from Lenovo’s Support website. • Manage your LenovoSupport profile. We welcome your feedback about our app! Please usethe "About" option in the main menu of the app or leave us acomment here to let us know what you think. NOTE: We cannot respondto product support requests or product complaints through GooglePlay comments or our in-app surveys. Permissions requested byLenovo Help • Phone: Identify your Lenovo device’s Serial Numberand IMEI. The app will never make phone calls. • Your location: Setyour location to get relevant service options, run diagnostics onyour GPS sensor, and find your nearest service provider. • Camera:Run diagnostics on your camera(s). • Microphone: Run diagnostics onyour microphone. • Storage: Cache solution article images locallyon your device for faster retrieval.
Connect2 APK
Lenovo Inc.
Your PC and phone together as one!Use Connect2 to automatically copy or move photos, music, videosand other files between your phone and PC. Connect2 willautomatically connect your devices too, so you can instantly startmoving content between them.RELIABLE, EASY, SECUREThe Wireless technology of Connect2 automatically connects yourdevices together with no WIFI LAN or cellular data networkrequired. Transfer huge files securely and easily.WORKS WITH WINDOWS & ANDROID DEVICESConnect2 requires Windows 7 & Android 4.4 or above.REQUIREMENTSBoth your phone and PC must have WIFI enabled. Trouble connecting?Visit the Connect2 FAQ page for help -https://connect2.lenovo.com/faq/Download the PC app from https://connect2.lenovo.com/ and getstarted now!
Lenovo QuickControl APK
Lenovo Inc.
Lenovo QuickControl enables you to control your computer remotelyfrom your smartphone. You can control the mouse, enter text,control movies and music, give presentations, and more. It requiresa companion app running on your ThinkPad.*Lenovo QuickControl connects to your computer over Bluetooth andcan control a paired computer with no additional setup.To control your computer over a local wireless network, makesure your smartphone and computer are connected to the same networkand then pair them by opening Lenovo QuickControl on yoursmartphone and scanning the QR Code in the Lenovo QuickControlcompanion app on your computer. Or, if both your computer andsmartphone support NFC, tap your smartphone to the NFC logo on yourcomputer. Pairing is done in a few seconds automatically.Features:Touchpad - Emulates the touchpad of your computer. Move thepointer, click, and scroll using your smartphone.Keyboard - Enter text on your smartphone and send it to yourcomputer.Media controller - Play, pause, skip tracks or chapters, andcontrol volume.Presentation controller - Move forward and backward throughpresentation slides.Projection settings - Changes the display mode of your computerand a connected projector.App switcher - Lets you select an open application or window toshow in the foreground.*See www.lenovo.com for supported ThinkPad models.QR Code is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.
Lenovo Inc.
REACHit allows you to find and manage all ofyour files, no matter where they are stored, inside one single app.Connect your Windows and Android devices along with multiple cloudstorage accounts for an easier and faster way to access your fileswhen you need them.All of your content at your fingertips, wherever it’s stored –in the cloud or on devices. Share photos, edit documents, searchfor files, and move files around between locations.REACHit is the easiest way to find and organize all the photos,videos, music and documents you have on your devices or in thecloud. Anytime. Anywhere.
Connect2+ APK
Lenovo Inc.
Connect2+ REQUIRES that you download andinstall the new PC client from connect2.lenovo.com. Connect2+Android will not work with the old Connect2 PC application.Phone memory filling up? Missing text messages? Need to transferfiles between your phone and PC? Use Connect2+ to Connect2 yourphone!Connect2+ is the answer! Download the Android and PC apps now toget a better together experience, whether you're on your phone orPC.Ensure your photos are backed up and that you never run out ofspace on your phone. Auto-sync can automatically move your fileswhen your devices come within range.Lenovo Connect2+ wirelessly pairs your phone and PC once, andautomatically connects them when in range. It’s faster, easier andmore secure than using cloud storage, and there are no datacharges.When connected, Lenovo Connect2+ can send and receive SMS messages,sync your contacts and keep you connectedSMS TEXTINGSend and receive SMS messages on your PC.Sync your SMS Contacts.Easy, fast and convenient. Never miss another text.ANDROID NOTIFICATIONSGet your phone’s alerts on your PC.Act on alerts from your PC. Easy, fast, convenient.Stay connected, even when you’re on your PC.AUTO SYNCPick the folders you want copied or moved.Automatically syncs when devices connect.Free up your phone’s storage.Connect2+ Your Phone and PC, together!
Lenovo Workstation Diagnostics 1.0.5 APK
Lenovo Inc.
The fastest way to diagnose system issues with your LenovoThinkStation P900, P910, P700, P710 or P500, P510. The days oflooking up LED sequences and beep codes is over. Simply connectyour Android phone or tablet to the diagnostics port when it is inan error condition and the Lenovo Workstation Diagnostics App willgive you the insight to keep your system running at maximumperformance.• Manage diagnostics information for multiple systems•Email diagnostics files to colleagues and other support personnel•See http://www.thinkworkstationsoftware.com/diags for moreinformation.For ThinkStation models P520, P720, P920 look for the"Lenovo PC Diagnostics" app on Google Play. URL ishttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lenovo.lenovoworkstationdiagnostics
Lenovo PC Diagnostics 0.85 APK
Lenovo Inc.
The Lenovo™ PC Diagnostics app is designed to assist users with thedisplay and debug of diagnostic information available on selectLenovo ThinkPad™ models (ThinkPad 13 2nd gen or later) and selectThinkStation™ (models P520, P720, P920). Downloading and launchingthis application will allow you to acquire the audio tones that areproduced by your ThinkPad or ThinkStation when an abnormal or errorcondition is present. The tones are then translated to a specificerror message which will be displayed on your smartphone. Theapplication requires your phone to have an operating system levelof Android v4.0.3 and above. Operating systems below v4.0.3 willnot work with this application. See these web sites for additionalinformation: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds118615http://www.thinkworkstationsoftware.com/
Lenovo PSREF 2.3.1 APK
Lenovo Inc.
Product Specifications Reference (PSREF) is a marketing deliverablerevealing comprehensive information about the features andtechnical specifications of Lenovo Products. It’s used as theprimary tool to differentiate the configurations in models ofcurrent and withdrawn Lenovo products.