3.4.0 / July 23, 2016
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Life in Sixth Gear is a Scavenger Hunt appaimed to provide fun for our group as we explore new areas of theUnited States. Taking videos, checking in with QR codes and earningpoints. Come join the fun.

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Life in Sixth Gear 3.4.0 APK
Life in Sixth Gear is a Scavenger Hunt appaimed to provide fun for our group as we explore new areas of theUnited States. Taking videos, checking in with QR codes and earningpoints. Come join the fun.
Social Scavenger 4.9.5 APK
Play your scavenger hunt, amazing race or adventure game. Peopleuse Social Scavenger for family events, corporate team building,tours, orientation, product releases and more. In order to play,you'll need to be invited into an existing game by someone givingyou an unlock code. Kids, if you don't have an unlock code given toyou by a parent or guardian, this app most likely isn't for you! Ifyou don't have an unlock code, you can get started by trying one ofour sample games which will give you a sense of what is possiblewith the Social Scavenger platform.
Red Bull Flugtag Pre-Flight 3.7.0 APK
The Red Bull Flugtag Pre-Flight is a set of pre-designed missionsaimed at preparing all the participating pilots and their crews forthe flight of their life at Red Bull Flugtag 2016. Missions arecentered around craft building, performance training and superiorflight knowledge-- all to prepare this year’s Red Bull Flugtagteams to aim high and fly far.
NASA Quest 3.4.2 APK
NASA Quest is a free app to let visitorsatNASA events do a smartphone scavenger hunt. Join the fun,completemissions, and earn points for NASA prizes sponsored by theNASAVisitor Center Consortium.
Be Well Summer Financial Games 3.4.0 APK
Capital One Be Well Summer Financial Games—which coincides with Retirement Month — takes you throughamultimedia library of tools and resources to help improveyourfinancial wellness. Compete against your fellow athletes toearnvirtual trophies and real-world prizes!
Magia 2017 3.7.1 APK
O Magia se transformou e agora está emumformato totalmente novo! Com este aplicativo cada um poderáseconectar com o conteúdo e promover seu desenvolvimento deformamuito mais ágil, envolvente e prática.Para isso, entre os dias 19 e 23 de junho o aplicativo irápropordiariamente desafios. Por meio deles, vamos poder revisitartoda ajornada até aqui de consolidação da Nova Renner e tambémcontribuirpara os próximos passos desta caminhada com Coragem,Atitude eSuperação.Baixe aqui o aplicativo e participe desta experiência!The Magic turned andisnow in a whole new format! With this app everyone can connectwithcontent and promote their development much moreresponsive,engaging and practical. For this, between 19 and 23 June the application will proposedailychallenges. Through them, we can revisit the whole journeyherefrom New Renner consolidation and also contribute to the nextstepsof this journey with Courage, Attitude and Overcoming. Download the application here and participate inthisexperience!
Game of Barnes 3.10.4 APK
Calling all motorcycle enthusiasts!There’s a special bond thatunites us riders, whether it be waving to each other while kissingthe apex in the smoothies, or taking position 1 of 200 riders, weall love to ride.Game of Barnes is the most exciting, challenging,and rewarding motorcycle game available in Canada and the PacificNorthwest! Play it everywhere, collect points, and you could win aBRAND NEW Harley®!How does it work?Enter the app to reveal suchmissions like “Take a photo with your helmet,” to more challengingones like, “Ride from Langley to Squamish.”Collect points for everymission accomplished!At the end of the season in September, theleading score will win a Brand New 2018 Harley-Davidson® Street750! Second place a getaway vacation for two ($2500 Value), and aThird Place prize.Didn’t make it to the top? Don’t worry, we stillhave many monthly prizes to give out and countless leaderboardprizes!Don’t own a motorcycle but would love to win?Download theapp and view missions such as “Post a picture saddling up”, “Posewith your favourite Harley-Davidson®” and collect points!Looking toride with your community?Game of Barnes features a community forumfor riders to chat, discuss, and meet-up!
The Great Sour Punch Challenge 3.4.2 APK
The Great Sour Punch Challenge will have you and your team runningaround, eating candy, and completing different challenges in orderto earn as many points as you can in 2 hours. The team with themost points at the end of the 2 hours will win!The purpose is notto complete ALL of the challenges, but earn the most points. Youcan complete the challenges in any order and additional “style”points will be given for creativity along the way. Use your timewisely.