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The Life-study of the Bible contains messages given by the Lord’sservant, Witness Lee, between 1974 and July of 1995. The goal ofthese messages is to expound the Scriptures, not only in the way ofpresenting the divine revelation objectively, but even more in theway of applying the truth subjectively. In Witness Lee’s own words,the purpose of the Life-study is fourfold: 1) to present the truth;2) to minister the life supply; 3) to solve the common and hardproblems in the New Testament; 4) to open up the books of the Biblethrough accurate explanation. Taiwan Gospel Book Room spent severalyears recording all 1984 messages of the Chinese Life-studies fromGenesis to Revelation. They were originally used for podcasting andhave now been re-edited for the audio app of The Life-study of theBible, designed specifically for Android smartphones and Androidtablets. Through this app we hope to help the saints get into theinterpreted word in a convenient way. Note: This app works onlywhen device is connected to the internet. There are four selectionicons on the play screen: “Previous”, “Play/Pause”, “Stop”, and“Next”. When you are done listening, please use the “Stop” icon tostop the app to prevent the app from continuing running in thebackground and taking up memory space.

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電子聖經(恢復本) APK
『電子聖經(新舊約聖經恢復本)』收錄台灣福音書房發行之繁簡中文新舊約聖經恢復本主題、綱目、經文、註解、串珠、圖表,並可參讀繁簡體國語和合本新舊約聖經、英文新舊約聖經恢復本經文、欽定英文譯本新舊約聖經、及英文達祕新譯本新舊約聖經。本軟體針對Android智慧型手機、平板電腦設計,有閱讀、書籤、搜尋、資源、設定等功能(明細請參考功能簡述),但願借此微小工具之輔助,使我們有更多機會被神聖的真理構成。◎數位內容: 一、內含繁簡中文新舊約聖經恢復本主題、綱目、經文、註解、串珠、圖表。二、每一節經文超連結至相關註解(一萬五千餘條)、串珠(二萬六千餘項)。三、可參讀英文新舊約聖經恢復本經文(該經文為水流職事站Living Stream Ministry版權所有)。四、可參讀英文達祕新譯本新舊約聖經。 五、可參讀欽定英文譯本。 六、可參讀繁簡體國語和合本新舊約聖經。七、整合有聲聖經1,189章經文、66卷綱目、28個註解朗讀。 八、整合檢索辭庫5,263個、重要註解28個。九、整合「讀經指引」讀經一年一遍進度表。 十、整合「新舊約恢復本及註解讀經進度表」兩年一遍。 ◎功能簡述:電子聖經(恢復本)APP支援多種螢幕觸控手勢,包含以下七種:「點選」、「上下滑動」、「左右滑動」、「長按」、「長按左滑」、「長按拖曳」、「雙指縮放」等動作。「點選」可選擇書卷、註解、串珠、閱讀記錄按鈕,或播放有聲聖經。「上下滑動」可閱讀整章經文、註解、串珠等內容,或控制右方快速索引至指定經文。「左右滑動」可切換經文閱讀上下章、譯本對照上下節、前後註解、前後串珠。「長按」可開啟控制面板相關的功能,如:分享內容、圖片生成、譯本對照、標記書籤、複製文字等功能。「長按左滑」可刪除單筆書籤、記錄、對照譯本。「長按拖曳」可調整對照譯本的順序。「雙指縮放」可直接在螢幕上調整字體顯示大小(螢幕中間會顯示放大比例,如:1.2表示放大字體比預設大小大一點二倍)。一 閱讀: 1 圖表顯示(9張圖表) 2 譯本選擇(7種譯本) 3 快速索引(閱讀經文右側浮動顯示)4 經文分享(Line、WeChat等) 5 圖片生成(單一經文搭配12種圖片)6 譯本對照(可中英對照;可編輯增減對照譯本、左右滑動切換上下節) 7 標記書籤(長按選擇經文、再標記書籤)8 經文複製(可搭配T2S複製內容朗讀註解) 9 經文朗讀  a 1189章經文  b 66卷書綱目  c 28個重要註解10 讀經記錄(記錄在雲端) 11 引經功能(左右滑動切換上下註解、串珠) 12 字體縮放(兩指分開或靠攏可放大縮小字體)13 最上方可使用LINE@虛擬助理(機器人) 14 最下方可聯絡LINE@真人客服(真人) 二 書籤: 1 書籤列表 2 書籤搜尋3 閱讀記錄統計 4 記錄瀏覽 5 記錄搜尋 三 搜尋:(支援多字串搜尋,以半形空白分隔) 1 字串搜尋  a 主題  b 綱目 c 經文(預設)  d 註解  e 全部 2 範圍設定  a 全部聖經  b 舊約  c 歷史書  d 詩歌書  e 申言者書 f 新約  g 歷史書  h 書信  i 豫言書  3 指定譯本 四 資源: 1 讀經進度: a 一年讀經一遍(從1/1、或當天算起)  b 兩年讀經一遍(從1/1、或當天算起)  c 四個月讀經一遍(從1/1、或當天算起) d 六個月讀經一遍(從1/1、或當天算起) 2 重要註解(28個) 3 檢索辭庫(5,263個) 4 視頻直播 五 設定:1 帳號登出(記錄讀經進度)  a 支援Facebook登入  b 支援Google登入  c 支援電子郵件登入 d 支援手機門號登入 2 佈景切換  a 米黃色(棕色)  b 水藍色  c 粉紅色  d 報紙灰  e 夜間黑(預設) 3 字體選擇  a 預設字體  b 新細明體  c 標楷體  d 細黑體  e 中明體注音  f 仿宋標準體  g 細心宋簡體4 顯示設定  a 綱目顯示(預設開啟)  b 註號顯示(預設開啟)  c 串珠顯示(預設開啟) 5 橫向閱讀(預設開啟)6 字體大小(使用系統大小) 7 每日通知(預設開啟) 8 通知時間(預設6:00) 9 關於說明(介言、簡說) 10 評價軟體11 聯絡我們 12 讀書會 13 分享軟體 14 自由付費($US1.99~$US99.99) 15 推播通知
e-HYMNS 2.1.3 APK
“e-Hymns” contains the table of contents, lyrics, and digital musicfiles of 1,629 hymns, taken from the hymnal, hymnal supplement, andchildren's hymns published by Taiwan Gospel Book Room. This app isdesigned specifically for Android smartphones and Android tabletsand includes functions such as pick-and-play, playlist, search, andpersonal settings. This is a convenient tool for believers who havea love for hymns to enjoy the Lord and to read, look up, and singhymns anywhere and at any time. Features: - This app contains thetable of contents, lyrics, and digital music files of 1,629 hymns,taken from the hymnal, hymnal supplement, and children's hymns. -This app includes functions such as pick-and-play, table ofcontents, playlist, search, personal settings, etc. * - This appsupports traditional and simplifed Chinese as well as English userinterface. - This app is designed for Android smartphones andtablets. Special Functions: - Themes: Users can choose from amongfive background themes – beige, pure white, newspaper gray, black,and hydron blue. - Font: Users can choose from among five fontsizes – normal, large, larger, second largest, and largest. -Alignment: Lyrics can be left-aligned or center-aligned. - Longpress the screen to add a hymn to the playlist or to copy thelyrics. - The “Jump to” button at the lower right corner allows theusers to quickly jump to a specified stanza. - The “Switch to”button at the lower right corner allows the users to quickly switchto a different playing mode. * This version supports instrumentselection, autoplay, pitch and tempo adjustment.
有聲.雲(Audio Cloud) 1.3.3 APK
【產品簡介】 《有聲‧雲》APP幫助您運用智慧型手機追求真理!『當用各樣的智慧,讓基督的話豐豐富富的住在你們裏面。』(西三16上)神願意祂的話語廣傳,不僅用文字,更藉聲音,送達到更多人裡面。臺灣福音書房《有聲‧雲》APP,選取職事話語豐富的著作,涵蓋福音書房全部有聲產品、加上基督徒生活問答(可按題目搜尋)、以及李常受弟兄信息原音(陸續上架),超過六千篇信息,結合Android智慧型手機及平版電腦,讓所有渴慕神話語者,隨時隨處選播聆聽!《有聲‧雲》APP內容包羅無限,每一段滋養的話,都能作您隨時的幫助,顧到您所有的需要,解答您任何的問題!盼望您在繁忙的生活中,利用日常生活中零碎、片段的時間,不斷接受生命之話的傳輸,以贖回光陰,將心思置於靈,而過得勝的神人生活。【數位內容】 - 涵蓋臺灣福音書房全部有聲書產品。 - 基督徒生活問答(可按題目搜尋)。 - 李常受弟兄信息原音(陸續上架)。【分類說明】 - 免費直播:按時提供《有聲聖經》、《詩歌欣賞》、《生命讀經》、《晨興聖言》每日進度。 -付費選播:包含《有聲聖經》、《詩歌欣賞》、《生命讀經》、《晨興聖言》(包含每年七次特會訓練信息華語翻譯、禱研背講,晨興聖言-綱目、晨興餧養、信息選讀朗讀及相關詩歌伴奏)、《福音》、《初信》、《安慰鼓勵》、《真理》、《造就》、《生命》、《事奉》、《讀經小組》、《兒童》、《問答》等十四個大類。【訂閱說明】《有聲‧雲》APP採用自動續訂機制,到期日期24小時前,系統會為您自動續訂。您可以隨時取消續訂。使用期限一個月:US$1.99(聽全部)。(訂閱服務請參考以下網址:https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2476088?hl=zh-Hant。)【使用說明】此APP為雲端版本,需上網播放。另外,針對特殊需要,有提供『下載模式』,最多每個單元可下載4篇信息,請至此APP『設定頁面』進行調整,即可離線播放。註:若欲下載《有聲‧雲》APP線上註冊版,請至以下網址下載:http://goo.gl/Jw5P5l[Introduction]"Thereare sound ‧ cloud" APP smart phone to help you use the pursuit oftruth!"As with all wisdom, so that the word of Christ richly dwellin you. "(West Third 16) God wants His Word widely spread, not onlyin words, but by the sound, sending reach more people inside.Taiwan Gospel Book Room "sound ‧ cloud" APP, selected works of theministry of discourse rich, gospel study covers all sound products,coupled with the Christian life Q (according to title search), andBrother Lee Information Sounds (gradually added). more than sixthousand of information, combined with Android smart phones andlithography computer, so that all who hunger for God's word, at anytime anywhere Anycast listening!"There are sound ‧ cloud" APPcontent including unlimited, each section nourish it, can make youcan always help, care to all your needs, to answer any of yourquestions! You can look forward to a busy life, the use of everydaylife piecemeal, time segment, and continue to accept thetransmission of life, then, in order to redeem the time, thethought put Spirit, and God's people to live a victoriouslife.[Digital content]- Covering the Taiwan Gospel Book Room Allacoustic book products.- Christian Life Answers (according to titlesearch).- Witness Lee Information Sounds (graduallyshelves).[Category Description]- Free Live: time to provide "soundBible", "poetry appreciation", "life reading", "Morningside word"daily schedule.- Pay anycast: with "sound Bible", "poetryappreciation", "life reading", "Morningside Word" (including sevenspecial annual training information will be Chinese Translation,prayer research back stresses, Morningside Word - Checklist ,Morningside 餧 support, information and related poetry readingReadings accompaniment), "The Gospel," "believers", "comfortencouraging", "truth", "create", "Life", "serve", "reading group""Children," "Q" and fourteen categories.[Subscribedescription]"There are sound ‧ cloud" APP automatic renewalmechanism, 24 hours before the expiration date, the system willautomatically renew for you. You can cancel at any time to renew.Month period of use: US $ 1.99 (listen all). (Subscriptionservices, please refer to the followingURL:https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2476088?hl=zh-Hant.)【Instruction manual】 This APP is the cloud version, you need theInternet to play. In addition, for special needs, to provide"download mode", each unit can download up to 4 information, pleasepoint APP "Page Setup" to adjust to offline play.NOTE: Ruoyudownload "sound ‧ cloud" APP register online version, please go tothe following URL to download:http://goo.gl/Jw5P5l
《屬靈書報‧基本訂戶》 2.2.2 APK
● 簡介說明:《屬靈書報‧基本訂戶》APP是一個免費的APP,乃臺灣福音書房所推出全新的數位閱讀平台,支援Android智慧型手機及Android平板電腦。本APP具有APP內購買各梯次中文新書基本訂戶的功能,只要使用者購買某個梯次的基本訂戶後,可從門市『下載書報』頁面下載該梯次的PDF電子書到書櫃中離線閱讀。這些數位內容非常豐富,相信開卷有益,只要陸續盡讀、重溫再讀,必定蒙恩。● 購書流程: 步驟一:加入訂戶-APP內購買某梯次的基本訂戶。 步驟二:下載書報-從門市選擇某梯次的書報下載。步驟三:進行閱讀-從書櫃開啟已下載的書報閱讀。 ※詳細步驟請參考以下網址: http://so.twgbr.org/steps.pdf● 最新推介:APP內購買基本訂戶採一年一個梯次,每個梯次內容不同,49梯次為最新一個梯次(與48梯次不同),發書時間為2017年七月中旬至2018年六月。豫計陸續發行之中文新書、職事文摘約有十餘本、晨興聖言九本,總計超過二十多本書報,涵括近百篇信息。購買後,請至本APP門市的『下載書報』頁面下載相關書報。● 操作指引:在網路連線的狀態下點選『門市』,即出現可供下載的書報列表。亦可瀏覽、搜尋或加入訂戶。在『下載書報』頁面,點選欲下載書報的封面,隨即出現簡介視窗。然後點選『下載書報』按鈕,即可下載該本書報。下載完成的電子書會自動會出現在書櫃中。點選書櫃中的任何一本書報,便可開啟電子書隨處閱讀。本APP書櫃的部分支援管理功能,以表列方式顯示書目,包含排序、搜尋、刪除(長按書名會跳出視窗)等功能,並提供書本統計。左右滑動畫面,即可輕鬆翻頁。凡是直排的書,由左往右滑動(中翻);橫排的書,由右往左滑動(西翻)。觸控螢幕左右兩側(或邊緣),亦可快速翻頁,並支援直向及橫向顯示,只要任意轉動裝置,可轉換單頁與雙頁模式,可視需要縮放頁面進行閱讀。本APP支援PDF電子書閱讀功能,輕點螢幕中央,即出現相關功能,上方工具列由左至右有『書櫃』、『目錄索引』、『書籤列表』、『書籤』功能,下方則有『快速跳頁』功能。使用者介面會依照『語言與地區』的設定自動切換繁體中文或簡體中文。數位內容同時提供繁體字及簡體字兩種版本,皆以現有印刷書籍的排版格式數位呈現(簡稱數位呈現版)。
晨興聖言 1.3.1 APK
『晨興聖言』免費版本收錄臺灣福音書房發行之三本晨興聖言。本軟體係針對Android智慧型手機及平版電腦設計,本軟體有書報列表、目錄索引、繁簡切換、顯示設定、門市售書(可隨時擴充)、複製文字、快速跳頁、標記書籤等功能。盼藉此應用程式之輔助,透過更簡單、更方便、更快速的線上購書管道,提供讀者更多機會跟上主在現今的說話。◎產品特色: -免費贈送三本晨興聖言(包含封面、目錄、綱目、內文)。- 具有書報列表、目錄索引、繁簡切換、複製本文、快速跳頁、標記書籤等功能。-具有門市售書、分類瀏覽、書報搜尋等功能。- 可設定五種佈景主題(包含米黃色、純白色、報紙灰、夜間黑、水藍色)。-可調整七種字型大小。- 支援直、橫向顯示。- 支援Android智慧型手機及平版電腦。
電子書報eZoe 1.3.1 APK
『電子書報eZoe』係針對Android智慧型手機及平版電腦所設計的屬靈書報閱讀器,只要下載安裝本軟體,立即贈送臺灣福音書房所發行之三本屬靈書報。本軟體有書報列表、目錄索引、繁簡切換、顯示設定、門市售書(超過1,000本書報可隨時擴充)、複製文字、快速跳頁、標記書籤等功能。盼藉此應用程式之輔助,透過更簡單、更方便、更快速的線上購書管道,提供讀者更多機會隨時隨地用Android智慧型手機及平版電腦追求主話。◎產品特色:- 免費贈送三本屬靈書報(包含封面、目錄、綱目、內文)。- 具有書報列表、目錄索引、繁簡切換、複製本文、快速跳頁、標記書籤等功能。-具有門市售書、分類瀏覽、書報搜尋等功能。- 可設定五種佈景主題(包含米黃色、純白色、報紙灰、夜間黑、水藍色)。-可調整七種字型大小。- 支援直、橫向顯示。- 支援Android智慧型手機及平版電腦。
Audio Bible(Audio App)Lite 2.0.1 APK
The Bible is the best gift that God gave to man. In order to helpthe saints enjoy and be constituted with the word of God anywhereand at any time, Taiwan Gospel Book Room has developed the AudioBible App, designed specifically for Android smartphones andAndroid tablets and with the view to helping the saints receive thesupply and nourishment from the word of God continually and redeemthe time by listening through the Bible once in 100 hours.The audioapp of Audio Bible “Lite” is a free app that includes the audio ofGenesis and the Gospel according to Matthew from the Chinese HolyBible Recovery Version. Note: This app works only when device isconnected to the internet. There are four selection icons on theplay screen: “Previous”, “Play/Pause”, “Stop”, and “Next”. When youare done listening, please use the “Stop” icon to stop the app toprevent the app from continuing running in the background andtaking up memory space.
《歡唱詩歌》影音APP 2.2.1 APK
《歡唱詩歌》影音APP內容包含十三首兒童詩歌詩歌帶動唱、兩段暖身活動、三種遊戲,均加上簡單易學的手語動作帶動唱,供兒童教師學習以便教唱及帶動作。適用於Android智慧型手機及Android平板電腦隨需播放,甚至結合連接線或連接器,在寬螢幕電視上播放。兒童詩歌帶動唱: 1. 是誰造天空(7首) 2. 神造你和我(16首) 3. 那靈所結的果子(210首) 4.有主在我船裡(313首) 5. 當我還是個小小嬰孩(606首) 6. 跟隨跟隨(706首) 7. 聽聽聽聽聽主耶穌聲音(707首)8. 和風輕輕吹(913首) 9. 看哪看哪我站在門外叩門(1015首) 10. 就是這樣簡單(1018首) 11.我是世上光(1101首) 12. 基督要傳家 13. 一千敬虔家 暖身活動: 1. 圍個大圈圈 2. 請你跟我這樣做 遊戲: 1.找到一個同伴 2. 失落的錢幣 3. 抓住主逃離撒但說明:此APP為雲端版本,需上網播放。另外,針對特殊需要,有提供『下載模式』,請至此APP『設定頁面』進行調整,下載後即可離線播放。建議使用高速記憶卡(規格建議採用Class 10或更高速的記憶卡)。 "Singing poetry" video APP containsthirteen children sing poetry poetry driven, two warm-upactivities, all three games are easy to learn sign languagetogether with the action led to sing for teachers to learn to teachchildren to sing and drive for. For Android smartphones and Androidtablets on-demand playback, even combined with cable or connectorfor playback on a widescreen TV. Children's poetry led sing: 1 whomade the sky (7) 2 God made you and me (16) 3 the fruit of theSpirit (210) 4 Lord in my boat (313) 5 When I was a little baby(606) 6 Follow Follow (706) 7 Listen listen listen to the voice ofthe Lord Jesus (707) 8 wind gently blowing (913) 9 Behold Behold, Istand at the door and knock (1015) 10. Was so simple (1018) 11 I amthe light of the world (1101) 12 Christ to return home 13 onethousand godly home Warm-up activity: 1 large circle surrounded (2)Please tell me you do so Game: 1 to find a companion 2 Lost Coin 3Grasp the main escape Satan Description: This APP is the cloudversion, to be played online. In addition, for special needs, hasprovided "download mode", please point APP "settings page"adjustments, you can play offline after downloading. Recommend theuse of high-speed memory card (Class 10 specification recommendedor more high-speed memory card).