1.4 / November 1, 2016
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Rule・You tie the same colors in a line.・It is clear if you canconnect a line so that all trouts are buried.

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    November 1, 2016
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Infinite Dungeon 1.1 APK
You defeat an enemy coming out in sequence and aim at highscore.According to the ability value of the enemy, it is thecharacteristic of this game to set the ability of the ally withinthe total ability level before fighting against anenemy.Rule・According to the ability value of the enemy, you set theability of the ally.・The battle is automatically fought.・If thereis not an end between 5 turns, one with remaining more HP becomesthe victory.・When HP of the ally becomes 0 between 5 turns, itbecomes the game over.
Stardust Shooter 1.1.1 APK
Shoot a star that flies by touch!Shoot many stars and attain highscore!Since three kinds of difficulty can be chosen, you can enjoyyourself according to your level.One star flows in easy. Threestars flow in normal.Five stars flow in hard at a dash.Stars flyquickly as time passes. When you fail 6 times, it is the end of thegame.
Link 1.4 APK
Rule・You tie the same colors in a line.・It is clear if you canconnect a line so that all trouts are buried.
Random Number Generator 1.8 APK
You get random numbers.The maximum value and the minimum value canbe freely set from -99999999 to 999999999.The quantity can befreely set from 0 to 9999.Please note that it takes time when thequantity are set too much. In that case, you can stop theacquisition on the way.You can get ramdon numbers immediately ifyou enter the maximun and the minumum once.This is because value isinputted when you start the application next.When you start theapplication first ,0 is already inputted into the textbox of theminimum value.
Auditory Training 2.1 APK
It is application to train a sense of pitch.You can train a senseof pitch by creating questions, and solving them by oneself.Inaddition, you can confirm progress by watching a correct answerrate.
Bricks Breaker 1.2 APK
This is Bricks Breaker. Please aim at a high score.When you pushthe Bullet button, a new bullet can be shot by consuming score of1000.The bullet that remains when clearing is added to the score.Moreover, it becomes a good score clearing early.
Sticky Widget 1.1 APK
Usage・When sticky is clicked, it's possible to write notes insticky.・When the version of the OS is after 3.1, you change thesize of the widget free.
ローランの冒険 1.1 APK
超短編RPGゲームです。Is an ultra-shortRPGgame.